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Thursday, November 30, 2017

WH Responds to Trump's Retweet of Muslim Videos: 'Never the Wrong Time to Talk About Security'

Pew: Even if Migration Ended, Europe’s Muslim Population Will Continue to Surge — Sweden 1/3 Muslim by 2050

Song on PA TV promises to attack Jews: "We will raise the Fatah flag with the rifle... We will come at you from the sea... We are soldiers, until we break the Jews"

Twitter Clash: Saudis vs Palestinians On Palestinian Cause, Palestinian Resistance

Zawahiri's statements reveal plenty about Syria's fractured jihadi scene

You Must Name The Enemy To Defeat Them

Saudis Fed Up: "Palestinians Milking Us for Decades"

Jayda Fransen On The Jon Gaunt Show, Explosive Show, 30/11/2017. Donald Trump Tweets, Farage. (video)

Britain First Jayda Fransen Interviewed On Trump's Re-Tweets (video)

Inspirational! Daughter of Bangladesh-born immigrants who barely speak English and who lives in an East End council flat wins Eton's prestigious debating contest

Trump retweets hate group's Islamaphobic videos — he is not well

'Get your facts right, you peasant': Milo Yiannopoulos in radio clash with Australian Muslim who says he 'knows nothing about Islam' - but right-wing firebrand claims the religion promotes violence and rape of children

The Essential Arabic Muslims Don’t Want You To Know

Germany: Surge in Migrant Attacks on Police "Migrants Have No Respect for Us"

Greece prepares to do away with compulsory sharia in Western Thrace

Why Muslim extremists attacked this mosque in Egypt

UK Muslim leader Furiously rejects British values and culture "NO integration NO tolerance, We have our own rules"

Why Mosques Should be Shut Down

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s Shaykh Abū al-Fataḥ al-Firghālī: “Response To Those Who Claim Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām Has Deviated and Does Not Strive to Judge With Islamic Law in Liberated Areas”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Savagery in Helmand’s Musa Kala”

Eye on Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: 28 November 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

#Soros launches media blitz against Hungarian government over its opposition to Muslim migrant influx

EU official admits: Europe has no strategy for the impending new wave of migrants

Merkel pressured to keep open doors for Muslim migrants in order to stay in power

Sweden: Nobody helped woman raped by 20 Muslim migrants — neighbors have “learned not to see or hear too much”

Denmark: Teen Muslima who plotted jihad massacre at Jewish school jailed for eight years

Florida: Convert to Islam gets 25 years for jihad plot to blow up synagogue

Al-Azhar spokesman: “Not within the power of Al-Azhar” to declare the Muslims who attacked mosque “infidels”

UK police letting suspects go and “hoping for the best” as “hateful comments” arrests rise 877%

Egypt: Muslim TV host says jihad massacres of Christians “okay,” but not jihad massacre in mosque

UK: Church bells that have rung since 1779 silenced after noise complaint

Denmark: Rapes Increased 232 Percent Since Liberals Took Power

Bangladesh home minister blames Mossad for young Muslims turning to jihad terrorism

Islamic State Santa poster threatens Christmas jihad massacre in Times Square

Australia: Muslim arrested for New Year’s Eve jihad massacre plot in Melbourne’s Federation Square

Australia: Muslim on disability pension for obesity charged with sending money to Islamic State jihadis

Egypt: Muslims who killed more than 300 people in attack on Sufi mosque carried Islamic State flag

Islamic State orders Muslims to commit jihad massacres in Rome as jihadis posing as refugees stream into Europe

German city protects Christmas markets from vehicular jihad massacres with gift-wrapped car barricades

UK city protects shoppers from vehicular jihad massacres with anti-terror bollards disguised as Christmas trees

India: Muslims celebrate release of mastermind of Mumbai jihad terror massacre

Brussels: Muslim migrants riot for the third time in two weeks

Netherlands: Only 4 out of 2,429 refugees are fully employed in Rotterdam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Robert Spencer “has outed all the tricks they use in their taqiyyah bag to disinform the public”

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pakistan Submits to Hardliners Again: ‘We Shall Die to Protect the Honor of the Prophet’

INDIA: 21-year-old Muslim woman’s father, brother and two uncles gang raped her for eloping with her boyfriend

VIDEO: Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani: Americans Are Cowards; Brought Diapers for Their Soldiers in Iraq

Senior Lebanese journalist Ghassan Hajjar says US support for Middle East Christians only causes their compatriots to shun and suspect them, and therefore they prefer to do without US help

Why Americans Must Speak Out On Israel’s Human Rights Abuses

With victory assured, why is Assad suddenly wary of Iran’s embrace?

Detained Abu Hamza al-Belgiki narrates details of his time with ISIS

Laundering Iran's Nukes - Again

Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY) – The Islamist Movement At The Center Of Anti-Government Protests In Pakistan

Brotherhood-Russian-Iranian Axis = Direct Nuclear Threats On U.S. Soil! What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Anni Cyrus Video: Sharia Hunting the Survivor to the West

Iran’s Rouhani calls Macron, denounces Israel & “adventurism of some inexperienced princes in region”

Truman State University officials worked actively to sabotage Robert Spencer event

Turkey: Pro-government columnist says Turkey will fight NATO, Turkish conflict with US inevitable

Austria: Muslim migrants in Vienna receive more money than working class pensioners

Indictment of NYC truck jihadi treats ISIS as if it were a mafia family, charges jihadi with “racketeering”

Top Honors: “American blogger Pamela Geller named as world’s top Islamophobe”

Hand Grenade Thrown at French Soldiers Prior to Macron Visit to Burkina Faso

VIDEO: Syria-Based Egyptian Jihadist Ahmad Muhammad Al-Qa'qa' Advises Fathers Not to Prevent Sons from Waging Jihad: We Will All Die at Some Point

Child bride warns the West "When Islam comes, it conquers and it has no mercy"

French “Free Thinkers” who denounced Christian cross now plead for Islamic mosque

UK: Muslim road rage driver who hadn’t eaten for 20 days during Ramadan has jail sentence cut

Ann Coulter on Robert Spencer’s Confessions of an Islamophobe: “Brilliant!”

Germany: Muslim migrants destroy their free housing, repairs will cost $23,000

Minnesota: Muslims investigated for ISIS ties include theater student, father of four, and jujitsu instructor

“By not allowing the examination of jihad on its own terms Stanford chose to enable it”

Minnesota: CAIR top dog refuses to denounce Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

Just when you thought flying couldn’t get any more exasperating, thanks to enhanced ‘anti-Muslim terrorism’ security checks at all major airports…

The Jihad on Sufism by Raymond Ibrahim

New video message from The Islamic State: “And Whoever Relies Upon God – Then He Is Sufficient For Him – Wilāyat al-Bādīyah”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Manṣūrī Strike #2”

New statement from Jund al-Islām: “The Worshippers Killed in al-Rawaḍah Mosque … Innocent to God and Entrusted With Avenging the Aggressors”

FGM Happening at an Alarming Rate in America

Monday, November 27, 2017

When did the ‘Mall of America’ in Minnesota become the ‘Mall of Mogadishu?’

Hijab Barbie: Useful Idiots of Cultural Jihad

ISIS Official Weekly 'Al-Naba' Specifically Mentioned The Al-Rawdah Mosque In Sinai, Site Of The Recent Massacre, As A Center Of The 'Infidel Polytheist' Sufis

Mort Klein: I Condemn New School for Inviting Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour to Discuss Anti-Semitism

Loose Canons. Prosecuting Bush

Patrick Buchanan: The US-Saudi Starvation Blockade

Muslim Arrested for Raping a Chicken


Iranian Navy Commander Announces Plans to Send Ships to Gulf of Mexico

Iran vows to put Europe in missile range if threatened

Understanding Sufism And The Sinai Peninsula

Egypt president vows forceful response after mosque massacre

Why Islamic State is obsessed with targeting Muslims


Six Syrian men arrested across Germany on suspicion of Isil 'Christmas market' plot

Aussie rocker Nick Cave says he’s in Israel because of BDS

This Week in Egypt: Week 48 ( Nov 20-26)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Two Muslim terror-like incidents in Europe that you’re not likely to hear about in the mainstream media

EXCELLENT! Greek soccer fans attack Pakistani Muslims celebrating paedophile prophet Mohammed’s birthday in the streets of Athens

Stanford and Other Universities of Gleichschaltung

Hugh Fitzgerald: In Lebanon, Why Not A Sunni Militia?

Sharia-compliant Facebook removes Hungarian counter-jihad news site Dzsihádfigyelö

John Kerry: “The Palestinians have done an extraordinary job of remaining committed to nonviolence”

India: Muslims offer poor Hindu children free education, food and shelter if they convert to Islam

France seeks to ban Muslim street prayers in Paris after clashes

GERMANY: Hamburg University imposes ban on Muslim praying in the library and foot washing in bathroom sinks after complaints from other students

Time to Drain the Swamp - Also in Europe

Deobandi Muslims Issue Warning to American Infidels

"Reforming" the Church of Sweden

Franciscan University Presents: Islam and ISIS (video)

Robert Spencer: The Islamic State IS Islamic (video)

Allemagne : Epidémie d’attaques au couteau et machette par des migrants

A New York IPO for Saudi Aramco Forces Americans to Collude with a Cartel by Gal Luft

The Islamic Society of Boston: From One Scandal to Another

Birgit Heike Kelle, German journalist, asks: “Am I only allowed to be afraid (of Muslim invaders) after they attack me?”

New statement from Jund al-Islām: “The Worshippers Killed in al-Rawaḍah Mosque … Innocent to God and Entrusted With Avenging the Aggressors”

Saudi Crown Prince: Biggest Danger of Terrorism is Distorting the Name of Islam

Lebanon’s Vanishing Prime Minister Is Back at Work. Now What?

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Manṣūrī Strike #2”

Pentagon likely to announce US has 2,000 troops in Syria, not 500 – officials

Portents of a quagmire in Syria

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Three insane English news articles in the past few hours saying Israel is in cahoots with ISIS (and Freemasons)

Sale of migrants in Libya 'slave markets' sparks global outcry

Central Asia Is Not a Breeding Ground for Radicalization. Both in Europe and the United States, this argument is made with increasing frequency but it doesn’t reflect reality.

‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein Set to Receive Another $95 Million in New 9/11 Settlement

MIDDLE EAST To the World, They Are Muslims. To ISIS, Sufis Are Heretics.

Muslim Women Engaged in Lawfare Cannot Remain Annonymous

LET’S MAKE A DEAL! Israel is paying 40,000 African illegal aliens to leave, while paying countries to take them

Virginia: Muslims Call For "Force" To Be Used Against "Infidels" To Accept The Koran

Glazov Moment: Facebook’s Jail for Truth-Telling About Islam

My reply:

Glazov should wake up and realize that he must never rest his company's fortunes on Google, Facebook, Twitter et al. and their hordes or nuisance lookieloos. So what if you get 1 million pageviews of your article? In reality, only about 13 people actually took time to seriously study it.  The future belongs to those who build up dedicated followers who subscribe to your blog for a daily email digest, or better, visit your Web site on their own on a daily basis. 

US State Department puts $700,000 into Hungarian media, demands “programming” against Orban, patriots

Soros-linked NGO demands EU accept 540,000 migrants from “poor countries”

Italy: Muslim migrant crisis sees half of citizens “feel like strangers in their own country”

Harvard to host lecture likening Eurabia to the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Egypt: Islamic jihadis murder at least 155 in Sufi mosque

Islamic State opens sex slave market in Turkey’s capital

Switzerland: Muslim cleric who called for the burning of non-devout Muslims to be imprisoned, then deported

Netherlands: Knife-wielding Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” threatens passersby

Michigan: Court rules that Muslim woman in danger of honor killing in Jordan will not be sent back

UK: Gunshots fired at London tube station, police responding “as if the incident is terrorist related”

German government to bring back the children of Islamic State jihadis from Germany

UK: Detective who exposed Muslim rape gangs was “threatened and bullied” by other cops for doing so

Lexington, Massachusetts: Rabbi solicits donations for Hamas-linked CAIR

World Economic Forum migration top dog: terrorism “homegrown issue” not linked to Muslim migrants

Canada: Trudeau government refers to returning jihadis as “foreign terrorist travelers”

French police find rocket launchers among massive weapons arsenal in drug raid

German media gives heads-up to jihadi mosques, exposes police plans to move against them

Robert Spencer in PJ Media: What a Jihadist in Canada Just Revealed About Islamic ‘Tolerance’

UK: Muslim rape gangs using tasers on schoolgirl victims, Birmingham faces “tsunami” of child sex abuse

PA children’s magazine: Muhammad ordered Muslim kids to throw rocks at Jews

Bangladesh: Muslim political party leader detained for vandalizing Hindu temple

Saudi Grand Mufti forbids jihad against Jews, calls Hamas “terror organization”

New issue of The Islamic State’s newsletter: “al-Nabā’ #107″

Articles of the Week – 11/18-11/24

Friday, November 24, 2017

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Violence of the Invaders in Kunduz”

NEW VIDEO of Robert Spencer at Stanford, better sound: Dean Nanci Howe thanks fascist students as they disrupt event

My reply:

Spencer is a fraud who blocks anybody who criticizes him from his Web site while going around demanding free speech only for himself. The threat of Islam is too great to be co-opted by him or any one person. His associations with Greek Orthodox Christianity make his motives highly suspicious, as do Pamela Geller's associations with Zionism. Would both cut America loose for their true loves if the going got tough? Neither is a George Washington, sorry. Only my Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog carries links to all posts of interests on the Islam issue on a daily basis, way more than theirs combined. As for Stanford, they're part of the obsolete university movement that is more doomed daily in the face of the Internet. They too shall pass, don't fret about them.

France: Muslims enter convent, pray in Arabic during Vespers, tell nuns to convert to Islam or face hell

Egypt: Enraged Muslim mob of 1,000 attacks church, Christians lock themselves inside

French Interior Minister says there are 300,000 illegal Muslim migrants in France

Islamic State releases image of Pope Francis beheaded

Spanish police shoot Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” with “suspicious object,” cops say not terror-related

Rutgers hires Syrian ex-diplomat who accused Israelis of trafficking children’s organs

“Palestinian” vehicular jihadi had “big smile on his face” as he rammed Israelis

Trump administration threatens to shut down Palestinian office in DC

French academic: Create an Islamic state within France to avoid civil war

Watch: 14-year-old Muslim boy carrying two pipe bombs tried to kill Israelis at a checkpoint

How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists

Police Told to Monitor 20,000 Extremists More Closely After Manchester and London Attacks

Families of British jihadi fighters: 'We're the forgotten victims'

VIDEO: Palestinian Security Forces Spokesman Adnan Dumairi: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Other Military Wings in Gaza Are Our Blood Brothers, Not Rivals

VIDEO: Jordanian MP Yahya Al-Saud Supports Suicide Bombings in Israel, Calls to "Tear Up" the Peace Accord, Says that Women Are Unsuited for Politics

#Trump nominates Suburban Collection owner David T. Fischer as ambassador to Morocco

VIDEO: Egyptian Lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh: I'm Proud to Be Antisemitic; Will Kill Any Israeli I Lay My Eyes On

Watch: Canadian PM calls to adopt Sharia blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam & the Prophet Muhammad "Islamophobia (fear of Islam)"

Advocate for American Victims of Terrorism Talks to Law Students

Israel and Saudi Arabia: What's shaping the covert 'alliance'

More than 150 Killed in Sinai Terror Attack

Armed Police to Escort Joggers in Swedish City for Protection

New issue of The Islamic State’s newsletter: “al-Nabā’ #106″

Articles of the Week – 11/11-11/17

Thursday, November 23, 2017

WATCH: Why Christian Israeli Arabs Volunteer in the IDF

Glazov Moment: Mattel’s Hijab-Wearing Enslaved Barbie (video)

Germany: Muslim refugee arrested for raping pony at children’s zoo

After Muslim outrage, Miss Iraq apologizes for selfie with Miss Israel

U.S. troops in Afghanistan taught for years not to oppose “culturally accepted practice” of child sex abuse

Germany: 200 churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in just one region

Tennessee: Imam claims Jews will destroy Kaaba, prays that Allah “inflict your revenge upon them”

New Zealand: Muslim migrant rapist not deported, soon to be back on the streets

UK: Mother converts to Islam, is murdered by her Muslim husband for wearing Western clothes

Supporters of Bid to Have Muslim Brotherhood Labeled a Terrorist Group Try a New Approach

19,765 American Troops Spending Thanksgiving in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq

US General in Afghanistan: From 2011 to 2016, ‘The Enemy Believed … We Had Lost Our Will’

Warner Moment: Our Virtuous Enemies (video)

Libya: Muslims selling black migrant slaves for as little as $400

UK coverup revealed: migrants head 90% of new households

UK: Muslim teen arrested for plotting jihad attack at Justin Bieber concert

UAE to Germany: To stop Islamic jihad terrorism, monitor the mosques

Menlo College prof blasts Stanford over disruption of Robert Spencer event: “Worthy of a fascist state”

Uganda: Muslim posing as Christian teacher screams “Allahu akbar,” assaults school’s director

Man Trying To Be First Muslim Governor Just Got NASTY Surprise From Trump After What He Found Out (video)

Muslim Demands Sharia, Tells Court ‘Go To Hell’ — Judge Destroys Her In Just 3 Words (video)

Fatah officials attended a memorial at a Ramallah college for "martyred" students, including perpetrators of stabbing and car-ramming attacks

11-year-old Palestinian girl says she prefers to be a suicide bomber than having a country of her own "I want to go to Paradise"

Iranian Officials To Europe: Hands Off Our Ballistic Missiles – They're Not Aimed At You, And Can Even Serve Your Security Needs

Kids’ book called ‘P Is for Palestine’ is stirring up outrage among moms

Proud Palestinian parents about their "Martyred" kids: "The blood of the Martyrs has watered the ground and made gardens bloom"

VIDEO: Egyptian Journalist Rabab Azzam on Undergoing Female Genital Mutilation at Age 13: It was a "Collective Massacre"

Are Islamic terrorists training Leftist activists?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


After hijacker Leila Khaled spoke there, European Parliament bans terrorists

Anti-Israel BDS WATCH: How BDS Fails Miserably in Goal to Hurt Israel Economically

New statement from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “About the Crimes of the Russian Occupation in the City of ‘al-Ātārib'”

Eye on Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: 14 November 2017

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to stay Maryland judge's block of travel ban

Palestinians: If You Do Not Give Us Everything, We Cannot Trust You

After the liberation of Mosul, an orgy of killing

Stanford: Fascist students stage walkout at Robert Spencer event, administration bars others wanting to enter

There is no such thing as “Islamophobia”

Fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld slams Merkel for inviting “worst enemies” of Jews to Germany

Canada: Palestinians in Mississauga openly call for bloody jihad against Jews

“We are going to kill you”: Myanmar non-Muslims recall jihad massacres by Rohingya Muslims

University College London hosts speakers who defend Hamas jihad mass murder

Islamic State threatens “Christmas blood” at the Vatican

The Truth Must Be Told If We Are To Win

Culture Collapse in Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. (video)

UNITED NATIONS pressures Japan to take in more Muslim refugees. So far in 2017, they have taken in just three.

FRANCE: Muslims demand 2,500 MORE mosques, otherwise they will keep praying in the streets

Stanford University's Duplicitous Morality Police

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


VIDEO: Saudi Commentators Advocate A Military Operation To Annihilate Hizbullah


They'll try anything: Indoctrinating US children against Israel Bashi's anti-Israel venom in a children's book caused the shut down of the upper East Side Mommas FB group she belonged to.

When Was the "Palestinian People" Created? Google Has the Answer.

On Recent Saudi Reforms: A Conversation - Daniel Pipes

Tillerson gives another $47M to Muslim “refugees” in Myanmar; $150M so far in 2017

Islamists and Zionism

Monday, November 20, 2017

Remember when the Mayor of Paris threatened to sue FOX News for reporting on Muslim NO GO Zones in Paris?

Judge in California blocks Trump's order on sanctuary cities

NOT SO FAST! Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn’t falling for the Muslim/Leftist/Media campaign about what they are calling the “ethnic cleansing” of Muslims in Myanmar by the Buddhist majority

Article in Syrian government daily says Syrians have the right to oppose US presence in their country by every means, including by the force of arms

Car Jihad (Etc.) + Cultural Jihad Via Western Madness = Dead Infidels. Mohammedans & Leftist Fascists Collaborate – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Latest U.S.-Russia Effort on Syria Remains Flawed

Palestinians Threaten to ‘Put on Hold’ All Communications With Trump Administration

Los Angeles Man Arrested over Links to ISIS

UNESCO reports on extensive damage in first emergency assessment mission to Aleppo

This Week in Egypt: Week 47- 2017 ( Nov13-19)

UK’s top counterterrorism officers tell media to “rein in” coverage of the Islamic State and jihad terror

Prince Charles gets pushback for blaming “foreign Jews” for Middle East conflict

New York Times robs Pamela Geller’s book of a spot on its bestsellers list

30,000 “diversity” visas issued to people from jihad terror-sponsoring countries since 2007

Minnesota: Star-Tribune refuses to report name or background of Muslim migrant mall stabber

Bangladesh: Muslim cleric incited mob to burn Hindu homes over “blasphemy”

Denouncing Stanford event, rabbi claims that Robert Spencer “mischaracterizes, demonizes, and stereotypes Muslims”

Hugh Fitzgerald: That Monster Tariq Ramadan and His Degringolade

Sunday, November 19, 2017

America's best-selling poet was a Muslim named Muhammad

WND EXCLUSIVE QURAN SNEAKING INTO CHRISTIAN SETTINGS 'The equivalent of the ancient Israelites setting up an image of a false god'

L'Algérie : une puissance stable dans un environnement chaotique

Islamic Radicalism in the Workplace

Prior Presidents’ “Travel Bans” Are Different From President #Trump’s Ban

My reply:

Pres. Trump's bans so far are groping under the weight of traitor leftist Obama plants in the federal judiciary who are trying to implement their own Constitution. One day maybe Trump will implement what the U.S. really needs, a blanket ban on all MUSLIM immigration, and severe restriction on Muslim visas. This will take the SCOTUS finally doing their job and slamming down the traitor judges, who have been playing a con game by throwing up a screen pretending that the issue of a "religious test" for entry to the U.S. has already been decided. It has - in favor of U.S. security trumping religion. Even with a blanket Muslim ban, Trump is just pitty-pattying in the face of the existential threat of resurgent Islam, and should openly proclaim my comprehensive Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam as the official U.S. goal.

Daughter of Top Iran's Religious leader fled to the US "My father sold me for $15 when I was 12-years-old"

Germany, Austria: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate

Photo Exhibit At Organization Of Islamic Cooperation Secretariat In Jedda Highlights India's 'Atrocities' Against Kashmiris

Sheikh Kamel: Has the Mighty Saudi Fallen?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

France is Trying to ‘Deradicalize’ Extremists By Understanding What Drives Them

UK government tsar: Political correctness is allowing Islamic terrorism to flourish

St. Cloud, Minnesota, site of jihad attack by Muslim migrant, rejects immigration moratorium

France: Nine Muslims arrested in anti-terror raids as jihad massacre in Nice is thwarted

800 US school websites hacked with “I love Islamic State,” Islamic profession of faith

UK judge spares Muslima who called for jihad massacres from jail: “Sooner you get back to your children the better”

Leftist Catholic mag: Robert Spencer “disagrees with the thrust of modern church teaching on Islam and Muslims”

Hugh Fitzgerald: John Hamed, Jr. and the Misrepresentation of Islam

Sweden: ‘It Doesn’t Matter if Rapists Are Migrants, Only that They’re Men’

UK: Muslim rape gang survivors say the gangs are still abusing girls in Rotherham

Pakistan: After death threats from Muslims, government minister requests non-Muslim security detail

Bangladesh: Muslims riot over Hindu’s criticism of Muhammad on Facebook, but accused man is illiterate

US admits American arms given to Iranian jihadists in Iraq

Pakistan: Christians flee for their lives over false Muslim claim of “blasphemous” Facebook page

Paris cancels Christmas market; holds special Ramadan party every year

Germany: No terror charge for Muslim migrant who attacked shoppers while screaming “Allahu akbar”

New video message from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn: “And Be Harsh Upon Them”ḥarakat-al-shabab-al-mujahidin-and-be-harsh-upon-them/

New statement from Jund al-Islām: “Innocence From the Massacre of Muslim Drivers in Central Sinai”

New video mesaage from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “In the Shadow of Victory”

New video message from al-Qā’idah’s Ḥamzah Bin Usāmah Bin Lāden: “Usāmah: The Fighter Against Invaders and the Inciter of Rebellion Against Tyrants”

Eye on Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: 7 November 2017

UK’s Metro: “Muslims want to reclaim ‘Allahu Akbar’ from extremists”

Afghanistan: Muslims chop off elderly woman’s limbs before murdering her

Indonesia: Nearly 20% of high school and university students support establishment of a caliphate

German schoolteacher: Mass Muslim migration, “the radicalisation of Islam” making education impossible

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough: “if a guy named Mohammad blew up that church…oh my God”

Canada: Imam condemns Halloween, Remembrance Day as “reprehensible”

Hugh Fitzgerald: John Hamed, Jr., Barry Fell, and the Backdating of Islam in America

Leader at London’s Finsbury Park Mosque is ruling member of Hamas’ political wing

Belgium’s Saudi-funded largest mosque is hotbed of jihad terror plotting

Robert Spencer-hating Stanford hosted son and supporter of “Palestinian” jihad murderer and supporter of 9/11 jihad attacks, with no uproar

“Skirmishes” as Mayor of Paris suburb tries to block Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” from praying in the street

UK: LBC, Muslim “reformer” Maajid Nawaz denounce opposition to hijabbed Muslims in Christmas ad as “racist”

Belgium: Muslims riot, burn cars, injure 22 police officers in celebrations over soccer victory

Minnesota: Muslim who tried to join the Islamic State is released from federal halfway house

YouTube finally removes jihad terror mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki’s videos

Canada: Jihadi tells court, “Damn your legislation, go to hell. Hey you infidels, I do not worship what you worship.”

New video message from Jund al-Islām: “Military Statement: Adopting the Security Operation For Repelling the Kharijites of al-Baghdādī in the Sinai” by Aaron Y. Zelin

Muslim migrants In Greece demand, “Mama Merkel, open the doors!” at German embassy

UK: Muslim Labour candidate says teachers “brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler”

Hizballah chief accuses Saudi Arabia of declaring war on Lebanon, forcing Lebanese PM to resign

UK: Muslims claim rape gangs aren’t found in Pakistan, charge that British society “encourages” sex abusers

Pat Condell: “Robert Spencer is an Islamic scholar. He knows the Qur’an better than most imams.”

Concern In Jordan Over Pro-Iranian Forces On Border

VIDEO: Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin: The Issue of Iranian and Hizbullah Forces on the Israeli Border Exaggerated; We Want to Complete War on Terror

Hugh Fitzgerald: Muslim Placenames, “Seeds of Divisiveness” in the Qur’an, and the American Constitution

Bangladesh: Muslims burn, loot vandalize Hindu houses over rumor that Hindu criticized Muhammad on Facebook

New issue of The Islamic State’s newsletter: “al-Nabā’ #105″

Articles of the Week – 11/4-11/10

To save himself, Kevin Spacey should have converted to Islam

UK: Teen Muslima drinks bleach after her father assaults her for being “too Westernized” and wearing makeup

Hugh Fitzgerald: Columbus and His Muslim Connection

UK: Muslim doctor molests nurse, blames Britain’s “different cultural norms”

Stanford student: Islamic texts don’t advocate violence because Malala Yousafzai is peaceful