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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

British Hostage Appears in Third Video Released by Islamic State

Police Down-Under Conduct More Terror Raids

1,000 French Nationals have Joined Middle East Jihad

More than 60 Suspected ISIS Fighters Locked-Up after Returning to UK

What if the Shah of Iran had remained: 35 years later

Iran: An Ally, an Enemy, a Surrogate? by HERBERT LONDON

War on ISIS: Should U.S. take page from Patton's playbook? (video)

How ISIS Uses Wheat Supplies To Tighten Its Control In Iraq


ISIL warns of expansion into southern Syria ‘within days’

Iraqi Kurds seize strategic border post with Syria

Disturbing photos show militarization of Israeli children

Obama’s Phony War On Islamic State Militants

Iran foils BBC operation to steal Iranian documents

Turn the Tables: Stopping Western Aggression in Syria

Syria to Obama: Quit Arming ISIS Terrorists

Shocking Video: Huge Tsunami Like Waves Devastate Turkey!

Cardinal Koch: “We don’t have problems with Constantinople” and “Patriarch Bartholomew very open”

Abbas' speech warning siren for Israel

Jordan on high alert for possible IS retaliation

How Saudi Arabia is distancing itself from the Islamic State

Afghanistan Signs Deal Allowing 10,000 U.S. Troops To Remain

New US Marine Corps Crisis Unit To Be Based in Kuwait

By mistake? US-led jets bomb grain silos in Syria, 'civilians killed'

Extremists to have Facebook and Twitter vetted by anti-terror police

Fascist Party Wins in Swedish Election Signals Further Concern for Religious Freedoms

How Anti-Semitism Hides Among the Intellectual Elite – Ed Husain’s Offensive Tweet

80% of Palestinians Support Resumption of Rocket Fire Against Israel: New Poll

Fatah Spokesman Ahmad Assaf: Hamas Leaders Stole 700 Million Dollars Collected for the Gaza People (video)

PLO: Netanyahu's Speech Full of Hate Language

Bangladesh Arrests Briton Who Came To Recruit Jihadists For Syria From Myanmar And Bangladesh

Syrian Demonstrations against Airstrikes: “Obama, We Are Digging Your Grave”

Yemen’s crisis and the battle for Sanaa

There Are Some Muslims Who Oppose Radical Islam


German Nationals Join Kurdish Army Fighting ISIS (video)

Dignity commander claims Ansar and Libyan Brotherhood linked to ISIS

From Arab Spring to Islamic Winter - to Total Chaos

Selling Sharia: Qatar Hires a UK PR Agency

Head of Al-Nusra Front Warns West: You Will Pay

Muslims who counter IS atrocities on women

Acting on FBI tip, Australia arrests alleged Islamic State financier

Recalling a Syrian leader who helped jihadis grow

Kurds at Turkish border see little hope Islamic State won’t take Kobane

President of Anti-Nuclear-Iran Group Dismisses Imminent Threat of Iranian Nuke

McCain on rise of Islamic State: “We predicted this and watched it”

Yemen: Sunni jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murders 15, injures 50 at hospital used as Shi’te base

Is Rouhani Preparing the Ground for Failed Nuclear Talks?

Symphony Of Destruction: Wherever Islam Spreads, Desolation Lies In Its Wake

AQAP Official Calls For Attacks On American Targets Everywhere: "The Head of the Snake is America"

Qatar Awareness Campaign: Aljazeera's The Stream

What The Arab World Produces

Article On Al-Jazeera America Website: Beheadings In Saudi Arabia Also Merit International Concern

French-Algerian Intellectual: We Must Shake the Dust Off Our Islamic Heritage

American Cleric Yasir Qadhi Calls upon Westerners to Refrain from Jihad in Syria (video)

Influential Emirati Business Leader: If Arabs Remain Indifferent To Iran's Strategy, Their Grandchildren Will Be Speaking Farsi

Anjem Choudary, in His Own Words

ISIS Advancing At The Tomb Of The Grandfather Of The Founder Of The Ottoman Empire

Ex-FBI agent pleads guilty in Afghan scheme

Ed Royce: Circumvent Baghdad if necessary to arm Kurds, religious minorities

Algeria, Oklahoma beheadings suggest Islamic State reach extends beyond Mideast

U.S. intel disputes Obama claim on Islamic State Private briefings, public testimony conflict with president’s ‘60 Minutes’ claim

Will the West Defend Itself?

Former FBI Agent on Al Qaeda: We Never Dealt with Ideology

Israel benefitting from ISIL the most: Analyst

09/30 Links Pt2: J Street's Beyoncé-Themed Anti-Israel Campaign; The Jewish Food Taste Test

Polio cases surge in Pakistan

Reza Aslan takes down Bill Maher’s “facile arguments” on Islam in just 5 minutes

US Disagrees with Israel on Hamas Threat to the West

Cost Of Bombing ISIS Closing In On $1 Billion

ISIS, Hamas, and the lessons to learn from Israel

Moroccan Soccer Fans Root for ISIS (video)

Netanyahu’s Truth in a Den of Lies

Many Missteps in Assessment of ISIS Threat

The Wrong Path to Heaven

Whistleblower: Obama doesn’t read the intel he’s getting or he’s bullshitting

Bibi Comes to Town

EXCELLENT! Egyptian Court upholds death sentences for 20 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

Monday, September 29, 2014

Even in Denmark, Arab Christians are in danger of being killed by Muslims

France: 76-Year-Old Woman Raped By “Anti-White Racists” After Noise Complaint

Nigeria: Two Pastors Among 46 Christians Killed By Muslims In Kaduna State

Bangladesh Arrests Briton Who Came To Recruit Jihadists For Syria From Myanmar And Bangladesh

Bombing the Islamic State: a new imperial presidency?

Iranians and Israelis find an unlikely musical detente in Germany

A Religion That Preaches Death, Dying, and Destruction is not a Religion. It's a Death Cult

Major Church Leader: “Your Children Will Surely Be Slaves Of Muslims.”

With Erdogan Now In Power, Tyranny Is Overrunning The Antichrist Nation Of Turkey

(VIDEO) Shiites Take ISIS Fighters, Execute Them, And Light Their Bodies On Fire

ISIS Defended By Muslim News Network With U.S. Presence

Prophecy Unfolding On Future Turkish Invasion Of Egypt

Turkey Allowed ISIS To Established A Consulate In Ankara With 700 Bureaus Stationed Throughout

Questions linger over Hamas’ role in West Bank kidnapping that led to Gaza war

Abbas Finds a Friend in The New York Times

Turkey sends tanks to border as Islamic State closes on Kurdish city

We Should Not Be Reluctant to Assert the Superiority of Western Values (video)

Full Transcript: Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech at the United Nations General Assembly, 2014 (VIDEO)

Left-Wing Israeli Journalist Justifies Her Own Exclusion by Palestinians

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Threatens That Final Nuclear Deal May Not Be Reached

Tell us something we don’t know: Islamic State (ISIS) fighter says U.S. air strikes are virtually ineffective


The Real Barriers to a Final Nuclear Deal with Iran

Netanyahu links ISIL and Hamas

Right Wing, Anti-Muslim Immigration parties makes sweeping gains in Sweden and France


How Turkey Plans to "Combat Anti-Semitism"


PA Rejects U.S. Criticism of Abbas's Speech

Egypt Set to Boycott Turkey Over Muslim Brotherhood Support

Qatar Awareness Campaign - Introductory Letter

The Power Struggle Between Khamenei And His Camp And Rafsanjani And His Camp – Part XI: Rafsanjani's Son Says: My Father Opposes 'Rule Of The Jurisprudent' But Won't Come Out Against Khamenei; Khamenei Tried And Failed To Remove My Father

New Afghan president sworn in after disputed vote

Islam in the Rear-View Mirror

Top US Official: Nuclear Deal Could Improve Ties, Onus on Iran

U.S. military limits warplanes used for Islamic State bombings

Jabhat Al-Nusra Leader: U.S. Military Intervention In Syria Will Provoke Counterattacks On U.S., European Soil

Yemeni Boy Leads "Death to America, Death to Israel" Chants in Houthi Demonstration (video)


Allah “Nothing-To-Do-With-Islam” Made Me Do It

BRITAIN: KFC (Koran Fried Chicken) customer shocked as he is refused hand-wipe because of branch’s Islamic halal policy

Denmark: 14-Year-Old Muslim Expressing Sympathy For ISIS Threatens To Behead Jews

Arab Youth Leaves Israel After Receiving Death Threats Over Pro-Israel Views

The New York Times’ Obsessive, Unsubstantiated Criticism of Israel Reaches New Depths

Turkey Surpasses Iran in Anti-Semitism, Opposition Lawmaker Charges

Syria expected to call for strategic alliance against ISIL

Iraqi politicians plot raising a militia to take back Mosul

California protesters block Israeli-owned ship

MPs approve air strikes against IS in Iraq - is Syria next?

Britain is at war: RAF Tornados in the air over Iraq with orders to strike ISIS as SAS teams on the ground prepare to guide arsenal of smart bombs to terrorists' lairs

Australian forces prepare for action

13,000 US troops to be deployed to Iraq: Officials

US-led coalition hits Islamic State group in 4 provinces across northern and eastern Syria

The ‘White Widow’ is training female suicide bombers for ISIS

Bachmann: 'We Need to Declare War on Islamic Jihad'

Terrorists in Syria Threaten Attacks Against Citizens of ‘Crusader Alliance’

Boehner: US May ‘Have No Choice’ About Boots on Ground in Syria, Iraq

Obama Says His Nat'l Intelligence Director 'Underestimated What Had Been Taking Place in Syria'

Iraq Army Woos Deserters Back to War on ISIS


Muslims attack Christian Arabs in Denmark; white girl in Holland (videos)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Netanyahu Promises 'Razor Sharp' Speech at UN

Chill Yo Islam Yo Chill Yo Islam Yo

Just Don’t Call it the Islamic State - Daniel Greenfield


Muslim leaders fear anti-Islam violence could escalate to Cronulla-style riot

Islam Is A Religion of Peace AND a Religion of DECAPITATIONS

Coalition Airstrikes Target Islamic State Gunmen Fighting Kurds in Syria

Up to a Dozen Schools in London Face New ‘Trojan Horse’ Inquiry

Hundreds Watch Woman Stoned to Death for Adultery

Muslim Politician in England Quits over Vote to Approve Airstrikes in Iraq

Who’s Who in the Coalition against Islamic State

Holy Land: The Perils Facing Christians, by Pierre Rehov

Netanyahu off to the UN to Counter Abbas’ Incitement

Radical Imam Anjem Choudary has been arrested by Scotland Yard as part of an investigation into terrorism (video)

Emerson on Fox News: The New Global Jihad and the Threat against the US (video)


Criticisms of the U.S.-led Air Campaign against ISIS by Daniel Pipes



FRANCE: Muslim scumbag vandalizes banner honoring French hostage beheaded by Muslim terrorists

Turkey Inching Toward Alliance With U.S. in Syria Conflict

The March to War: Fighting ISIL is a Smokescreen for US Mobilization against Syria, Iran



A Close-Up View of Islamic State's War Machine

Another Defection to UKIP

Outrage over top German politician comparing Hamas to Israel - Mideast experts slam deputy Rainer Arnold for ignorance


Did Obama Send $20.3M+ So Palestine’s Refugees Tied to Hamas Can Migrate to USA?

3 suspected Syria jihadis face terrorism charges after returning to France

Al Qaeda urges jihadis to “rescue the ship of jihad” from the Islamic State

Jihad on China: Jihadists bomb police station, market and store

Oklahoma beheader’s mosque taught caliphate, destruction of US and Israel

New Jihad Group In Egypt: “Caliphate Army of Egypt” Pledges Allegiance To Caliph Al-Baghdadi, Warns of Attacks on U.S. Embassy And Americans

Weekly Update on the Worldwide Islamic Army: Jihad is Jihad

The Islamic State Captures Army Base Near Baghdad, Executes 300 Soldiers

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) blasts Abu Mazen

Abu Mazen's success

Obama says U.S. ‘leading the world’ in Islamic State fight; GOP says strategy still absent

Turkey tells Obama, Biden ‘no-fly zone must be declared’ in Syria

09/27 Links: US slams Abbas’s ‘genocide’ UN speech as ‘offensive’; A Political Möbius Loop

US airstrike kills Mavi Marmara "activist" in Syria

YEMEN: Al-Qaeda affiliated group fires rocket toward U.S. Embassy, wounding several guards

From Pen and Phone to Bombs and Drones

SYRIAN ‘rebel’ demonstration burns American flag in Homs countryside (video)

What happens to Bacha Bazi dancing boys when they grow up?

Radical Islam, Israel and Agitprop

Taliban resurgence

Musa Abu Marzouq: Negotiating with Israel No Longer Taboo for Hamas (video)

Palestinian and Egyptian Commentators Argue about Hamas Achievements in the Gaza War (video)

Egyptian Islamic Leader Bassem Khafagy Rebukes Hamas for Betraying the Muslim Brotherhood (video)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

In Syria, Jabhat Al Nusra goes into hiding after airstrikes

Abdullah: we fight terror in all its forms

NETHERLANDS: While young white Dutch girls get attacked in the streets by Muslim immigrants, Dutch politicians attack Geert Wilders (video)

Left wing comedian Bill Maher bashes liberals and their defense of Islam (video)

Admiral: ISIS Used Social Media to Recruit ‘About 1,000’ from Asia-Pacific

Why Obama Couldn’t Do Anything on Iran While Ross Was There

The Defense of Kobani by Jonathan Spyer

Muslims Need Truth and Love by Mark Durie

The Failure of Islam to Reform Only Islam can extricate itself from the failures in its history.

Squaring the Circle of ISIS

The Green War against the Islamic State


The Monckton Files: Hypocrisplosion, Islamophobe Style

Friday Sermon from the First Ahmadiyya Mosque in Ireland

Pakistan Is Building Smaller Nukes, But They Just Might Be More Dangerous

Saudi Arabia, 9/11 and the Rise of ISIS

As the UK prepares for another war in Iraq, is its strategy any more coherent than in 2003?

Ireland’s first Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque opens in Galway

U.S. considers new offer to Iran at nuke talks

F-22 Raptor carried American flag into historic Syrian combat mission

Behind Islamic State's Battlefield Gains, Battle-Hardened Chechens

U.S. airstrikes prompt Islamic State to move positions, hide among civilians


Dempsey: 15,000 ground troops needed to destroy ISIS

11 Muslims arrested in Spain, Morocco and UK for jihad terror plots

Kerry: “Muslim scholars are outraged about the Islamic State’s brutality and perversion of Islam”

1000 Muslims from Asia join Islamic State, “terror expert” says it’s because of their slick videos

Egyptian Salafi leader bans “Mickey and Donald” images, says angels do not enter homes containing dogs or pictures, according to Muhammad

Female UAE pilot’s family disowns her for bombing Islamic State

Italy: Imam gets prison for jihad terror plots

Denmark: Christians flee Muslim-dominated areas, “They tell me I ought to be stoned to death”

Greek bishop: “Your children will surely be slaves of Muslims”

PHOTO: Philippine Jihadis threaten to kill German hostage

Muslim States Say Israel Has No Right to Self-Defense

Australian Muslims say security crackdown is code for racial profiling

Palestinians and the "Death Boats" Scandal

3 Nations Offer Limited Support to Attack on ISIS

ISIS Lieutenant Emerges From Australian Red-Light District

A Basket of Snakes By Patrick J. Buchanan

AUSTRALIA: Church signs like this are evidence of why so many people are choosing to leave the church

Friday, September 26, 2014

Foreign policy FUBAR: US providing intel to Hezbollah

Khorasan Makes Case FOR Iran’s Involvement In 9/11 Attacks Stronger

CIA-vetted Syrian rebels battling Islamic State say airstrikes haven’t helped

Europeans say U.S. never briefed them on plot by al Qaida group

Syria first responders remind UN of humanitarian catastrophe

Britain to join airstrikes against ISIL as Syria attacks continue

Obama's war of democracy in Iraq, Syria

PA Ambassador: Israelis Must Return to Their Countries of Origin

**GRAPHIC** Oklahoma Muslim Beheader Jah’Keem Yisrael’s Facebook Page is All About Islam

Becky CNN Meet the UAE's first female fighter pilot (video)

Al-Jazeera TV Report: Most Casualties in Coalition Air Strikes in North Syria Were Civilians (video)

Mashaal: Disarmament Isn't Open for Negotiations

Dutch Jabhat Al-Nusra Fighter from Site of U.S. Air Strike in Syria: We Will Keep Fighting (video)

ISIS Changing the Entire Middle East

Where is ISIS getting all its money, now that Obama is no longer funding it? Or is he? (video)

AFGHANISTAN: 15 civilians including women and children beheaded by the Taliban (WARNING: Graphic)

Afghan Girls Are Choosing to Dress as Boys, and the Reason is Heartbreaking

Leading Female Iraqi Human Rights Activist Arrested, Tortured and Publicly Executed by ISIS for ‘Apostasy’ After Facebook Post

Intel Boss ‘Truly Insane,’ According to Former CIA Director

Promoting U.S.-Pakistan Relations: Future Challenges and Opportunities

Outcry After Le Figaro Asked a Question About ISIS and Muslims of France

Artists respond to Gaza slaughter in Amman exhibition

Prince and woman pilots on frontline against ISIS

Pakistan: Cop shoots 70-year-old blasphemy convict in jail

The Islamic State and ‘Religion of Peace’

Iran’s Muslim President Says Calling Islamic State ‘Islamic’ Is ‘Islamophobic’

Jewish American Heritage Month Home West Bank delegation aims to strengthen bond with Pendle

Iraq Looking for an “Independent” Sunni Defense Minister

UNHRC urges Sudan to conduct independent investigation into deadly 2013 & 2014 protests

Beheading in Oklahoma — Nothing to do With Islam

Couple singing Peppa Pig tune to toddler 'forced off bus after complaints they were being racist' because it goes against Muslim pork ban

EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with former Islamic State member

Iran TV Airs "Exclusive" Footage of IAEA Inspection Equipment at Natanz Facility

MUSLIM BABY BORN WITH 8 LIMBS – the ‘glory’ of Muslim inbreeding

A Too Complicated Game: Obama's Deals With The Saudis And Al-Nusra

Al-Qaeda’s Top Scholar

“… losing disaffected young men to radicalisation”

UN aims to stop jihadist recruits

UN Nuclear Assembly Votes in Favour of Israel Nuclear Weapon

Obomination: Shitspew at the Security Council

NAI Exclusive! Muslim Scholars’ “Anti-ISIS” Letter Undone ~ Part l

A bunch of articles dealing with ISIS, Beheadings, and Islamophobia

“Moderate” Muslim Chinese Islamic Supremacists Kill 50 Citizens And Injure 54

Arab Militaries Lead Third Round of Syria Strikes

Muslim women invite Israeli-born writer to speak at Bradford Literary Festival

UZBEKISTAN: Rehabilitation Centre suspended, leaders under criminal investigation

Denationalisation of Jews in Egypt

Al Nusrah Front trainer suspected of plotting against 2004 NATO summit killed in US airstrikes

Bardot praises Marine Le Pen (video)

Anatomy of How to Keep Your Enemy Alive: US-led Coalition Avoiding Oil Facilities

campaign against House of Saud on twitter

The Only Way to Win in Iraq Is Not to Play

Islamic State tightens siege of Syria border town Kobane

Baghdad patriarch calls on Iraqi Christians to remain faithful to the Gospel in their land

Muslims protest against hatred and injustice


The “Khorasan Group”, New Name, Old Threat

Iranian Media Reports Deleted Following Publication (1): Senior IRGC Official Speaking On Iran's Military Involvement In Syria Says Iran Has Established 'Second Hizbullah' There

Stop Denying the Obvious: Islam is a Problem by Geert Wilders

Erdogan signals more active Turkish role in anti-IS fight

“Terrorism and Atrocities of ISIS the Islamic State are Inspired & Justified by its Interpretations of Islam”

Netanyahu erases the boundary between world Jewry and Israel in celebration of ‘our country’

Abbas at UNGA: Israel perpetrated genocide in Gaza, we won't forget or forgive

Analysis: How Dangerous is "Khorasan?" (video)

Afghanistan: Muslims Behead At Least 15, Including Women And Children, During Attack Against Villages

We Don’t Need to Ally with Terrorists to Defeat ISIS

Jihadist says Foley, Cantlie converted to Islam in captivity

Islamic State destroys 7th-century Green Church in Tikrit

Video: Robert Spencer and Michael Coren: Is the Islamic State un-Islamic?

Muslims move to Islamic State to safeguard children’s spiritual lives

Switzerland: Land of Jihad

‘Made in Palestine': New sales pitch for marketing Israeli products

A Promising Ally in Syria

Mavi Marmara Veteran Killed in Syrian Strike

Clashing Goals in Syria Strikes Bedevil Obama

PM To Recall Parliament Over Airstrikes In Iraq Iraq is expected to request support for military action on IS targets, with David Cameron set to recall MPs on Friday.

UK: Police condemn anti-Islam messages posted on lampposts in Astley Bridge

KUDOS TO KOREA! Qatar women’s basketball team pulls out of Asian Games over headbag (hijab) ban

AUSTRALIA: Anti-Islam fact sheet stirring up community

AUSTRALIA: Muslim customer service representative suspended for a Facebook posting on his account that said, “I will gladly cut the throats ‘halal style’ of any Aussie dogs that oppose Islam”

Britain prepares to join US-led war in Iraq and Syria

Army’s ‘Big Red One’ HQ going to Iraq: 1st Infantry Division soldiers deploy in October

State evacuates some from Yemen embassy

Rand Paul’s coherent foreign policy

Why half-measures and halfhearted leadership won’t stop ISIS

First Infantry Division on the way to Middle East In October?