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Friday, November 30, 2018

Glazov Moment: Muslim Murders Sister, But He’s “Untouchable” by Jamie Glazov (video)

UK: Social workers help jailed Muslim rapist who fathered child with victim, 15, be involved in son’s upbringing by Robert Spencer

Grand Mufti of Egypt: “Granting women and men equal inheritance rights violates Islamic Sharia” by Christine Douglass-Williams

Muslim Council of Britain vs. Tommy Robinson by Joshua Winston

UN accuses Italy of anti-migrant “smear campaign,” fostering “climate of hate” and “threatening” migrant rights by Christine Douglass-Williams

Los Angeles: Muslim migrant screaming “anti-Semitic insults” tries to run down Jews, cops trying to determine motive

New statement from Lajnat al-I’tiṣām: “Clarification About the French Brothers and the Little Girl ‘Yasmīn'”

New news reports from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn: “August/September 2018”

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Aghanistan’s Zabīh Allah Mujāhid: “Claims By the Head of the Kabul Administration’s Supposed Peace Council Are Baseless”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Badri Lashkar #7”

“Our Children Were Screaming”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2018 by Raymond Ibrahim

We will not provide the same services to migrants as to tax-paying Hungarians – Foreign Minister

German city uses one tonne heavy concrete Christmas trees to counter terror attacks

“America’s former president Obama chose Shia Iran over Sunni Saudi Arabia, this was a terrible idea” – Prof. Phyllis Chesler

CAIR's Misleading Pitch for Facebook, PayPal Matching Donations

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Australia: Asked to speak about the burqa, Muslim women say “I’d love to but my husband won’t let me”

Car bomb rocks Kabul as Afghan president outlines peace plans

GERMANY: For Muslim migrants, German women are considered ‘bushmeat,’ theirs for the taking and raping

Germany: Muslim migrant murders 85-year-old father of refugee worker who got him a job to help her dad at home

John Bolton is absolutely right about the Khashoggi audiotape

The Real Stakes in Yemen - Jim Hanson

Save Christian Schoolgirl Leah Sharibu

DECISION BRIEF: President Trump Must Declassify Obama’s Secret PSD-11 Strategy to Support the Muslim Brotherhood

Downgrading U.S.-Saudi ties would be 'grave mistake': Pompeo

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

WOW: Money Raised After Pittsburgh Shooting Went To An Islamic Center With Terror Ties

A Tension Between Islam and Democracy

Religion or Ideology – Argument Against Constitutional Protection

In Afghanistan: An anti-Taliban militia hero or a rogue criminal?

#Soros foundation to close in Turkey after being bashed by Erdogan Turkish president blamed US billionaire philanthropist last week of trying to 'divide and destroy' nations.

Iran’s Rouhani calls on all Muslims to unite and fight the US and the “cancerous tumor” Israel by Christine Douglass-Williams

Austrian Chancellor says Europe’s attitude toward migration has changed since 2015 by Christine Douglass-Williams

Non-Muslim leaders should pay close attention to the scorn Muslim leaders are heaping on Australia’s Prime Minister by Christine Douglass-Williams

Bollywood film highlights “Islamophobia”: “It’s disturbing to realise that a particular religion is being targeted” by Christine Douglass-Williams

Sinéad O'Connor converts to Islam

How Sinead O’Connor Responded When Asked to Condemn Islam’s Oppression of Women

Hugh Fitzgerald: Gerard Batten Suggests Muslim-Only Prisons (Part Two)

Islamic Relief Canada PR chief falsely claims in Toronto Sun that female genital mutilation is condemned by Islam

Somalia: Muslims murder Islamic leader and at least 17 of his followers for playing music

UK: Cops ignored Muslim gangs’ sexual exploitation of Sikh girls for FIFTY YEARS for fear of “Islamophobia” charges

The Dire Consequences of Rewriting Western-Muslim History by Raymond Ibrahim

This Week in Egypt: Week 47 (Nov 19-25)

FB and Paypal Support Terrorism – Giving CAIR up to $7 million in Matching Funds

Migrant boats intercepted trying to cross Channel from France to UK

True Islam Does Not Kill Blasphemers The Quran has 6,236 verses, none of which tell the faithful to stifle blasphemy by force :)

Giving Tuesday: World Vision Must Answer Terror Finance Questions

Catholic Book Awakens Sleeping Church to Islam

Banned! Twitter Bows To The Left, Silences Conservative Voices

The Assault on Truth Continues as Twitter Suspends Accounts for UTT & John Guandolo

Monday, November 26, 2018

Canada's Treacherous "Faustian Bargain"

Michigan: Trial of Muslim teen who ‘honor killed’ mother postponed, attorneys challenge video evidence

Islamic call to prayer in Brooklyn is among things New Yorker’s hate most about the city

NONIE DARWISH NOT WELCOME AT GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE Eight months of lies and stonewalling from an academic institution.

Hate Crimes Against Muslims Increased in 2017

Shocking New Info: Boston Bomber Court Documents Unsealed

Islamic Charity Linked to Terror Funding ‘Helping’ Wildfire Victims

Sunday, November 25, 2018

More Countries Pull Out of the OIC backed Migration Plan

Italy: Former Olympic Village Becomes Migrant No-Go Zone Run by Far-Left Groups

Photo: Despondent Child Bride Sold on Facebook Becomes Man’s Ninth Wife

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: „Jihādī Advances in Zabul“

New statement from Lajnat al-I’tiṣām: „Decision on the Outstanding Issue Between Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām and Ḥurās al-Dīn Regarding the Child ‚Yasmīn'“

New statement from Lajnat al-I’tiṣām: „Details on the Judgment of the Judiciary Committee Regarding the Child ‚Yasmīn'“

Articles of the Week – 11/17-11/23

Germany's Angela Merkel: "Nations Must Be Ready To Give Up Sovereignty"

Canada’s (Unprotected) Jihadi Frontier: A Clear & Present Danger To America – Upped Via Trudeau’s Embrace Of Islam!

The UN pact encourages Islamic migration and will lead to annihilation of Western culture – Experts

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Al Jazeera, other Muslim-run outlets use old photo to claim falsely that Hindus massacred Muslims in Jammu in 1947

UK: 30 members of Muslim rape gang to be tried over sexual exploitation of children in Huddersfield

Muslims Give Christian Family One Day to Return to Islam or FACE THE SWORD and be killed

Niger: Muslims of Boko Haram murder eight people at French drilling camp

Long Island: 7 charged with laundering drug trafficking proceeds between U.S., South America

Sarsour Alternately Apologetic and Defiant About Women’s March Links to Farrakhan

UN: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC): After dumping millions of Muslims into Western countries, the replacement of Western civilization with Islam begins

Sen. Rand Paul places hold on US security assistance to Israel

Accused rapist Tariq Ramadan LIED, first claimed he did not know accusers, now claims alleged rapes were consensual

“In a time of cowardice, the scholarly exposure of the greatest dangers of our time by Robert Spencer is priceless”

After celebrating 100 years of independence from Germany, Poland is not about to start taking orders from the Germans again

Muslim Terrorist Group Claims Attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi

UK: Nigel Farage seeks to topple UKIP leader Gerard Batten for “fixation with Tommy Robinson and discussing Islam”

Pakistan: Muslims told “the time for jihad has come,” they go to India and murder 164 people

Why are German women teaching young German girls to become slaves of Islam?

Hamas exploits entry of sick Gazans to Israeli hospitals to aid jihad cell plotting mass murder of Israeli civilians

Afghanistan: Taliban murder 26 members of Afghan security forces inside mosque for Friday prayers

RAPE JIHAD: European girls and young women blamed for Muslim gang-rape of girls and young women in Europe

Afghanistan: Muslims murder at least 55 Islamic scholars because they were the wrong kind

The Fracturing of France

VIDEO: Imam Hussein Abu Ayada, Rafah Friday Sermon: "Tie Me to A Missile and Fire It at Tel Aviv"

‘Only Christians Should Hold Public Office’: John Guandolo Says Muslim Congresswomen ‘Cannot Serve’ in Congress


Raed Fares, emblème de la révolution syrienne, assassiné

"Israel Stole Our Falafel"​

ISIS's first executioner who shot victim in the back of the head is revealed to be former London trainee bricklayer who STILL lives in Syria despite stories he was killed in 2013

Suspected Islamic State gunmen kill nine in southern Libya - resident

Will Malay Muslims Accept Equality Before Law?

Friday, November 23, 2018

Colorado: Muslim Uber driver charged with kidnapping, kissing 15-year-old girl in Golden

Refugee acquitted of rape ‘as he has different cultural norms’ – His female victim attempted suicide

Islamists are 'hunting door to door' to try and find Pakistani Christian mother who was cleared of blasphemy as they continue to demand her death

Why Does The Media Think They Know More About Islam Than What The Jihadis Tell Us. Let's Allow Jihadis to Speak for Themselves

Australia rejects U.N. migration pact, sticks with hardline asylum-seeker policy

Minnesota: Somali Muslims Shake Down Amazon for Special Privileges, Less Work

Islamic Republic of Pakistan informs UN of initiative for international campaign to criminalize criticism of Islam

Dozens killed as bomb hidden in vegetables tears through Pakistan market

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Indigenous People of French Island Now a Minority Due to Mass Illegal Migration

‘Justice Democrat’ Ilhan Omar Argued Against Bill on Female Genital Mutilation

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Trump’s Response to Khashoggi Killing: ‘Being Saudi Arabia’s B*tch Is Not America First’

Eye On Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: November 20

All White Women are Sluts and Deserve to be Raped”: The West Adopts Islam’s Perspective? by Raymond Ibrahim

Australia’s Draconian Refugee Policy Comes Home to Roost

Trump defends Saudi Arabia stance, says no conclusive evidence about Jamal Khashoggi death

Hillary Clinton: Europe needs to cut immigration flows to stop right-wing populism

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Federal judge orders female genital mutilation charges dropped in Detroit - Rules in Favor of Sharia Islamic Law

UC Berkeley Offers Class in Erasing Jews From Israel, Destroying Jewish State

Is The FBI Covering Up Another Jihadi Attack on US Soil? Politico’s Information Operation to Silence Discussion of the Las Vegas Massacre

Prominent Israeli Official Calls for Boycott of Airbnb Over Delisting of Settlements

Merkel Deep-sixed Germany, Diversity Deep-sixed Western Civilization

House Dems Want Rule Change to Allow Hijabs, Yarmulkes Read Newsmax: Democrats Plan to Add Exemption For Use of Religious Headwear on House Floor |

The European Hydra: Wages And Social Dumping – Competition Law As A Way Out

Monday, November 19, 2018

This Week in Egypt: Week 46-2018 ( Nov 12- 18)

Migration Into Europe: A Long-Term Solution?

Twitter Thread: The Washington Post, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen’s Houthis

New statement from the ‘Incite the Believers’ Operations Room: “The Campaign ‘It Is God'”

Palestinian police chief suspended for helping Israelis fix flat tire

“A Pure Genocide”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, June 2018




You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia By Alastair Crooke

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ireland: Belfast City Council Suspends Councilwoman For Criticizing Islam (VIDEO)

L’islamiste Erdogan: « Nous devons étudier et prendre en exemple chaque étape de la vie du Prophète Mohammed »

Beyond Gab: The Widespread Social Problem of Online Extremism

This Week, U.S. State Department Designated Jawad Nasrallah, Son Of Hizbullah Leader, A Terrorist; In MEMRI TV Clip Of 2007 Interview He Stated: 'The Most Honorable Death' Is To Be 'Martyred For The Sake Of Allah, Especially... At The Hands Of The Zionists' – From The MEMRI Archives

Islamisation des USA: Linda Sarsour utilise la technique de Tariq Ramadan: LA LISTE DE JUIFS

WESTERN EUROPE Elderly man attacked for carrying Christmas presents in Paris: “This is what we do to disbelievers”

UAE Sheikh Waseem Youssef: Our Generation Grew Up Playing 'Super Mario' And Produced ISIS – What Will The 'Fortnite' Generation Produce?

Robert Spencer: The ‘Disturbing Trend’ of Treating Islam as ‘Not a Religion’ (video)

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Cowardly Enemy Avenging Razziq’s Death By Targeting Civilians”

“Statement by the Commission for Prisoner Affairs Concerning the Passing Away of the Inmate in Saripul Prison”

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s Shaykh Abū al-Yaqaẓān al-Maṣrī: “Friday Sermon: Noble Blood”

Robert Spencer: Google claims it isn't rigging search results, but it is (video)

Video: Why so many minorities and women in the UK flock to Islam by Joshua Winston (video)

Australia: Sharia manual preaching jihad warfare and hostage taking found in airport prayer room

Hugh Fitzgerald: Robert Azzi, Still With His “Ask-A-Muslim Anything” Shtick (Part Six)

Islamic Republic of Iran to be declared in breach of chemical weapons bans

Argentina: Two Muslims suspected of ties to Hizballah arrested ahead of G20 summit

France: Accused rapist and renowned moderate Muslim Tariq Ramadan wins bail in rape case

Indonesia: Muslim clerics reject measles and rubella vaccine as “unclean”

Germany: Muslim who stabbed man 6 times over refused handshake gets no punishment

Italy: Muslim migrant strips naked in street, rapes 68-year-old woman

The History of Jihad explodes prof’s claim that Hindus lived in peace under Muslim rulers in India by Robert Spencer

Saturday, November 17, 2018

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s Shaykh Muṣṭafā al-Mu’rāwī: “Stances With a Chapter of Fighting, Ninth Episode”

Eye On Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: November 13

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Company Overrun in Farah”

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Concerning the Creation of Ethnic Militias by the Kabul Administration”

New video message from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Cutting Barbed Wires Put Up By the Pakistani Army in Bajur Agency”

Articles of the Week – 11/10-11/16

Trump promises intel report on Khashoggi murder 'over the next two days'

U.N. expert group leaves Hungary in row over migrant camp access

VIDEO: Al-Jazeera TV Simulation of the Murder of Jamal Al-Khashoggi

Jihadi linked to Anis Amri gets 4 yrs for terror. Palestinian part of Berlin attacker's support network

Chilling moment twisted terrorist trio LAUGH and pull faces as they are found guilty of plotting Christmas Day ISIS attack in the heart of Melbourne

People in rural Mali are supporting jihadists over corrupt government officials and marginalization

Terror-free Slovakia completely refuses Islam and won’t allow a single mosque

Caroline Glick went to Dallas Texas and blew the minds of her audience #Israel

California’s Wildfires Lend Fuel To “Climate Change” Hucksters, Yet, Miss The Real Targets: Fire Jihad + Environmental Extremists, Stupid! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

"Death to Israel" song on Hamas TV half-hour before station destroyed

Egypt: Proposed Law To Muzzle Muslim Scholars And Thinkers

Group urges schools to adopt model policies after 11-year-old girl's hijab pulled off her head by student

Friday, November 16, 2018

CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi murder: report

After Abstaining For 22 Years, US Will Vote Against ‘Useless’ Annual UN Resolution on Golan Heights

Why American Oil Hasn’t Been a Total Game-Changer The U.S. is now the world’s top producer, but Saudi Arabia still holds the key to crude prices.

For South Sudan, It’s Not So Easy to Declare Independence From Arabic

CAIR Continues Building Its "Wall of Resistance" Against Law Enforcement

First Muslim Women in US Congress Misled Voters About Views on Israel

Pakistani Muslims Shocking Message to the American People

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Be Alert For Anger Against West and Mixed-Gender Activities, Advises New Radicalization Detection Guide in France

In Defense of Europe’s ‘Far-Right’ Parties NOVEMBER 01, 2018 DANIEL PIPES Washington Times

UK Foreign Office allowed Muslim mobs in Pakistan to dictate refusal of asylum to Asia Bibi

The Destruction of Europe: Muslim Migrants Are A Trojan Horse (And They Will Come to America Next)

Trump sends State Department to Nigeria amid massacres of Christians by jihadists

To ease Turkish pressure on Saudis over killing, White House weighs expelling Erdogan foe

Seven UN peacekeepers killed in eastern DR Congo fighting

Republicans block Yemen war vote by sneaking rule change on to wildlife bill

Why did Arabic Billboards Appear in the U.S. During Midterms Elections?

Sweden: Three Muslim migrants rape woman on playground

Tell us, CAIR, if life is so horrible and dangerous for Muslims in America, why aren’t any of them leaving?

Australia: Muslims laugh as they’re found guilty of jihad plot to massacre non-Muslims on Christmas Day

Is the next Islamic terrorist attack on America now being planned in Canada?

California: Muslim found with rifle, Qur’an, and book on terrorism, DA cries “racism” and “Islamophobia”

Trudeau silent about brutal attack on Jewish teens by Muslim horde, “Hitler is coming back,” beaten with fists, boots and racial slurs

Are elephants evolving to save their species from extinction because of poachers, many of whom are Muslims, who kill elephants for their ivory to fund terror operations?

“Wild herd” of 14 Muslims sexually attack girl and knife her boyfriend in Spain

Bangladesh scraps Rohingya return, says no one wants to go

An “expert” analyst stayed in the CIA to prove Islam was a religion of peace

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

London mayor in France for anniversary of Nov. 13 Paris attacks

Pakistan: Professors agree that following Quran is prerequisite to set up an ideal, tolerant society

Muslim women wearing misogynistic Islamic headgear and running for office are not welcome in Jersey City

HEH! GREEK POLICE beat up illegal alien Muslim invaders at border, then send them back to Turkey stark naked!

Trump picks retired Army general as US ambassador to Saudi Arabia

CANADA: Not only do Toronto police hide the identities of ‘hate crime’ suspects when they are Muslims…

Glazov Moment: Europe Criminalizes Criticism of Mohammed (video)

Why victory isn't the goal in Afghanistan

VIDEO: Fatah Revolutionary Council Member Mohammad Al-Lahham Reminisces on Fatah's 1969 Shelling of a Building Now Serving as U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Adds: Millions of Palestinians Like [Terrorist] Ashraf Na'alwa

VIDEO: Iranian Researcher Shams Al-Din Rahmani Denies The Holocaust, Says The Jews Control the Oil Industry

#UAE businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor said economic sanctions against hashtag#Iran are insufficient, urged the world to take firm action against it by eliminating its global terrorist arm hashtag#Hezbollah

ISIS Group Claims California Wildfires Are Retribution, Vows 'You Will See More Fires'

Heroism is our only option Israel's fight is indeed a long and ugly war, both on the ground and in terms of propaganda. Prof. Phyllis Chesler,

California Muslim Charged with Fraud after Drowning His Two Kids

The Sharia Supremacist Doctrine: Raymond Ibrahim on Secure Freedom Radio

Hamas Is the Sworn Enemy of America

‘Iranian Activity Flourishing in Canada’

US: Muslim Women in Office a Response to Politics of Dehumanization

Israel’s Hawkish Defense Minister Resigns and Calls for Early Elections

Czech Republic latest EU country to reject UN migration treaty

Pence tells Aung San Suu Kyi the persecution of Rohingya is 'without excuse'

First Rohingya Are to Be Returned to Myanmar Killing Grounds

Two Muslim Women Are Headed to Congress. Will They Be Heard? Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have won, but the battle for a new brand of feminism in the Democratic Party and within Muslim communities has just begun.

„Radical” Islam: Livin’ on the Edge, or Stuck Squarely in the Middle, of the Religion?

Why Mr. Spock Would Be Lashed in Iran

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Right-wing UK activist fails to get U.S. visa #tommyrobinson

Lebanese journalist Mounir Al-Rabi' writes that hashtag#France is boosting its political and intelligence ties with hashtag#Hezbollah for economic reasons, primarily because of oil interests in Lebanon

At Antisemitic Conference In Tehran, Iranian Presidency Official Denies Holocaust: 'In Fact, We Do Show Antisemitic Behavior, And If We Are Not Doing Something Against The Jews, We Feel Bad – It Is Part Of Our Culture'

LIVE BLOG: Hamas, Israel reach apparent ceasefire after massive flare-up

#Saudi Journalist Attacks hashtag#WashingtonPost For Publishing Article By A hashtag#Houthi Leader: The Newspaper Is A Platform For Those Who Cry 'Death To America'

Sunday, November 11, 2018

MPAC 2018 Banquet – Where Were All The People ?

La nuit ou la destruction des juifs européens avait commencé (video)

Northern Iraq May Be Free, but the South Is Seething

#Boston Imam Abdullah Faaruuq Asserts In Sermons: 'This Is The Land Of The Coward And The Home Of The Slave'; 'Without hashtag#Islam, America Will Meet Its Demise''

Keith Ellison Condemned by Minnesota Police Union and Cops Throughout the Nation

While They Plan to Attack Israel, Iran Gets Hit By A Massive Sandstorm

A Foiled Attempt to Whitewash the Terrorist Regime in Tehran

Czech Republic: Muslim cleric charged with supporting, promoting, and financing terrorism

Robert Spencer: The Jihad in Michigan That No One Noticed

Turkey’s religious affairs top dog: Important area of cooperation with Europe is efforts to eliminate Islamophobia

After mass Muslim migration into Germany, sex attacks are up 70% in one city alone

After mass Muslim migration into France, anti-Semitism is up 69%

Has Israel Effectively Colonized the United States?

Michigan: Defense in case against Muslim doctor tries to toss female genital mutilation charges

Michigan: Muslim migrant says he screamed “Allahu akbar” and stabbed cop because “this is what a Muslim is born for”

Bourke Street terror attack: Australian PM Scott Morrison demands Muslim leaders “call this out for what it is”

COLLAPSING? How many more countries will reject the UN’s attempt to flood first world nations with unlimited immigration, especially from the Muslim world?

Where are the West’s solidarity marches for Asia Bibi? Where are the t-shirts?

Pakistan Launches New Bid to Have U.S. Return Imprisoned Female Terrorist

New video message from Jamā’at Ahl al-Sunnah li-l-Da’wah wa-l-Jihād’s Abū Bakr Shekau: “A New Message”

Articles of the Week – 11/3-11/9

New video message from Jamā’at Ahl al-Sunnah li-l-Da’wah wa-l-Jihād’s Abū Bakr Shekau: “Then Is It The Judgement Of [The Time Of] Ignorance They Desire?”

New statement from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “Condolences For the Constellation of Knights From ‘Jaysh al-‘Izzah'”

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s Shaykh Abū al-Yaqaẓān al-Maṣrī: “Friday Sermon From Ḥārim City”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Enemy Retreat Large Region Dawlatabad (Balkh)”

New release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Transcript of Speech Delivered By the Delegation of the Islamic Emirate at the Moscow Conference”

New issue of Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s newsletter: “Ibā’ #22”

New statement from the ‘Incite the Believers’ Operations Room: “Condolences From the Groups of Knights and Mujāhidīn of Jaysh al-‘Izzah” by Aaron Y. Zelin

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s Shaykh Muḥammad al-Ḥanafī: “Heroes of Islām Series, Fifth Episode: ‘Āṣim Bin Thābit”

Lebanese Sociologist And Author Dr. Rita Faraj: 'Islam Is Undergoing A Strong Clash With Modernity' And Needs Reform; 'We Could Never Imagine' That Anyone 'Would Consider Killing Himself... To Meet Black-Eyed Virgins' In Paradise

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dhimmitude: UK Turns Away Pakistani Christian to Appease ‘Sections of the Community’, Islamist Terrorists

TLP: Pakistan's hardline Islamist party calling the shots

On the 243rd birthday of the USMC, recall Marines began defending Americans from Muslim terrorists in 1805

#Kuwaiti journalist Ahmad Al-Sarraf calls for greater tolerance towards religious minorities in the hashtag#Arabworld

Democrats Relying on Muslims for the Next Wave of Political Victories

Constraining Iran's Nuclear Program

VIDEO: Former Kuwaiti Minister Sami Al-Nesf in Support of the "Deal of the Century": The Palestinian Cause Is The Cause of Missed Opportunities

New release from Shaykh Murād ‘Abd al-Malik: “Living With the Qur’ān”

How Saudi ‘Donations’ to American Universities Whitewash Islam by Raymond Ibrahim

Melbourne Attack Our Fifth By Muslim Refugees

OUR NEW MUSLIM REPRESENTATIVES Sharia, corruption, and Jew-hatred come to the House.

Friday, November 9, 2018

MORE MEDIA SYMPATHY for Muslims denied permission to build an Islamic indoctrination center in Troy, Michigan


Trump's Evangelical Advisers Hear from the Saudi Crown Prince on Khashoggi

Is Your Congressional Rep a Supporter of Designated Terrorist Group CAIR

Bill Warner PhD: Muslim Candidates (video)

VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood TV following Midterms: What Kind of Culture Waits 229 Years To Elect A Hijab-Wearing Woman?

Plagued By War and Famine, Yemen Is 'No Longer A Functioning State,' Journalist Warns

Belgium upgrades Palestinian mission in Brussels

Transitional Justice In Morocco: A Successful Human Rights Experience – OpEd

Illegal Syrian Migrant Arrested in France Over Terror Attack Threats - Report

Asia Bibi case: Pakistani woman acquitted of blasphemy flown out of country

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Rashida Tlaib And Ilhan Omar Are The First Muslim Women Elected To Congress

Why Did 101 Lawmakers Send Letters of Support to Israel-Bashing Hamas-CAIR?

Will 2018 Mid-Term Elections Bring the Reckoning ?

Six arrested over ‘ill-defined’ plan to attack Macron

France issues arrest warrants for three Syrian security officials over prison torture

This Week in Egypt- Week 44 (Oct 29-Nov 4)

Saudi Arabia and the challenges of Khashoggi’s murder

Canada Upholds Allah/Muhammad’s Ban on Adoption 11/06/2018 by Raymond Ibrahim

Cameroon school kidnap: More than 70 pupils seized in Bamenda

Monday, November 5, 2018

California: Muslim Uber Driver Arrested After Kidnapping 4 Passengers

New statement from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Condolences On the Martyrdom of the Great Scholar of Ḥadīth Mawlānā Sāmī al-Ḥaqq”

New statement from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Message On the Release of Asia, The Condemned”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Assaults of the Monotheists #2 – Wilāyat al-Shām, al-Barakah”

New release from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “For the First Time a Dialogue With the Spokesman For the Security Apparatus and Revealing Details of His Work, Part 1”

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s Abū Mālik al-Shāmī: “And Stop Them; Indeed, They Are To Be Questioned”

How the NYTimes explains anti-Semites away