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Friday, January 31, 2014

UPDATE on the Scarlett Johansson SodaStream story

British Muslim tells Barack Hussein Obama, “Go back to Africa and help your people build wells”

Norwegian Minister: ‘Don’t Stop Serving Pork to Appease Muslims’

Islamic Extremism on the Rise in Sweden

France: Minarets Instead of Church Towers, Call-to-Prayer Instead of Church Bells

Girl Is Approached By Possible Sexual Predator In Grimsby

High Time to Act Against Information Catastrophe: Time to Strengthen Cyber Security

Mr. Obama, Stop the Privatization of U.S. Intelligence!

Syria and the fog of infowar

Egypt's army claims 20 Islamist militants killed in recent Sinai airstrikes

Report: Senior al Qaeda facilitator 'back on the street' in Iran Read more:

Report: Senior al Qaeda facilitator 'back on the street' in Iran

FRANCE: Muslim savage in Marseilles films himself hurling a little cat against the wall of a building

UK: 14 Year Old Boy Robbed At Knifepoint In Luton By Muslim Thieves

A housing crisis yet demolitions in East Jerusalem

The Muslim Brotherhood / Democratic Party of the Middle East

Central African Republic clerics lobby for peace

IW News Brief: PC Counterterrorism, Brothers in Exile, and More

Israel intercepts rocket aimed at Eilat Red Sea resort

'Radicalised' muslims bring the jihad back home

Muslim killing Muslims: Young boy executed over a cup of coffee

Army Chief of Staff: Loss of Fallujah to Al Qaeda 'Frustrating and Disappointing'

Sustaining the Triad: the Enduring Requirements of Deterrence - Summary

VOTE NOW! ‘Islamophobia’ Awards for 2014

UK: Southend Residents Delight As Illegal Mosque Finally Closed Down

How Jewish is Jewish History?

Can Israel Say No to the Kerry Peace Plan?

Report: Israeli Government to Launch Major Initiative to Attract French Jews to Jewish State

Former U.S. Ambassador Hof: Iran Fears Saudi Arabia, Not Israel

On its official Facebook page, Israel’s so-called partner in ‘peace,’ Fatah, publicizes threats to bomb Tel Aviv by Fatah’s military wing

AIPAC’s Annus Horribilis?

Pakistani Defense Analyst Zaid Hamid: 'I Am Praying To Allah That Americans Withdraw From There [Afghanistan] And Leave Indians There; It Has Been Long Since We Did Not Massacre Hindus In Afghanistan'

France-UK effort against young Syria-bound Islamists

SWEDEN announces it will continue to give Muslim immigrants welfare benefits and housing allowances even if they find a job

British Muslims Share a Message With Barack Hussein Obama (Video)


Saudi Arabia faces more immediate threats than Arab Spring

Citizenship debate resurfaces in Jordan

Iran judiciary says it won’t give in to ‘human rights pressure’

Hard-line Iran website publishes names of fighters killed in Syria

Syrian opposition figure: Turkey's 'many mistakes' in Syria

Report: Israel subjected to incessant cyberattacks

Report: Israel subjected to incessant cyberattacks

Erdogan discusses Syria policy in visit to Iran

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 55: A Tour of Jabhat al-Nuṣrah’s Intensive Sharī’ah Institute – Dayr al-Zūr”

Hamas And Hezbollah Agree To Disagree On Syria – Analysis

Pakistan’s Nuclear Policy Of Opacity – OpEd

UK: Swindon Man Injured After Town Centre Pack Attack

Finally! Free speech, not censorship, is the best defence of Jews

UN Probes Human Rights Abuses in South Sudan

No Time to Spare: Talking about Israel’s Legal Grounds

Panoramic picture of Jerusalem taken from the Mt. of Olives (1844)

Group Says Almost 1,900 Dead in Syria During Peace Talks

Syrian Peace Talks Fail, UK Banker Deaths, Iran Nuke Deal in Jeopardy, Fed Tapers Money Printing (video)

East London Mosque Defends Homophobic Hate Preacher Ibrahim Hewitt

Tunisian Daily Al-Shurouq's Campaign Against 'Sexual Jihad'

Deputy Iraqi PM Al-Mutlaq Accuses Al-Maliki of Sectarianism, Says: Sunni Tribes Fight Al-Qaeda in Falluja

Syria Peace Talks: First Round Of Negotiations Wraps Up, Parties To Reconvene In February

Syrian Refugee Has 'Given Up All Hope' Of Returning To War-Ridden Country

Two roadside bombs wound policemen in Cairo

More than 2,400 dead as Obama’s drone campaign marks five years

Boston Marathon jihadist to face death penalty, mother “feels nothing”

Torah in the News: Ascending the Temple Mount

Child Bride Found Hanged in Afghanistan

Muslim Man Sentenced for Repeatedly Raping a Girl in London and Filming it on His Cell Phone

Palestinian Muslim Terrorist Freed by Israel Reflects on His Exploits of Murdering Innocent Jews (Video)

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Syrian government ‘demolishing neighbourhoods to punish civilians’

Frank Gaffney radio show: Mike Turner, Simon Deng, Bill Roggio, Fred Fleitz on Obama's State of the Union Speech, Somalia, al-Qaida et al.

The ABC is out of control.

Clapper: Iran Ready for Nuclear Breakout

Norway pension fund bans Israeli occupation-profiteers after lies exposed

Islam Is the Symptom, Cultural Marxism the Disease

Iran Not Phased By Kerry’s Threat of Military Option

New 'Islamist' Turkey Internet law paves way for censorship, concerns journalists.

CDS Urges State Department to Prevent Executions of Syrian Political Prisoners


Syria Jihadists Say The Liberation Of ‘Palestine’ Will Follow Assad’s Fall

‘You seem to be on both sides of this legitimate/illegitimate kind of a thing’: State Dept. spox says neither Israeli settlements, nor settlement boycotts, are legitimate

IDO of Obama’s Brother raises “Billions For Jihad”

[Mystery Babylon / Apostasy / Islamisation] The concept of trinity baffled me

Somali community protests over lesbian adoption

Australian Journalist Peter Greste Caught in Egypt's Media Crackdown

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Gunmen Now in West Bank

The End of Obama's "More Modest Strategy" for the Middle East

Senior Defense Official Advocates Israeli Development of Space Attack Capability

Former German FM Fischer in Tehran: West Give Up Support for Israel? ‘Forget it, Never’

Scarlett Johansson’s Decision to Back SodaStream Over Oxfam Puts Charity’s Anti-Israel Activism Into Spotlight (INTERVIEW)

Opinion: The Haji Bakr files

World Misogyny Day is Coming February 1

First-Class Islam: Eric Holder Puts Muslims Above Terror Suspicion

Devout Muslims in London Demonstrate In Support of Al Qaeda in Syria

2 al Qaeda commanders killed in December airstrike in Afghanistan

ISIS suicide team assaults Iraqi ministry

More Snowden leaks - and this time Al Qaeda is the surveillance target

Scandal! Fury! Muslim Guests at British Parliament Event told to use a Bar as a Prayer Room

Latest Philippines: At Least 40 Muslims Killed, Rebel Stronghold Captured

German Archbishop’s Comment on Birth Rate of Muslims Sparks Outrage

California Professor: ‘bin Laden Was a Freedom Fighter, U.S. is a Neocolonial Power’

Saudis Arrest Fleeing ‘Witch’

‘Halal’ Pork Sticker is an ‘Insensitive Hoax’, Police Notified

U.S Trial Update: Abu Hamza Moves to Preclude References to Bin Laden, 9/11

Arab Spring complicates shifting demands in health sector

Robert Spencer Dismantles Huffington Poo-st’s Praise of Muhammad

Egypt: Muslims attack Church of the Virgin Mary in Cairo, murder a police officer

Jizya to keep flowing to Pakistan after U.S. pullout from Afghanistan

Shimon Peres says that Jews can live safely in Palestinian state: “What’s this fear? They’ll kill Jews? Today?”

Bangladesh: Muslim cleric and students charged for hacking “atheist” blogger to death for insulting Islam and Muhammad

Russia “black widow” jihadist: “I am ready to do anything. I can blow myself up, together with all these nonbelievers”

UK: Muslims in London demonstrate in favor of al Qaeda in Syria

Highest Sikh authority expresses concern about Muslims wooing Sikh girls to use them in “jihadi efforts”

UK: Muslim politician incites rage, death threats by posting “Jesus and Mo” cartoon on Twitter

Kerry Considers Direct Appeal to Israelis

Jihadi VDagestan Website Threatens Russia: It Will Pay Bitterly For Its Bloody Policies

Syria Mujahideen Sing Of Paradise Virgins, State: We Will Dig Holes For Our Enemies, Like Bin Laden In America

Future of political islam: lessons from Turkey, Egypt

Government, Brotherhood fail to attract Egyptian youth

Veteran US diplomat tackles Middle East 'mess'

New report links Lebanese army to economic stability

Charges dropped against Iranian religious singer who shot at couple

Netanyahu seizes chance to put Bennett in his place

Netanyahu reveals no intention of settler withdrawal

Abbas backs NATO peacekeeping role after Israeli withdrawal

Erdogan counts on Karaman’s Islamic counsel

US, Russia consult on stalled Syria aid

Syria regime not the only one accusing Turkey of provoking crisis

The best and worst of Tunisia’s new constitution

Former Brotherhood spokesman supports Sisi for president

Four questions about a Sisi run for president of Egypt

US Government Shuts Down Access to Online Courses in Syria, Sudan, Iran and Cuba

Mayam Mahmoud – Hip Hop Hijabi Feminist

Dr. Manea: Striving for Women's Rights and a Humanistic Islam

Egyptian Scholar: Muslim Anti-Semitism Based on Stupidity

Honor Diaries: The Stories of 9 Women's Rights Activists

Egypt's El-Sisi Boldly Calls For Islamic Reformation

Holder to seek death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber Tsarnaev

Gathering Storms: The Iranian Drive for Nuclear Weapons

Turkey: How to Lose a Democracy by DR. LAINA FARHAT-HOLZMAN


Islamic 'Martin 'Luther' Issues his Proclamation

Chameleonic Opposition to an Iran Deal

Terror Groups Reportedly Hiding Missiles, Military Assets in Apartment Buildings, Mosques and Water Reservoirs

SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES announces it will operate direct 17-hour flights to Los Angeles

Saudi Teacher Receives One Month Jail Sentence and Lashing for Molesting School Boy

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT WARNING to failed asylum seekers: “Go home or we’ll kick you out”

Video: Islamists Wave The Black Flag Of Jihad In Support Of Al-Qaeda In London

Top Ten Reasons Muhammad is Not a Prophet (video)

Al Age Tard Promotes Fellow Travellers Who Demand Censorship of All Things Islamic

Three Men in Pakistan Acid Attack a Female University Professor

Al-Qaeda in Syria States ‘..After Syria, Israel is Next..’ (Video)

UK Muslim Brotherhood Leader With Obama In White House

Iran can now build and deliver nukes, US intel reports

Marie Claire magazine shills for Islam (again)

Aussie women are not halal meat (Protest report)

Syrian Government Razed Entire Neighborhoods To Punish Sympathetic Civilians: Report

Baghdad Standoff: 18 Dead After Militants Storm Government Office

IRGC Brig.-Gen. Panah: We Can Hit Any American Or Israeli Target With Our Long-Range Missiles

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei: Americans Should Exercise Self-Restraint; People Who Threaten Iran Should Be 'Punched In The Mouth And Crushed'

Top Iranian Officials To Secretary Of State Kerry: Your Military Option Is A Bluff

What a joke. The Islamic Republic of Iran is completely SEXIST

UK: Aylesbury Teen Needs Surgery After Pack Attack

AP Cites Rescue Christians in Report on Pakistan Blasphemy Laws

Legal Bid To Halt £17.5m Cambridge Mega Mosque

Michael Oren misunderstands the obstacle to peace

Pakistan and the Arab-Muslim Culture of Denial by Salim Mansur

Boston Marathon runner, survivor from 2012 Muslim terrorist bombing, announces Republican challenge to incumbent Democrat Senator Ed Markey

Muslim Sharia Law patrols in Muslim enclaves in London now forcing out native Brits with dogs

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 54: Aspects of the Work of al-Idārah al ‘Āmah Li-l-Khidmāt a Subsidiary of Jabhah al-Nuṣrah – Aleppo”


WHOOPIE! Plans for a mosque within the grounds of a school in one of Scotland’s most affluent suburbs have been dropped because of parental fears

Report: Europe Warns Palestinian Authority Against Rejecting Kerry Framework Peace Plan

Laws that try to restrict state courts’ application of foreign law

Check out my new piece co-authored with Phillip Smyth at Foreign Policy’s Middle East Channel: ” The Vocabulary of Sectarianism”

Gang of Muslim Serial Child Rapists Sentenced for Abducting a Group of Girls Aged 11-13 and Raping At Least One

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, banned in Britain, are welcome in Australia!

Ersal Cleric Confesses Plan to Intensify Suicide Attacks in Beirut

Jennifer Grout says she’s converted to Islam

Protesters to target Islamic lecture in free speech row

Pakistan and the Arab-Muslim Culture of Denial

Former Dutch soldier trains jihad fighters in Syria: Nieuwsuur

Swiss jihadists thought to be in Syria

Bulgaria's Notorious Radical Islam Trial in Final Stage

Muslim in Sweden kills wife for being ‘too old’

Death toll among Nepalese workers in Qatar reached 185 last year

Egyptian Journalist: We Should Attack Hamas Terrorists in Gaza until They Kiss Egyptian Shoes

Ahrar al Sham leader criticizes head of Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham

Egypt’s missing political middle

Getting away with sexual abuse in Jordan

Rouhani Reaches Out at Davos

25 Arrested In Newcastle Grooming Gang Investigation

Afghan president Hamid Karzai suspects U.S. secretly behind Kabul restaurant bombing

Sisi, the presidency, and the officers

Grade 2 Listed Kirklees College to become Islamic School

‘Stop Islamisation Of Europe’ Criticized for Opposing a £17.5M (USD 29M) Mosque in Cambridge

U.S Steps Up African al-Qaida Fight

Musings of an Iraqi Brasenostril on Jihad: “They have closed ranks and pledged bay’ah to Baghdadi”: Nasheed for the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham

Hairless hero: Iranian teacher shaves head in solidarity with bullied pupil

New York: Abu Dhabi to invest up to $10B in U.S. chip plant

I Traveled to Palestine-Israel And Discovered There is no ‘Palestinian-Israeli Conflict’

Egypt: Three Years Of Mirages

Understanding The Iran-West Detente

The Christian Resistance Against Islamic Persecution in Syria (Video)

Rebels in Syria Claim Control of Resources

EGYPT: Deposed president Mohamed Morsi throws a hissy fit in jail

The Universalist Holocaust - Daniel Greenfield

Human Rights Watch Releases 2013 Report for Women in Afghanistan

Will Cold War lead to Iran Nuking Saudi Arabia?

A Manufactured Crisis

GUEST POST: Ahrar al-Sham versus Ahrar al-Sham: The band and the militia

Iowa: Bosnian mosque, cemetery plans move forward in Waterloo

Sadiq Abdulkarim, Libyan Deputy Prime Minister, Survives Assassination Attempt

Article On Jordanian Website: The Lessons Of The Holocaust Are International; All Peoples Must Combat Racism And Extremism

Father in court charged with organizing infant daughter’s genital mutilation (FGM)

Muslim Cleric and Seven Muslim Students Charged With the Murder of “Atheist Blogger” Ahmed Rajib Haider

Is this Spectator Magazine cover racist?

Abbas Gives Israel 3 Years to Withdraw from Judea and Samaria

Professor Orly Lobel: 'Brain drain' is good for increasing global Israeli footprint

Anti-Zionist haredi who attempted to spy for Iran to serve 4.5 years in plea deal

Israel, Jewish groups slam Argentina-Iran "truth commission"

Exclusive: Israeli finance chief expects cuts to defense spending

Elie Wiesel: People are no longer ashamed to be anti-Semites

Daniel Pearl's final story

Terrorist murderers are "heroes," Abbas says four times in speech

Video: Freed 'Palestinian' terrorist describes how he murdered two Jewish students

There’s no such thing as a little sharia

Pakistani Muslim Agrees: Muslim Immigration a Bad Idea

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Attack Upon the Strongholds of the Shabīḥah in the Village of al-Rahjān in Rural Ḥamāh and Striking It With Two Martyrdom Operations”

Cynthia McKinney US lawmakers forced to sign support of Israel

Liberty GB’s Paul Weston exposes what the Left Wing Media will never tell you about Anders Breivik

India's anti-Islam BJP set to win 210 seats at next election

Missing Congressman in London or is it Russia

NORWAY: New right wing government is kicking out foreign criminals, most of them Muslims

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nigerian bishop tells of church 'slaughter' in Adamawa

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 53: A Tour of One of the Schools of Jabhat al-Nuṣrah For the Education of the Children – Besieged Ḥomṣ”

‘Umar Studio presents a new video message from Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “The Battle of Hind #4″

New statement from Jamā’at Anṣār Bayt al-Maqdis: “Declaration of Responsibility For the Assassination of An Aide in the Interior Ministry the Criminal Apostate Muḥammad al-Sa’īd”

New statement from Jamā’at Anṣār Bayt al-Maqdis: “Declaration of Responsibility For the Targeting of the Gas Export Line to Jordan”

al-Katāi’b New Channel presents a new video message from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn: “Distribution of Zakāt of Cattle to Intended Recipients in the Regions of Bay and Bakool”

New article from Dr. Iyād Qunaybī: “Discussion in Response to the [Islamic] State on Mubādarah al-Ummah”

Israel jails anti-Zionist for offering to spy for Iran

Obama in State of the Union: I'll Veto New Iran Sanctions

Ya'alon blamed for neglecting Israelis living near Gaza

Iran, world powers may hold nuclear talks in New York

Iranian actor denied work over resemblance to Ahmadinejad

Khamenei Rep says Revolutionary Guard has ‘limited’ their economic projects

Dardari: Syria crisis taking toll on Lebanon’s economy

Study: Israel should encourage employment of Arab women

The Music of Arab-Iranian relations

Russia can't lose in oil deal with Iran

Jordan’s balancing act on Syria

Egypt silences ex-leader with soundproof box for court appearance

U.S. Identifies Terror Group Threatening Attacks on the Olympics

Fatah Leader Calls for ‘Armed Uprising’

It begins: Afghanistan releases dangerous jihadists over U.S. objections

China blocks money flow to Pak-backed jihadists

As Egypt’s president, El-Sisi shoulders huge security challenges: Muslim Brothers, Sinai terror, Gaza, water

Egyptian Poet Higazi: Al-Sisi Should Not Run for President (video)

Video: Muslim Brothers Leave Islam and Convert to Christianity! (video)

Turkey's Economy is Victim of Erdogan's Political Ambitions By Mahir Zeynalov

Breivik's "Double-Psychology"

Davos and the Hatred of Evil

Obama Treats Ally Israel Worse Than Enemy Dictatorships

Syria Jihadists Say Liberation of ‘Palestine,’ Golan Will Follow Fall of Assad (VIDEO)

Are Muslim Immigrants Good for Your Country? By Y.K. Cherson

Half of Yemen’s Brides are Fourteen or Younger

Ex-PA Minister: 'a Few Thousand Jews' Can Remain

U.S. to Sell Two Dozen Apache Helicopters to Iraq

French Navy Arrests Somali Pirates

Australia produces first Islamic Studies masters graduates

New Zealand: Muslim Man Sexually Assaults Numerous Women Then Gets Released Without Jail Time

al-Manārah al-Bayḍā’ Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Jabhah al-Nuṣrah: “Liberating the National Hospital – Area of Jāsim, Dar’ā”


Boko Haram attacks in Borno and Adamawa kill 74

Sinai gas pipeline targeted for 2nd time in 2014

Turkish main opposition voices new graft claims against Erdogan.

New statement from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “Position on the Initiative of Shaykh al-Muḥaysinī”

New release from Fursān al-Balāgh Media: “Monthly Indexing of the Releases of the Jihādi Media Organizations For the Month of December 2013″

Egyptian Activist Won't Give Up On Democratic State Amid Severe Military Crackdown

Egyptians Deeply Divided Over Law Restricting Public Protests

Shocking Giant Hologram of Turkish Prime Minister Delivers Speech

Egypt and the New Constitution by HERBERT LONDON

Iranian Official Confirms Country Sought to Build Nuclear Weapons

Pope Francis Invokes Lucifer During Easter Mass 2013

GUEST POST: Azerbaijani Foreign Fighters in Syria

Bahraini-Palestinian cooperation agreement signed

JINSA Split on Iran Deal, Urges U.S. Support If Israelis Attack

BOLTON: Obama’s foreign policy based on belief that weaker U.S. is key to peace

Women, children refuse to leave Homs without male kin

Interfaith Dialogue in Islam. By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

US Congress secretly approves weapons flow to 'moderate' Syrian rebels

Hijacking the Holy Land (Feature Documentary)

Media Silence On Muslim Grooming Gang From Leeds Getting Jailed, 2 Were Illegal Immigrants

Video: Syrian Rebels Enforce Brutal Sharia Law

Karzai Believes U.S. Behind Insurgent Attacks; Rahul Gandhi Gives First Televised Interview; Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Urges Milita

Monday, January 27, 2014

RUSSIA: North Caucasus Islamic terrorist group promising to carry out suicide bomb attacks, including chemical arms strikes, at Sochi Olympics

Turkey deals with terrorist blowback on Syria

New article from Dr. Iyād Qunaybī: “To Those Who Justify Rejecting Mubādarah al-Ummah With the ‘Flaws’ of Others”

al-Andalus Media presents a new statement from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghrib: “Condolences on the Death of Mujāhid Shaykh Mājid bin Muḥammad al-Mājid”


Shh! U.S. Airstrike Targets al-Shabaab Leader in Somalia

Muslim Rapes His Teen Daughter, Blames the Devil

Gaddafi’s ‘Sex Dungeon’ Revealed in British Documentary

Bin Laden Bodyguard to Have Partial Public Hearing

Shattered Idyll in Kabul – Anatomy of a Restaurant Massacre

Ajnād Foundation For Media Production presents a new release from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “Recitation of Sūrat al-Ḥashr and al-Mumtaḥanah”

Labayk Media Foundation presents a new release from Shaykh Abū Salmān al-Ṣūmālī: “The First Paper in the Series of Critical Readings in Prophetical Aḥādīth: A Brief Review on the Ḥadīth of the Israeli Who Charged His Sons With Burning His Body”

Readers Write: What about Israel's role in Mideast Christian exodus?; Praise for truth-telling on Islam's role in Mideast

Europe Woos Iran as it Shuns Israel

Hate-Filled Protest in France Attracts Thousands; Crowd Chants ‘Jew, France Is Not for You!’ (VIDEO)

By decimating the Muslim Brotherhood, EGYPT leads the world in fighting Islamic terrorism

Obama’s Brother joins Hamas, says ‘Jerusalem is ours; We are Coming’

Egypt’s Sisi: The Field Marshal Who Could Be Pharaoh Read more: Egypt: Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi Wins Army Support for Presidential Run

Nusra, ISIS moves raise worries in Lebanon of spreading violence

Syria talks hit impasse over Homs aid, evacuation proposals

Pakistani Taliban, with new leader, is back on the offensive

Looks like Obama buddy, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, is following in the Islamofascist footsteps of Egypt’s deposed president Morsi

UK: Muslim Councillor Makes Homophobic Remarks During Row With Fellow Councillor


2014, the UN Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The 'Two State Solution' would be Israel and..? By Steve Apfel