Thursday, January 29, 2015

Road to Mosul strewn with fear and suspicion

ISIL deadline passes with no word on fate of hostages

Terrorist released in deserter Bergdahl swap returns to jihad

Canada Backs Israel’s Battle Against Hezbollah Terror

IRIN’s Top Picks: Gates Foundation, Afghanistan and the Holocaust

What You Need to Know About Congress’ Debate on Iran Sanctions

The Backlash of the Paris Massacre

The Next War In The Middle East Has Begun And Israel Vows ‘To Act Powerfully On All Fronts’


In This Hopeful New Video, UNICEF and Electronic Artist RL Grime Tackle the Horrors of Child Marriage

Egyptian President Al-Sisi at Davos: Time Has Proven the Genius Nature of Sadat's Peace Initiative (video)

Calls to Kill President Al-Sisi and Egyptian Journalists on Muslim Brotherhood TV Channels (video)

Skateboarding Makes Afghan Girls Feel Free

Islamic State Defeat in Kobani Will Be Hard to Replicate by Jonathan Spyer

Israelis Forced to Travel Through Arab Village, Pelted by Rocks

Liberman Calls For 'Disproportionate' Response Against Hezbollah

Is Hezbollah Digging Tunnels to Israel? IDF Intends to Find Out

Islamic State commander confesses to receiving funding through U.S.

Former Marine on Chris Kyle, American Sniper, and Social Implications


Michelle Obama Causes Outrage in Saudi Arabia by Not Wearing Headscarf

German Football Player Converts to Islam

Pegida Loses Second Leader in a Week

Saudi TV BLURS Michelle Obama's FACE As Barack Meets King

On the Streets with Far-right Extremists Britain First | Channel 4 News

Michelle Obama Cocks a Snook at Outdated, Ante-Diluvian Saudi Customs

Newt for President! Newt Gingrich: We Are At War with Radical Islamism (video)

Mideast Despots among Recipients of U.S. Cultural Preservation Funds


Check out my new piece at the Washington Post’s ‘Monkey Cage': “The Islamic State’s Model”

The Muslim Invasion of America: Governor Bobby Jindal (Audio)

WHITE HOUSE SpokesIdiot says: “The Taliban is NOT a terrorist organization”

Michael Moore on the set of his new action film

Is Israel Guilty of War Crimes? by Denis MacEoin

Islamic State Forcing Sex Slaves To Convert To Islam And Worship “Allah”

IRGC-Affiliated News Agency: The Holocaust Lie Is Gradually Being Exposed; Those Who Claim It Happened Will Be Shamed

Hamas-Supporting MB Figures Meet With Congress, State Dept.

“Palestinians” Attack Gaza UN Compound

European Parliament Pres.: 'Shame' on Europe for Anti-Semitism

Women Joining ISIS 'Cheerleaders, Not Victims'

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Obama’s Saudi “Balance”

Jesse Ventura: Chris Kyle Is Not A Hero

Everything you thought you knew about religious Zionists is wrong

Obama in Saudi Arabia: Stability Is King

Go Back to Basics to Reform Homeland Security

Latest Benghazi documents may be a smoking gun, investigators claim

Why Stabilizing Libya is so Hard

ISIS Beheads Kurdish Fighter, Threatens To Behead Obama, Kurdistan President Barzani, Detonate Car Bombs In France, Belgium

Lebanese Celebrate IDF Deaths With Candy

Netanyahu Warns Iran Hoping For Terrorist Front in Golan Heights

IDF Names Soldiers Killed in Hezbollah Attack

Muqata Blog: Golan Heights Battle with Hezbollah (9:31pm)

Analysis: Islamic State sleeper cells a threat to Turkey

Islamic State assaults Iraqi border post near Jordan

Islamic State appoints leaders of 'Khorasan province,' issues veiled threat to Afghan Taliban

Islamic State is forced from Kobane

'Foreigners' among 7 jihadists killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

Video shows Hezbollah Brigades convoy transporting American M1 tank

Hezbollah kills two Israeli soldiers in anti-tank missile attack Read more:

Analysis: Former US Marine killed by Islamic State's Tripoli 'province'


EXCELLENT! Milan, Italy passes a new ‘anti-mosque’ law

Following Killing Of Hizbullah Operative Jihad Mughniyah, New Information Comes To Light Regarding Hizbullah, Iranian Activity In Syrian Golan On Israeli Border

Designated a terrorist organization by several Arab States and banned by Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is conspiring with the Obama Regime to oust Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

First Lady Draws Notice by Skipping Headscarf at Saudi Visit

Research on the Islamic State

How Boko Haram brought hunger to northern Cameroon


Jordan OKs prisoner swap with Islamic State: Convicted terrorist for air force pilot

The four Saudi princesses: Obama mum on plight of Muslim women


French President Tells Jews: ‘France is Your Homeland’

IDF Retaliates Against Syrian Military Targets, Sets Off Rocket Alarms on the Golan

Israeli Night Strike on Damascus is ‘Warning to Beirut’

2 IDF Soldiers Killed, 7 Wounded in Hezbollah Attack

Auschwitz 70th Anniversary: Survivors Warn of New Crimes

Actress Maureen Lipman May Leave Britain Over Attacks On Jews


The Clairvoyant: Boko Haram’s Media and The Islamic State Connection?

SLOVAKIA: Prime Minister says, “We will not tolerate mass Muslim immigration and building of mosques”

BREAKING! Jordan allegedly will release Muslim terrorist to the Islamic State (ISIS) in exchange for hostages

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Iran’s price for Obama’s coveted legacy The president threatens Israel to placate the mullahs

PAT CONDELL: Virulent anti-semitism in Europe is baaaaack… (video)

ISIS: Western Muslims Who Do Not Kill Christians Are Our Enemies, Warns West “You Have Seen Nothing Yet”

The Real Fight Against ISIS Begins in Saudi Arabia by Tarek Fatah

Saudi Arabia’s New King Helped Fund Radical Terrorist Groups Monarch tied to anti-Semitic Muslim clerics, funding of jihad

Chuck Hagel exposes rift between U.S. and Iraq

Benghazi branch of central bank seized by Islamic fighters; almost $100B inside


The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa - Author Interview (video)

The Terrorist Groups’ Interpretation Of The Koranic Verses Regarding Jihad

Investigators: Israel fired on Gaza civilians carrying white flags

Anti-Semitic Right-Wing Politician Now Greek PM's Key Ally

NY Times Lethal Anti-Israel Journalism Strikes Again

Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism - Fjordman

Video - Saudi Imam on Paris Attacks: This Is the Only Language Jewish and Christian Infidels Understand (and Muslims Discovered America)

Argentinian Jewish groups boycott Holocaust commemoration In protest move over mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, community members shun official event

Obama Lies About “Not Interfering In The Israeli Election” In Benjamin Netanayu Speech Issue.

Storm in a Teacup Row About Minister Stephen Williams Unnecessary

Bergdahl Reports Are Untrue, No Decision Made

Prince Charles Says Holocaust is Warning and Lesson for All Faiths (VIDEO)

Revamping the koran with messages of love: I will cast terror love into the hearts of those who disbelieve reject my false prophet. Therefore strike off shampoo their heads and strike off manicure every fingertip of them.

BBC Is Mad To Refuse Calling Terrorists the Paris Killers

Two Years in Jail for Comparing Muhammad to a Pig

Islamic State's 'province' claims responsibility for attack on hotel in Tripoli

Sharyl Attkisson to Testify on ‘Free Press Issues’ at Attorney General Nomination Hearing

Pakistan: Hundreds Of Muslims With Hurt Feelings Attack Christian School, Demand Its Closure

“This is my last message,” says Islamic State (ISIS) Japanese hostage Kenji Goto (video)

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa’l-Jihād presents a new article from Shaykh Abū al-Mundhir al-Shinqīṭī: “Hush .. Oh Inflamers of the Fitnah”


Latest ISIS Beheading Video Warns Obama: “We Will Cut Off Your Head In The White House”

After a White House-ordered lengthy delay, ARMY finally will charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion, a decision that Obama is still trying to stonewall

LIBYA: Islamic terrorists kill at least 8 including 5 foreigners and take hostages at luxury hotel in Tripoli

European Socialists, Radical Muslims United by ‘Mutual Hatred for Judeo-Christian Culture’

State Dept. Won’t Say Eradicating Afghan Opium Production Was a U.S. Goal

Sen. Feinstein: 'I Think Our Many of These Countries Is Weak'

Miss USA ridiculed over answer to tough question

The Persians Are Coming!

Saudi Succession Hints at Shift in Foreign Role

Analysts on Iran: Time to Move Beyond Sanctions

New video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Battle To Liberate the 82 Battalion North of the City al-Shaykh Miskīn – Dar’ā”

al-Furqān Media presents a new audio message from the Islamic State’s Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al ‘Adnānī al-Shāmī: “Say, ‘Die In Your Rage'”

President Obama: Hands Off Israel’s Elections

From Tel-Aviv to Paris, Genocide Remains the Goal

To Joke or Not to Joke About Allah — on The Glazov Gang (video)

Iranian Terror and the Death of Alberto Nisman

Sisi Revisits ‘Egypt’s Identity Crisis’

Islamic State Makes New Demand on Japan

How Iran Is Encircling the Gulf and Israel

Philippines: Muslims kill 49 elite police in govt-approved Muslim no-go zone

New video message from The Islamic State: “Glad Tidings of the Mujāhidīn With the Decimation of the Tyrant of the Peninsula – Wilāyat al-Khayr”

WH Chief of Staff Accidentally Reveals Name of American ISIS Hostage

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey Muslims, stop telling us about the “minuscule amount” of Muslims who are extremists and terrorists

Israel Dismisses Intelligence Soldiers Who Refuse To Spy On Palestinians

Jewish Terrorists Storm Muslim Religious Sites Near Nablus

Dr. Phyllis Chesler and Dr. Richard Landes A Conversation about Anti-Semitism Sponsored by EMET (Endowment for Middle East Truth). (video)

NY Times Lethal Anti-Israel Journalism Strikes Again

GOV. BOBBY JINDAL doesn’t have a “Muslim problem,” the problem is the apologists for Islam in the leftist media in denial about the “Muslim problem”

Jeffrey Sterling, ex-CIA officer, convicted of leaking secrets to reporter

ANOTHER OBAMA “SUCCESS” – U.S. Embassy in Yemen shut down infinitely due to credible threats

Clash On Al-Jazeera TV About Charlie Hebdo, Freedom Of Speech In Europe-Egyptian Author: 'Jewish Holocaust An Indisputable And Irrefutable Fact' That 'Entire World Has Recognized-'Why Can't The Muslims? Why Does Islam Harbor Such Terrible Religious Hatred Towards The Jews?' Tunisian Scholar Cites French Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy, States: Germany, West 'Still Paying The Price For This Imaginary Holocaust'

Let Nuclear Sanctions on Iran Serve Their Final Purpose

IRANIAN News Site reports Iran may be planning a hit on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s two sons

From The MEMRI TV Archives: Would-Be Iraqi Suicide Bomber Tells Of Jordanian Hotels Terror Attack

TURKEY orders Facebook to block pages that insult the paedophile prophet

New video message from The Islamic State: “Joy of the Monotheists With the Mortality Of the Head Of the Apostates – Wilāyat Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn”

U.S. reiterates refusal to negotiate with Islamic State over hostages

John McCain: Iran ‘on the march’

John Kerry seeks Nigeria’s help battling Islamist terrorism, pushes for peaceful vote

France's ethnic apartheid: ‘Separate Islamic societies’ breed discontent, radicalism


Islamophobia? A phobia is an irrational fear. With doomed desperate Islam, it's irrational not to fear it and keep vigilant, because Islam wants you to fear it so it can dominate the world. This recently coined newspeak word is a reverse psychology con by Muslim and pro-Muslim disinfo. artists to make you stick your head in the sand to aid their infiltration so they can turn the West into a living hell like the Middle East. It's not the West, but the Muslim World that must go, along with all its hate and fearmongering. Now they've declared a caliphate, which is gaining followers daily, and will eventually make it mandatory for all Muslims worldwide to go on jihad, making Muslims in the West into agents of a foreign power and enemy combatants in their midst. So yes, we should all fear Islam, but not fear to fight it, and hate and despise it too, openly and proudly. Islam is a huge mental straightjacket of lies and fraud and hate, threatening to send humanity back to the Dark Ages, and it must go, it really must go. Sorry, leftist PC useful idiots, Muslims aren't our friends. The Quran commands them to be enemies of all non-Muslims, and befriend them only under false pretenses for an ultimate victory. Allowing them to immigrate to the West without apostasizing first is wrong and sick. Yes, their big oil bucks allow them to pervert the media and govt., so listen to what they say but watch what they do, and work, watch, and wait for the joyous day of the Great Muslim Apostasy when hundreds of millions tweet that they're chucking Islam, Allah, Muhammad and his Great Jihad and dancing in the streets with Jews, asking for help in being absolved of their crimes and rejoining the human race in a new Middle East that's a credit to the world instead of an eyesore. The U.N. has made a big mistake in admitting Muslim nations, who know very well that criticism of Islam is the seed, and apostasy the fruit. Instead of going with their program of criminalizing criticism of Islam, the U.N. should expel any member nation that continues to criminalize criticism of Islam or apostasy. The future must belong to those who apostasize from Islam. If the worse comes and Europe goes, America will never fall, and will be victorious in the end.

Visit the Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog 2 for coverage of ongoing Muslim infiltration of America

The Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog International. Set up from May 11-30, 2014 when Google decided to take this blog down then flopped and put it back online. Who's going to write the final story on this sad chapter of censorship from the corporation that was supposedly devoted to fighting it?

RU a Lookieloo, an ostrich, or an eagle fighter?

The Really Cool Current With It Frank Gaffney Radio Show, featuring experts on Islam, jihad, terrorism, etc. New 1-hour audiocast every weekday: Secure Freedom Radio

Support MEMRI and its great work in translating Muslim agitprop


Want to look up some history quick by date? There's no better place than the Historyscoper's Great Track of Time


“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.” - Winston Churchill

Who are you going to arrest next, assholes?

Answer: EVERYBODY :) How will you find the room to imprison half of your population on your overcrowded island, sicko leftist overlords? Proposed British laws criminalizing all free speech except when Muslims are involved.

Candidate Paul Weston Arrested by UK Police for Quoting Churchill

Paul Weston is a great hero in Britain, and by all rights should be their prime minister for about 20 years so that he can close the gates to mass Muslim immigration and help lead the non-Muslim world to preach the Great Muslim Apostasy that will dissolve the horrible violent backward Muslim World and bring peace via my Winslow Plan.

Islam the Enemy of the Human Race

The Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam - read and share it.

From the start, Churchill was a Naziphobe, and despite all the flak he took he turned out to be right. Despite both terms sucking eggplant, I'm proud to be called an Islamophobe, but the real Islamophobes are the leftist PC Islam appeasers, because it takes real fear to pretend that a religion whose believers slaughter each other daily is bringing the world peace. Islam the religion isn't intellectually respectable. Political Islam should be a world crime, including Sharia and even the shouting of Allah Akbar. The Muslim World is in its last days, and knows it, but won't go quietly. This is the place to keep up on its day-by-day dying shenanigans.

If I hear that term Islamophobia again I'll puke. It's a pure con game playing off the current leftist fashion of scaring white people by calling them racist. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and assumed it would rule the world, so they didn't even think of it. Instead, they knew that Western civilization had left the Muslim World in the rearview mirror and were intent on playing wolf in sheep's clothing in the hopes that they'd forget the 1000+ year Great Jihad and leave them alone until they got well. Well, we did, only to see them show signs of reviving the jihad the moment they got any military power. Why? Islam means nothing if it doesn't mean global domination, and the rest is intellectual sheep dip.

Sorry, Islam isn't a race, so the word Islamophobia is an intellectual non-starter. A race is something that's fixed at birth. Islam is an ideology you learn after birth. True, like a race once you become a Muslim you can't quit or they will kill you, but if criticising Islam is "wrong", so must be rejecting conversion, so obviously those pushing the term Islamophobia are wolves in sheep's clothing. If Islam is a race, the other kind, then I hope us infidels win it not the Muslims :) They're playing on our tolerance, when they are totally intolerant when they get the upper hand, what a recipe for horror if we don't wake up and keep pushing our Western superiority on the Muslim World to make it disintegrate forever.

What's really insulting to my intelligence is how they use Islamophobia to mean irrational hatred of Muslims a la racism, when the word only means fear of Islam, the religion which commands our deaths. What a giveaway of their true intentions, n'est ce pas? :) Of course Islam holds out its hand and promises that if you convert you will be spared, so there will be no more reason to fear it. :) But yes, I hate Islam and always will, and am proud of it, how about you? Why don't I just submit and quit sticking my neck out for the Muslim executioners, if they can get me? Because I know from my great knowledge and wisdom that we Islam haters are on the winner's team, and that Islam will pass and be left in the dustbin of history one day, let's hope soon.

Back to the white race. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and agreed that it should dominate the world. Two world wars later, they got so guilt-tripped that to call them a racist puts a brain freeze on them, permitting the rest of the world to invade and take over without a fight. Surely there must be some happy medium. White people aren't required to hate themselves. The Muslim takeover doomsday scenario can be prevented by a grassroots movement to force the politicians to stop and reverse Muslim immigration.

Speaking of dying shenanigans, it's time for Israel to end the #1 threat to its existence by NUKING IRAN, at least the nuclear facilities in the mountain recesses, and tell the rest of the world to leave it alone or else. What are Iran's weak sick wannabe friends including Pres. Obama going to do? They're into dooming themselves to repeat history like with Neville Chamberlain and the Nazis, with Israel as the new Poland, and have thus made themselves irrelevant. They have no right to gamble with Israeli blood. Is there something about Never Again they don't understand? Or Death to Israel? Each centrifuge in Iran is the potential killer of a thousand Jews. There must be a policy of Zero Tolerance for Centrifuges. Allah could never make a single nuke for all his faithful in a thousand years, so why surrender so helplessly? Whirring centrifuges in Iran are a declaration of war. They're negotiating and making promises? Ever hear of Taqiyya? It's past time for diplomacy, and screw the world, it's not their existence at stake. Iran is SICK. Until it gives up its Islamic Republic it should be treated as a disease. Death to the Islamic Republic of Iran. So what if Iran has suicide fighters ready to nuke Israel and a mighty army way bigger just waiting to pave a road through Iraq and Syria. Did they ever hear of David and Goliath? David won not Goliath. Poor outnumbered surrounded Israel has long had nukes, and was a model of patience, and I know it once promised it wouldn't be the first to use them in the Middle East, but if they use them now, they can limit the damage to govt. installations, whereas if Iran gets nukes, civilian pops. will be open targets. Israel has a right to defend its existence, and I back its right to do what's necessary, even if the U.S. and U.N. don't like it. I'm sorry I'm not the president and have so little powah, but I do have great knowledge and wisdom, and hereby give Israel my blessing. GO ISRAEL!

As to the Muslim World, we only need to defeat the hardcore Muslims militarily. The rest can and will be defeated by doing what we do best, showing how our modern civilization makes Muhammad, Allah, and the Quran irrelevant. It takes but a single special moment to break the spell, and the weapons will fall out of their hands as they dance in joy. I just got back from the future, and have good news. There will be a Great Muslim Apostasy in our lifetime, and the Muslim World will disintegrate, drop Muhammad's jihad and Sharia forever, and ask Israel's help in rejoining the human race with a clean record, party hearty ex-Muslim dudes. Even so, to make sure it doesn't happen again, it should be made a world crime to give a Quran to a minor. It's worse than child porno, and should only be read by the mature and educated, who alone can ward off its sick evil voodoo awesome blossom of endless lies before laughing it into the trash can.

Home Page.

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Is it getting a little hot where you live? Yes, it is a global conspiracy. Can you pass a basic test on the key orgs. and leaders of the modern Muslim World, including those in the U.S.? Study TLW's new Modern Muslimscope and pass the advanced test too.