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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have Christians Gone Overboard in Outreach to Muslims? by David J. Rusin

The Creation of Prophet Adam

Appeal for Irish Ship to Gaza‏

Video: Just More Slop from an Egyptian Cleric

Jerusalem Day: Videos

"Arab Spring" – Misnomer by Daniel Pipes

Video -Anti-Christian Bigotry in Dearborn Michigan USA

Jihad in the Bluegrass State: Iraqi refugees charged with plotting to send weapons to al-Qaeda

Gays Against Israel

Kerala is another Kashmir in the making

Democracy, Virginity, and the Arab Spring

Raymond Ibrahim: Raped and Ransacked in the Muslim World

US Taxpayer $$ Fund Pro Bin-Laden Rally In Gaza Strip: "[Osama Bin Laden] is the Man Who Shattered the Crosses; That is the Man Who Brought the Americans to Their Knees"

Morocco Arrests Indicted American in "South Park' Threat

Gordon Duff, Under The Pay Roll Of Russia, Iran And Pakistan

UK Muslims: No Matter how Much They Resist, Islam Will be Established in the West ~ Video

Paul Washer on Mormonism, JW, Islam and other Religions (video)

Court: Egypt planned for Internet shutdown since 2008

No European cucumbers in Saudi market: official

Iraq’s Kristallnacht: 70 Years Later

UK: Third of rapists and killers‘are 'foreign'

U.K Parliamentarians Celebrate U.K Muslim Brotherhood Charity

East London Mosque Favourite, Delwar Hossein Sayeedi, to Face Criminal Charges

Pamela Geller Watch: Serbian War Criminal Mladic Caught – Pamela Geller Inconsolable

Concealing The Truth About Islamic Antisemitism

Egypt: Where moderates and judges endorse terrorism

Assessing the economic impact of the Egyptian uprising

Cease-Fire in Yemen Capital Breaks Down

Denmark: 'One-legged bomber' found guilty of terrorism

Erdan calls for cooperation with PA to solve water problems

Ahmadinejad bites the hand that feeds him

NGOs vs. Israel by Ben-Dror Yemini

Turkey, Israel Set for New Clash Over Second Gaza Aid Flotilla

Military Commission to Review List of Charges Against 9/11 Suspects

Gen. Hamid Gul: US will start WW3 if war expands to Pakistan (video)

Capital charges refiled against alleged 9/11 conspirators

Obama stopped what was left of the peace process By Jennifer Rubin

Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'? (video)

'World tired of West dictatorial stance'

Speakers at Pro-Bin Laden Rally in Gaza Strip Praise 9/11 and Say: Osama Lives On in Our Hearts (video)

Most popular boys name in Jordan is guess what?\2011\05\05-30\425.htm&dismode=x&ts=30-5-2011%209:55:29

Lawsuit Demands Information on Murder of Furkhan Dogan

"Free Software Foundation" founder cancels Israel lectures

Tens of Thousands of Flags Will Proclaim Jerusalem's Unity

Beck’s Explosive Video Vindication: Socialists Explain How They Worked With Muslim Brotherhood & Islamic Extremists in the Mid-East Revolutions to Unite Arab World Against USA, Britain & Israel

'The Theology of the Other in Islam: An American Muslim Perspective' Lecture by Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman

Islamic Balance Between This Life & The Hereafter

FM Terms Iran, Egypt as "Pillars of Islam"

Terrorist 'pre-crime' detector field tested in United States Screening system aims to pinpoint passengers with malicious intentions.

Reactions to Amended Saudi Press and Publications Law Banning Insults to Public Figures

Islamocide: The Bizarre Case of Fatima Abdallah - Gadi Adelman

Iranians, Like Some Here, Also Believe In Apocalyptic Myths - Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

Much Ado about Nothing: Fatal Fallacies about "Palestine" Edward Cline

The Two Faces of Al-Naqba Nancy Kobrin, PhD, Joan Lachkar, PhD

U.K. admits training Saudi forces used to crush Arab uprising

Ass-Backwards in the Middle East by Ira Chernus

Gulf Governments Take to Social Media

After Predicting No Israeli Objections to Obama's Mideast Speech, CNN's Zakaria Hits Netanyahu for Objecting

Bahrain organisers ready to host Formula 1 Grand Prix

Syria: Bashar al-Assad 'grants general amnesty'

Did Fatima Abdallah really cause her own death by repeatedly striking her face against a coffee table as reported by Tampa Police or was her demise an honor killing?

Iran, India To Resolve Crude Payment Deadlock

Iran Navy Saves Foreign Ship In Indian Ocean

Detained Iranian Opposition Leader Karroubi To Stand His Ground If Released

Iran says Merkel plane blocked due to technical glitch

Rev. Terry Jones Photos

According to reports from Iran, two missile warheads with nuclear capability have been delivered to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

'Muslim Brothers using mosques as party branches'

Hamas: Withdraw Arab Peace Initiative; Article In Hamas Newspaper: Holocaust Is A Lie

Fatah Official Sha'th: Spain Will Recognize Palestinian State

Fars News Agency: Iran Can Intercept U.S. Military Satellites

Iran To Issue $2.2B Electricity Bonds

Khamenei: U.S. Submitting To Iran

IAEA notes Iranian nuke weapons program; Saudis to build 16 nuclear reactors

Abigail R. Esman: Truth, Islam(ophobia) And The American Way. Again.

Bangladesh Retains Islam as State Religion

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader gunned down in Pakistan

Yeah, But Where's The Hard Evidence?

Egypt Rushes Toward Sharia and War by Robert Spencer

Why Palestinians Want YouTube to Remove This

CDC warns of "Zombie Apocalypse" While Harassing Anti-Jihad Bloggers

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christian Bigotry

Brussels: Islamic Pretzel Logic Lands Professor in the Dock

Intra-Hamas battles continue

Iranian 'news agency' copying off 'Islam in Europe'

The Farhud slaughter in Iraq haunts us still

Syria to Become Iranian Vassal or Saudi Ally

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

Neutrality on Israel?

Iraq Seeks To Reactivate Claim Against Israel for 1981 Bombing Nuclear Reactor

'The Muslim dilemma', rebutted

Terrorism hampering foreign investment in Pakistan

Poverty in the Middle East (regular) (video)

Window on Eurasia: Turkic Nogays Seek Their Own Ethnic Territory in the North Caucasus Paul Goble

UK: Historic swimming pool may stay open, for its sharia compliance

On year on, Reuters still lying about Mavi Marmara

Yemen in Flames - Juan Cole

MASSAD: Are Palestinian children less worthy?

Israel's Borders and National Security

Children Of A Lesser God (music video)

Scottish Boycott Latest!

Phyllis Chesler opposes Jewish-Muslim stand against European far right

Where Obama is leading Israel - Caroline Glick

Africans stoned Israeli police

The new Egypt tortures protesters, tests womens’ virginity (video)

IDF Nabs 12 Islamic Jihad Operatives in Jenin


Court Throws Out Sharia Law Rulings on Free Speech in Dearborn

Ground Zero Mosque Supremacist "Daisy" Farhat Khan Seeks Sharia Law Program Manager

Egypt’s Christians Fear Violence as Changes Embolden Islamists

Ihkwan Online Editor Resigns Over Demonstration Coverage

Egyptian Islamo-Nazism and “Omar Amin” Von Leers - Andrew Bostom

Iranian Community Troubled by the Canadian National Art Center's Actions!

The Totalitarians Within by David Horowitz

Islamic Schools of Child Sexual Abuse by Frank Crimi

News World news Libya Al-Jazeera footage captures 'western troops on the ground' in Libya Five of Gaddafi's generals are among latest defectors to rebels as South African president seeks to broker ceasefire

Facebook, Twitter block Saudi woman driver's pages

Ugandan legislation pits Muslims vs. Christians over power of courts

The hinge of history

O's misunderstandings & Bibi's standing O's THE ISSUE: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress last Tuesday.

O's illegal war? Libya & the War Powers Act - George F. Will

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is ready to change, but not quit

Dutch anti-Islam politician 'never goes too far': lawyer

The Fall of Constantinople by Gordon Robertson (video)

Ahmed was upset and sexually aroused at the way women in Australia dressed…

A Post-9/11 Registration Effort Ends, but Not Its Effects

Egypt’s “second revolution”

Saudi Driver Released

Know Thy Enemy

Equating Anti-Semitism with 'Islamophobia' by Phyllis Chesler

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharansky: Don't wait to fight terror

Amid bombings, Pakistan turns to conspiracies

Pentagon Concludes Cyber Attack Can Be Act of War

What Does A Penis, Vagina & IUD Have in Common?

Western Media Insanity on the Middle East: The Silver Lining in Gaza! - Barry Rubin

Migration, Invasion, or Settlement?

A salafist congress in Vizcaya

BBC and Guardian’s Agenda of Denying Jewish Rights to All of Jerusalem

Saudi vice squad wonders why Saudi girls run away from home

UAE seeks $100m in support for F-16 fleet

Hezbullah planned attack on Israeli borders with Lebanon and Syria on May 15

Ya'alon: Military strike may be needed to stop Iran nukes

UN Official: Syria Repression is 'Shocking'

Pakistani police do not pursue perpetrators of continuous anti-Christian violence And nobody cares.

RMS Cancels Lectures In Israel

Civilian casualties alleged in Afghanistan

Seven US soldiers killed in Afghan blasts

Antwerp: 45% of elementary school students are Muslim

Germany: Woman sets fire to man in mosque

UK: churchman denies bacon-throwing hate campaign

Belgium: Muslim organization sues sociologist for making link between Islam and antisemitism

Hamas-Tied MAS Mosque Lies in Court Documents, Protests Continue Political Collusion with Muslim Brotherhood Mosque in Sheepshead Bay

Obama's "Peace" Partners Kill Head of Afghan Girls School

OIC Fatwa on Domestic Violence and the Rights of Women in Islam: Beat Your Wife

Islamists Seize a Yemeni City, Stoking Fears

An explosive exposé of the cruelty inflicted on Australian cattle exported to the halal slaughterhouses of Indonesia.

Report: Over 400 al-Qaeda Operatives Have Made Their Way to Egypt…

Gaza: Sheik Yassin's house declared heritage site

Activists insist on new Gaza flotilla despite Rafah opening

Bibi breaks Israel's silence on Jewish refugees

Malignant Muslim Spring: Muslim Brotherhood Group Hamas Moving HQ from Syria to Egypt

Honor Killing in Switzerland

Mullen: Pakistan Leaders Want to Cooperate With U.S.

Meet the Oil-Rich Mid-East Monarchies Hell-Bent on Pushing Back the Democratic Revolutions of the Mideast - Pepe Escobar

Yemen Battles Opponents on Two Fronts

Demonstrations against mosque in Göteborg

Pakistan’s Disinformation Arm Readies Defense For Pakistan

Ukraine: Muslim girl stoned to death for participating in beauty contest

Bulgaria: Muslims Demand a Second Mosque

Denmark: Government to study cultural impact of immigration

Aussie bishop calls for withdrawal of ‘offensive’ Islamic billboards

The Nazis Find a Home in Post-Mubarak Egypt By Andrew G. Bostom


Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood tells West what it wants to hear, Reuters parrots

Islamic terrorist David Headley first trained by Pakistan’s Lashkar, then ISI

Myanmar/Islam: State Terrorism in Arakan and the situation of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Those Who Say Israel Should Fear the Wrath of Obama

Islamic Child Abuse in School (video)

Almost 300 Women Report Being Raped by Qaddafi's Militiamen

What Obama Did To Israel by Charles Krauthammer

Muslim Brotherhood sheikh to run for president of Egypt; promises to implement Sharia and cancel peace treaty with Israel

"Islamic militants and al-Qaeda men" seize Yemeni town

Egyptian military "playing both sides" between "extremists" and non-Muslims

Afghanistan: Assassination of police commander was planned in Pakistan

Bridge for sale: Syria pledges full nuclear cooperation with U.N. after Israeli strike exposed secret reactor

Israeli police prepare for fallout from possible declaration of Palestinian statehood, and new violations of Israeli sovereignty instigated online

Pakistani Taliban: We don't work for anyone but Allah

Raymond Ibrahim: Why Muslims are killing Christians and torching churches in Egypt

Raymond Ibrahim: Why Muslims are killing Christians and torching churches in Egypt

Egypt: Coptic Christians jailed for "unlicensed church," weapons charges

Report: FBI disregarded warnings about Mumbai jihad plotter from his own wives

EU''s Van Rompuy says no contradiction between Islam and democracy

Scotland Goes Mad for Islam by Daniel Greenfield

Russia's Tatarstan warns of radical Islam 'threat'

Has Obama Lost Middle East Credibility?

European Nationalist Parties Top Opinion Polls

N. Sudan forces commit war crimes, group says Says satellite images provide evidence of ethnic cleansing in Abyei

Amid bombings, Pakistan turns to conspiracies ‘Foreign hand’ suspected amid violence after bin Laden’s death

Abbas to Netanyahu: "You are incidental in history"

Will Islam Destroy Itself? - Sultan Knish

Israel And Saudi Arabia Form An ‘Alliance Of Necessity’ Against Iran

Four Muslims in Britain show how to Praise Allah the right way!

Milan’s Bishop Opts for Submission, Supports Mosque Building by sheikyermam

NYC Queers for Jihad by Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, May 29, 2011

For the Record: Muslim Inventions (video) - funny

Egypt: Coptic Christians jailed for “unlicensed church,” weapons charges

Slimy Shimon undercuts Netanyahu

Lawyers to Ban Ki-moon: Declaring a Palestinian State is Illegal

Canadian Government Money Going To The Next Gaza Flotilla?

Egypt op-ed debunks Egyptian stereotypes about Israel

Israel Is The Ultimate American Welfare State

Netanyahu Quotes Expert Who Said He ‘Eviscerated Obama’ :: Netanyahu Rallies around ‘United Jerusalem’

The Ravaging of Cyprus

Iran: Basij commander says "the United States, through expanding communications, is developing the infrastructures for the universal reign of Islam"

Here In One Sentence is What Obama Doesn’t Understand About the Middle East - by Barry Rubin

Musings on Freedom of Expression as Beirut meeting gets underway

American Jewish Committee Joins CAIR To Fight Oklahoma Sharia Ban

Firedoglake, Promoting Revisionist Anti-Israel Propaganda

Iranian Ayatollah Affirms Legitimacy of Suicide Operations, Approves Killing Israeli Civilians –Including Children

Andy Slaughter MP and Sameh Habeeb

Russia: Politics blamed in closure of Islamic organization

Stuttgart: University cancels conference on Ottoman persecution of Christians

Oslo: Pakistani uses religion to justify rape

Italy: Muslims thank Bishop for Milan mosque support

Soros Media Goes After Pro-Israel Voices

A Horrible Ideology for Human Rights By Ecks Why

Just $7.5M This Year For Ground Zero Mosque

Israel can’t trust Obama Op-ed: President Obama’s recent speeches highlighted his affinity for the Palestinian cause,7340,L-4075490,00.html

Three protest 'radical Islam' at Dearborn City Hall

USA/Islam: America Fetes Muslim Civilization

If the world supports the Arab Spring, shouldn't Jordan become Palestine?

Roadside bomb in Lebanon hits UNIFIL

EU: Entrepreneurial Muslim women make modest dress mainstream

Hamas Official: Egypt to Shorten List of Persons Banned from Entering Its Territory

Dan Williams sneers at Israel; selectively quotes military historian

Washington Post Enlists Holocaust Against Israel by Leo Rennert

Two remain in custody on suspicion of murdering Birmingham teenager

Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Announces Bid For Egyptian Presidency by Trevor Westra

VIDEO : 28 year old Benjamin Netanyahu Defends the Jewish State

Iran:Halt the Execution of Mohammad Reza Haddadi, convicted to death as a minor!

A Palestinian view of democracy in Germany

'Eternal Suspects': Mistreating Kashmiri youths must stop, more sensitivity needed

Obama's Foreign-Policy Reversals (video)

San Antonio: Somali Couple Arrested In Federal Terrorism Investigation

A turning point in Coptic history By Ahmed Abdul Aziz

The Libyan War Sets Deadly Precedents

What is the Palestinian right of return, anyway? By Justin Elliott

“Give to Israel or Lose God’s Hand” By Lee Fang. Give to Israel or Lose Gods Hand Rep. Dan Webster GOP Congressman Tells Televangelists U.S. Must Give Aid To Israel Or ‘Lose God’s Hand’’

(video) German Minister of Defence Thomas de Maizière has no clue of Islam

White House set for Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas summit. Israel downbeat

Civilians killed by NATO in Afghan province Deadly attack in volatile southwestern province followed small arms fire on US Marines.

Heavy shelling to restore city from Al Qaeda in south Yemen

Wait a minute Muslims, you can't drink that!

Steve Jones "risks political storm over Muslim 'inbreeding'."

UCU conference to discuss motion defending students' right to wear veil

Syrian tanks attack towns that held protests

The Golden Rule in Islam

Islamic Fascists Attack Bajrangbali in West Bengal

Why Should I leave Islam?

Killing innocents anti-Islamic: Fazal

Is Islam Capitalist or Socialist?

Egypt Lets Palestinians of Gaza Circulate (Juan Cole)

Muslims attack Jews at University of Melbourne

The Jerusalem refugees of 1948

Taliban: We Aim to Take Over Pakistan AND its Nukes

The Egypt-Israel "Peace" Treaty: Updates by Daniel Pipes

Why did the Christian convert to Islam?

FBI Official: Illinois Imam Wouldn't Pass Background Check

Is the Foundation of Christianity Pagan?


Islamists Project Islam's Worst Traits onto Christians - Raymond Ibrahim

A Warning to America | The Facts of Islam

Global Jihad Marches: Muslim Women's Rights and Sharia Law - Vin Ienco

Indian Prime Minister Calls Terrorism in Afghanistan and India 'Outside Phenomenon,' Says: 'We Are With Afghanistan For the Long Term'; 'We Will Prevail'

Algerian Christian gets five years in jail for "blasphemy"

Obama Lied, People Died: Will Send US Troops to War in Libya

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Russian Ski RESORT - Irks Islam and Faces jihadist THREAT

The Key to Obama’s Foreign Policy: The World Turned Upside Down - Barry Rubin

Michael Coren on why Muslims are not fit to live in the West

The Yuman Rites Racket by sheikyermami

Toledo Ohio Couple Funds Jihad....

Tunisia: The long road to democracy-The Big Story

Justice for Charlene.

UK denies secret talks to end Libya fighting British foreign office refutes suggestions made to Al Jazeera by Libyan deputy foreign minister.

Amnesty to IDF: Rescind death penalty demand for Fogel family murderers

National Guard helps British Withdraw from Iraq

Muslim American Comedians

Syria Murders Hundreds; “Pro-`Arab Spring’” West Yawns or Supports Syrian by Barry Rubin

Pakistani Muslim rapist admits women have no rights or opinions in Islam

Samantha Power and the War in Libya

So much for the left wing mantra that ‘poverty is the cause of Islamic terrorism’

Imperial Eye on Pakistan Pakistan in Pieces, Part 1 by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Christian Pastor’s Free Speech Victory against City of Dearborn

Protests in Jordan demand closure of Israeli embassy

Reforms urged to end Syrian unrest Amid international outrage over security crackdown, Turkish foreign minister calls for "shock-therapy" reforms.

Statement regarding the arrest of Younus Abdullah Muhammad

French hold anti-racism rallies

The East End villains who thrive behind a veil of multiculturalism

The Bibi Congress fails to see

Santa Barbara Update by David Horowitz

AIPAC is freaking out

Erdogan Cancels Participation in Jihad Flotilla

Nikides and the Bible and the Qur'an

Wikileaks - Bin Laden Ordered London Attacks

Unrest costs Yemen 5 billion dollars so far

(video) Allah will dominate the world (8:39, 2:193, 9:33)

A Veteran American Jewish Leader On Obama And Israel ...

My Word: A hard act to follow By LIAT COLLINS. If you try to pull out Jerusalem’s Jewish roots, all that will be left will be a few faded petals that nobody can enjoy.

Qatari PM Says Israel Not Ready for Peace

An Open Appeal to the People of the United States and Great Britain

Alwaleed Says Saudi Arabia Seeks $70 to $80 Oil to Preserve Sales to West

News World news Saudi Arabia UK training Saudi forces used to crush Arab spring

More vigilance on Iran. Bigger deals with Iran than the Ofer Brothers' have been exposed, but what sets this apart is the Israeli connection.

Ahmadinejad loses ground with Revolutionary Guards

Iran reportedly aiding Syrian crackdown

Universities are in the footnotes By RIVKA CARMI. BGU president responds to those ‘monitoring’ groups that claim Israeli universities are home to ‘anti-Zionists.’

Obama’s Next War by Frank Gaffney

Obama Didn’t Shift U.S. Policy On Israel — A Look Back At The Record Susan Crabtree and Igor Bobic

Obama Didn’t Shift U.S. Policy On Israel — A Look Back At The Record Susan Crabtree and Igor Bobic

Obama highlights Poland as model for a changing Middle East On the last stop of his Europe tour, Obama recognized Poland's economic and democratic growth, saying it could be a template for pro-democracy movements in North Africa and the Middle East.

Move Over AIPAC Flashmob (D.C. Union Station) (video)

Spanish Police Seize Israeli Nuclear Capable Helicopters Headed to Iran Islamic Jihad Needs Jewish Technology for Jewish Genocide


Protest planned at Dearborn City Hall today

Event celebrates liberty, community spirit, soldiers Band, speeches, candles kick off weekend

Where Islam is not so benign

Fair and Proper Comments Regarding Islam Do Not Violate Code

Internationally Respected Christian Scholar Converts To Islam: Befuddles Millions Of Followers