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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Siniora: 'Hassan Nasrallah has no right to protect Lebanon's resources ... A couple of tears should do it'

Evil Empire Round Up: Israel Under The Corporatist Assault? Edition


Glenn Beck: Never Ever Call it the West Bank by Elad Benari

Did the Racism of the Extreme Left Inspire Anders Breivik?

Islam: the Right to Plunder

Arab unrest, high food prices cast pall on Ramadan

Will Barak bow to Erdogan too?

Nigeria Masterweb Daily News: An Al-Qaeda Country Led By An Al-Qaeda President?

David Yerushalmi on why sharia law must not be considered in US courts

Herman Cain and Sharia

Is Congress Really Serious About Domestic Radicalism? - Daphne Eviatar

Netherlands: Pharmacy chain offers 'Ramadan checks'

EU: Muslims 'challenge the homogeneous understanding of the nation'

U.S.-Financed Strongman Accused of Backing al-Qaida

Time for Israel to end Oslo

The co-dependent child molester & dhimmi 9:29 – Dr. phil. Sabine Schiffer – “Institut for Media Responsibility” (media censorship?)

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Muslim Brotherhood) complains about misunderstanders of Islam in U.S.

Mullen: Coalition Maintains Momentum in Kandahar

‘High School Girls’ banned in Ramadan

Tourist Jihad: Go to Europe, Kill a Kafir

Florida: Muslim woman’s jail photo initially allows fully covered face

Pamela Geller Attacks Victims of Oslo Terrorist

Summer Camp? Antisemitic Indoctrination Training Center

US adds American, Kenyan Shabaab leaders to list of designated terrorists

The "Oslo Syndrome" and the Terror Attack in Norway By Barry Rubin

Israel's "social justice" protesters and and apologies for everyone! - Caroline Glick

Bloody Sunday in Hama

Absurdity on steroids: Probe of Sharia courts in Britain ends because Muslims won't cooperate

New Offensive By Syrian Troops Against Protesters Kills 95 Civilians, Tanks Roll Into Hama

Iranian acid attack victim pardons culprit Woman blinded by former classmate forgives him, thereby sparing him of retributive blinding by state eye specialist.

Israel reaps the fruits in South Sudan

The Shameful Spinning of the Norway Massacre by Diana West

The Thin Blue Line

Al-Tamimi: The Norway Attacks and the Paranoid Mindset

Spencerman & Gellerwoman Causing China Jihad!

UN Sanctions Alabama Muslim and Kenyan imam over terror links

Sharia Blasphemy Law in Telford?

Al Qaeda is a threat in Yemen : US Senator

Pope: Jesus is asking us to do everything possible for suffering in the Horn of Africa

The Israeli Left’s Favorite Pedophile

Nobel chairman warns Europe's leaders over 'inflaming far-right sentiment'

Kashmir Muslim woman falsely implicates Indian army on rape charges

Islamic Right: to Rape

Jews of Tunisia are catapulted into the limelight

NDS smashes Haqqani Network plots in Kabul

World Jewish Population

Jewish Population in Arab and Muslim Countries

Breivik in the Key of Mystik

Barak Says Israel Should Apologize to Turkey

Is Obama sabotaging the Ft. Hood murder case to avoid executing a Muslim?

Palestinian image-making

Housing Revolution Rocks On in Tel Aviv Tent City

Muslim teenagers convicted of criminal damage after spraying burkas onto scantily-clad models in Lynx poster

President Bush breaks silence on 'stone-faced' reaction to 9/11 attacks during Sarasota Fl school visit, Pres. Bush was subject of assassination attempt in Sarasota.

They Risked Their Lives

The Ultimate "Arab Spring" Quote By Barry Rubin

Death of Younis and Al-Qaeda Control of Transitional National Council

In Past Ten Years U.S. Has Expanded Military Network Throughout The World

Russian Envoy Visits Turkey Over NATO Interceptor Missile System

U.S. Afghan Strategy: Senseless And Merciless

After Oslo: Europe, Islam, and the Mainstreaming of Racism

NYPD bows to Islam at annual Pre-Ramadan Conference

The Anti-Islam Blogger and the Weapons-Stockpiling Norwegian

Girls loyal to Islam - and Aotearoa

The ex-files: Former wife killed ‘for converting to Islam’

Scottish Atheist Lady Finds Islam at the Age of 65

‘Problems attributed to Islam may not really be Islamic’

Mass killer sees NZ as haven in Islam conflict

Middle East: Islam: Ramadan begins, the first of the Arab Spring

Anti-Islam hatred poses serious terror threat to Europe

Herman Cain Apologizes … to the Muslim Brotherhood If Cain opposes Sharia-based governance, then he picked the wrong group to reach out to. - by Ryan Mauro

Lawyer: 2 Americans held in Iran could be released

Norway suspect was considering other targets

Lynching Herman Cain - Daniel Greenfield

Justice Overdue for Ft. Hood Terrorist - Marshall Frank

Global Jihad Marches: Islam, Rape and ‘Zina’

Muslim threatens to ''kill all Christians and Jews'' and bomb Sydney on Facebook

Nigeria plans talks with Boko Haram jihadists

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf jihadists behead two soldiers; five others dead, 26 wounded

Dutch police arrest Iraqi national suspected of al-Qaeda connections, plot for Mideast attack

The cause of more vicious brutality in Afghanistan? Don't ask the New York Times

U.K.: "There are 25 areas around the country which the government has earmarked as areas where violent extremism is a problem"

Daily Mail incites violence against Spencer?

Pakistan: Islamophobes Sunni jihadists murder eleven Shi'ites in a minibus

BP 'has gained stranglehold over Iraq' after oilfield deal is rewritten

Iraq to buy 36 U.S. fighter jets,0,5375217.story

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Necdet Ozel becomes acting Turkish Chief of General Staff

Turkey curbs power of the military after generals resign

Norway: PM attends mosque memorial ceremony, praises Norwegian 'we'

The West Bank? (video)

Bill Maher To Panel On Norway Gunman: ‘He’s A Christian Terrorist’

Alleged Rape Survivor Iman al-Obeidi Moves From Libya To The U.S.

Getting Serious in Syria - Michael S. Doran and Salman Shaikh

If Anti-Israel Propaganda Becomes Too Ridiculous Will Nobody Believe it? By Barry Rubin

Murder as political strategy: Islamists elminate rival leader in Libya

Peace process profiteers and the blessings of a preferable status quo - Barry Rubin

If Anti-Israel Propaganda Becomes Too Ridiculous Will Nobody Believe it? By Barry Rubin

Fascist Newsnight interviews Tommy Robinson... the fascist

Criminalizing violence against women in Lebanon

Khaled Abu Toameh: What Do Wealthy Arabs Really Care About?

$10,000 reward offered in theft of rifles from Army base

OIC/Somalia: OIC Secretary General announces the formation of an Islamic alliance for the relief of Somalia

Not every dead Arab is Al Dura

OIC/Somalia: OIC Secretary General announces the formation of an Islamic alliance for the relief of Somalia

Court records show criminal history of Fort Hood suspect’s parents

Minneapolis Iftar Breaks Barriers

Norway and the Stateside Islamophobia of Fox News: Frisch

Thousands flock to Living Islam event at Lincolnshire Showground

Taiwan/Tourism-Islam: Taiwan woos Muslim tourists in region

A Constitutional Amendment to Ban Islam - Part II Sheila Musaji

A War-Hardened Filmmaker Delves Into Islam By SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN

Ex-PM Says Taliban Offer Talks For Pullout Date

Barak: Israel still seeking ways to resume talks with PA

Multiculturalism Revisited By Michael Curtis

Opposition tribesmen threaten to strike Sana’a international airport

India Briefs: Recent Incidents of Persecution

Where's the outrage in Norway? We look at why Norwegians aren't searching for a scapegoat after Breivik's massacre By Teri Schultz

Former Obama Intelligence Head, Dennis Blair, Says America Should End Drone Strikes, Questions War on Terror

Bar the windows and trim the shrubs!! CAIR-CAN’s “Muslim Community Safety Kit” given to mosques in wake of Oslo massacre.

Top Developments in the Arab Spring this Weekend - Juan Cole

“Islam Set to Become the Dominant Primer of Future Extremist Violence by Non-Muslims?” & (video) Anders Breivik is a FREEMASON



Mad Mel says left-wing Jews are assisting Muslim extremists who 'want to destroy our way of life'

Turkey’s military in turmoil as top brass quit

Shocker: Anti-semitism mars Malaysian football match with British club

U.S. Plans Interceptor Missile Radar System In NATO States

How to stop a jihadi GI The Army learns, but libs don't By KURT SCHLICHTER

Why is Martin Brennan in Detention?

Who Is Lee Silver? Ask Anders Breivik by David Klinghoffer

Raymond Ibrahim: Rationalizing Pedophilia in Islam

FBI adopts Lysenkoism as official policy

The Malaysian response to the Norwegian massacre

Indonesia: Members of frenzied mob that killed 3 Ahmadis get a few months in jail

African Union troops intervene after Somali jihadists threaten aid camps

U.S. special ops commander warns of al-Qaeda's next generation

Norwegian Shooting Suspect's 'Manifesto' Inspired By American Right-Wing Thinkers

U.N. names Hizballah figures indicted in Hariri case

"Islamists," and former allies, suspected in assassination of Libyan rebel chief

Threat Of Right-Wing Extremism In U.S. Debated By Feds, Analysts

Major Islamic Attack on Fort Hood Thwarted: "Very Devoutly Religious" Muslim Abdo Ululated “Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009” at Hearing

The Liberals Dream Realized: Hundreds of Thousands in Cairo Demand Islamic State in Egypt

BREAKING NEWS: Tens Of Thousands Call For Islamic State In Egypt; Mostly Muslim Brothers

KAHLILI: Iranian missiles could soon reach U.S. shores Mullahs’ navy equips ships for attacks from Atlantic

COHEN & NICHOLSON: Azerbaijan’s Afghan contribution Ally is model Western-oriented Muslim nation

Friday, July 29, 2011

Israel sues Bedouin for $500,000 in eviction costs

Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons

Responding to a hypocrite and moron: From Vlad Tepes

“They behead soldiers to dehumanize our troops…”

Why Did The Military Investigators Search Abdo's Military Computer Files?

Breivik: Inspired by Al Qaeda?

Pamela Geller deletes violent part of 2007 ‘Email from Norway’

Andrew Sullivan on Breivik’s Epistemic Closure: Left, Right, Not

Pakistan's ISI from the Inside - Steve Clemons

Buzzards Descend on Norway Tragedy Corpses

The Norwegian Tragedy and the Islam Problem

The young women behind the uprising in Bahrain

Israel backers worried about Murdoch’s pro-Israel media empire

Jihadist with same name as Zawahiri's deputy reported killed

Report: 5,000 Syrian Soldiers Defect in Deir ez-Zour, Seize Airport

Lessons on Jihad From the Movie, "What About Bob?"

Forced to Be the 'Devil's Double': The Horrifying Job of 'Being' Saddam's Son

New York Times Downplays Muslim Fort Hood Terror Plotter

The Attempted Terrorist Attack by the Face of Peaceful Islam, and the Problems it Presents for Media and Muslims Alike by Jeff Emanuel

Extremist Hate Groups Expand Via Facebook Recruiting

Extremist Hate Groups Expand Via Facebook Recruiting

Fort Hood Suspect Yells Nidal Hasan's Name in Court

Bill Maher on the Controversial Ground Zero Cross: Remember Norway?

Turner Resurrects Ground Zero Mosque

Martha MacCallum Loses It While Defending "Ground Zero Cross"

Did You Know? Accused Ft. Hood Gunman Is Still Getting Paycheck From the Government

German Muslims worried after Norway massacre

Spy agency doubts far-right network exists

Immigration, Integration Draw Attention In Norway by Sylvia Poggioli

Qassem Suleimani: The Keyser Söze of Iraq

Saudi Writers: The Secret to Israel's Success

Saudi Columnist: Obama – Get Out!

Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-'Arifi: Islam Does Not Set a Minimum Age for Marriage

Gilad Atzmon: De-Zionification Now

Naser Abdo: CNN at Work for Muslim Interests? (video)

Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan Will See More U.S. Casualties, Warns Retired Army General

Terrorism Against Israel More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway? by Alan M. Dershowitz

Telford's Leftists: Ban all protests against Muslim paedophiles

‘Sharia-Controlled Zones’ Sweep UK by Stephen Brown

The Tourism Package for Leftists Who Hate Israel by Daniel Greenfield

Palestinian Authority Funding and Glorification of Terrorists by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Lessons from ‘The Haj’ by Joseph Puder

Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later; Chapter 7: Hamas's Relations with Egypt By C. Jacob


As Mubarak’s trial nears, Egyptians debate the role of Islam - PATRICK MARTIN

Inheritance in Islam by Sulaimon Osho

Petition launched asking Mel Gibson to make film that would ‘expose’ Islam

Pvt. Nasser Abdo in 2010: Islam does not allow warfare

The Norway shooter's creepy Internet world A look at the violent online games and virulently anti-Muslim websites that influenced Anders Breivik By David Wroe

Despite Its Turmoil, Syria Still Looks Like an Oasis to Iraqis

In Norway, Consensus Cuts 2 Ways

Political Correctness Stifles Debate

Top Ten Globalist Features on Afghanistan

U.S. Critics of Islam Vow To Continue Activism After Oslo No Change in Course Despite Sharing Views of Massacre Suspect By Josh Nathan-Kazis and Nathan Guttman

S.African bowler Wayne Parnell converts to Islam

The Norway Massacre and Europe's War on Free Speech - Soeren Kern

The Myths of Oslo - Dr. Michael Ledeen

The Manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik The Oslo killer, in his own words - Adrian Morgan

UK: Two blue eyed Christian terrorists arrested with holy bomb manuals

Hamas Warns Israel Not to Ally With Christian Zionist Terrorist Glenn Beck

Jakarta Abdul tells Aussies to be proper dhimmies and “to open hearts & minds”

Muslims Brutally Attack Christians in Egypt Provoked By Installation of Church Bell

Hamas executes father and son for Israeli Cooperation

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Mumbai vs Oslo

Media Freakshow: CNN Smears, Defames Human Rights Activists, Christians and Patriots for Norway Shooting

Holding Pakistan to Account

Norwegian Muslim Leader’s Call For Unity Not Likely To Include Jews

NBC KCEN Consults With Walid Shoebat on Terror Arrest in Ft Hood

U.S. accuses Iran of ‘secret deal’ with al Qaeda

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Norway: Muslim family shares nation's grief

History repeats itself


Christian leaded found dead in Kandhamal, Sajan George accuses Hindu radicals,-Sajan-George-accuses-Hindu-radicals-22228.html

Hundreds of Jewish settlers storm Nabi Yusuf tomb - Israeli police detain 150 Palestinian workers

US troops in Mideast told to abide by sharia law during Ramadan

THE NAKBA, by Ilie Pap

Band of Military Mothers and Wonder Women Run Interference for John Bolton From Antisemite Code Pink Attack (Video)

Karma?: Norway Camp Breivik Shot Up Celebrated HAMAS, Jew-Hatred By Debbie Schlussel

Bahrain king 'supports' political reforms

“The reason for the Norway terror attacks: fighting the Muslim invasion, that’s what people don’t want you to know.” by sheikyermami

Hizb ut-Tahrir Emerges in America Khilafah Conference 2011

Norwegian Muslim Leader’s Call For Unity Not Likely To Include Jews

Cracks appear in Norway's post-massacre unity as Islam row returns - Ferry Biedermann

US Hopeful Changes View on Muslims

Fascists at Searchlight try to pin blame on "far right groups"

Jordanian journalist union upset at "normalization"

How a 'moderate Palestinian' sees peace

Lawmakers Push for Tougher Stance Against Assad

Women Oppressed Under Islam? Show Some "Sensitivity", Mr Littman (video)

Libyan rebel military leader killed The death of Abdel Fattah Younes was announced in Benghazi by the head of the National Transitional Council.

Middle Eastern and North African Immigrants in the United States by Aaron Terrazas,0728-terrazas.shtm

686 Comments New York Times Reader Kills Dozens in Norway by Ann Coulter

Norway terror attack exposes deeper anger over immigration

Fr. Zakaria Botros Confronts Islam

UNRWA's Anti-Israel Bias by Arlene Kushner

Norway: Anti-Semitic? (video)

Website Publishes Alleged Letters By Virginia-Based Jihadi Activist Zachary Adam Chesser

Security Chief: Norway Attacks Work of Lone Man

Fort Hood Plot: AWOL Soldier Planned Dual Bombing, Shooting, Officials Say

Rise of Freedom: Ground Zero Cross Battle Prevents History Being Told

Adolf and Anders By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later; Chapter 6: Hamas's Relations with Islamic Jihad and Salafi-Jihadis By C. Jacob

Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar Slams PA President Abbas for 'Aimless, Kangaroo-Like' Political Gymnastics and Says: We Will Not Relinquish Any Piece of Palestinian Land

Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water Gebran Bassil in Veiled Threat against Israeli Offshore Gas and Oil Drilling: "Israel Will Not Enjoy Stability, Calm, and Tranquility unless Lebanon Enjoys Them Too"

New Homeland Security campaign's goal: Stopping slavery

Cain meets with American Muslim leaders, apologizes for past comments that ‘might have caused offense’

Gay and Muslim — Is that even possible? One imam says ‘yes’

Rights and Freedoms in Iran - By Kaveh Azad

State-Sponsored Terror by Daniel Pipes

Muslim Group Says Norwegian Mass Killer Was Inspired by Critics of Global Jihad

Is the Norway massacre a figurative Reichstag fire? Continue reading on Is the Norway massacre a figurative Reichstag fire?

Parnell clarifies Islam stance

For the Love of Islam

Doing Unto Islam as We Would Have Done to Christianity What an act of terrorism by a Christian can teach us

Nation On Alert After Anti-Islam Screed Revealed

Islam, and Personal Liberty

Will the Norway Massacre Deflate Europe's Right Wing? The killings could weaken nationalist fervor in Europe, as the Oklahoma City bombing cooled off militias in the U.S. in the late 1990s.

Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee At Radical Islam Hearing: Let’s “Have A Hearing On Right-Wing Extremists And Ideologues” In America…

Adam Hasner and Islam

Islam Demands Unconditional Surrender - Amil Imani

Norway: Lessons from a Successful Lone Wolf Attacker - Scott Stewart

House Panel: al-Shabaab Poses "Direct Threat" to U.S.

The transformation of Anwar al-Awlaki By Glenn Greenwald

Hizballah and Israel Five Years After the Lebanon War The Jewish state's enemy in Lebanon may be stronger but it's actually much more vulnerable - by Jonathan Spyer

Uzbek Man Charged With Threatening Obama – Obtaining Weapons

A Clash of Histories - Sultan Knish

IPCO Secretary-General Commends Libyan People's Adherence to Al-Qaddafi

When Is an Ideology Responsible for Murder? by Ben Shapiro

RECOMMENDED READING: “Hamas’s Gaza – Four Years Later”

U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Funded Group Says U.K. Unfair To Israeli Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bashing Islam from ignorance is not a wise course

Mainstream western thinkers afraid of a false idea of Islam - Sholto Byrnes

FBI ‘Islam 101′ Guide Depicted Muslims as 7th-Century Simpletons

Resistance conference in Cairo calls for uprising to save Palestine

Two-State Solution: "THE BÖRNE IDENTIFICATION" - by Sarah Honig

Lockerbie bomber appears at pro-Gaydaffi rally

Audio: Pamela Geller Statement On Anders Behring Breivik on KNZR

Hamas: The Conflict Will Never End Unless Israel Ceases to Exist

Right Wing Reactions to the Terrorism in Norway

Warning on American-Led Shebab Attack on US

Al-Qaida’s Zawahri tells Syrians to also fight US, Israel

Spinning Muhammad (Part 3)

Alan Colmes Has Heated Exchange With Director Of ‘Jihad Watch’ Blog Cited By Norway Terrorist

No Prizes for Erdogan

Tribesmen cleaned town of Al Qaeda in fear of US airstrikes

Exposing the United Muslim Christian Forum’s Extremism

The Consequences of Islamic Imperialism in Scandinavia by David Horowitz

Petition Calls Op-Ed by Harvard Summer School Instructor Offensive to Muslims

UK: Lawsuit says language immigration law discriminates against Asians, Arabs

Kosovo: Muslims sue imam for hateful remarks about Mother Teresa

THE GOOD NEWS: Six fewer muslim breeders

EDL Leader, Tommy Robinson, on the escalating Islamic threat to the UK (video)

Palestinian "Moderate" (in relative terms) - Barry Rubin

Bogus court filings spotlight little-known sect

Resistance conference in Cairo calls for uprising to save Palestine

Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas

The EDL: guilty of not seeing into Breivik's/Norway’s future


Can America Survive the Importation of Islam?

Norway Shootings Takeaways: Anders Breivik’s Christian Fundamentalism, Profiling, Anti-Muslim Activists & Media Handling

Anders Behring Breivik, a perfect product of the Axis of Islamophobia

Message to the New York Times’ Scott Shane ~ Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are NOT the Problem!

Ezra levant on the preposterous CBC bias and shifting ethics.

Was The Norway Killer a "ChristianTerrorist "? And Is It Comparable To Islamic Jihadist?

What will the political fallout be from the Norway massacre? By Robert Zeliger

Oslo: Mosque holds memorial ceremony for terror victims

Dutch debate Wilders' responsibility for Norway terrorist attacks

Saudi Cleric’s Fatwa Re-Affirms Pedophilia is A-Okay With Islam

Pat Buchanan: Norwegian Mass Murderer’s Anti-Islamic Xenophobia ‘May Be Right’

Baron Bodissey: Statement Issued to the Media

Pamela Geller, WND: Ground Zero: Yes to mosque, No to church

Muslim behind Sharia4USA a jailhouse convert, linked to terror suspects

'Yemen on the Brink of Hell' in the IHT

Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas

The Oslo Attacks: More False Flag Evidence - by Stephen Lendman

MSM has ignored how Breivik's "manifesto" is actually contrary to conservatism

Churchgoer Who Dumped Bacon Outside A Mosque Is Jailed For Race Hate Crimes

Association of American Jewish Lawyers and Jurists hoodwinked into promoting anti-Israel positions?