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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Indianapolis Islamic School Accused Of Cheating On ISTEP Exam

Is Boko Haram making Southward gains in Nigeria?

Obama-backed Syrian jihadists behead pro-government Sunni cleric, then drag his body through the streets

Return of the naughty Mr. Punch!

Lookie how Obama is using your tax dollars now: Sending Syrian jihadists our most advanced sniper rifle AS-50

Jailed for Facebook 'like': Palestinians endure Middle-East-wide 'social media crackdown'

Obama is channeling Bush fever in Iran

YO! Saudi Prince dude…don’t you go dissing a New York City cop if you know what’s good for you

Muslims continue to use our legal system against us. STOP letting them!

IW News Brief: Syrian Rebel PM Is Ex-CAIR Official, and More

SYRIA: Tiny terrorist-in-training

Muslim in France Vandalizes 14th-century St John the Baptist Cathedral

Great Neck Newspaper: Report: Nassau Official Attempts to Block Upcoming Great Neck Speech N


Is Wearing a Hijab Mandatory in Islam?

Three Teachings That Islam Has in Common With Christianity

Egypt’s ‘Jon Stewart’ Turns Himself in on Islam Insult

If Holland is Becoming Antisemitic Where Else is it Safe? By Barry Rubin

Al BeBeeCeera Blames Rape Victims For Defending Themselves; Calls Them ‘Nazis’

Qatar’s Great Power Games – Analysis

Geo-Politics And Foreign Policy Application: The Case Of US Policy Towards IP Gas Pipeline – OpEd

Where Is Iran Going? – OpEd

NATO Air Strike Kills Two Afghan Children, Nine Taliban Fighters

Pakistan: To Slither Or Slip? – Analysis

National Dialogue Conference: Key To Peace And Stability In Yemen – Analysis

Gas From Israel’s New Field Starts Flowing

Eiffel Tower Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat

Spiralling Strike Graph Could Well Mean End Of Peace In J&K – Analysis

Antagonism Among Muslims In Sri Lanka – OpEd

A Positive Agenda For Kurds And The Kurdish Regional Government – Analysis

Short of Money, Egypt Sees Crisis on Fuel and Food

Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “Sharī’ah Lecture – ‘Īd al ‘Aḍḥā”

The Implications of Obama's Foreign Policy Team for the Middle East

Spare the rod, and spoil the Muslim?

“Don’t die a virgin. Terrorists are up there waiting for you!”

For Palestinian Americans, home brings little freedom

Hey, it’s Easter! Go ahead, offend a few Muslims today!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Glossary of Racist Slurs for Arabs

Time for Obama to give Israel a "good will gesture"

Obama leaves Abbas’ ruse in ruins

As U.S. Public Schools indoctrinate students with Islam, they are banning any references to Christianity

al-Bayyān Media Foundation presents a new article from Anṣār al-Sharī’ah in Egypt’s Muḥammad Karm ‘Alī: “The Flags of Guidance in the Time of Strife: ‘Ulamā’ in the Face of Jāhilīyyah: The First Segment: The Shaykh Dr. Sayyīd ‘Abd Allah ‘Alī Ḥussayn al-Tīdī”

Muslim calls ‘NY1,’ a NYC TV News station to say, “We believe all homosexuals should be beheaded”

Outrage: Defense Department rationale for why Fort Hood Jihad victims shouldn’t receive Purple Hearts

Video: Egyptian Preacher calls for Arrest of Mohammed Morsi from Tahrir Square

Melilla: Muslims Mock Virgin Mary and Start Fight During Holy Week Procession

Taqiyya, or the terrorist ‘art of deception'

Kosovo Albanians angered by Serbia talks

#MyJihad in Israel: “Palestinians” Scream “Ali Akbar” As They Throw Rocks That Overturn Jeep With Israeli Soldiers

Christians slowly fade from Tripoli’s troubled landscape

The Arab League’s Historic Mistake

In Israel, more and better media in English than in Hebrew | Amir …

Members of Congress: We need more Iraqi refugees (Afghans too)

Turkey Gold Trade With Iran Resumes

Arabs Have Black Slaves – Today

‘My surprise was even greater–’ Israeli emboff pens Dickensian letter to Lancet justifying harsh treatment of children throwing stones

Israeli director Yariv Horowitz must retract false claim of anti-Semitic attack says Aubagne film festival

India: Small boy mutilated and tortured by Muslim cleric

Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens: New Atheists flirt with Islamophobia

Judge rejects effort by atheist group to stop display of cross-shaped beam at Ground Zero museum,0,6170905.story

Islam And Rebirth

Islam Against Attack On Other Religions – Gov. Aliyu

Hindus protest after woman converted to Islam in Pakistan

Papal ritual raises hope for better ties with Islam

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād presents a new article from Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al-Maqdisī: “Uncovering the Ornaments of Gold and Slander in the Fatwā of the ‘Ulamā’ of the Sulṭān”

Egypt issues arrest warrant for popular TV satirist for allegedly insulting Islam

Violence And Dignity – Reflections On The Middle East - Noam Chomsky (video)

New Cia Director John Brennan and Divded Loyalties

Masāma’ al-Khayr l-l-Inshād presents a new Nashīd from Abū Yāsir al-Yamanī and Asad al-Thaghūr: “Shaymā”s Cry”

Saudi Arabia Mulls Linking Twitter To IDs

Do Muslims Really Understand Islam? – OpEd

Syria: Dera’a Is Falling – Analysis

Ban Wahhabism In Sri Lanka: Save Muslims And Save Sri Lanka – OpEd

U.S. backed Syrian Rebel Group supported by Al-Qaeda Affiliates

Syrian conflict’s impact is felt across border in Iraq

Strong American role still exists at Afghan-controlled prison

American Terrorist in Syria Was Working For CIA, Says Father

The costs of war: Iraq and Afghan conflicts top $4 trillion, says Harvard study

Islam is not a religion of peace

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood filling pro-Western military’s ranks with Islamists

An imam from Leeds invites Christians and Jews to the mosque over Easter

Florida: Mega church pastor partners with former CAIR chairman to oppose “anti-sharia” bill

Two new statements from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah

ARAB APARTHEID or why don’t Arabs care about the Palestinians unless Jews are involved?

Friday, March 29, 2013

ADL Slams Muslim Group for “Malicious and False” Ads in NY Train Stations

Turkey’s President: Diplomatic Pressure, Not Syria and Iran, Forced Apology from Israel

Talking About Antisemitism

AUSTRALIA: Former Muslim terrorist to sue “racist” Aussie police for calling him a “Muslim terrorist”

New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “Swift and Appropriate Action Demanded to Deal with Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī”

New ad: “This is Islamic Apartheid”

Are you inadvertently supporting Islamic terrorism by unwittingly buying halal food?

BOSTON UNIVERSITY’s ‘Be a Muslim for a Day’ – Wear a headbag and fill you head with lies about Islam

Video: Full Pallywood lesson in under 60 Seconds

Zawahiri: Coming to Egypt

Hudson Panel: U.S. Ignoring Increasing Christian Persecution

The Facebook Page Of Eric Harroun, Former U.S. Soldier Arrested On March 26 In VA For Fighting In Syria

Freedom from Arab oil boosted by record production in North Dakota

Muslim "Secret" Courageously Outed

Chop Chop Square: Inside Saudi Arabia’s brutal justice system

Pamela Geller: Conservatives ‘Acquiesce’ to ‘Islamic Supremacist’ Groups

Turkish and Israeli Officials Will Meet Next Week to Discuss Flotilla Compensation

Iran said advancing ‘at murderous pace,’ could have bomb by July, Obama ‘threw sand in Israel’s eyes’.

Christians in Pakistan Won’t Allow Persecution to Stop Them from Celebrating Easter

#MyJihad in Iraq: Sunni Muslims murder 19 with car bombs at Shi'ite mosques in Jihad neighborhood

Don't Blame the Iraq Debacle on the Israel Lobby

A Muslim Pluralist Celebrates Easter

For Kabul priest, Calvary offers the hope of the Resurrection in times of war,-Calvary-offers-the-hope-of-the-Resurrection-in-times-of-war-27532.html

Pali Loving Brit Lefties Meet ArabSpring! w/ Less Than Hilarious Results

Cairo's Walls

Firasat Wanted Cash from BareNakedIslam Site

UK House of Commons Hosts Karabagh Movement Roundtable

Video: NYC street closed every Friday for Muslims to pray…in the street

Morter kills 15 students at Damascus University, Western Students fail to protest, busy protesting non-existent "Israeli Apartheid"

Reza Khalili explains his new data on Iranian weapons development

New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “Swift and Appropriate Action Demanded to Deal with Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī”

Radio Free Europe: Campaign aims to reclaim true meaning of ‘jihad’

Syria fires on Lebanese fishing boat

Hanan Ashrawi's Miftah NGO also praises female terrorists

On Second Thought … Maybe that Israeli Apology to Turkey was a Good Idea

Islam and Dialogue: What is the Point?

The Reality of Islam by Sam Harris

Ramadan Relief: Islam Leader Calls for Muslim Holidays in Germany

What Are the Two Major Sects in Islam?

Islam: Halal, Japanese application helps find lawful foods

Bombing targets shrine of Sufi Islam mausoleum in Libya

Texas Investigates School Curriculum Over Islam Conspiracy Theory

Fear of bigotry, not Islam Op-ed: Extremists spreading anti-Jewish, anti-Western propaganda worldwide are not true Muslims,7340,L-4362070,00.html

Why the Awlakis Were Killed

Syria's War Invades a Campus That Acted as a Sanctuary

Taliban Terrorize Karachi as the New Gang in Town

Sex Scandal Forces Out Montenegro’s Chief Auditor

Kosovo Parliament Withdraws From Court Case Involvement

Turkey Denies Mass Deportation Of Syrian Refugees After Unrest

Canadian Mosque And Pakistani Church Share More Than 2013 Anniversary – OpEd

BRICS Slam Threats Against Iran

The Search For A New Equilibrium In US-Pakistani Relations – Analysis

Islamism’s No-Show at CPAC

The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

Ibn Taymīyyah Center for Media presents a new book from Abū Barā’ Ṣabāḥ: “Jihād: It’s Concepts and Conditions”

Washington community rallies for teacher bullied by Muslim group

‘Umar Studio presents a new statement from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “A Special Joint Operation by the Pakistani and Afghan Ṭālibān against NATO Forces and the Afghan Army and Police”

Jihadis' Responses To Widespread Decline In Participation On Jihadi Forums; Increased Use Of Twitter

Jihad in Syria, Part II The Assad Regime Perspective

Islamic ruling encouraging "Sexual Jihad": Prostitution for the holiest

The Gift of the Jews

#MyJihad in Brooklyn: Grand Jury Murder Investigation of Muslim involvement to in double honor murder in Pakistan over daughter's escape from forced marriage

Huff Po on AFDI "Islamic Apartheid" Ad campaign

Girls school teacher shot dead in targeted killing in Pakistan by Obama's Islamic "Peace" Partners


RECOMMENDED READING: “Saudi-backed Tycoon Finances Jamaat-e-islami”

RECOMMENDED READING: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s War On Egyptian Media”

Awwww…Two British Pro-Palestinian activists on their way to Gaza were gang raped in Libya as daddy watched

Federal foster care bill could prevent Muslims being placed with non-Muslim families

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mordechai Kedar: The Islamic Winter Blows into Jerusalem

Ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan worsen

Demon possessed: “I could not believe that this was me,” Ahmed said


Surprise! Anti-Semitic Sticks Up For Islamic Supremacist GITMO Detainees!

Muslim Car Insurance Fraudster Jailed For Setting Up Crashes for Claims

Jewish Population of Israel Passes Symbolic 6 Million Mark

Obama Doesn't Get It-Peace Requires More Than ISRAELI Risk Taking -

Saudi Arabia beheads man for sodomy (and “murderer”)… and then CRUCIFIES his body

A Confluence of Evil: Conspiracies of Silence…From Arafat To Benghazigate…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: The only apartheid in the Middle East is ‘Islamic’ apartheid

Focus on Faith: Islam and Jesus are indissoluble

Video “Religion, Capitalism, Islam and Education” Released by Keynote Speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Dhaka widens crackdown on anti-Islam bloggers

Book Review: Tripping with Allah: Islam, Drugs, and Writing by Michael Muhammad Knight

Facing facts on Islam Thomas Lifson

I Witnessed A Brutal Beating From Hotel Balcony Overlooking Cairo's Tahrir Square

Imagine a Land Where Even One Jew is One Jew Too Many

A 21st Century Exodus: IDF Spokeswoman Was Raised in Egypt, Taught to Hate Jews

Stephen Walt and the Islamist Lobby

Report: Israeli Filmmaker Yariv Horowitz Beaten by Arabs While in France Attending Film Festival

PLO Official Hanan Ashrawi’s NGO Publishes Passover Blood Libel

Battling militants’ ban on polio vaccines in Pakistan’s North Waziristan

New article from Shaykh Abū Basīr al-Ṭarṭūsī: “Jihād of the Ummah’s Strategy and Jihād of the Gangs Strategy”

al-Andalus Media presents a new statement from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghrib: “To the People of France in General and the Families of the French Hostages in Particular”

al-Hijrat Studio presents a new video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Da’wah”

Jordan's King Warns Obama; America Backs Muslim Brotherhood Agent as Syria's Next Ruler By Barry Rubin

U.S. releases Muslim who planted bomb on ’82 Pan Am flight killing boy

Not Peace But A Sword—The latest book by New York Times best-selling author Robert Spencer

Israel's apology to Turkey was a mistake by Efraim Inbar

SWEDEN denies asylum to Iranian Christian converts who will be executed if sent back to Iran

Saudi Daily On Doha Summit: At The First Arab Summit, The Ummah Had A Single Problem – The Palestinians; Now It Has Many Urgent Problems Of Security, Stability, And Independence In the Arab Countries

Taliban shooting victim penning book

Damascus University Attack: Syria State Media Says At Least 15 Killed, 20 Wounded In Mortar Attack

China Jihad: 20 Muslims get “up to life” in prison for jihad plotting in Xinjiang

Wafa Sultan On The Forced Arabisation Of The Berbers

Get professor Deandre Poole to stomp on a picture of Muhammad!

Burma: “If you buy from Muslim shops, your money doesn’t just stop there, It will eventually go towards destroying your race and religion”

Muslim Persecution of Christians: January, 2013

Daring to Speak the Truth About Islam — on The Glazov Gang

WE’RE putting Sheep’s Clothing on Jihadist Wolves

Rottener and Rottener in Denmark

Islamist Group Congratulates Pope — While Cursing Christians Everywhere

Crowning Erdogan as the New King of Islamists

We Are Above the Law (So Say the Saudis)

NYC: Guilty Plea Unsealed in Terror Support Case

Texas: CSCOPE tests students on Islamic sharia

al-Ma’sadat Media Foundation presents a new article from Waḥīd ‘Abd Allah Abū al-Fidā’: “Series: Towards An Awareness of Islamic Kinesthesis, Introduction”

PAKISTAN: Muslim savages strike again

Goals and Strategy for Islamization of Knowledge and Higher Education in U.S.A.

Senior Arab Journalists: War In Iraq – A Western Plot; Justice Requires That Bush, Cheney, And Others Be Sent To Concentration Camp, Prosecuted, And Executed

After U.S. Unblocks Aid to Palestinians, Abbas Flouts U.S. Wishes by Advancing Push for Statehood

Pakistan: Bankrupt Government Paid 30.5 Million USD For Phone Calls

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa to make first state visit to UK

Egypt: Naval forces capture 3 divers trying to cut undersea Internet cable

LAST LAUGH? Critics in the political arena had all but written off outspoken, right wing, anti-Islam advocate Geert Wilders…

Voilà! 80% of French favor even stricter anti-Muslim headbag laws…even the Socialists!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Podcast: Raymond Stock, Faith McDonnell, Jim Hanson, Diana West: Egypt, Pakistan, Gen. Petraeus et al.

Forty five per cent of Britons ready to ban shechita

Bennett: Erdogan Trying to Make Us Regret Apology

Bomb explodes near Acropolis in Athens

Breitbart ‘Contributing Journalist’ Pat Dollard: “Barack Obama Now the Global Head of Al Qaeda”

Amira Hass: The anti-Semitism that goes unreported

Egypt says it arrested 'criminals' trying to sabotage its Internet

Problems in the FBI Denying Islam's Role in Terror

Qur'an in Tamazight Published — in Saudi Arabia -

Hezbullah in deep doo doo

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood And Hamas Support Delegation Visit Morocco To Meet Wth Government And Civil Society

Darayya, Syria’s Stalingrad

US Training Secular Syrian Fighters in Jordan to Bolster Assad Opposition

Jordan students held for alleged ‘devil worship’ fear for their lives

"Trade not aid" focus of new attempt to break Gaza blockade

500 terror suspects 'deradicalised' by Home Office

Scottish Government Donate £400,000 To ‘Muslim Charity’ With Strong Terrorist Links

CAIR-Florida outraged when Sen. Alan Hays compares sharia law prevention to deadly disease prevention

AGAIN! EU dhimmis deny UK’s appeal to deport Islamofascist hate preacher Abu Qatada to Jordan where he was convicted on terror charges

Erdogan: Homosexuality ‘contrary to Islam’

U.S. must take radical Islam seriously

What Really Happened to Jesus?

CAIR Says Sponsors of Tenn. Anti-Islam Bill 'Sink' to New Low

Radical Islam Tortures, Beats American Pastor Beyond Recognition

What Are the 12 Jewels of Islam?

Islam Honors Women in Society

Three new statements from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah

Glenn Beck: Bachmann’s ethics probe is a plot by “radical Islam”

The Golan Heights’ Biblical and Post-biblical History

Drones Visualization: Every U.S. Drone Strike In Pakistan Since 2004 (GRAPHIC)

Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, Ahmadinejad's Top Aide, Could Be Iran's Next President

Time to reconcile in Bangladesh?

SPAIN: Mohammedan savage uses wooden stick to beat the crap out of a student in school

CHICAGO school bans book about Islamic brutality by an Iranian woman who suffered it

A Review of Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) by Alexander H. Joffe

Discrepancy in SEAL Team 6 Accounts of Osama bin Laden’s Takedown

Swedes Counter Anti-Muslim Rally

Syria's president appeals to BRICS for help

GUEST POST: “On the Jabhat al Nusrah vs. Kataeb Farouq Fitna”

Time to set the record straight on one of the most popular Muslim lies

Islam’s Outrageous Obscenities

The Obama Administration’s Disgraceful Muslim Brotherhood Policy

Will Pope Francis Become a Dupe of the Islamists?

What Was Wrong With Obama’s Speech In Jerusalem – OpEd

The Somaliazation Of Syria – Analysis

Bosnian Grand Mufti’s Message To Pope Francis – OpEd

Obama’s Peace Antics In Israel: Four More Years Of This? – OpEd

Language, Culture Can Have Dire Political Consequences For The King Of Jordan – OpEd

Burma: Rohingya Muslims Face Humanitarian Crisis, Warns HRW

Turkey Gears Up To Give Gulf States A Run For Their Money – Analysis

Captured terror suspect reveals al Qaeda plans

“Islamophobia” is NOT Racism

Wilders’ PVV is most popular party as Cyprus crisis divides voters

The Threat of Islamic Betrayal by Raymond Ibrahim

New article from ‘Abd Allah bin Muḥammad: “Why Does the Sa’ūdī Regime Fight Against the Jihād in Syria?”

What Obama Didn't Say: Peace Requires More than Israeli Willpower By Barry Rubin

Why is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood delegation in Morocco?


Sharia in Africa: Woman being stoned to death *GRAPHIC*

Exclusive: Robert Spencer: The Spiritual Journey of Magdi Allam

Number of Muslims in the Netherlands becoming jihadists expanding so rapidly that the government can't keep track anymore

Caroline Glick on Israel’s Apology to Turke

Free Speech Protest at U-Penn: Hindus Rally After Cancellation of Modi Speech Under Islamic Pressure

Pig-flying moment: NY Times finally reports on the epidemic brutal sex attacks in Egypt

Mission Unaccomplished With Peter Van Buren

American Muslims For Palestine Announces Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Kerry’s Middle East tour prepares endless war in Afghanistan, Syria

UAE sedition trial: six secret meetings held over two years

Rebel leader Al Khatib takes Syria's seat at the Arab League

Video: Obama refused to stand under Cross but ok standing under Arafat

PANIC at Tennessee Legislature when lawmakers thought a new mop sink was a Muslim footbath

NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #94: CAIR-Ohio files lawsuit against firm for firing 18 Muslim employees for constantly praying on the job

$5M reward for two American-born Muslims waging jihad in Somalia

al-Manārah al-Bayḍā’ Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Beginning of the End #11″

Tennessee DHS working with Islamists

The Afghan Taliban's Internet Media Empire – Hosted In Malaysia, Singapore, America

Turkish lawyers demand independent judiciary

America’s elite colleges are failing in the wired age: Study

Terror in Timbuktu: A trip through the heart of Mali

Have We Ever Gotten to the Bottom of Exactly ‘Why’ Bush and the Neocons Disastrously Invaded Iraq?

Dangerous Crossroads: The Threat of a Pre-emptive Nuclear War directed against Iran

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Podcast: Seth Cropsey, Dr. Peter Pham, Hans von Spakovsky, Andrew McCarthy on Israel and Turkey et al.

World Renowned Islamic School Congratulates Pope Francis ~ Meet The Pope’s New “Friends”

British Ambassador Meets Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide For The First Time

Mossad spy Ben Zygier reportedly spilled secrets to Hezbollah leading to his imprisonment

The Good News from Obama: Israeli Public has a Say

Suicide attack reported in Damascus

Secretary of State John Kerry demonstrates why Huma Abedin’s background mattered

Anonymous’ Ties To Islamic Supremacists Revealed

Have Two Syrian Divisions along the Golan Ceasefire Line "Almost Entirely Disintegrated"?

Obama’s Religious Freedom Appointee Involved In Muslim Event Calling For Limiting Freedom Of Speech

Egyptian Mosque Used To Torture Christians Following Anti Muslim Brotherhood Protest

Crushing defeat for Israel lobby as anti-boycott litigation fails in UK

The Effendi

Alarming Footage: Who Is Really Using Chemical Weapons in Syria?

Can Buying Food Contribute to Terrorism?

Briefing: In Somalia, relative peace belies rocky road ahead

SAY WHAT? I thought Nike already bowed to Muslim ‘sensibilities’ and dumped the shoe that Muslim whackjobs thought carried an “Allah” logo?

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Strike of Destitute Inmates in Guantanamo Prison Reaches Forty Days”

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād presents a new article from Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al-Maqdisī: “Kilograms of Guava”

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād presents a new Fatwā from Shaykh Abū al-Mundhir al-Shinqīṭī: “Is It Permissible To Pray Behind the Leaders of HAMAS?”

Obama Spurns Palestinian Rights by Stephen Lendman

From techno DJ in Denmark to martyrdom fighting Assad in Syria: the life and death of Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane

German Politician Resigns from Anti-Islam Party After Being Terrorised by Leftists

Islam: 80% of French public favor tougher anti-veil laws

Turks in Germany are a Time Bomb

Syria’s brain drain – another twist to the country’s crisis

‘The Daily Show’ on Obama’s posture toward Israeli-Palestinian relations (VIDEO)