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Sunday, August 31, 2014

UNRWA is a Hostile Organization and Israel Should Treat it Accordingly

The Palestinian Authority is Not the Answer in Gaza

Anti-Israel British MP Released From Hospital After Beating

Undercover Israeli Playwright Exposes Palestinian Holocaust Denial, Rank Jew-Hatred, Anti-Israel Agenda (VIDEO)

Turkey’s new “pan-Islamist” PM wants to reshape Middle East

Iraq breaks months-long Islamist siege

Column in National Post (Canada): ‘The Muslim prayer that might save your life’

Where the Black Flags Fly

Lying Wonders: “A Mark Which Resembled Allah” Miraculously Appears On Muslim Man’s Forehead

Give Palestine—Not the U.N.—the Money, Responsibility, and Glory What the UNRWA representative in D.C. misunderstands about our argument

UK: Female rocker embraces Islam — hopes to behead Christians


ISIS and the domestic and foreign policy challenges ahead for the US

“Islamic State” Children Taught To Fire Machine Guns, Forced To Watch Beheadings, Crucifixions And Stonings

CNN Host Stunned When Muslim Cleric Makes 9/11 Joke During Soundcheck

FINALLY! Sikh outrage over despicable ‘politically correct’ habit the British media have of calling Muslims “Asians” instead of what they are: “Muslims”

West Point Report: Obama Watched Islamic State Grow

Blogging History: NSA spied on Al Jazeera; Dick Cheney, proud torturer; Soros v "drug lord" accusation

Former DOJ attorney accuses Obama, Kerry, Clinton of RICO charges

Tony Newbill Views ISIS in a NWO Scenario

PA Officials: Hamas Preventing Abbas from Governing in Gaza

Senior IMU leader captured by ISAF in 2011 now leads fight in northern Afghanistan

Taliban launch suicide assault against Afghan intelligence

Al Nusrah Front announces detention of 45 UN peacekeepers

Shabaab suicide assault team hits Somali intelligence HQ in Mogadishu

Mission creep in Iraq continues as US launches airstrikes in Amerli

Quick Guide to Islam Watchers - by TLW

A "Captive Mouthpiece" Demonizes Israel

Leave it to the antisemitic Left Wing British media to find an anti-Israel angle on a story about the recent Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie wedding

Radical Islam’s Most Valuable Asset

National Post advises: Convert to Islam to avoid being murdered by jihadis

Ershad vows to establish Islam in Bangladesh

The Two Faces of Islam By Richard Butrick Read more: Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

'Brits fighting in Syria don't know much about Islam': Muslim Council of Wales head Saleem Kidwai backs the fatwa on Islamic State

Letter: Radical Islam harms the faith

SYRIA: So-called (by Obama & McCain) “moderate” Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels chop off fingers of alleged spy

Muslims Account for 4% of the UK Population: So Why Are They Responsible for More Than 91% of the Child Rapes?

IRAQ: Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists hack 4 semi-nude Christian women to death for being Christians

08/30 Links: 75 UN troops flee to Israel; Will Jews Buy Umbrellas When They See Clouds in the Sky?

Hamas calls media "partners in victory"

2 RPGs and a Koran

Self-righteous artists condemn Israeli sponsorship of exhibition - including Israeli artists

08/31 Links: Melanie Phillips A New Strategy For Israel; Left on the wrong side of history

Muslims get a kick out of Westerners lecturing them on Islam

Headchopper promo in the media: ‘brainwashed Queensland father was ‘good hearted guy…’

Mark Steyn: slowly, remorselessly, we are becoming them.

The hideous shrouds of Islamistan

UK: The Islamic Rape Jihad Against the Children of Rotherham (video)

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 94: Tour With the Relief Team Of Jabhat al-Nuṣrah In Dwairke and Majdal Kikh – Rural al-Ladhāqīyyah (Latakia)”

Here's The Real Reason Twitter Is Now Banning Gruesome Images

You Know How James Foley Died. This Is How He Lived.

Muslims Harassed Them for Years and Set Fire to Their Property. Now These Jerusalem Christians Have Finally Been Forced to Close Their Church

LIBYA: “Everybody in the Pool!” Radical Islamofascist militia group takes over US Embassy compound in Tripoli

Egypt under Al-Sisi: His Toughest Challenge is his Most Challenging Opportunity

Willingly Ignorant: Former US President Carter Says “The Principles Of Allah” Will Bring Mideast Peace

Saudi king: Islamic State will reach ‘Europe in a month and America in another month’

Minbar al-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād presents a new article from Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al-Maqdisī: “Remarks On the Notes Of Shaykh Abū Basīr”

New article from Dr. Iyād Qunaybī: “Was Gaza Victorious?”

India-Centric Jihadi Media Releases Urdu Book On Jihad Dedicated To Indian Jihadis; Book Quotes 11th Century Jurist Al-Sarakhsi As Arguing: 'One Who Rejects Jihad Is An Infidel'

India-Centric Jihadist Media Company Releases Book On Jihad, Quotes Prophet Muhammad: 'The Best Jihad Is That The Legs Of Your Horse Be Cut Off And Your Blood Be Spilt"

Muslim Brotherhood leader gets life sentence in Egypt

Hiding From Behind: “Global coalition needed to stop Islamic State”

Vienna ‘a hub for European jihadists’

The Global Slave Trade is a Thriving Industry in 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Unity! Abbas slams Hamas (and threatens Israel)

Fake civilian of the day

Hamas encouraging the next generation of terrorists

08/29 Links Pt1: A Pro-Hamas Left Emerges; Why a Liberal Rabbi Unsubscribed to the New York Times

Hamas' friends (ElderToon)

08/29 Links Pt2: The Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts about the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Hamas leaders at odds over 'cease fire'

It's come to this: Moscow orders to Obama to clear Syrian airstrikes with Assad

Islamist Nusra Front kidnaps UN peacekeepers on Golan Heights

He wants to bring Gaza to Ramallah

William Schabas on why William Schabas should be disqualified from heading Gaza inquiry

High Noon on the Golan Heights: IDF troops 400 meters from Nusra Front terrorists on the Golan

Britain facing 'greatest terrorist threat' in history

Aerial View of Al-Shujaiya’s Destruction and Ethnic Cleansing

Voices on Afghanistan: Preserving moments lost amid conflict

GCC ministers denounce ISIL at Jeddah meeting

France: Two Teenage Muslim Girls Arrested in Plot to Bomb the Great Synagogue of Lyon

Islamic State (ISIS) advances into Lebanon – captures nine soldiers, beheads one

The next time a Muslim tells you there is no compulsion in Islam… (video)

New Jihad Recruitment Video Calls For Westerners – ‘Especially [Those In] Minnesota, Great Britain, [And] Germany’ – To Emigrate To Muslim Lands

Obama sends Defense Secretary Hagel to Turkey, supporter of ISIS, to build “Coalition of the Willing”

Netherlands: Six Muslim children taken into care as parents planned to go to Syria to wage jihad

Pakistani Muslim Child-Rapist Boasts About ‘..Living the High Life..’ in the UK

Former Mufti On Muhammad: “So Many People Can’t Live Properly Because Of Him”

ISIS Caliphate Vows To Strike Down Every Obstacle On Its Path Towards Israel To “Kill The Barbaric Jews”








“No such thing ever happened”

What an Islamophobe Looks Like

Erdogan’s Turkey Where does Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey rank in terms of global competitiveness?

Powerful Video Shows a Syrian Toddler's ‘Rebirth’ From Under the Rubble of a Bombed Building

Oil tanker with $100 million cargo goes missing off Texas coast

Obama’s Escape From Planet Reality (video)

IRAQI Army kills several ISIS rats, one of whom apparently was beheaded by a senior citizen Iraqi soldier (video)

“Islamic State” Beheading Women And Children After Stripping Them Naked

“Great Persecution”: Christians Beheaded After Islamists Take Over Church And Christian Homes In Nigerian Town

Report: Muslims Behead Six-Year-Old Boy Because He Was … A Christian

“It Is An Open War Now”: ISIS Declares Denmark An “Enemy Of Islam”, Vows To Eliminate Danish Non-Muslims

According to Barack Hussein Obama, the Yazidi religious minority of Iraq no longer need rescuing

Jeh Johnson: No imminent threat against the U.S., despite Britain’s ‘severe’ alert

State Dept. calls on Iran to release American prisoners

Qatar’s “Maverick” Foreign Policies


Senior Palestinian Authority (Fatah) official and resident ‘scholar’ at Harvard says “James Foley beheading was fabricated just like the Holocaust”

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists threaten to come home to the UK to conduct “blessed acts of beheadings” as was done to American journalist James Foley

Terror target Britain: More armed police to patrol streets as threat level is raised to its highest for years and Prime Minister warns that we are in the [jihadists]sights

Iran Arming Terrorists in Judea and Samaria


Friday, August 29, 2014

Burqas, Bikinis And Blow Jobs: My Life As a Muslim Woman in the West

The Challenges in Defeating ISIS

America Cannot Defeat ISIS by Aligning with Dictators Because the Two Exist in Symbiosis

ISIS Says It's Burning Marijuana Fields In Syria

Avenging James Foley: Tit for Tat Is Not a Solution

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

U.S. State Department Official Gives Keynote Speech At Forum Hosted By Terror State

Antichrist ISIS Is Expanding To Tunisia, Algeria And Libya

None today, hair tomorrow as men opt for hair-raising beard transplants

Syria’s violence prompts worst humanitarian crisis in a century

ISIS activities outside of Syria and Iraq

A Violence Called God, In the Nature of Things, Ice Bucket Bullshit

The Rise of Islam and its Impact on Christianity (Video Series)

‘Jewish Ritual Murder’ Page Removed, Then Restored by Facebook Within 24 Hours

Islamic State (ISIS) laptop seized in Syria reveals that the terror group is trying to develop a biological weapon

PA to Demand 'Israeli Withdrawal Timetable' at UN

IRELAND’s biggest food retailer, SuperValu, drops Israeli produce as European boycotts surge

Yemen: Muslim Brother Burns Sister To Death For Converting To Christianity

The Prime Foreign Minister

Pope Francis reported to be in the crosshairs of the Islamic State (ISIS)

Congress must vote before we expand the attacks on Islamic State

Al Qaeda Spawned A Monster Child, The Islamic Caliphate.

IRAQI CHRISTIANS take up arms to fight against the Islamic State (ISIS)

US Senators Urge Ecuador to Restore Relations with Israel

3,600 Syrians showing 'neurotoxic symptoms'


Iran: ‘We Will Rearm the West Bank’

Iranian Nukes Vs. Israel — Important Campaign to Raise Awareness

Netanyahu: Israel Wins, Hamas Loses

Hamas Gained Nothing with New Agreement, Abbas Says

Seized ISIS Laptop Shows Plans For Biological Weapons Attacks

Nuclear Talks: Getting to Yes with Iran

'In a neighborhood featuring Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran, just to name a few of the actors, President Obama was “enraged” at … Israel'

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince greets Saudi delegation

The Teflon Terrorists of Fatah

Jordanian State TV says Jews use Christian blood for matzoh

08/28 Links Pt1: Liberman: Take Away Their Guns -- Then We'll Talk; Pallywood comes to Australia

08/28 Links Pt2: Abbas aide: Israel 'fabricated' beheading of James Foley, the Holocaust

Report: Malaysian women joining ISIS for "sex jihad"

Former MI6 counter-terrorism chief warns against rush to overhaul UK laws

Hamas Declares ‘Victory’

40 Lessons from Hamas’ War Against the Jews

‘Easy Meat’: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs — on The Glazov Gang (video)

ISIS Sympathizers - British Ex-Boxer Anthony Small Justifies the Murder of "Mr. Beheaded Infidel" Foley, States: ISIS Is Lenient on Yazidis (video)

ISIS Sympathizers in the West - British Islamist Abu Sayfullah: Only ISIS Will Help Palestinians, All Muslims Believe in Jihad against the Infidels (video)

Greg Gutfeld and Alan Colmes Clash Over Islamic State Threat: ‘Why Is It That Lefties…Have a Hard Time Identifying Actual Existential Evil’ (video)

CIA Analyst: US War Plan Involves Syria, Turkey, Jordan

ISIL: We will attack Saudi Arabia during Eid al-Adha

But he’s really serious about converting to Islam

Temperature rises on the issue of Islam: Links 2 Aug 27 – 2014

EVERYTHING to do with Islam. The Islam kiddie killing kamps of ISIS

Ronda and the Legacy of Islam in Spain


Russia, Islam, Europe and more: Links 1 for Aug. 28 – 2014

Hostage’s mother appeals to caliph, lectures him on Islam

Syrian Jets Hit Rebels Close to the Israeli Border

Islamic Front leader slaughtered at Dhaka home

Hollande of France makes a total fool of himself by claiming “Assad supports the terrorists trying to destroy Syria”

Europe Needs to Embrace Islam

Islamic State’s actions dishonor the tenets and teachings of Islam

Ahmed Seif Al Islam: In Memoriam

14-Year-Old French Girl Detained on Suspicion of Planning to Join Syria Jihad

‘Morally Corrupt’ Muslim Women Had Dogs Released on Her for Shaking Her Uncles Hand

Now that the Guns in Gaza Have Been Silenced, a Moment for Peace Has Arrived. Seriously. - See more at:

An Iranian woman’s personal story about her long, hard journey away from Islam

Are GOP warnings over ISIS sincere?

British Student Hails ‘Golden Era of Jihad’

Mohammed is most popular name in Oslo


It ain’t half hot here, mum Why and how Westerners go to fight in Syria and Iraq

Saudis Step Up Help for Rebels in Syria With Croatian Arms

Bashar al-Assad timeline: Civil war in Syria

Syria is a pseudo-struggle


Unprecedented: The Truth About ISIS And Why This Terrorist Group Is Different From All Others

‘Significant increase’ in terror chatter as haunting anniversary of 9/11 nears

Britain on red alert: Terror threat level raised to ‘severe’


The Problem Isn’t Islam … It’s ALL Religious Fundamentalism

Hamas fighters captured by Israel blow the whistle on Hamas war crimes

BOKO HARAM: “Democracy is worse than homosexuality, worse than sleeping with your mother.” “You are all pagans and we will kill you, even if you do not attack us we will kill you … Allah commands us to kill without pity.”

ISIS little terrorists-in-training (video)

NICE! Premature Detonation

AIPAC’s Problems

New Al-Shabab Video Calls For Westerners – 'Especially [Those In] Minnesota, Great Britain, [And] Germany' – To Emigrate To Muslim Lands

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SYRIA: Islamic State (ISIS) botched beheading of the day (WARNING: Graphic)

Afghan mining law “could strengthen armed groups”

ISIL being pushed back by Kurds

U.N. peacekeepers taken captive in Golan Heights in Syria

Palestinian family possibly ‘singled out for arrest’ by Israel, U.S. says

U.S. history in Mideast hampers hopes for anti-ISIS coalition

Violent Muslim Riots in Jerusalem

Fiendish Friday Favorites: Report Reveals ISIS Caliphate Prefers To Maim And Kill On Islam’s Holiest Day Of The Week

Obama confesses: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for Islamic State

Egypt Investigating Morsi for Handing Over Documents to Qatar

Rabbi Mark Golub Interview with Phyllis Chesler (video)

Daniel Pipes: "I don't know of a single Jewish Israeli who wants the warfare to go on!"

It’s time to bomb ISIS: Yes, America helped sow these seeds, but this is the rare group that should be called “terrorists”

Think You Can Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Play This Game

Experts: Number Of “Islamic State” Followers Growing Leaps And Bounds, Fighters Now Top 100,000

IW News Brief: Burqa Ban Victory, Islamic Pants, and More

Is the Gaza War Really Over?

Israel, ISIL have a lot in common

Peace president plots war on Syria

IAEA investigators: Audit reveals US, not Iran the problem

U.N. Report: Syrian Children Forced to Watch ISIS Beheadings

The Muslim Rape of Christian Nuns

Military Skill and Terrorist Technique Fuel Success of ISIS

Turkey's Erdogan Sworn In As President

Second Amendment, Ahmadis and Democracy in Pakistan

Project for a New American Imbroglio

It’s Jihad, Stupid

Lebanese Journalist Hisham Melhem: The Islamic State In Iraq And Syria (ISIS) 'Was Produced By A Very Ill And Weak Arab Body Politic'

SYRIAN Army attacked on multiple fronts, including air base

The great media whitewashing of Hamas and Gaza terror groups

In Lebanon: Second victim of "Hamas victory celebration" gunfire - and AP removes the first

89% of Gazans support shooting rockets at Israeli civilians, 16% of French support ISIS (update)

08/27 Links Pt1: Hamas's "Victory"; UN, How Did Hamas Rockets End Up In Your Gaza Facilities?

"We And ISIS Are Totally Different Kinds Of Genocidal Barbarians" (PreOccupied Territory)

Jordanian State TV says Jews use Christian blood for matzoh

08/27 Links Pt2: Academic left and Islamists joined at the anti-Israel hip; Who Occupies Gaza?

So what exactly are the terms of the ceasefire, anyway?

Israeli Baby Injured in Palestinian Stone-Throwing Attack

Northern Israelis Evacuated as Fighting Nears Golan Border; ISIS Said to be Close (VIDEO)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gaza war was a trial by fire for Palestinian unity

U.N. finds brutality, depravity on all sides in Syrian carnage

What makes some British Muslims become jihadis?

Obama Going Out Of His Way To Avoid Public Alliance With Bashar Al-Assad To Defeat ISIS

British Christians Take On Muslims Outside Saudi Arabian Embassy

BOMBSHELL: The Antichrist CONFEDERACY Has Been Announced In Turkey

Basting Turkey's New Prime Minister by Daniel Pipes

SHOCKER! Saudi Foreign Minister: “We must denounce our hatred toward Israel and begin to normalize ties with Jewish nation”

Free palestine Fuck israel (video)

2pac ft Lowkey - Free Palestine (FUCK ISRAEL) (video)

Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir', London, 12.11.11 (video)

Gaza: rap-rock music video "We teach life" goes viral Palestinian band records while Israeli warplanes drop bombs

An Obama Nation: Report Describes “Islamic State” Threat As Crisis 4 Years In The Making

GUEST POST: Manbij and The Islamic State’s Public Administration

Fighting, fuel fires and fear in Tripoli

Denmark: Muslims are around 4.5 times more criminal than non-Muslims

Australia: Muslim university researcher says there’s nothing Islamic about beheading, women have equal rights in Islam

UK Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper: Islamic State holds “perverted, oppressive ideology that bears no relation to Islam”

Australia: Muslim arrested at airport, headed for Islamic State and jihad

Damascus Friday Sermon: ISIS Was Born from Hillary Clinton's Filthy Womb; Bashar Will Rule the World (video)

JUNIOR JIHADI of ISIS parades around with the decapitated head of victim (WARNING: Graphic)

Muslim Child-Rape Gangs in the UK: Victims Raped, Beaten and Doused in Petrol if They Threatened to Tell

Au revoir, France

Counter-Jihadist Chief Admits Half of UK Jihadists Have Evaded Police

Palestinian citizens of Israel increasingly punished for being ‘the enemy from inside’



Op-Ed: BDS Victory Over SodaStream May Equal 900 Palestinians Out of Work

Dutch Jihadist Had Leading Position in Foley’s Ja

Women Volunteer for Sexual Jihad with Islamic State (video)

Egypt: Number of hunger strikers highest since Sadat’s presidency

Ex-MK Slams Netanyahu for 'Negotiating with ISIS'

Likud Minister Says Gaza Operation was 'For Nothing'

Liberman Rejects Ceasefire Deal with 'Hamas Murderers' - By Hezki Ezra, Ari Yashar

Mortar Shells Continue to Pound Golan Heights

Carol Saba on Particularism and Citizenship

Arabs Assault Jewish Kids in North After Asking 'Are You Jews?'

IDF Fires at Syria after Officer is Wounded in Golan

Iranian Response to Israeli Drone Will be in Occupied Territories: Commander

Majority of Israelis Think Israel Didn't Win Gaza Operation


Russian bonanza or ‘Russian roulette’ for Turkey?

Is Turkey Hamas' new headquarters?

Egypt deports Palestinian Syrians back to conflict zones

Jordan's king pushes to expand military, intelligence authority

Islamic State calls for revenge against Syria’s rebels

U.S. Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS

Jerusalem Beer Festival upsets Islamists

08/26 Links Pt1: Israeli killed by mortar; Hamas Terrorists Admit Using Civilian sites for Attacks

The "genuine facts" of Mira Bar Hillel

Arab writer claims "Zion" is Arab

08/26 Links Pt2: Exposing Edward Said as academic fraud; Survivors for Hamas – Really?

Woman killed in Gaza - by celebratory gunfire

Former President promotes Islamic terrorism

Captured terrorist: 'Everyone knows Hamas leadership under Haniyeh hiding in Shifa Hospital'

The most important story you will read today: How the media turns Israel into the pool into which the world spits

ISIS – America’s (Latest) Frankenstein

Muhammad – the Founder of Islam – Specifically CONDEMNED AS SINNERS Anyone Who Failed to Protect Christians or Interfered with Christians’ Ability to Practice their Own Faith

Father of Foley’s ISIS beheader ‘was one of Bin Laden’s closest lieutenants’

Pamela Geller, WND Column: Hamas is ISIS

ISIS Takes Man, Gouge Out His Eyes, And Cut His Head Off

Kurdish Government Wants To Give Weapons To Iraqi Christians, But Christian Leaders Say No To Christian Militia

Muslim Accused Of Beheading James Foley Applauded By UK’s Most Notorious Muslim Scholar

The Middle East’s Unfinished Wars

ISIS: Made in Washington…

New statement from Anṣār al-Islām: “The Islamic State Lied About Anṣār al-Islām Giving Bay’ah To Baghdādī”

What Really Happened to James Foley?

Iraqi Writer: Hamas' Actions In Gaza Are Like ISIS' Actions

Military Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL Near Irbil

Iranian General Threatens Surprise Attack on Israel

Enemedia Jihad: Ex-AP Jerusalem correspondent: How the AP (and others) covered up the truth in the cause of Islam

UK Police Commissioner in town where 1,400 children were sexually abused and exploited by Muslim paedophiles refuses to resign

Kenya: Convert from Islam to Christianity beaten, thrown off balcony

Israelis Demand End to ‘Turkish’ Coffee: ‘I’m Really Disgusted by Anything Connected With Turkey’ (VIDEO)

Qatar Pledges to Fund New Gaza Flotilla After Turkey Pulls Support (VIDEO)

Report: After 50 Days, IDF Finally Hits Gaza Mortar Site That Killed Israeli Child (VIDEO)

Australia: How The Hell Did We Let This Happen?

Girl Activists: Telling Our Own Digital Stories in Kyrgyzstan

UN Panel: Crimes Against Humanity Spread In Syria, Including Possible Gas Attack

How Libya Became A Country On The Brink Of Collapse