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Monday, October 30, 2017

Warning issued: The Islamic State is training jihadis in Caribbean tourist hotspots

Saudi Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia will “return” to “moderate Islam”

UK minister: “Only way of dealing” with ISIS jihadis “will be, in almost every case, to kill them”

Hugh Fitzgerald: The Heroic Tamer El-Noury, and the Limits of Filiopietism

Australia: Millionaire Muslima ripped off taxpayers for 18 years, finally kicked out of government-funded home

Merkel: Give Turkey billions more euros to keep Erdogan from flooding Europe with more Muslim migrants

UK: Muslim who attended prestigious Church of England school travels to Syria, joins the Islamic State

UK’s “terror czar” urges that jihad preachers NOT be jailed

Saudi Robot Mocks Elon Musk as It Becomes First Machine to Receive Citizenship

This Week in Egypt: Week 44- 2017 (Oct 23-29)

UK: Hamas applauds Labour Party leader’s snub of Balfour Centenary Dinner

Robert Spencer video: Oklahoma beheading case shows incoherence of our response to jihad threat

Austria: Books preaching Islamic jihad found in prison library, placed by anti-Semitic Muslim group

Former Vogue model spent years in Muslim billionaire’s harem as his “pleasure wife”

Hungary PM about Soros and Muslim migrant invasion: “Never underestimate the power of the dark side”

Video: Robert Spencer responds to Toronto Star piece claiming imam didn’t call for killing of Jews

UK: 100,000 Muslims sign up for polygamous dating site

Terrorism in Europe

New book reveals violent Leftists worked with Islamic terrorists

Sunday, October 29, 2017

VIDEO: Iranian Army Deputy Commander-In-Chief Pourdastan: If America Attacks Us, We Shall Deal A Blow To The Enemy In Any Region

Trump's Vice President Mike Pence says the Islamic persecution of Christians has become genocide

Clerics In Pakistan: Ahmadis-'Brokers Of Zionist And Imperial Powers,' Should Be Removed From Important Posts

Jamaat-e-Islami Article: First Caliph Abu Bakr Freed Muslim Slaves, Armed Mujahideen

The Jihadi Dictionary:The Essential Intel Tool for Military, Law Enforcement, Government & the Concerned Public(By Dr. Kobrin):A Review-Adina Kutnicki

Tobias Ellwood: ‘We must teach jihadists to think, not kill them’

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Steyn: There's nothing accidental about the Vegas massacre (video)

"You're all complete idiots" Ben Shapiro TOTALLY ROASTS Islam & its supporters

My jihadi son Shabazz Suleman was brainwashed in his bedroom, says father


'Muhammad' is the Future of Europe

IGA report reviewed in AhramOnline

Article By Former Afghan Intelligence Chief Amrullah Saleh Examines The Toxic Nature Of U.S.-Pakistan Relationship, Says Pakistan 'Does Strange Things, To The Extent Of Even Hurting Itself Sometimes'

JNIM claims string of attacks across Mali

How many more times is this annoying spokeswhiner from designated terrorist group CAIR going to boohoo about Trump’s new restrictions on Muslims entering the country?

Patrick Buchanan: Are Our Mideast Wars Forever?

70% of U.S. Voters Think Iran Deal Should Be Reworked, Require Senate Ratification

Iraq Rejects Tillerson’s Appeal to Restrain Iran-Backed Militias

VP Pence: 'The War on Terror Began 34 Years Ago Today'

Friday, October 27, 2017

423-2: House Passes Bill Targeting Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program

Allah’s Child Brides - The Glazov Gang (video)

Sweden issues stamp featuring a mosque

Pakistan: Morgue refuses to keep transgender’s body as its ‘freezers will get dirty’

Hugh Fitzgerald: The Lasting Benefits of an Independent Kurdistan

The Nation magazine: Robert Spencer an “extremist, right-wing anti-Muslim rabble rouser”

Germany: Terrorism-related cases quadruple in one year

Toronto: Imam prays for the killing of the Jews, Toronto Star explains he didn’t really mean it

Muslims threaten to murder pro-Israel Muslim for refusing to hate Israel

Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Underwear Bomber Says Prison Rules ‘Severely Restrict’ His Practice of Islam

What The Walking Dead Taught Us About Islam - David Wood (video)

32,000 Deadly Islamic Attacks Since 911

Saudis call on international community to fight Hizbullah as part of war on terror

Thursday, October 26, 2017

UK anti-terror chief: UK is “integrating,” not prosecuting, Islamic State returnees

Miami: Muslim arrested on charge of attempting jihad bombing of local mall

Robert Spencer video: Why are police ignoring evidence that mosque is preaching jihad?

Ohio: Muslim honor-murders daughter for having non-Muslim boyfriend

Nebraska: Jailed Muslim doctor “alarmed” prison staff with his “religious expressions,” claims discrimination

Saudi Arabia to monitor use of Muhammad’s sayings in order to counter jihad terrorism

A Mosque is Much More Than A Place to Pray

US-bound flights get tougher screening procedures for passengers

VIDEO: Kuwaiti Parliament Speaker Calls Israeli Delegation 'Child Murderers' At Int'l Lawmakers Forum; Delegation Leaves Hall In Protest

BUSTED! Maryland Development Under Fire For Selling Homes Only To Muslims

Italy investigates 'jihadist hub' south of Rome

VIDEO: Fmr. Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowaffak Al-Rubaei: An Independent Kurdistan Will Be a Second "Malignant Virus" Israel, Will Lead to Wars

VIDEO: Shi'ite Bahraini Intellectual Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: Iran Is Exploiting the Shi'ites and Will Not Rest until Every Arab Country Has Fallen into Its Hands

Le terrorisme tue vingt fois plus en Afrique qu'en Europe

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Russia-Iran Axis: An Existential Threat To Israel – Part II: The Nuclear Dimension

Turkish court gives 13 life sentences to 2016 coup participants that attacked Turksat

Palestinian Columnist: While Calling For Human Rights, We Allow Underage Marriage

Egyptian president visits France: Declares “modernity” while Coptic church is seized

Cameroon’s Far North: Reconstruction Amid Ongoing Conflict

VIDEO: Israeli Arab Activist Dima Tayeh Defends Participation in Anti-BDS Delegation: Israel Is My Country and I Am Proud of It

Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The Role of Islamist Terrorists

Foreign Terrorist Fighters Manual for Judicial Training Institutes South-Eastern Europe (pdf)

Pakistani Minister: '[Ahmadi Muslims] More Dangerous To Religion Of Allah'

Watch: 12 Year Old bled to death after being raped by her Muslim husband

The Muslim refugee plan for the Netherlands "Islamic state, Sharia laws without freedom!"

Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle East

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Europe: Journalists Against Free Speech

The Moderate Face of Al Qaeda

Former SEAL Robert O’Neill Describes the Moment He Killed Osama bin Laden

Canada's Anti-Islamophobia Motion

Watch: British Muslim leader "Non-Muslims (Christians) are worse than pigs... Allahu Akbar... Allahu Akbar"

VIDEO: Hamas Official Ismail Radhwan: People Involved in Security Coordination with Israel Will Be Gathered in the Hellfire with the Apes and Pigs –Jews to Whom They Were Loyal

The Iran Deal: The Dog's Dinner Obama Dished Out

All eyes on delayed ISIS magazine and how militants will pitch Raqqa defeat

Putin At The Valdai International Discussion Club Conclave Part II: If The U.S. Withdraws From The INF Treaty, 'Our Response Would Be Immediate, I Would Like To Repeat This Warning'

All Islamists United in Their Goal of a World Ruled by Sharia

ISIS Jihadis Have Returned Home by the Thousands

‘Herd Mentality’ Evident in Media Coverage of Israel – Former AP Reporter

Thieves break into Latin Catholic Church in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu, steal artifacts

Monday, October 23, 2017

Following reconciliation with Fatah, Hamas tightens relations with Iran, stresses it will not disarm

Joshua Boyle, Caitlan Coleman: Why Did We Rescue Muslim Convert Al-Qaeda Couple?

The Iran-Hamas Plan to Destroy Israel

"All Muslims Don't Deserve Oxygen" Douglas Murray DESTROYS Islam (video)

Canadian human rights lawyer: “Fear of some elements of Islam is mere prudence”

Tariq Ramadan and Harvey Weinstein: Brothers Under the Skin

Deep Thoughts from Tariq Ramadan

Iraq’s lost generation: ‘I have forgotten what happiness is’

Why Muslims Cannot Assimilate Into Canada, America And Europe Oct 23, 2017 by Frosty Wooldridge

Barzilai Moment: Why Western Civilization is Surrendering to Sharia (video)

Netanyahu: “Apparently I have a higher opinion of the Iranian people than their leaders”

UK’s Channel 4 “producers painted a white woman brown to experience life as a Muslim”

Muslim cleric: “Women instigate men to rape and assault them”

Miami: Muslim whips, handcuffs and scalds his wife with hot water

If Janet Jackson had known all this, would she have married Wissam al-Mana?

Muslim Ban? Tillerson’s State Department STILL discriminates against Syrian Christian refugees

Daily Mail blames “Islamophobic” Pamela Geller for jihad plot to behead her over “offensive” free speech event

Ayatollah Khamenei calls Trump “retarded,” “foul-mouthed” over Iran deal

New video message from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Shaykh Khālid bin ‘Umar Bāṭarfī (Abū al-Miqdād al-Kindī): “But God Was To Bring Out That Which You Were Concealing”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Knights of the Fortified Strongholds – Wilāyat Dijlah”

This Week in Egypt: Week 43 ( Oct 16-22) Posted on October 22, 2017

Terror Plot Foiled: Raises Number of Plots, Attacks to 98 Since 9/11

IG: 13 Afghan Military Trainees Have Disappeared Inside the U.S.

'Inevitable' Canada will face ISIS-style terror plot at home: Former CSIS operative

Iran’s Genocidal Mullahs Trump Trump; Blowhard Netanyahu Too – Encircling Israel & Threatening “The Donald!”

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Israeli Minister: In Another War With Hezbollah, Lebanon And Its Infrastructure Will Be Fair Game

One on One Encounters with the Islamists

CZECH REPUBLIC elects their own Donald Trump to be prime minister, winning the largest number of seats in Parliament, as the left wing parties lose big time!


France to kick out illegal immigrants for shoplifting and other minor crimes: President Macron says tougher measures are needed to fight lawlessness and terrorism

How the Muslim World Lost the Freedom to Choose

Togo: Imam calls on Muslims to kill soldiers, Muslims riot after he is arrested

London police visit mosques to encourage reporting of “perceived hate crimes”

UK government: Manchester jihad massacre not a hate crime

Muslim Boston University prof: Robert Spencer is “Grand pooh-bah of the legion of American Islamophobes”

Massachusetts public high school assignment had kids simulate pilgrimage to Mecca

Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi called for killing of gays and blasphemers, to speak in London

London cops to stop investigating shoplifting and vandalism; arrests for “offensive comments” up 53%

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Muslims of Scotland. The idea that Scotland is somehow more tolerant than England continues to persist among various members of the Muslim community

Jury Convicts Man in Plot to Behead Pamela Geller over ‘Draw the Prophet’ Contest

Malaysia: Muslim cleric active in deradicalization program promotes hatred of non-Muslims

Texas: Muslim parents lie to FBI about sons joining ISIS, get probation and $5,000 fine

Germany sends troops to Jordan despite failing to gain for them immunity from Sharia prosecution

Nigerian Catholic bishop: Western politicians damage African Christianity by “pandering” to Islam

UK: Muslim migrant rapist blames his rape on “cultural differences” and “not understanding British law”

#Trump: Islamic Republic of Iran has “spread death, destruction and chaos all around the globe”

Graphic video from Egypt: Muslim chases, stabs Coptic bishop to death, authorities claim killer “mentally ill”

UK: “Soldier of Allah” threatens to bomb hospital, avoids terrorism charge

Inauguration of Saddam Hussein monument in Palestinian city of Qalqilya attended by city and district officials

The Iranian Empire Is Almost Complete

Friday, October 20, 2017

Brooklyn: Muslim driver hails cab as he abandons passenger in blazing car on highway

New Jersey: Muslim claims his wife won’t leave home alone because of “Trump’s anti-Muslim hysteria”

David Wood video: How Islam can prevent sexual abuse scandals (thanks, Qasim Rashid!)

South Dakota: Muslim who brandished guns at Christian event gets 7 months prison with served time suspended

UK: Muslim migrant rapes woman 2 weeks after being allowed to stay in country, screams “Allah is going to get you”

Professor of Medieval Islamic art: “Viking ‘Allah’ textile actually doesn’t have Allah on it”

UN caught blackmailing companies to cut ties with Israel, Jews

Hizballah jihadis entered Germany among Muslim “refugees”

Australia: Muslim cleric says Muslims can beat wives “in a way that doesn’t turn the skin red or dark”

Italy: Muslim migrant slits non-Muslim’s throat, victim’s family warns against “racism”

National defense is “Islamophobic”: Hawaii judge blocks latest version of #Trump’s travel ban

Why Are So Many Claiming That Iran Is Complying with the Deal, When Evidence Shows They Aren't?

This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like

VIDEO: Israeli Actor Mohammad Bakri Supports Armed Resistance, Rejects Normalization of Ties with Israel: Israel, U.S. "an Occupying Force of Darkness"

Saudi Imam says Burqa woman should cover one of her eyes to prevent rape

New Raymond Ibrahim Interview with Hank Hanegraaff (video)

France: The New Collaborators And How to Protect France, Europe, the West

Trump's tweet linking rise in U.K. crime to 'Radical Islamic terror' backfires

Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War by Sebastian Gorka Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, 2016. Reviewed by Raymond Ibrahim

My reply:

There is only one rational plan for winning the war against jihad, by ending Islam as a viable political entity forever. Too bad, the so-called intellectuals stubbornly play ostrich and fiddle with dolls, like Neville Chamberlain did with Hitler before Churchill took over. Check out my Winslow Plan for Exterminating Islam Forever, and decide for yourself now where you stand to save your descendants unimaginable horror.

Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Egyptian President Sisi and Coptic Christians

Posters Circulated By Pro-ISIS Outlet Al-Wafa Threaten 2018 World Cup, U.S., Trump And Putin

Islamic State is not beaten and will return

"The west is Tired of islam" Douglas Murray DESTROYS Islam with Mark Steyn (video)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Russia: Real estate agent converts to Islam, kidnaps son, joins ISIS, poses son with Kalashnikov

Egypt: Muslim blocks priest’s car and asks him to get out, then murders him

Amherst College: Muslim students claim they’re “afraid,” demand apology after anti-jihad speaker appears

Gavin McInnes on Robert Spencer’s Confessions of an Islamophobe: “Postjudice, not prejudice”

Sweden: Multiple people shot at several locations, gunman opened fire in busy market

Russia rails against unipolar approach inherent in Trump's Iran speech


VIDEO: Fatah Official Salwa Hudaib: Our Leaders Were Tricked into Signing Oslo Accord; We Are Not Bound by It

With Loss of Its Caliphate, ISIS May Return to Guerrilla Roots

Swedish researcher claims Viking burial clothes bear the name “Allah” in Arabic

Deadly ambush in Niger could be #Trump's 'Benghazi': Democrat Frederica Wilson

England Faces Greatest Threat Ever From Islamic Terrorists Warns Intel Chief

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Rehabilitation in Shilgar in Ghazni Province”

New issue of al-Qā’idah in the Indian Subcontinent’s magazine: “Nawaī Afghān Jihād Magazine – October 2017”

New issue of The Islamic State’s newsletter: “al-Nabā’ #101″

Trump Vows Not to ‘Take Sides’ as Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Clash in Kirkuk

Algerian Journalist In Antisemitic Article: 'Our Dispute With The Jews Is A Religious One'

VIDEO: Egyptian Preacher Sayed Ahmad Ali Denies the Holocaust, States: There Can Be No Peace with the Jews

Video: Raymond Ibrahim on “The History of Dhimmitude”

This Week in Egypt: Week 42-2017 ( Oct 9-15)

CANADIAN CITIZEN who scribbled “No More Muslims” on a bus stop wall is sentenced to 5 months in jail!

Homosexuality and Egypt’s farcical moral code

In Belgium, arguments about Islam grow louder

Bill Warner, PhD: The Impact of Islam on Christianity (video)

Dutch Professor SCHOOLS the judges who sentenced Geert Wilders (video)

"Be prepared!" Geert Wilders speaks the honest truth about Islam (video)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Germany’s Merkel For the First Time Concedes on Demands for Refugee Admission Ceiling

Canada: 21-year-old Muslim man savagely beats 75-year-old woman in “random” assault, “most severe beating I’ve seen”

Hugh Fitzgerald: The Photographer Shows the True Face of Islam (Part 4)

Saudi Arabia claims to have fired “thousands” of “extremist” imams

Belgium moves to expel “extremist” imam of Saudi-funded Brussels Grand Mosque

Rapists and wife-beaters flocked to join the Islamic State

UK: Policeman fired for Facebook comment about wrapping jihad terrorists in bacon

Lawyers: Muslim who plotted jihad massacres “unfairly arrested,” has “addiction issues” and “bi-polar disorder”

Swiss government asked head of Islamic State jihad terror cell to work with Muslim migrants

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Zabīh Allah Mujāhid: “Allegations Against the Mujāhidīn By the Canadian Detainee Are Baseless”

Pakistan: Muslim father murders his two daughters, one of them 10 years old, in honor killing

Islamic State and other jihad groups now using sexual slavery as a new funding source

Hugh Fitzgerald: The Photographer’s Snapshots: Islam’s Rejection of Homophobia and Antisemitism? (Part 3)


“Utterly irrelevant”: Canada expunges refugee questionnaire that asked about prayer habits, views on hijab

Two Rockets from Sinai Peninsula Strike Southern Israel

Iran Allegedly Hacked 9,000 UK Email Accounts, Including The Prime Minister’s

Peshmerga: Iraq Has Declared “A War Against The Kurds”

ISIS arrests in Northern Virginia reveal jihadi threat near seat of U.S. government

"Our Lives Have Turned into Hell" Muslim Persecution of Christians, May 2017

H.R. McMaster Presents A CLEAR Danger To U.S. Security: Allah-Washes Islamic Jihad

Islamic State executes two Russian mercenaries for refusing to reject Christianity and become Muslim

Toronto District School Board’s dangerous ‘Islamophobia’ definition shows why Canadians oppose M-103

My reply:

[[ the definition was disturbingly broad, including defining ‘Islamphobia’ as ‘fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture.’”]] The REAL definition of Islamophobia: "Refusal or failure to accept Islam as the absolute truth, its god Allah as the Creator, and its prophet Muhammad as the last true prophet, and/or failure to accept the Islamic way of life called Sharia."

Video: Swedish multiculturalist praises polygamy, then Muslim migrant’s first wife says she has no choice

Newsweek: ISIS may be withholding proof that Las Vegas shooting was jihad in order to discredit FBI

State Department picks hijab-wearing Somali Muslim to represent American youth at UN

UK: 12 Muslim rape gang members charged with child abuse for offenses from 1997 to 2013

Australia: Muslim tells intel services, “It’s either you will become a Muslim or you will die by the sword”

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Media Conflate Data on Mass Shootings to Inflate Number, Blame White Men

Guandolo Moment: Facts That Point to Jihad in Vegas (video)

Erdogan blames “the Jew” for Kurdistan “treasonous” referendum; threatens war

Poland: Thousands pray on border against Islamization

Hugh Fitzgerald: Snapshots From A Muslim Photographer: Islam Rejects Racism? (Part 2)

Sweden: 2,875 “serious incidents” as Muslim migrants threaten to rape and assault employees, burn offices of migration board

UK: Muslim rape gangs still abusing girls across the country, authorities anxious to show it’s not an Islamic problem

AP: Praying the Rosary is “Islamophobic”

UK government report finds that Pakistani women are “shockingly badly integrated” into UK life

On Columbus Day, remember: We owe the discovery of America to Islam and Muslims

New issue of al-Qā’idah in the Indian Subcontinent’s magazine: “Nawaī Afghān Jihād Magazine – October 2017”

New video message from Shaykh Abū Ḥamzah al-Anṣārī: “The Tragedies of Muslims in Burma”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Education and Learning #5”

New video message from Majlis Shūrā al-Mujāhidīn Darnah: “The Price of Salvation”

New release from Jihād Ṣāliḥ: “Reading the Itinerary of the United States of America: Is Trump Smart or Stupid?!”

#Trump Administration Withdraws from UNESCO, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

Shock: H.R. McMaster Calls 9/11 ‘Mass Murder Attack’ — No Mention of Islamic Terrorism

Muslim terrorists kill 189, wound 200 in Mogadishu car bombings

Death toll from blasts in Somalia's capital Mogadishu rises to 85

UNESCO’s new head issues ‘don’t quit’ plea to US and Israel

Political Primacy, Strategic Risks, and ISIL after the Caliphate

France: Facebook Islamists Hunt in Packs

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Pakistani Urdu Daily Criticizes Trump's Stance On North Korea: ''Zionist Mentality Has Occupied America"

What Should the West Do With Fighters Returning From Syria and Iraq?

YOUR EMAILS WORKED: American Eagle Outfitters has stopped selling Muslim supremacist headwear

PATRIOTS: Should TAX-PAYERS Fund ‘Safe Spaces’ For Muslims In The U.S.?

Danger of war, Germany warns after #Trump's move on Iran nuclear deal

Linear Equations, Exponential Miscalculations: Rex Tillerson and the Kurds

Friday, October 13, 2017

WE DON’T HEAR MUCH ABOUT IRELAND and the African Muslim invasion

Supreme Court Throws Out Travel Ban Ruling

Gunshots, a Cry of ‘Kill the Hostages,’ Then Freedom for Canadian-American Family

Influential Russian Blogger El-Murid: Russia's War In Syria Is 'One Of Putin's Most Dangerous Gambles'

Eyewitness of Barcelona jihad attack: No priest came to comfort wounded, but Cardinal declared all religions peaceful

Daughters of man killed in Barcelona jihad attack sue Google, Facebook and Twitter for aiding ISIS

Tens of thousands of Londoners took to the streets to drive radical Islam out of London

UK: Viewers of “jihadi websites” or “far-right propaganda” to get 15 years in prison

France: “Allahu akbar” scrawled on wall of Jewish home, 10-year-old girl beaten by classmates because she is Jewish

London: Man arrested after driving car into crowd of pedestrians outside Natural History Museum

Polish President: “Forcing migrants on nations will mean the end of the EU”

#Trump strikes blow against Iran nuclear deal in major shift in US policy

Conservatives warn #Trump that “hate speech” resolution is tool of Left to silence dissent

Mali: Muslims tell Christians they’ll kill them if they go to church

UK soccer club on terror alert after staffer converts to Islam, sends photos of stadium to Pakistan

A Muslim woman’s choice

Thursday, October 12, 2017

VIDEO: Sudanese Strategic Expert Maj.-Gen. Younis Mahmoud against Normalization with Israel: Crimes and Treachery Are in the Nature of the Jews

Denmark set to become the next country to ban the burqa

Is Austria's Burqa Ban an Example for America?

UAE’s indecency laws explained after public gestures land westerners in trouble

CNN and Qatar Airways: Taking Fake News to New Heights

VIDEO: Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence 'Ateya 'Adlan: Arab Revolutions Are Part of Islamic Revival That Will Inherit Western Civilization

London's Metropolitan Police Public Safety Face Recognition CCTV Training

Indian soldiers killing 5-6 terrorists every day: Rajnath Singh

Taliban hostage family freed by Pakistani troops

Bahraini Shura Council Member Reviews History Of Bahraini Jews And Their Contribution To Their Country

Monday, October 9, 2017

Russian expert believes in negotiating with Saudis from position of strength.

UK: Manchester Rapist Samaun Shah Jailed For 8 Years For Car Park Sex Attack

UK: Peterborough Rape Jihad : Woman Sexually Assaulted At Knifepoint

YouTube and GoFundMe Persecute Glazov Gang

European Commission strips funding from UK-based charity Muslim Aid

Myanmar beauty queen accuses Rohingyas of media campaign to trick world into thinking they’re oppressed #Burma

France: Le Pen calls for anti-terror law that “truly combats the Islamist ideology that has planned our enslavement”

UK government won’t ban Hizballah’s “political wing” or stop its public marches on British streets

Geert Wilders on Robert Spencer’s Confessions of an Islamophobe: „A truly historic book by a hero of our times”

UK: Muslim immigration judge has „little idea of the law,” isn’t removed for fear of discrimination claim

University of Texas at San Antonio: Prof threatens to expel student for saying Islamic countries kill gays

Russian Media Outlet 'Saudi Arabia's King Flew To Moscow To Surrender To The Mercy Of The Winner'

Las Vegas Multiple Shooters Confirmed PROOF Part 2 (video)

Las Vegas Gunshot Victim Believes There Were Multiple Shooters

Is ISIS Targeting France More Than Other Countries in Europe?

This Week in Egypt: Week 41-2017 (Oct 2-8)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

ISIS is losing badly. Should Trump or Obama get the credit?

Psychiatrist warns of “time bomb” in Germany: “Today’s migrants are not integrable”

Canada: Muslim asylum seeker sues government over “humiliating” 5-year imprisonment

Pamela Geller: On September 11, Morgan Stanley had AFDI’s billboards critical of Islam removed from Times Square

Department of Defense’s booting of the SPLC is long overdue

Islamic State issues new video claiming Las Vegas massacre is revenge for US attacks on their caliphate

ISIS hails Las Vegas shooter as “lion of tawhid”

South Carolina: Imam says men are better than women, a woman is her husband’s prisoner