Islamophobia? A phobia is an irrational fear. With doomed desperate Islam, it's irrational not to fear it and keep vigilant. The word is a reverse psychology con by pro-Muslim disinfo. artists to make you stick your head in the sand. Listen to what they say but watch what they do.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boko Haram: time for an alternative approach

Nigerian police increase security during Easter celebration

Proof that even the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims believe in the same kind of Islam as the most radical extremists and terrorists do

EGYPT’s Presidential front-runner and retired Field Marshall, Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, pays a pre-Easter visit to the Coptic Christian pope

EGYPT UPDATE on the move by Obama, Turkey, and Qatar to overthrow the Egyptian government and reinstate the Muslim Brotherhood

Canadian Jihadi in Syria: ‘We Are Going For You, Barack Obama’

Poster girls for jihad: Interpol searches for two Austrian teen girls who went to Syria to wage holy war’

Man killed by tiger inside Saudi Zoo

04/19 Links: NYT Op-Ed Compares Hirsi Ali to Homophobes, Racists and Anti-Semites

Update on the blood libel/Visa story (updated)

Guardian Blames 1929 Arab Massacre of Jews on ‘Zionist Provocations’

The FBI Is Not Sabotaging the 9/11 Military Commission - Andrew C. McCarthy

Abu Hamza trial: Former imam used UK’s Finsbury Park mosque as “base of operations for the global export of violence and terror”

Central African Republic: Islamic jihadists murder Catholic priest, mutilate corpse

Video: Robert Spencer interviewed on RT’s Worlds Apart

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder 75 with rush-hour jihad bomb at bus station

“Death is our goal”: Muslim teen girls from Austria travel to Syria for jihad

“Sinful”: Video of British Muslims dancing to Pharrell Williams’s hit Happy comes under attack

Chanting “Allahu akbar,” moderate Iranian troops parade missile carriers bearing banners saying “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”

Israel and the One State Solution (Video)

Ostracised And Isolated: Muslim Prisoners In The US

UK: Muslim ‘Trojan Horse’ plot reveals girls had to sit in the back of the classroom and Christian students often had no teacher at all

He Hunted Osama bin Laden, He Breaks Into Nuclear Power Plants

Ukraine Synagogue Bombed (VIDEO)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the dangerous anti-Islamic logic of the war on terror Ayaan Hirsi Ali lost an honorary degree from Brandeis for articulating the same twisted thinking as Dick Cheney Eric Levitz

“You don’t understand Islam”

“You want people like that to hate you”: Reza Aslan on Glenn Beck, that Fox News interview, and who gets to speak for Jesus

Special Forces’ suicide rates hit record levels — casualties of ‘hard combat’

‘Library of Osama bin Laden, the Martyr’: Pakistan names seminary for girls after dead terrorist

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “The Containers From the Explosives Detonated Upon the the Shabīḥah in the Center of the Village of al-Gharzlī in Ḥomṣ”

London Mosque: Easter – a Christian Bid’ah (innovation)

GERMANY: Radical Muslim students in Hamburg bully and harass, often violently, other Muslim classmates whom they consider not Islamic enough

Video: Islamists Baying For Blood Outside London Mosque. Mainstream Media Silence

Non-Muslim Bruneians Can’t Drink in Public Abroad

UK: Islamist Plot: Six Schools Face Ofsted Special Measures

al-Tibīyyān Media presents a new video message from Abū Talḥah al-’Almānī (Deso Dogg): “My Oath To the Islamic State”

al-Tibīyyān Media presents a new Nashīd from Abū Talḥah al-’Almānī (Deso Dogg): “We Only Fear God”

al-Batār Media Foundation presents a new article from Abū ‘Ubaydah al-Lubnānī: “Between the Truth With the Caravan and the Truth of the Caravan”

al-Manārah al-Bayḍā’ Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Explaining the Military Plan of Action for Jabhat al-Nuṣrah in Ḥamāh”

New release from Fursān al-Balāgh Media: “Monthly Indexing of the Releases of the Jihādī Media Organizations For the Month of March 2014″

Ajnād Foundation For Media presents a new release from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām’s Abū al-Ḥasan al-Ḥasanī: “Recitation of Sūrat al-Ḥajj”

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 76: Jabhah al-Nuṣrah Evaluating Its Sharī’ah Institutes for the Education of the Cubs – Dar’ā”

New Nashīd from ‘Ā’ishah Media Center: “Breezes From the Lord of the Lebanon Call”

Ajnād Foundation For Media presents a new poem from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “Dogs of the Emergency”

New statement: “Message From the Ummah to the Wise of the Ummah”

The Middle East War on Christians

al-Furqān Media presents a new video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “The Muslims, He Hears You”

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New issue of “Ḥaṣād al-Jihād Magazine #3″

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Detonating Two Cards Bombs in the Midst of the Shabīḥah of the Nuṣayrī Regime in the Neighborhood of Karam al-Lūz in the Besieged Ḥomṣ”

In Iran’s most troubled province, Rouhani hears pleas for change

Afghan woman mutilated by her own husband for refusing to sell her daughters as child brides

US drone strike kills 16 AQAP fighters, 5 civilians

Head of al Qaeda's 'Victory Committee' survived battle in Syria

Ajnad Misr claims 3 more attacks in Cairo area

SYRIA: MORE beheadings of Syrian Army soldiers by Obama-backed Islamic terrorists (WARNING: Graphic)

One Muslim brother from Britain down in Syria, two more to go

Video: Anjem’s 3 Islamofascist Stooges Demand Islamic State Where Kufar Pay Jizya Tax

UK: Public schools illegally segregate, discriminate against non-Muslim students, “restricted to comply with strict Islamic teaching”

al-Katāi’b Media presents two new weekly reports from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn

Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “No Discretion of the Truth”

‘Umar Studio presents a new statement from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Condemning the Prohibited Bombings That Took Place on the General Public in Public Places in the Cities of Rawalpindi and Sibi”

‘Umar Studio presents a new statement from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “The Ṭālibān Has Fulfilled the Conditions of the Truce, But the Government Has Not Passed In Any One Condition, and Proving To the World Its Confusion”

al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s al-Malāḥim Media presents: “Martyrs of the Arabian Peninsula #14 – Abū Khālid (‘Abd Allah Abū Bakr Bāwazīr)”

Syrian Airstrikes Close to Israeli Border

PA Official: Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is 'Fantasy'

How did Jews build a state without tons of money from the EU and NGOs?

Palestinian Authority Flags Replace Israeli Flags in Tel Aviv

Sufi Festival Inspires Young Moroccans

Boko Haram: Time For An Alternative Approach – Analysis

Ailing Algerian President Set To Serve 4th Term

Turkey: PM Erdogan Challenges Social Media Tn Top Court

04/18 Links Pt1: Kansas JCC holds service; Examining Extremism in the Wake of the Kansas JCC Violence

04/18 Links Pt2: Prosor: The Middle East War on Christians; US calls Ukraine leaflets ‘grotesque’

Syria: Car Bomb Outside Mosque In Homs Kills At Least 14

“Muslims in Britain have given up their equal footing and fallen prey to Arab imperialism”

It is increasingly easy for Libyans to be granted a Schengen visa…

al-Manārah al-Bayḍā’ Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Storming and Liberating the Buildings in ‘Bllīramūn’ in the Series of Battles of Breaking the Siege of Aleppo”

al-Manārah al-Bayḍā’ Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Battle of the Conquest of the Way to the Besieged City of Nawā in the Series of Battles in Rural al-Qunaytrah”

al-Manārah al-Bayḍā’ Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “The Raid ‘Striking the Fortifications’ Storming and Liberating the Customs Office – Dar’ā”

Bible Prophecy and the Coming Muslim Anti-Christ

People & Power: Algeria: The Revolution That Never Was

A Weak Establishment Is Letting Islamists Threaten British Freedoms

New Dark Age Alert! Campaigners Warn of 'Breast Ironing' in the UK

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pakistan and the War Within Islam

Violence in the name of Islam is haram: fatwa

Can Islam be used to subjugate the rights of non-Muslims?

Attacks, rapes and forced conversions to Islam spike for Egypt’s Christian women: report

When Islam shone its light on Europe

Defining Islam: Religion, political system or way of life?

Islam is the final expression of Adam’s religion

Can Bunker Busters Solve Israel’s Iran Dilemma?

Cairo Court Rejects Lawsuit to Ban All Israeli Activities in Egypt

Police Aid and Abet Rapists and Kidnappers of Christian Girls

HEY, AUSTRALIA, some of your McDonald’s restaurants are selling barbarically-slaughtered halal meat

The Coming Iranian-Turkish Alliance and Why Syria is TOAST

SYRIA: Some more smiting of the necks of Bashar Assad supporters by Obama’s boys (WARNING: Graphic)

Iran's UN envoy pick stirs painful US memories

Iraqi elections: all talk, no walk

Electoral race heats up among Iraq's Sunni factions

Fate of kidnapped Syrian bishops still unknown

Gaza’s population balloons

Palestinian Central Council to decide on peace talks

Congress prompts review of high visa rejection rate for Israelis

Future remains unclear for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Israel's military revolution

al-Baṣīrah Foundation for Media Production presents a new video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah’s Dr. Sāmī al ‘Arīdī: “Milestones in the Manhaj of the Pious Predecessors #2″

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 70: Jabhat al-Nuṣrah Distributing Clothing to the Mujāhidīn al-Ghūtah Eastern Damascus”

Ajnad Misr releases first video of attacks

ISIS' 'Diyala Division' lauds foreign suicide bombers, including Dane

Al Nusrah Front sharia official uses social media to condemn killing of fellow jihadist

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Rejoinder Regarding the Illusive and Counterfeit Election Process”

As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah’s Shaykh Abū Khalīl al-Madanī: “Da’wah Lesson: Advice To All of the Fighting Groups In the Way of God”

al-I’tiṣām Media presents a new video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “Series of the Life From the Words of the ‘Ulamā’ on the Project of the Islamic State #8: Abū Yaḥyā al-Lībī”

Ajnād Foundation For Media presents a new release from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām’s Abū al-Ḥasan al-Ḥasanī: “Recitation of Sūrat Ṭaha”

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 75: Jabhah al-Nuṣrah Distributing Firewood to the Needy in Eastern al-Ghūtah – Damascus”

After A Deal With Iran

al-Malāḥim Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula: “First of the Rain”

al-Furqān Media presents a new video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “But Who Is Better Than God In Judgement”

Ajnād Foundation For Media presents a new release from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām’s Abū al-Ḥasan al-Ḥasanī: “Recitation of Sūrat Marīyyam”

Ajnād Foundation For Media presents a new release from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām’s Abū al-Ḥasan al-Ḥasanī: “Recitation of Sūrat Marīyyam”

Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī’s [Turkistan Islamic Party's] Abū Dhar ‘Azzām: “Reality of China’s Alliance With Pakistan”

al-Malāḥim Media presents a new audio message from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Hārith bin Ghāzī al-Naẓārī [Muḥammad al-Mirshadī]: “The Believers Are But Brothers”

al-Tibīyyān Media presents a new Nashīd from Abū Talḥah al-’Almānī (Deso Dogg): “Against the Infidel Hypocrites and the Saudi Palace”

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Storming and Liberating al-Masbaḥ Checkpoint in Khān Shaykhūn in Rural Idlib”

Ajnād Foundation For Media presents a new release from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām’s Abū al-Ḥasan al-Ḥasanī: “Recitation of Sūrat al-Kahf”

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 74: Visiting the Medical Charity Office – Dayr al-Zūr”

EGYPT: Young Christian women at greater risk of being kidnapped by extremists, tortured, and even forced to convert to Islam since the Arab Spring ended in 2011.

New video message from Dr. ‘Abd Allah bin Muḥammad al-Muḥaysinī: “Eulogy For the Raiding Amīr Abū Aḥmad Maghribī”

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 73: The Nuṣayrī Regime Bombed the Muṣ’ab bin ‘Umayr Mosque – Dayr al-Zūr”

New issue of “Ḥaṣād al-Jihād Magazine #2″

Iran UN Nominee a Non-Issue

Enza Ferreri Euro 2014 Election Video. "Immigration and Islamisation: Let's Stop this Madness"

Heavyweight Media Groups Join Fight Against Removing ‘Innocence of Muslims’ from YouTube

Muslim Whipped Son to Death for Getting Bad Grades

The Missing Girls: Christian Girls Kidnapped in Egypt (Special Report)

The Kosher Trinity and Jewish Quantum Mechanics

Sydney: Muselmaniacs Charged With Assaulting Police; Their Family Riots in Courtroom

Bill Warner: Muslims Are Always The Victims (video)

FGM: expert says families pool resources to bring in a ‘cutter’ from abroad to mutilate girls in groups

Hizballah Cavalcade: Asa’ib al-Muqawama al-Bahrainia: An Emerging Militant Group in Bahrain?

HUSAIN: American Airlines Twitter incident sheds light on anti-Muslim attitudes

Miriam's Message by Phyllis Chesler

UK: Multiculturalism vs. Islamism

ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF SWEDEN passes law to criminalize any criticism of Muslim immigration

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 72: Jabhat al-Nuṣrah Puts On a Da’wah Forum – Rural Western Aleppo”

Salafi Kuwaiti MP Justifies Business Ties with Israel

New video message from Himam News Agency: “Report 71: Frontline Mujāhidīn of Jabhat al-Nuṣrah In the Vicinity of a Hill of al-Tīyyārah and the Zarzūr – Aleppo”

FRANCE: Pork and praise (for anti-Islam Front National party) show up at mosque in Mantes-la-Ville

Fate of 100 Nigerian Schoolgirls Seized by Islamist Terrorists Unknown

'Grotesque': Kerry Denounces Flyers Ordering Jews to Register in Donetsk, Ukraine

The Really Cool Current With It Frank Gaffney Radio Show, featuring experts on Islam, jihad, terrorism, etc. New 1-hour audiocast every weekday: Secure Freedom Radio

Support MEMRI and its great work in translating Muslim agitprop

Want to look up some history quick by date? There's no better place than the Historyscoper's Great Track of Time

Islam the Enemy of the Human Race

The Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam - read and share it.

From the start, Churchill was a Naziphobe, and despite all the flak he took he turned out to be right. Despite both terms sucking eggplant, I'm proud to be called an Islamophobe, but the real Islamophobes are the leftist PC Islam appeasers, because it takes real fear to pretend that a religion whose believers slaughter each other daily is bringing the world peace. Islam the religion isn't intellectually respectable. Political Islam should be a world crime, including Sharia and even the shouting of Allah Akbar. The Muslim World is in its last days, and knows it, but won't go quietly. This is the place to keep up on its day-by-day dying shenanigans.

If I hear that term Islamophobia again I'll puke. It's a pure con game playing off the current leftist fashion of scaring white people by calling them racist. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and assumed it would rule the world, so they didn't even think of it. Instead, they knew that Western civilization had left the Muslim World in the rearview mirror and were intent on playing wolf in sheep's clothing in the hopes that they'd forget the 1000+ year Great Jihad and leave them alone until they got well. Well, we did, only to see them show signs of reviving the jihad the moment they got any military power. Why? Islam means nothing if it doesn't mean global domination, and the rest is intellectual sheep dip.

Sorry, Islam isn't a race, so the word Islamophobia is an intellectual non-starter. A race is something that's fixed at birth. Islam is an ideology you learn after birth. True, like a race once you become a Muslim you can't quit or they will kill you, but if criticising Islam is "wrong", so must be rejecting conversion, so obviously those pushing the term Islamophobia are wolves in sheep's clothing. If Islam is a race, the other kind, then I hope us infidels win it not the Muslims :) They're playing on our tolerance, when they are totally intolerant when they get the upper hand, what a recipe for horror if we don't wake up and keep pushing our Western superiority on the Muslim World to make it disintegrate forever.

What's really insulting to my intelligence is how they use Islamophobia to mean irrational hatred of Muslims a la racism, when the word only means fear of Islam, the religion which commands our deaths. What a giveaway of their true intentions, n'est ce pas? :) Of course Islam holds out its hand and promises that if you convert you will be spared, so there will be no more reason to fear it. :) But yes, I hate Islam and always will, and am proud of it, how about you? Why don't I just submit and quit sticking my neck out for the Muslim executioners, if they can get me? Because I know from my great knowledge and wisdom that we Islam haters are on the winner's team, and that Islam will pass and be left in the dustbin of history one day, let's hope soon.

Back to the white race. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and agreed that it should dominate the world. Two world wars later, they got so guilt-tripped that to call them a racist puts a brain freeze on them, permitting the rest of the world to invade and take over without a fight. Surely there must be some happy medium. White people aren't required to hate themselves. The Muslim takeover doomsday scenario can be prevented by a grassroots movement to force the politicians to stop and reverse Muslim immigration.

Speaking of dying shenanigans, it's time for Israel to end the #1 threat to its existence by NUKING IRAN, at least the nuclear facilities in the mountain recesses, and tell the rest of the world to leave it alone or else. What are Iran's weak sick wannabe friends including Pres. Obama going to do? They're into dooming themselves to repeat history like with Neville Chamberlain and the Nazis, with Israel as the new Poland, and have thus made themselves irrelevant. They have no right to gamble with Israeli blood. Is there something about Never Again they don't understand? Or Death to Israel? Each centrifuge in Iran is the potential killer of a thousand Jews. There must be a policy of Zero Tolerance for Centrifuges. Allah could never make a single nuke for all his faithful in a thousand years, so why surrender so helplessly? Whirring centrifuges in Iran are a declaration of war. They're negotiating and making promises? Ever hear of Taqiyya? It's past time for diplomacy, and screw the world, it's not their existence at stake. Iran is SICK. Until it gives up its Islamic Republic it should be treated as a disease. Death to the Islamic Republic of Iran. So what if Iran has suicide fighters ready to nuke Israel and a mighty army way bigger just waiting to pave a road through Iraq and Syria. Did they ever hear of David and Goliath? David won not Goliath. Poor outnumbered surrounded Israel has long had nukes, and was a model of patience, and I know it once promised it wouldn't be the first to use them in the Middle East, but if they use them now, they can limit the damage to govt. installations, whereas if Iran gets nukes, civilian pops. will be open targets. Israel has a right to defend its existence, and I back its right to do what's necessary, even if the U.S. and U.N. don't like it. I'm sorry I'm not the president and have so little powah, but I do have great knowledge and wisdom, and hereby give Israel my blessing. GO ISRAEL!

As to the Muslim World, we only need to defeat the hardcore Muslims militarily. The rest can and will be defeated by doing what we do best, showing how our modern civilization makes Muhammad, Allah, and the Quran irrelevant. It takes but a single special moment to break the spell, and the weapons will fall out of their hands as they dance in joy. I just got back from the future, and have good news. There will be a Great Muslim Apostasy in our lifetime, and the Muslim World will disintegrate, drop Muhammad's jihad and Sharia forever, and ask Israel's help in rejoining the human race with a clean record, party hearty ex-Muslim dudes. Even so, to make sure it doesn't happen again, it should be made a world crime to give a Quran to a minor. It's worse than child porno, and should only be read by the mature and educated, who alone can ward off its sick evil voodoo awesome blossom of endless lies before laughing it into the trash can.

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