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Friday, August 31, 2018

The Gray Lady Once Again Sanitizes Radical Islam by Steven Emerson

Exclusive: Iran moves missiles to Iraq in warning to enemies

Myanmar rejects UN report into Rohingya genocide as “false allegations”

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Cited ‘Sense of Humanity’ in ‘Holy Book’ of ‘The Koran’

Putin Is Sneaking Up on Europe From the South. The Kremlin understands that the best way to undermine the West is through its soft underbelly—the Middle East.

Planning A Trip To Paris ? Watch This First by Steve Amundson (video)

Trump Administration Implements MEF Plan to Sideline UNRWA

Disgruntled Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders has sent a warning to Pakistan government

Colorado: Muslim refugee gets 11 years for supporting Islamic terror group, will be out in less than 5

Aussie jihad terror: Former Prime Minister, MPs targeted for assassination, terror attacks on symbolic landmarks, ISIS Muslim on student visa Mohamed Nizamdeen arrested

Numbskull Judge Tells Devout Jihad Bomber to “Read the Qur’an, a Book of Peace” in UK Downing Street Bomb/Theresa May Assassination Plot

Briton Lewis Ludlow, Who Pledged Allegiance To ISIS, Pleaded Guilty In Early August To Planning A London Terror Attack; Since 2016, MEMRI Has Monitored His Social Media Accounts – JTTM Reports And Previously Unreleased Content

Interdire le parti Islam? Quatre propositions de loi sont prêtes

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Grandson of Munich Olympic Massacre Jihad Terrorist Running for Congress

UK: Halal Butchers Who Laughed As They Tortured Animals Walk Free

Muslim man serving life in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing sues because the jail is not providing food that conforms to his strict religious beliefs

Pastor, Ex-Muslim Arrested, Handcuffed, Denied Attorney, Water for Hours at the Mall of America. (video)

Bill Warner PhD: Jihad not Terror (video)

Bill Warner PhD: Political Islam, not Religious Islam (video)

Hamas-CAIR sues Customs and Border Protection and FBI over counterterror efforts

HORROR VIDEO: Muslims skin cow alive in Ontario town in Canada #Eid

William Kilpatrick: “Islam’s Thousand Year War on Christendom”

New release from The Islamic State: “Scientific Series in a Statement on Issues of Methodology #1-6”

New issue from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s bulletin: “Madad #4″

Netanyahu hints #Israel has stopped hijacked planes crashing into European cities

#Saudi columnist Khalid Al-Suleiman: Sen hashtag#JohnMcCain was a serious and wise politician who stuck to his principles and understood the hashtag#MiddleEast situation—including the importance of U.S.-hashtag#Saudi relations and the danger posed by hashtag#Iran.

Qatar Seeks Role in Negotiations Between Israel and Hamas SETH FRANTZMAN

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

1,000 Residents of German City Riot in the Streets Following Fatal Stabbing by Migrants

The Diminishing Choices for Americans

VIDEO: Egyptian Women's Rights Activist Dr. Nawal El Saadawi Calls for Cultural Revolution: Al-Azhar Is a "Dangerous Reactionary Force" Preventing Renewal of Religious Discourse

Egyptian Writer: The Danish Niqab Ban Is Legitimate

Muslim Migrant Admits To Brutally Stabbing German Woman, Claims It Is Acceptable in Islam “Not Objectionable to His Religious Requirements”

CNN worries that New Mexico jihad compound “might contribute to a rise in racism and Islamophobia”

Chad: Muslims intimidating Christians and driving them from public life under new rules prioritizing Islam

Iran pays tribute to “victims of terrorism,” boasts of being best at “countering terrorism” in region

SAY WHAT??? Muslim illegal alien in Germany with 542 criminal investigations against him cannot be deported because officials don’t know where he’s from


VIDEO: Egyptian TV Host Sayyed Ali: John McCain Orchestrated Terror and Chaos; The World Will Be Much Better Off without Him

Monday, August 27, 2018

GERMANY: Angela Merkel condemns anti-Muslim migrant protesters after two Muslim migrants stab a German man to death and injure two of his friends

Malaysia: Counterterror cop confirms jihad terror recruitment among Rohingya refugees

Pakistan: Brother of Christian murdered by Muslims says “the police are conniving with the perpetrators”

Sadiq Khan’s London: Police Install Knife Arches, Residents Board Up Homes for Notting Hill Carnival

Jay Smith on The Historical Origins of Islam

Police Block Entrance to Virginia Business to Prevent Muslim Customers from Entering to Choose Animals for Eid Al Adha Slaughter

Idlib Terrorists Kidnapping Kids to be Slaughtered for Snuff Video

2018 Body Count in Sadiq Khan’s London Reaches 100

UK jihad preacher Abu Hamza was “strip club ladies man” — then he became devout in Islam

“Terrorist Attack” Manual Targeting Atlanta Hospital Found At New Mexico Jihad Compound

California: Congressional candidate disavows Munich jihad mass murderer grandfather

Losing a War #Afghanistan

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Israel says Gaza gunman was Doctors Without Borders nurse

Air France, British Airways set to end Tehran flights

EU calls emergency migration meeting as Salvini threatens to quit

Florida: Muslim running for Broward County Commission and his terror-linked pals

UK: SCARY! Why are they ignoring the elephant in the room?

USA: Chances Are, You’re Eating Halal Meat (prepared according to Islamic law) And Don’t Know It


WATCH: Jihadi calmly goes on stabbing spree in UK hospital, sending patients and staff running for their lives, in “an apparently motiveless attack”

Three pro-Palestinians run for US Congress on Democratic ticket

French Police Seize Dozens of Sheep Hidden in Garage Ahead of Islamic Ritual Slaughter Festival

Georgia: Judge resigns under pressure after Hamas-linked CAIR accuses her of “racism” and “Islamophobia” by Larry Estavan

Hugh Fitzgerald: Iceland, Antisemitism, and the “Turkish Abductions”

NYPD Muslim cop used to tout “diversity” busted for forcible touching of wife of police sergeant and another woman

MasterCard and Visa back down, will again process donations to David Horowitz Freedom Center by Robert Spencer

CNN explains that the problem is really Donald Trump, not Iran’s chanting of “Death to America” by Robert Spencer

New charges in New Mexico jihad compound case by Robert Spencer

UK: Muslim stabs man during violent rampage in hospital, was “seeking attention”

New statement from Jamā’at Anṣār al-Islām: “Organizational Separation Decision” by Aaron Y. Zelin

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Child Perpetrators Of Chechnya Attacks Pledge Allegiance To ISIS: We Shall Write Our Words In Our Blood When We Are Martyred

Turkish Intelligence exceeds its budget by 13 %

VIDEO: Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi Salutes Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: We All Support Him and Are Proud of Him

New York: Muslim charged in attempt to blow up Staten Island gas-station (VIDEO)

India: Muslim mob attacks police with stones and bombs for opposing cow slaughter

Muslima who left Indiana to live in the Islamic State with her husband and his sex slaves charged with aiding terrorists

Battle of unindicted co-conspirators: Trump versus CAIR

EX-MUSLIM scholar says “Muslims have enslaved more Black Africans than any other ethnic group in history"

Minnesota: Hijabbed Muslima Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar found violating more House Rules and state law

Indonesia woman irked by mosque noise convicted of blasphemy

UK: Refused service by supermarket, fired from job for wearing Make Britain Great Again Hat

Muslim spokesman at Illinois conference says Muslims are “being coerced into accepting liberal values, into accepting feminism”

Screaming For Help, French Woman Burns to Death in Fire After Firefighters Harassed, Obstructed By French “Youths” During Rescue

Muslims relentlessly beat Christian teen for beating a Muslim at arm-wrestling in Pakistan

California again declares August Muslim Appreciation Month, still no Jewish, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist months

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Islamic State Recruiters in Southeast Asia

Macron's Partition of France?

VIDEO: Marine Le Pen's Political Advisor Jean Messiha against Muslim Immigration to France: We Are at War, Our Country under Invasion

The Danger to U.S. Electrical Grid Gets Needed Awareness

Palestinian terrorism has nothing to do with Jerusalem and everything to do with Islam

Trump's Vice President says Islamists attack Jews in Europe, kill Christians in the Middle East "This is a genocide"

Watch: It's not a doll, Pakistani Muslim threatenes to throw a baby at Greek police to protest against the "bad conditions" at the refugee camp

Frustrated London Muslim Mayor Attacks Trump "Jerusalem does not belong to Israel"

A Jewish Organization Lobbies On Behalf Of Pakistan's New Antisemitic And Pro-Jihad Prime Minister

How Turkey Dumbed Itself Down Erdogan used to rely on Turkey’s best and brightest—until he replaced them with its worst and dimmest.

One Year On, Little to Show for Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy The Pentagon says the United States is winning the war, but after 17 years, there’s still no end in sight.

Jordan Can’t Keep Up Its Double Game

US cuts more than $200 million in aid to Palestinians

Another California Charter School Linked to Turkish Imam Under Investigation

Visa, Mastercard Block Donations To 'David Horowitz Freedom Center' After SPLC Labels Them A Hate Group "We can't process donations from any major credit card companies."

Friday, August 24, 2018

How many more citizens will be arrested for referring to “Muslims” and “paedophile rape gangs of young white girls” in the same sentence? .

BELGIUM: Why would anyone, especially women, ever volunteer to work in a Muslim migrant center? .

Iranian Muslim based in Canada gets 3 1/2 years prison for illegally exporting military tech to Iran

Muslim leader: Establishing an Islamic state “requires the conquest of America, Britain, Russia, France, and Italy”

CHINA: The one country where Muslims can’t get away with pulling their usual Muslim (“Pity me, I’m a victim of Islamophobia”) crap

German FM Proposes Cutting Cooperation with US, Opposes Sanctions on Iran – World’s Largest State Sponsor of Terror

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Michigan: Muslims arrested for female genital mutilation file request claiming law is unconstitutional

Now that Paris is bleeding 1.5 million tourists every year, French officials have an odd way of trying to win them back

No, Palestinian "Armed Struggle" Is Not Supported By International Law

GERMANY: Iranian Muslim attacker on the run after stabbing a woman to death

US Muslim soldier to plead guilty to aiding Islamic State, wanted to carry out jihad massacre at Army base

Muslim House IT staffer accused of “threatening integrity of information systems” avoids jail, has “suffered enough”

As Hajj Begins, Ayatollah Urges Pilgrims to ‘Ask Allah to Cut The Hands of the US’

US Troops to Remain in Iraq and Syria to Ensure ‘Enduring Defeat’ of ISIS

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Convoy of Conquest #12”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Victorious Operations in the Zabul Capital” by Aaron Y. Zelin

Report: SPLC, ‘Color of Change’ Played Role in Mastercard Blacklisting Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer

‘One Cannot Simply Wish Away 5 Million People’ The U.N. agency chief for Palestinian refugees warns funding cuts risk undermining Middle East stability.

China’s Mass Internment Camps Have No Clear End in Sight

Malaysia Can’t Decide if Zakir Naik Is a Preacher or a Terrorist The fiery Muslim teacher is wanted back home in India, but Malaysia won’t give him up.

Sweden rape: Most convicted attackers foreign-born, says TV

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: 'New audio message' from IS leader released

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Terrorisme : "L'Administration de la sauvagerie", le manuel du parfait jihadiste

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: „Release of Prisoners of War On the Occasion of ‘Īd in Ghazni”

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah meets with Houthi leadership

Sharia Law in Britain - Credlin August 14, 2018 (video)

Lawfirm Demands Emails from Minneapolis Public Schools Regarding Relationship with Terror-linked Islamic Org CAIR

‘White Whores’: Islam’s Unwavering View on Western Women

Hugh Fitzgerald: In Toronto, The Waterboarding of Free Speech

A Yemeni website posts educational materials used in summer camps operated by the Houthis in Yemen, which include invective against the U.S., the Jews and Israel.

One dead after suicide bomber PLOUGHS car filled with gas canisters RAMS into Dutch town hall

EXCLUSIVE: US tip-off helped Turkey target PKK leader in Sinjar

Hungary using starvation tactics against asylum-seekers

Scores of Migrants Storm Spanish Enclave's Border Defenses

The Battle of Yarmuk: History’s Most Consequential Muslim/Western Clash by Raymond Ibrahim

Two Men Accused of Spying for Iranian Regime on Potential Targets in US

AFTER DECLARING back in January 2018, that the so-called “refugee crisis” was worse than ever, United Nations Refugee Chief, Filippo Grandi, now says there is no “real” migrant crisis in Europe

“Your racism has no place here,” PM Justin Trudeau condescendingly snaps at Quebec woman who questions the $146 million of taxpayer dollars he spent on (mainly Muslim) illegal immigrants

NEVER AGAIN! Austria shuts down its borders to the Muslim invasion plaguing most of Western Europe ...

THE GAP MARKETING STRATEGY: Alienate a majority of your customers by pandering to Muslim women, most of whom would never be allowed to wear your clothes .

#SOROS Booted from ANOTHER Country: POLAND Deports Top Soros Organizer and Agitator Back to Ukraine

Pakistan: Muslims brutally beat Christian teen and leave him for dead after he beat a Muslim in arm-wrestling match

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ireland: Muslim gang targets women drinking in nightclubs for gang rape, Gardai on high alert

NO SOONER DOES SPAIN’s new socialist government start taking in hordes of illegal alien Muslim invaders posing as “refugees,” and things begin to go south

TOMMY ROBINSON reports that British ‘journalists’ are harassing his mother in front of his children

Muslims GANG-RAPE Christian teen girl, ‘you are a Christian women and its your punishment to be a Christian”

GERMANY: Somali Muslim asylum seeker stabs a doctor to death in front of the doctor’s 10-year-old daughter

North Carolina: ISIS-supporting Muslim immigrant gets 2 years then deportation for immigration and tax fraud

IN GERMANY, are those guns in the holsters of their police officers just for show?

FATAH: Mosque sermon calls on Allah to slay non-Muslims 'one by one'

Iran unveils new domestic fighter jet

Chechnya attacks carried out by children as young as 11, say officials

Afghanistan: Rockets hit near Kabul presidential palace

Exclusive: Pentagon raises alarm about sharp drop in Iraqi refugees coming to U.S.

U.S. officials confident drone strike killed chief al Qaeda bomb maker

This Week in Egypt: Week 33 ( August 13-19)

How Did Iran Win in Syria?

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Islamic Movement in US Preparing for Battle by Steve Amundson

Minnesota: 50,000 Muslims Expected at US Bank Stadium for 2 day festival of slaughter (EID) August 21-22

Respect Australia Rally - Sydney

BLOODBATH BRITAIN: Quadruple stabbing, DISEMBOWELLMENT, Crime Hits All-time HIGH, Prosecutions Plunge to All-time LOW

VIDEO: Las Vegas Officer Takes Down Shooter With 50-Yard Shot

Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) In 'Pakistan Is Ours' Statement: Pakistan Army Is Like Napoleon, Pakistan Is 'America's Grazing Field'

Iran to unveil new fighter jet and develop missiles

“I step on your cross”: Muslim leader in Australia says his group “not required to comply with Australian laws”

Robert Spencer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Islamic Slavery

Saudi Arabia Mecca Hajj Middle East 'Nap pods': futuristic sleep capsules welcome Hajj pilgrims

German Court: Bring Back Deported Jihadist

Convicted Muslim Pirates Who Hijacked German Ship Found Living in Germany On Benefits Unable To Be Deported

VICTORY! D.C. Circuit Rules in Our Favor: WMATA Free Speech Ban on AFDI Ads Faces Renewed Challenge

Iran general releases photo BLOWING UP the White House

People Should Be Afraid of What The Quran Says – Not The Bible by Steve Amundson

While Facebook BANS Pamela Geller, conservatives etc., Gaza jihadis RAISE TERROR FUNDS for Grad rockets on Facebook

EVIL: Minnesota Democrats endorse WOMEN BEATER Muslim Brotherhood DNC Chair Keith Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) despite multiple attack charges

WATCH VIDEO: Iranian woman confronts Muslim cleric after he tells her to ‘fix her hijab’ or she’ll get arrested

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON…Up from the ashes, Osama bin-Laden’s son will continue to advance his father’s legacy

Westminster vehicular jihad “not an act of terror”

UK: Muslim teacher who branded gays “animals” who should be “eradicated” is back in the classroom

Saturday, August 18, 2018


As He Begins His Second Term, Egyptian President El-Sisi Escalates Repression Of Critics

Massive Muslim Brotherhood Display of Power to Take Place in Minnesota

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Spokeswoman Once Argued Muslims Can’t Be President

Court Documents: ISIS Fighter Killed an Iraqi Police Officer Days After Being Approved for US Refugee Status

At Annual Caliphate Conference In Illinois, Haitham Ibn Thbait, Of U.S. Chapter Of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Warns Muslims Of 'Perils' Of Western Democracy: Our Children Become U.S. Soldiers, FBI Agents, Republicans, Democrats, And Gay

Burka Brawl: Britain Finally Standing Up to Islamism?

Children Allegedly Taught To Carry Out Terroristic Activity Labeled As Child Abuse

08/17 Links Pt2: Glick: Peter Beinart’s latest publicity stunt; Farrakhan the Fraud; FP Mag Does PR for UNRWA; The Corbyn Challenge for Progressives

The Elder of Ziyon Daily Aug. 18, 2018

Islamic Jihad’s DEEP Infiltration & Penetration Into The U.S. Via Political Office! What’s To Be Done?

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “The Conquest of Dih Yak”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Harvest of the Soldiers #3″

New issue of The Islamic State’s newsletter: “al-Nabā’ #144”

New issue of al-Qā’idah in the Indian Subcontinent’s magazine: “Nawaī Afghān Jihād Magazine – August 2018”

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām’s Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al-Shāmī: “Sorry Mecca”

Articles of the Week – 8/11-8/17

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Admiral who oversaw Bin Laden raid to Trump: 'Revoke my security clearance, as well'

Abbas Defies US Vows to Continue Paying Salaries to Terrorists Instead of Opening Schools

Kortunov: Don't base Russia-Turkey relations on mutual difficulties with US, build for the long term.

Swedish PM to immigrant arsonists: ‘what the hell are you up to?’

NYT Plays Identify Politics: Dem's ‘Remarkable Counterpoint to Anti-Muslim Policy and Sentiment’

Trump Will Regret Changing His Mind About Qatar The United States has the leverage needed to prevent Qatar from cozying up to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood—if it’s willing to use it.

IMAM at Manchester Muslim bomber’s MOSQUE called for ARMED JIHAD months before mass murder attack at Ariana Grande concert

BREAKING: ISIS Killer Caught in Sacramento

California: American Canyon proclaims August ‘Muslim American Appreciation and Awareness Month’

The Rise and Fall of Emmanuel Macron by Steve Amundson

‘ISIS is BACK’ - Terror group ready for WAR with 30,000 fighters according to UN report

VIDEO: Hizbullah Museum for Jihadi Tourism Displays Drones, Anti-Tank Missiles, Downed Israeli Chopper: There Is Much the Enemy Does Not Know

Beijing Rejects UN's Criticism of Its ‘Re-Education’ Camps for Muslim Uighurs

'He's quiet, kind, it's just an accident': Friend of Sudanese immigrant held over Westminster terror attack tells of his shock as man's family insist he is a 'normal person' with no fanatical ideas

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

CNN Accuses Trump of Calling U.K. Incident a Terror Attack ‘Before Officials in London’ Did. He Didn’t

Rev. Graham Slams Judge For Releasing 'Muslim Extremists' With Ankle Monitors

Deadly Kabul suicide bombing targets Shiite students preparing for exams

The Hamas-Tied Council on American Islamic Relations’ Bigoted Hate Report Author, Zainab Arain

California: Muslim Refugee Serving 25-Year Terrorism Sentence Gets Another 20 For Trying to Kill Prison Warden

Boris Johnson calls for ban on Ford Fiestas :)

Britain First not that fussed about Catholic paedophiles :)

MINNEOSTASTAN: Does the Somali Muslim man who just won the Democrat primary for a seat in the state legislature even speak English?

Hugh Fitzgerald: A “Vibrant” Muslim Community South of the Border, Down Mexico Way

London’s Khan Says BAN CARS From Parliament Square After London Jihad Terror Attack

Journalism jihad: Islamic surpemacist libels Jewish state, lies about fictional “interrogation”

The Martyrs of Otranto: Lessons from Christian Victims of Jihad by Raymond Ibrahim

Trump Blocks Fighter Jet Transfer Amid Deepening U.S.-Turkey Rift

Behind The Smoke Screen 2 (final version) (video)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bomb kills two in crowded Baghdad market: police

Taliban overrun Afghan army base, kill 17 troops,-kill-17-troops

U.S. Socialists Back Islamist-Linked Muslim Candidates In Michigan Primaries

Malta agrees to allow Aquarius migrant boat to dock

Horrifying details in investigation of devout Muslim compound conducting school-shooting training, defendants still freed on bail

Canada: Govt encourage hotels to impose “Sharia” swim times for refugee girls (VIDEO)

The United Nations Shares the Blame for Hamas’ Bloodshed

President Trump on London Jihad Attack: These ‘Animals’ Must Be Dealt With Through ‘Toughness and Strength’

Jordanian father convicted of two Houston-area ‘honor killings’ tells jury he treated his daughters ‘like princesses”

Iran: Mother Cries and Screams as the Sharia Police Torture her in Public - Why is the world silent?

Israel stops Germany backed building works in West Bank

Where has all the flour gone? The fake humanitarian UNRWA crisis The amount of funding UNRWA gets is enough to feed Gaza. Where has it disappeared?

The Jihad on Christianity: Then and Now by Raymond Ibrahim

Driver arrested on suspicion of terrorism after car crashes near UK parliament

Britain Suffers 15 Acid Attacks a Week, Most Taking Place in London

Sharia New Mexico: Islamic compound jihadis RELEASED on bond after charges of “Islamophobia” and “racism” (Islam is not a race)

Monday, August 13, 2018

BREAKING: Inferno in Sweden as youth gangs make coordinated arson attacks at three locations

On Hamas TV, Gaza Judge Omar Nofal Extolls Six Virtues Of Martyrdom, Says: Jihad In Palestine An Individual Duty Incumbent Upon All Muslims, Martyrs 'Married To 72 Virgins Of Paradise'

Nikki Haley slams the Muslims in Gaza "Stop hiding behind children when you attack Israel"

Frenemies: Iran and America since 1900

Iran bows under growing economic pressures

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Turkey

Posts on official Fatah Facebook page honor Kozo Okamoto, a Japanese terrorist who took part in the 1972 massacre at Israel's international airport.

Ex-girlfriend’s son says Dem Keith Ellison violently assaulted his mom. Says he has video evidence and abusive, threatening texts.

New British Police Boss: ‘We Are Failing the Public… And They Are Going to Suffer More And More’

Stan Lee denies that his latest creation, the Cosmic C*nt, is based on Tommy Robinson

Free Webinar August 15: Women and Sharia Crimes, Victims Speak Out!

TUNISIA: Wildly popular with Western EU tourists, socialist Tunisia is gradually turning into an Islamic welfare state

Muslim “refugee” couple arrested in Tucson on terror charges and immigration fraud

UK: Bus driver disciplined for asking Muslim woman to remove face veil

UK: Gas station forces motorcyclist to remove his helmet while Muslima in niqab filled up next to him

Muslim judo athlete gets fat to avoid match with Jewish opponent #IslamicJewhatred

Muslim Democrat Rashida Tlaib Celebrates Primary Win with Anti-Semitic Tweets

UK: Council drops bid to take children of two jihadis into care, children not “radicalized”

MINNESOTASTAN: At an event for two stealth extremist female Muslim candidates for Congress, Laura Loomer gets assaulted by one of them when she questions the woman’s pro-Hamas positions

Democratic Congressman and DNC Chair Keith Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) violently BEAT girlfriend

New release from Abū Ḥāzim al-Jazrāwī: “Until You Are Not Getting Lost”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Enemy Defeat in Ghazni”

Eye On Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: August 7

South Korea Is Going Crazy Over a Handful of Refugees Feminists, the young, and Islamophobes have allied against desperate Yemenis.

Somalia Is a Country Without an Army

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: „Education and Training #14“

This Week in Egypt: Week 32 ( August 6-12)

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Muslim convert admits London Oxford Street terror plot

Shapiro: Media outlets acting as propaganda arm for Hamas (video)

The Media is Diverting Your Attention From the 35 Known Jihadi Camps in America! You Should Be Asking, Why? Back in 2009, post 9/11, the above report on the jihadi training camps and the one below came out. However, I am not hearing anyone in the corporate run media raising any flags on this. Why? Only you can answer that. BRADLEE DEAN — AUGUST 10, 2018

Mom detained in Dubai after drinking complimentary glass of wine on Emirates flight #sharia

THE WEST’S DEFEAT - BY ITS OWN HAND How Jihadist ideology is gaining power through the back door -- and with our blessing.


My Breach with Islam By Amil Imani

Greatest Threat to Free Speech in the West: Criminalizing Activism Against Israeli Occupation :)

Fears new Muslim region in southern Philippines could spark Christian exodus

New video message from Hayy’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “Albanian Snipers in al-Shām”

New statement from Anṣār al-Sharī’ah in the Arabian Peninsula: “The Truth About What Happened in the Qayfah Region in Radā’ Between Anṣār al-Sharī’ah and the State Organization”

New release from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Abū ‘Abd Allah al-Mu’āfrī: “The Battle of Awareness #1: The War Upon the People of the Sunnah”

Europe: Prayer in Public Spaces

Germany and Spain reach agreement on migrant return

“Be Cursed Forever”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, January 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018

CAIR’s Latest Press Conference Showcases Its Muslim Brotherhood Ties

Robert Spencer: How the “Palestinians” Were Invented

TRIPLE MURDER: Spurned Muslim sets fire to 19-year-old Hindu mother, INFANT daughter, grandmother, all BURNED ALIVE

AMSTERDAM: Muslim pussy attacks a Dutch citizen with a metal rod, then tries to make himself the victim

USA Today shills for Sharia: “American Muslim women don’t need you to save them from Islam”

Elderly German man savagely attacked by six Muslim youths for no reason not allowed to call them Muslims

Chicago: Islamic State jihadi quietly released after FBI intervention found in minimum security jail

Singer and actress is ‘shot dead’ by her Muslim husband In yet another act of honor violence against female artists in Pakistan

Canada: Muslim stabber in army recruiting centre jihad attack released, allowed to attend Mohawk College

AP Jihad Propaganda: Islamic “Compound incident called anti-Muslim propaganda”

Islamic compound leader on radar of counterterror officials for 13 years on suspicion of jihad activity

Former Dutch MP commits suicide — was gang-raped by Muslims who asked her, “Do you respect Allah?”

UK: Muslim migrant who savagely raped 17-year-old virgin had history of sex attacks

New magazine from Jaysh al-Islām: “Nidā’ al-Masrā #3”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Harvest of the Soldiers #2″

New issue of The Islamic State’s newsletter: al-Nabā’ #143″

Articles of the Week – 8/4-8/10

Friday, August 10, 2018

Rowan Atkinson Backs Boris Johnson’s Right to ‘Cause Offence’ with ‘Funny’ Burqa Joke

Glazov Gang: They Tried to Kill Tommy Robinson by Jamie Glazov (video)

Hugh Fitzgerald: A Few (Jihad Terrorist) Individuals Of High Net Worth by Hugh Fitzgerald

Denmark: Imam defends himself against hate speech charges by calling for jihad against Israel by Robert Spencer

“Palestinian” “journalist” takes random baby photo from Instagram, claims baby was killed by Israel

Pro- “Palestinian” group disputes Booker’s claim that he didn’t know sign he was holding was anti-Israel by Robert Spencer

UK: Muslim migrant charged with sexually assaulting boy in McDonald’s men’s room

Video: Robert Spencer on 14 centuries of jihad and making the same mistakes over and over