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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Syrian domestic opposition factions meet for united front

Stockton mosque leader faces deportation over tax fraud

Philadelphia and the Burqa Bandits by David J. Rusin

What to expect from Egypt's Morsi by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Photos: What Muslims do to Christians of Sudan

English Defence League protest in Dewsbury

Interview: NATO has no intention to intervene militarily in Syria: Rasmussen

The Zionist Infestation Of Africa Revisited: The More Details, The More Devils - Part 6

Giving Americans And Muslims Reasons To Fight: 9/11, Al-Qaeda, Drones, And Counterinsurgency

Idiocy is no excuse: Tunisia authorities in deep trouble over captivity of Dr Baghdadi

Muslim men “often complain about their … women who rebel against corporal punishment”

The Humanity of the Taliban (and the Black Panthers)

The Jihadi Threat Within

Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2012

Alleged CIA Report That Predicts End of Israel by 2022

The Electoral Victory of Political Islam in Egypt by Samir Amin

Mali Islamists destroy holy Timbuktu sites

Assam Congress lawmaker assaulted for converting to Islam

From barred to in charge

Egypt’s new leader vows to free sheik jailed in U.S. for ’93 WTC bombing

FIFA medical chief mysteriously withdraws hijab opposition after Muslim FIFA exec balks

In A Few Years China Will Likely Be the Second-Most Important Country for Israel

Iranian commanders warn against any invasion on country, threaten to reciprocate

Chinese FM meets Annan, Russian FM Lavrov to salvage Syria peace plan

Update: Pentagon submits to Hamas-linked CAIR, SEAL training range removes Islamic images as targets

People are source of power and legitimacy: Egypt’s president-elect

Action Group to discuss Syrian political settlement

Iranian submarines to navigate Caspian Sea – report

Fursān al-Balāgh Media presents a new poem from Ḥādī al-Abāah: “Accept Islam They Received”

Prayer rooms for Muslims are indicative of the coming changes to the Australian way of life

Masāma’ al-Khayr l-l-Inshād presents a new Nashīd from Khawlān: “Ink of the Pen”

British forces in Syria, Assad presidential compound said under attack

Christian legal eagles: Obamacare redefines religion

Russia and China vow to protect Syria from becoming another Libya

Jimmy Carter Accuses U.S. of ‘Widespread Abuse of Human Rights’

Kremlin docs indict Soviets for Mideast instability

Canceled: D.C. Event Featuring Syrian Mufti Who Threatened Suicide Attacks on West

Assad declares ‘state of war’ as regime’s grip on Syria loosens

NATO Proxies Turkey and Saudi Arabia Move to War Footing on Eve of Syrian ‘Peace Summit’

‘Israel persuaded Russia not to sell Syria missiles’

BERMAN: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian sweep New Islamist government could take unfriendly stance toward the U.S.

Chrislam? 44 percent can't name Obama's religion

October Surprise: Will Israel Attack Iran Before the Election?

Syria: Downing of Turkish plane not a hostile act

How US And Israel Are Preparing For A Possible Attack On Iran

Terrorist Zarqawi's nephew killed in drone strike

Wrong vote: Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death

Egypt's secular parties blame U.S. pressure

Obama Phones to Congratulate Muslim B'hood on Victory in Egypt’s ‘Milestone’ Election

The Muslim Brotherhood's Useful Idiots

PIPES: After an Israeli strike on Iran Tehran’s retaliation wouldn’t match the danger from an Iranian nuke

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Egypt: Islamists vs. Copts An Animosity That Seeks Any Excuse to Attack by Raymond Ibrahim

America has killed 6 million Muslims?

Egypt's Palace Coup by Daniel Pipes

Muslim infiltrator boat from Sri Lanka with 200 aboard capsizes off Indonesian coast, Australia must rescue as none of the invaders want to be sent to ‘Muslim’ Indonesia

First oil flows through UAE’s Hormuz bypass: sources

What's Happening in Iraq After the U.S. Withdrawal? by Barry Rubin

Townhall and NRO shill for sharia

Pakistani Parliament Elects New Prime Minister

Dubai Cinemas may ban babies from all films

Imran Khan gears up for Pakistan vote, though his plans remain unclear

Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army

The Washington Times: Pamela Geller Interview

Over 95% of Muslim Egyptian Americans Voted For Muslim Brotherhood

Mysterious Money and Motive behind Monster Mosque in Murfreesboro

Fight Hamas-CAIR

Muslim child sex ringleader convicted for 30 counts of rape of three-year-old girl

Vicious Muslim rapist/child sex trafficker: "my only crime was to be Muslim"

White House welcomes terrorists: Member of Egyptian Terror Group tied to '93 WTC bombing Goes to Washington

TENNESSEE: What does a community of only 200 – 300 Muslim families need with a 53,000 square foot mega-mosque?

Kenneth N. Waltz – The Stupidest Strategist? by Daniel Pipes

Musilms Facilitate Parallel Legal System in Germany (ie, sharia)

Founder of Revolution Muslim website gets 12 years for online ‘South Park’ threat

Toyota tells pious Turks to work, not pray: “working is also worshipping God”

The Outraged Mothers of Catalonia

Islamic Terrorist Ties to Michigan Public School Sale

India, Pakistan armies held flag meeting at LoC in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Turkey, Syria Not Yet Found Pilots of Downed Jet

Thoughts on the Syrian Downing of a Turkish Warplane by Daniel Pipes

al-Katāi’b Media presents two new reports and a statement from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn

A Red Crescent volunteer was shot dead on first aid duty in Syria, his organization said on Saturday, the fourth local aid worker to be killed as unrest grows increasingly bloody.

Life Under Sharia: 8 Examples (video)

Life Under Sharia: 8 Examples (video)

U.S. considers commando raids in Pakistan

al-Katāi’b Media presents a new video message from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn’s Aḥmad Imān ‘Alī: “Killing and Humiliation of Muslims in Kenya”

Like a Hollywood-produced, warm and fuzzy film about Iranian prisons

“The only thing we have to fear is…fear,” says Muslim Brotherhood spokesIslamist in Egypt, apparently in homage to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Rep. Allen West rightfully warns of Sharia Compliant Finance

Turkey’s President says he will Retaliate against Syria for shooting down Jet

Muslim Cleric: Female Circumcision is part of ‘Human Nature’

Why the so-called ‘rumor’ about Obama being a Muslim just won’t die

Russia clings to a crucial power base in Syria uprising

Jihadists bomb 3 churches in northern Nigeria

60 Illegals From Countries That ‘Promote, Produce, or Protect’ Terrorists Caught Along U.S. Coastlines

US plans significant military presence in Kuwait

High-Stakes Iran Nuclear Talks Don’t Look Promising

Russia, China, Iran plan to stage in Syria “biggest Mid East maneuver”

Will Russian And Chinese Military Forces On Syrian Soil Prevent Obama From Bombing Syria?

Media ignore radical Islamic meeting in heart of USA

Instructor booted for teaching U.S. at war with Islam

European, Soros-funded NGOs aided Arab death sentences?

Frontline: Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero

Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: “Break Syria into Pieces”

Pakistani harassment of U.S. diplomats hits new highs.

Clinton Hints China May Be Exempt From Iran Sanctions – One Day Before Data Show China Buying More Iranian Oil

Gulf of Tonkin Redux? by Stephen Lendman

Are Palestinians being scapegoated over army killings in Lebanon? Franklin Lamb

Rio+20: Ahmadinejad calls for new world order

Taliban storm Afghan hotel, kill 18 people

Saturday, June 16, 2012

MINNESOTASTAN: CAIR thugs will demand Justice Department overturn decision to reject mosque proposal in St. Anthony Village

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa’l-Jihād presents a new Fatwā from Shaykh Abū al-Mundhir al-Shinqīṭī: “What is the Ruling on the Egyptian Military?”

al-Ṭalī’ah al-Salafīyyah al-Mujāhidīyyah presents a new article from Shaykh Aḥmad ‘Ashūsh: “The Salafi-Jihadis and the Spears of the Enemies”

al-Malāḥim Media presents a new audio message from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Shaykh Abū Zūbayr ‘Adīl bīn ‘Abdullah al-Abāb: “Message to the Military”

US Supreme Court won’t hear Fort Dix jihad plot appeal

Canada: Muslim women face deadly choices

Everything's Coming Up Jihad

The Rhetoric of Nonsense Fabricating Palestinian History by Alexander H. Joffe

Further Thoughts on Not Intervening in Syria by Daniel Pipes

BULGARIA: Keeping up the protests against Muslims who insist on throwing their religion in the faces of the Christian majority

Iranian Regime Offers Obama a 'Win-Win' Deal: Recognize Our Nuclear Rights – And You Will Be Reelected

Hizb Al-Tahrir America, Set To Hold June 17 Conference In Illinois, Advocates Jihad, Says Iran And Saudi Arabia Are 'Modern Non-Expansionist Nation States' And Have Thus Abandoned 'The Definitive [Islamic] Obligation Of Jihad' As Stipulated In The Koran

Murfreesboro (TN) Mosque Leader Posts Images Glorifying Hamas, AK47′s

Congress Asks Holder For Evidence in Holy Land Terror Trial, Again (video)

Mysterious bones may belong to John the Baptist

Islamic Terror vs. Norway Massacre: Chicken or Egg?

Nuclear Weapons In The Middle East: Here To Stay – Analysis

US Exploits Syrian Situation For Showdown With Russia – OpEd

Russia: No Discussions On Post-Assad Syria

Bahrain Caught In A Perilous Situation – Analysis

Palestinian TV airs show praising Fogel family murderer

Muslim woman who subjected girl, 10, to 45-minute beating with steel ladle for not reading enough of the Koran is jailed

Sister of Islamic honor killing victim, Shafilea Ahmed, told friend she had been stabbed 'into pieces'

Tell on Me: The Ballad of US Agents

Where is Wonkette?

Oregon mosque under FBI scrutiny says it's being pushed to adopt Americanized Islam

Senate Minority Leader: Obama Greatest Threat to Free Speech In Modern Times

Most Israelis Think Romney Would Be 'Friendlier' Than Obama

More Obama Betrayal: US Government Opposes Forcing Iran to Reveal US-Based Assets to Victims of Iranian Terror

MASJID-UL-IKEA: Who needs Saudi money when Ikea will fund your mosque?

OFID Awards Palestinian Ex-Detainees. Where Is the Money?

Egyptian activists protest against supreme court’s ruling

NEW JERSEY: Muslim husband and friend indicted on 17 counts of killing his wife


Was Donna Summer killed by Muslims?

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Funding Al Qaeda

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has its eye on Islamic banking

Bomb blast kills 23 at northwest Pakistan market

U.N. Security Council concerned by ICC staff detention in Libya

Tunisia lifts curfew imposed following riots

The Muslim Brotherhood needs a new strategy

Finland's Supreme Court Nixes Free Speech About Islam

New statement from the Islamic State of Iraq: “On the Raid on the Blessed Wednesday in Support of the Houses of God and In Response to the Crimes of the Safavid Government”

Online Jihadis Increasingly Join Twitter After Realizing Its Potential In Portraying A 'Balanced Media'

Video: Muslim Hate Groups on College Campuses

Stay Out of Syria

Islam in Germany: "Germany Does Away With Itself"

U.S. Army orders ‘hot pink’ burqas for Afghanistan

Video: Muslim Plunder And Brutality Against India

Syrian oppositions prepare to set up transitional council

Bomb explosion injures nine people in Damascus

Gaza: Kindergarteners with toy guns vow to kill Jews Read more:

Gaza: Kindergarteners with toy guns vow to kill Jews


From Persia to Iran: The Iran Neighborhood, Friend or Foe

Both sides deny there’s civil war in Syria Russia, U.S. trade charges

Obama aims to shore up Jewish support Reiterates backing for Israel

Egypt reinstates martial law

Mubarak cronies try to take back Egypt power

WEISS: Islamically correct counterterrorism CAIR pressure tactics at work throughout government

Muslim Brotherhood: 'Dangerous' days ahead

Kuhner: Madonna and the death of the West

ROS-LEHTINEN: Time for Turkey to leave Cyprus in peace Long-standing occupation amounts to annexation

Big powers move in on Syria: Russian troops for Tartus. US forces ready to go

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Muslim sues NYPD for refusing to hire him after he said homosexuals should be locked up

Islamic Center, Hamas-linked CAIR to Minneapolis suburb: let us build a mosque in violation of zoning laws or we'll sue

Apparently, widespread reports about the FBI having severed ties with CAIR three years ago were greatly exaggerated

Robert Spencer: Ray Bradbury Dead, Censorship On the Rise

Turkish Islamic supremacists bar woman from public bus: "We would sin if you get on this bus, you are causing us to sin"

Indonesia: Aceh authorities misunderstand Islam, close and plan to demolish 20 churches

Indonesia: Islamic Defenders Front reports publisher to police for book telling truth about Muhammad

Tunisia: Salafis riot, attack cities, soldiers guard presidential palace

"Moderate" "Palestinian" "Authority" TV features EU-funded show saying jihad/martyrdom bombers "are the greatest role models for us"

Afghanistan's National Directorate Security tries to use Qur'an to dissuade jihad/martyrdom bombers

AP sues NJ police department over Muslim surveillance data

Bosnian Muslim preacher sings that America will be destroyed, "all the Muslims are now like the Taliban" and "with explosives on our chests we pave the way to Paradise"

What might cause another 9/11?

Cost of living falls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Israel refused to renew residency rights of at least 240,000 Palestinians, records show

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls Convoy Arrival “A New Page Of the Jihad” Against Israel

Ghannouchi In Cairo To Convince Muslim Brotherhood To Share Power; Rumored To Be Seeking Leadership Of Muslim Brotherhood In The Arab World

Surgery offers hope for victims of Islamic practice of female genital mutilation

Germany and the Muslim World: Partners in Jew-Hatred

Worldwide Counter-Jihad Alliance to Launch with Stockholm Demonstration on August 4

Jewicidal Heads Explode over "Palestinian" Day cancellation

Muslim Homicide Bombers using European Court of Human Rights to try and overturn their convictions

Jihad in Burma: State of Emergency declared, more violence erupts

Rehearsal concludes for SCO military exercise in Tajikistan

Heavier Weapons Push Syrian Crisis Toward Civil War

Once Illegal, Health Rumors Now Have Mubarak Die Daily

A BDS Call for Disarmament in the Middle East

The Obama Administration’s Genocide Denial

Russia, U.S. Lock Horns Over Syria

Rumsfeld: Israel Can’t Trust Obama – on The Glazov Gang

Melbourne: ‘shock discovery of explosives’

OBAMA to campaign staff, “F*** the Jews, they’ll vote for us anyway”

Is Hamas Building a 53,000 Square Foot Facility in America?

Aide helped Assad ‘spin’ atrocities

Immigration + sharia = 120 forced marriage cases a month in UK, could be 5x higher

Stay out of the Syrian Morass by Daniel Pipes

Once-approved Illinois mosque keeps pushing zoning limits

New article from Dr. Akram Ḥijāzī: “The Syrian Revolution and the Paths of Internationalization #6″

EU senior official urges further isolation of Syrian government

Seven new statements from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah

Justice Dept. inspector general investigates FBI, CAIR ties

Chelsea's Got Talent – Flacking for the Islamophobia Industry

Iraq and Iran: A Partnership Made in America

Iraq: Wave Of Bomb Attacks Kills 53, Wound Dozens

Jordan volunteers trying to rescue ailing Syrian refugees

U.S.-Based Political Scientist Muhammad Waqi'ullah: The Neocon Movement, Established By Jews, Plans To Destroy The Islamic World By Brute Force And Through 'Harmless' Films Like Superman, Tom And Jerry

Jordanian Academic: The Present Reality In The Arab World Is The Result Of A Jewish Conspiracy

Maryland county schools consider adding Muslim holidays

CONFRONTING IRAN, “PROTECTING ISRAEL”: The Real Reason for America’s War on Syria

Barak Says Hezbollah Will Get Syrian Chemical Weapons

Why They Killed Gaddafi “A Story You Must Read”

Israel: Better to bomb Iran than let Iran have a bomb

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Democratic Muslims? Why not?

'Islam's biggest rock star' coming

In Mali, rise of Islamic radicals poses new terrorism fears

"We Are Reaching Limits Of Our Patience" Panetta on Pakistan Harbouring Terrorists

Abu Mazen: 'Give us guns and we'll talk'

Defeating the Jewish Alinskyites

Burma: ‘Tensions’ between Buddhist residents and illegal Muslims kill seven….

Muslim Teacher Recited Koran Instead of Calling Ambulance When Pupil Had Fit

Indonesian jihadist asks Muslims not to commit jihad at home: "If you want to do jihad, do it in another country such as Palestine, where Islamic people need help"

Wanted Al-Qaeda Fugitives Ferid Imam and Adnan G. el-Shukrijumah Continue to Plan and Recruit for Attack on New York City Subway System.

Bournemouth councillor ordered to make apology after EDL Twitter comments

Two Of A Kind

Virginia Muslim Charged With Smuggling Cash to Hizballah

Chinese vice president meets Pakistani president on bilateral ties

Tennessee Governor Appoints Sharia Finance Expert to Economic Development Dept

Video: Muslim Scholar explains why Stealth Political Jihad is the best course for Muslims

Ibn Warraq: Walter Scott, The Talisman, the Crusades, Richard I of England and Saladin: Myths, Legends and History (Part 7)

Egypt Bans Film 'Promoting' Normalization of Ties with Israel

Jihad leader threatens jihad against Pakistan if it stops backing Kashmir jihadis

Robert Spencer: A Lawsuit Only Jihadists Could Love

Judaic Theology Equivalent to Islamic Theology on Calls for Violence? — on The Glazov Gang

Obama removes Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports

Hamas-CAIR Rep Calls For End To NYPD Counterterror Program On O'Reilly Factor

Governor John Kasich gives death penalty reprieve to Muslim honor killer of wife and brother-in-law

Front Page Magazine Interview: Pamela Geller, A Summer Night for Human Rights

Hamas-CAIR sues to put Israeli Delegation security at risk

MINNESOTASTAN: Is there a fatwa on the head of a candidate who dared compare burqa-wearing Muslims women to garbage bags?

Saudi Arabia, My Changing Home

Australian ICC lawyer Melinda Taylor arrested in Libya

UK: The Far Left’s Slobbering Love Affair with Hamas & the Muslim Brotherhood

Al Qaeda Wife (about to be widow): ‘Kafir we love death and you love Pepsi Cola….’

How to take over the kafir system and change it into an Islamic state

Belgium’s Mosaic of Diversity

Controversy over 100% halal supermarket in France

Muslim shouting jihad stabs 2 cops in Belgium

Syrians condemn Damascus blast, Hama massacre

Madonna dons a headbag to show respect for her boy toy’s religion – Islam

'Nation's future depends on Malay, Islamic unity'

Egypt's Islamists give secular parties equal role in constitution writing

Islamic approach towards caning

Egypt candidate: Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Mursi

Scholar to emphasize Islam as religion of peace during Utah visit

Islam in Indonesia and the persecution of Christians

German president sparks debate with Islam comments

More Chris Christie Islam Problems

Another mosque being completed in Texas – complete with outdoor sound system

UN urges int’l community to help Jordan cope with Syrian refugees

Al-Zawahiri's Wife Urges Muslim Women To Cultivate Love Of Jihad And Martyrdom In Their Children

Sudan, South Sudan first-round talks fail with next one scheduled for June 19

Obama administration admits to ‘hundreds’ of meetings with jihad-linked CAIR

“Kiss my hand, you filthy dog,” says Saudi to Bangladeshi immigrant

WAR ON IRAN: US Launches New Computer Virus “Weapon of Mass Destruction”

Syrian Rebels Issue Ultimatum To Christians...Get the Hell Out!

Obama 'knows more about Judaism' than predecessors

Brotherhood candidate: Convert to Islam, pay or leave

Feds consider special rights for Arab Americans

SYRIA: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria

Pakistan acquits Times Square bomber cohorts

Egypt’s Mubarak receives life in prison

The Seven Churches

BOLTON: Baghdad dreaming

Troops close to taking Somalia out of terrorists’ control

The All-Seeing Eye of the Historyscoper

The All-Seeing Eye of the Historyscoper
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Westerners have forgotten all about Islam

"Millions of modern people of the white civilization - that is, the civilization of Europe and America - have forgotten all about Islam. They have never come in contact with it. They take for granted that it is decaying, and that, anyway, it is just a foreign religion which will not concern them. It is, as a fact, the most formidable and persistent enemy which our civilization has had, and may at any moment become as large a menace in the future as it has been in the past." -Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953), "The Great Heresies", 1938


Islamophobia? A phobia is an irrational fear. With doomed desperate Islam, it's irrational not to fear it and keep vigilant, because Islam wants you to fear it so it can dominate the world. This recently coined newspeak word is a reverse psychology con by Muslim and pro-Muslim disinfo. artists to make you stick your head in the sand to aid their infiltration so they can turn the West into a living hell like the Middle East. It's not the West, but the Muslim World that must go, along with all its hate and fearmongering. Now they've declared a caliphate, which is gaining followers daily, and will eventually make it mandatory for all Muslims worldwide to go on jihad, making Muslims in the West into agents of a foreign power and enemy combatants in their midst. So yes, we should all fear Islam, but not fear to fight it, and hate and despise it too, openly and proudly. Islam is a huge mental straightjacket of lies and fraud and hate, threatening to send humanity back to the Dark Ages, and it must go, it really must go. Sorry, leftist PC useful idiots, Muslims aren't our friends. The Quran commands them to be enemies of all non-Muslims, and befriend them only under false pretenses for an ultimate victory. Allowing them to immigrate to the West without apostasizing first is wrong and sick. Yes, their big oil bucks allow them to pervert the media and govt., so listen to what they say but watch what they do, and work, watch, and wait for the joyous day of the Great Muslim Apostasy when hundreds of millions tweet that they're chucking Islam, Allah, Muhammad and his Great Jihad and dancing in the streets with Jews, asking for help in being absolved of their crimes and rejoining the human race in a new Middle East that's a credit to the world instead of an eyesore. The U.N. has made a big mistake in admitting Muslim nations, who know very well that criticism of Islam is the seed, and apostasy the fruit. Instead of going with their program of criminalizing criticism of Islam, the U.N. should expel any member nation that continues to criminalize criticism of Islam or apostasy. The future must belong to those who apostasize from Islam. If the worse comes and Europe goes, America will never fall, and will be victorious in the end.

Visit the Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog 2 for coverage of ongoing Muslim infiltration of America

The Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog International. Set up from May 11-30, 2014 when Google decided to take this blog down then flopped and put it back online. Who's going to write the final story on this sad chapter of censorship from the corporation that was supposedly devoted to fighting it?

RU a Lookieloo, an ostrich, or an eagle fighter?

The Really Cool Current With It Frank Gaffney Radio Show, featuring experts on Islam, jihad, terrorism, etc. New 1-hour audiocast every weekday: Secure Freedom Radio

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“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.” - Winston Churchill

Who are you going to arrest next, assholes?

Answer: EVERYBODY :) How will you find the room to imprison half of your population on your overcrowded island, sicko leftist overlords? Proposed British laws criminalizing all free speech except when Muslims are involved.

Candidate Paul Weston Arrested by UK Police for Quoting Churchill

Paul Weston is a great hero in Britain, and by all rights should be their prime minister for about 20 years so that he can close the gates to mass Muslim immigration and help lead the non-Muslim world to preach the Great Muslim Apostasy that will dissolve the horrible violent backward Muslim World and bring peace via my Winslow Plan.

The British Government Stinks!

The British Government Stinks!

Don't Let That Racist Thang Throw You

From the start, Churchill was a Naziphobe, and despite all the flak he took he turned out to be right. Despite both terms sucking eggplant, I'm proud to be called an Islamophobe, but the real Islamophobes are the leftist PC Islam appeasers, because it takes real fear to pretend that a religion whose believers slaughter each other daily is bringing the world peace. Islam the religion isn't intellectually respectable. Political Islam should be a world crime, including Sharia and even the shouting of Allah Akbar. The Muslim World is in its last days, and knows it, but won't go quietly. This is the place to keep up on its day-by-day dying shenanigans.

If I hear that term Islamophobia again I'll puke. It's a pure con game playing off the current leftist fashion of scaring white people by calling them racist. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and assumed it would rule the world, so they didn't even think of it. Instead, they knew that Western civilization had left the Muslim World in the rearview mirror and were intent on playing wolf in sheep's clothing in the hopes that they'd forget the 1000+ year Great Jihad and leave them alone until they got well. Well, we did, only to see them show signs of reviving the jihad the moment they got any military power. Why? Islam means nothing if it doesn't mean global domination, and the rest is intellectual sheep dip.

Sorry, Islam isn't a race, so the word Islamophobia is an intellectual non-starter. A race is something that's fixed at birth. Islam is an ideology you learn after birth. True, like a race once you become a Muslim you can't quit or they will kill you, but if criticising Islam is "wrong", so must be rejecting conversion, so obviously those pushing the term Islamophobia are wolves in sheep's clothing. If Islam is a race, the other kind, then I hope us infidels win it not the Muslims :) They're playing on our tolerance, when they are totally intolerant when they get the upper hand, what a recipe for horror if we don't wake up and keep pushing our Western superiority on the Muslim World to make it disintegrate forever.

What's really insulting to my intelligence is how they use Islamophobia to mean irrational hatred of Muslims a la racism, when the word only means fear of Islam, the religion which commands our deaths. What a giveaway of their true intentions, n'est ce pas? :) Of course Islam holds out its hand and promises that if you convert you will be spared, so there will be no more reason to fear it. :) But yes, I hate Islam and always will, and am proud of it, how about you? Why don't I just submit and quit sticking my neck out for the Muslim executioners, if they can get me? Because I know from my great knowledge and wisdom that we Islam haters are on the winner's team, and that Islam will pass and be left in the dustbin of history one day, let's hope soon.

Back to the white race. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and agreed that it should dominate the world. Two world wars later, they got so guilt-tripped that to call them a racist puts a brain freeze on them, permitting the rest of the world to invade and take over without a fight. Surely there must be some happy medium. White people aren't required to hate themselves. The Muslim takeover doomsday scenario can be prevented by a grassroots movement to force the politicians to stop and reverse Muslim immigration.

Speaking of dying shenanigans, it's time for Israel to end the #1 threat to its existence by NUKING IRAN, at least the nuclear facilities in the mountain recesses, and tell the rest of the world to leave it alone or else. What are Iran's weak sick wannabe friends including Pres. Obama going to do? They're into dooming themselves to repeat history like with Neville Chamberlain and the Nazis, with Israel as the new Poland, and have thus made themselves irrelevant. They have no right to gamble with Israeli blood. Is there something about Never Again they don't understand? Or Death to Israel? Each centrifuge in Iran is the potential killer of a thousand Jews. There must be a policy of Zero Tolerance for Centrifuges. Allah could never make a single nuke for all his faithful in a thousand years, so why surrender so helplessly? Whirring centrifuges in Iran are a declaration of war. They're negotiating and making promises? Ever hear of Taqiyya? It's past time for diplomacy, and screw the world, it's not their existence at stake. Iran is SICK. Until it gives up its Islamic Republic it should be treated as a disease. Death to the Islamic Republic of Iran. So what if Iran has suicide fighters ready to nuke Israel and a mighty army way bigger just waiting to pave a road through Iraq and Syria. Did they ever hear of David and Goliath? David won not Goliath. Poor outnumbered surrounded Israel has long had nukes, and was a model of patience, and I know it once promised it wouldn't be the first to use them in the Middle East, but if they use them now, they can limit the damage to govt. installations, whereas if Iran gets nukes, civilian pops. will be open targets. Israel has a right to defend its existence, and I back its right to do what's necessary, even if the U.S. and U.N. don't like it. I'm sorry I'm not the president and have so little powah, but I do have great knowledge and wisdom, and hereby give Israel my blessing. GO ISRAEL!

As to the Muslim World, we only need to defeat the hardcore Muslims militarily. The rest can and will be defeated by doing what we do best, showing how our modern civilization makes Muhammad, Allah, and the Quran irrelevant. It takes but a single special moment to break the spell, and the weapons will fall out of their hands as they dance in joy. I just got back from the future, and have good news. There will be a Great Muslim Apostasy in our lifetime, and the Muslim World will disintegrate, drop Muhammad's jihad and Sharia forever, and ask Israel's help in rejoining the human race with a clean record, party hearty ex-Muslim dudes. Even so, to make sure it doesn't happen again, it should be made a world crime to give a Quran to a minor. It's worse than child porno, and should only be read by the mature and educated, who alone can ward off its sick evil voodoo awesome blossom of endless lies before laughing it into the trash can.

The Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam - read and share it.

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Islam is a fraudulent Frankenstein religion

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The OIC calls for all states to abolish their constitutions and make the Quran their constitution, including the U.S. It should be expelled from the U.N. once and for all.

The Palestinian People Don't Exist

The Illegal Palestine U.N. Push

Muslims and Mormons Grew Fastest in the U.S. in 2000-2010

Sunni Muslims Committed 70% of 2011 Terrorist Murders

Why You Are Not an Islamophobe If You Hate Islam

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Welcome to My World, by TLW. Why you shouldn't ostrich about Islam's threat. Why the U.S. is making a horrible mistake to be open to mass Muslim immigration.

Is it getting a little hot where you live? Yes, it is a global conspiracy. Can you pass a basic test on the key orgs. and leaders of the modern Muslim World, including those in the U.S.? Study TLW's new Modern Muslimscope and pass the advanced test too.