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Monday, October 31, 2011

” RECOMMENDED READING “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Shrewd Election Tactics”

Qaradawi Wants Saudi Arabian Women To Drive

Halloween Muslim style

LCE and the Arab-Israeli conflict: Arab mothers are just like everyone

The Irish Eyes Not Smiling On Israel: Those of Old Anti-American Warhorse Michael D. Higgins

Gallup: Religion Still an Important Predictor of Political Preferences

Guest Translation: ‘Suicide may often be a crime of the group against the individual.’

Punjab: Christian lawmaker writes open letter to judge representing Mumtaz Qadri

Yemen Nobel peace prize winner described as criminal and traitor

What I Bet You Didn’t Know About the Christian Just War Tradition (III): Saint Ambrose’s Holy War Against Infidels

Travelogue: Sufi Shrines in Linxia, China’s “Little Mecca”

Birmingham researchers call for reform of UK counter-terrorism strategy

AQIm warns they will attack commercial aircraft

Podcast: Shaun Waterman, Hannah Stuart, Amb. Yoram Ettinger, Gordon Chang: Stuxnet attack on U.S.?

What is Wrong With Western Elites?

Tunisia Issues Warrant for Suha Arafat

Al-Arabiyya website

Israel and America are just full of surprises

Iranian Actress Spared Lashes

UNESCO affair was no favor from Obama

Battlefield 3 video game conditioning America’s youth for another war for Israel (against Iran)?!

For ‘Palestine’, all is permitted

Deadliest Afghan Bombing Points to Pakistan

The Enemy is Inside the Wire - Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Five Predator Strikes In Six Days! 4 More Taliban Left Wandering the Halls of Hell

State Department Flack Tacitly Concedes U.S. Opposition to Palestinian UNESCO Membership Stems From Protecting Israel

In Trial Defending Dearborn Non-Muslim Teacher By Debbie Schlussel

Al-Tuwaijri assures pilgrims of Civil Defense capability

Kent State University associate professor of history shouted “death to Israel”

On the 1279 anniversary of the Battle of Tours Part 7 of 8 by C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity

Islamic Slavery, Part 10: Sex-Slavery — Concubinage and Ghilman

Media whitewashes Tunisian leader Ghannouchi's Islamic supremacist, pro-jihad, pro-Sharia views

Shabaab Tape Calls for Attacks on U.S., Canada


The Hajj in the Year of Revolutions: The Pilgrims Assemble

'Hundreds' killed in Sudan clashes SPLM-North fighters killed in clashes with the Sudanese army, says South Kordofan governor.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Istanbul to Become a Mosque Again

The next Israel-Turkey crisis

London: Ahmadiyya youth raise money for British Legion

Amsterdam: Police looking for youth who threatened to kill a man for not fasting on Ramadan

Amsterdam: MP tells Kurds to denounce PKK

France: Dunkirk Islamic Council tells Muslims to pass on Eid sacrifice

Worth's Worthless History: Arab Revolt Lacks 'Standard-Bearer' Like Lenin or Mao

On Eid al-Adha, Sacrificial Animals in Pakistan Named after CIA Agent Raymond Davis, Mike Mullen and Bollywood Icons

Somali-American Suicide Bomber to Muslims in the West: 'Do Jihad in America, In Europe… Anywhere You Can Find Infidels'

New AQAP Video, Uploaded to YouTube before Its Official Release, Celebrates Victories over Yemeni Army in South Yemen

Cathlic U. responds to Muslim lawsuit on discrimination

Why Israel Dares not and U.S Will Not Strike Iran

U.S. Seeks Aid From Pakistan in Peace Effort

Attacks on Foreigners in Capital Get Afghan Faction’s Message Across

American Identified as Bomber in Attack on African Union in Somalia

Political Shift Seen in Rally in Pakistan

Life in Libya Under Qaddafi

Leading from Behind a Smart Move by U.S. in Libya

Iran - WORLD Iran Demands Apology From U.S. Over Claims It Was Involved in Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador

Libya's Prime Minister Confirms Presence of Chemical Weapons

Report: Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Deserves Credit For Gaddafi Ouster

Somali Muslims submit another Tyson plant to sharia

The Arab Spring and the Arab Bomb

Obama Is Isolating Israel by George Allen

Egyptian Army's Crimes .. Les Crimes de l'Armée Egyptienne

Jihad Used Grad Multiple Rocket Launchers Against South Israel

South African mercenaries helping Gaddafis son..Senoussi in Mali

The Dangers of a Premature Palestinian State: Lee Hiromoto’s Reflections

The Wedding: The Trigger That Started the Bosnian War & The Jasarevic Incident

Islamic Jihad’s Deadly Onslaught of Terror in Israel

Political Shift in Pakistan: Prospects of Imran Khan's Justice Party

Foreign Policy Success: Rising Al-Qaida's Flag

Netanyahu Threatens Gazans with Death - by Stephen Lendman

Syria Promises Response to Arab League Plan, Threatens ‘Volcano’ if Attacked

Bat Ye'or: an Egyptian Jew in exile

King Abdallah of Jordan on how no one trusts Obama's govt.

Barak Says, Unconvincingly, Israel Hasn’t Yet Decided to Attack Iran

The 'new' Libya: megalomania out, sharia in

Florida Tea Party Convention in Daytona Beach Organized by Pam Dahl, Tea Party Convention to Feature Anti-Muslim Extremist Pamela Geller

Does Koran contain the Big Bang Model as the Origin of the Universe? Part 1

Morning Brief: NATO ends its Libya campaign

From Carnegie: Nathan Brown on "Post-Revolutionary Al-Azhar"

(video) Australian Muslims recruiting for power – Sharia 5:38 “(thiefs) cut off his or her hands”

Awaiting moderate Muslimes to condemn this report...well?

Weekly Question: Does the media contribute to the violence from Gaza by presenting Palestinian aggression as a “cycle of violence”?

Libya militia 'terrorises' pro-Gaddafi town of Tawargha

“Son of Hamas” is NOT a supporter of Israel

Suicide assault team kills 5 people in attack on UN office in Kandahar

As Assad issues threats, the Arab League continues to mediate,-the-Arab-League-continues-to-mediate-23054.html

Preemptive Dhimmitude in New Zealand: “Hateful Comments Not Helpful”

Tashnaq Party expels Syrian Kurds from Burj Hammud

The ‘Jew Goal’

Geller’s Banned Speech in Houston, “Truth is the New Hate Speech” (video)

Jihad Jane plot details revealed: recruited men online to “wage violent jihad” in south Asia and Europe

Jordanians plan to sue Netanyahu

History haunts Egypt's revolution The Egyptian military's apparent reluctance to relinquish power has raised the spectre of what they did back in 1954

Somali suicide bomber from Minneapolis: “Do Jihad in America”

Walbridge on Rationalism in Islam

Why Capturing Kismayu Could Trigger Proxy Wars for Kenya

Sunday is Idul Adha, Nation’s Largest Islamic Groups Agree

Tunisia's Jews 'discouraged' after Islamic party win

USA/Islam: For U.S. Muslims, Work-Time Prayer a Struggle

Iranian VP Stresses Islamic Revolution's Inspirations for Regional Uprisings

UNESCO grants Palestinians full membership

Edmonton imam released after his arrest in Saudi Arabia

Gaddafi son should be tried in Libya first: minister

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: I Will Never Recognize a Jewish State; The Capturing of Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit Was a Good Thing

Gang rape: Fifth grader’s ‘rapists’ roam free

Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince Nayef: 5 Things to Know

Libya Lifts Ban on Polygamy as Fears Grow of an Islamic State

Saudi prince backs cleric's bounty for abduction of Israeli soldiers for prisoner exchanges, throws in $900,000 of his own

Turkey’s Third Wave – And the Coming Quest for Strategic Reassurance

Two arrested after Dutch pro-Turkish demo

Video: As Rome fell, so will Europe

Blair defends opening the door to mass migration and says it had a very positive impact on Britain Former PM said it was 'right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together

Which Emotional Strategies Influence Orthodox Muslims?

Lost honour - the story of the Sürücü

Zakir Naik gets Owned by a Christian

Daily Beast’s McKay Coppins Substitutes for CAIR to Incite Against Phares Jed Ipsen

Where are the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration Taking America? Dr. Essam Abdallah

WMD: Terrorists Join Organized Crime in Trafficking of Nuclear, Biological Materials

Our Libyan Adventure Qaddafi's dictatorship was preferable to an Islamist Libya - Andrew C. McCarthy

Whither the IDF? Caroline Glick

Iran leader says U.S. troop exit "golden" for Iraq

Palestinian Arab Aggression Will Never End - Victor Sharpe

Beyond the Arab Spring Lies Winter - John W. Miller

Islamists Establishing "Guilt" Through Lies - Gadi Adelman

Top Muslim Declares All Christians 'Infidels' by Raymond Ibrahim

Christians Are Experiencing Their Worst Time in Recent Centuries

The Colonization of the West - Sultan Knish

Setting the Record Straight on the U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

Deadliest Afghan Bombing Points to Pakistan

The UN’s Indifference to Dead Jews

Pino Jihada

Veracity, Mendacity – and Islam

Teaching Your Child to be a Dictator’s Lackey

America: Strengthened by Its Support of Israel

Obama Holds Netanyahu at ‘Gunpoint’

Bombs at Baghdad music shop kill 32, wound 71

Mali: Lawmaker known for criticizing country's inaction against al-Qaeda stopped in traffic and warned to be quiet

Bosnia: U.S. embassy jihadist says he misunderstood Islam all by himself

Christian Student Murdered By Muslim Classmates for Wearing a Cross: "The teacher nearly choked my son and Muslim students joined in the beating"

Hamas-tied CAIR Lies About Pamela Geller Florida Event

Police Raid Bosnia Village Home to Devout Muslims After US Embassy Attack

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Visits Hamas In Gaza; Likely Not The First Visit

RECOMMENDED READING: “Did The Libyan Leadership Deceive the West?”

Sweden: The Immigration Debate

Amsterdam: Moroccan, Jewish youth to clean up cemetery together

Bern: 'Jewish-star' anti-Islamophobia protest

Israel: Hamas has Qaddafi’s missiles

President Al-Assad: The dangers and repercussions of aggression against Syria or interference in its internal affairs

Neocon World War 3 Scenario? Rise of Sharia Rule in the Arab World Will Bring War

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Islam, Political Islam and America



Tale of post-9/11 paranoia digs deeper Battle over memorial design speaks volumes about human nature By Debby Waldman


Christiane Amanpour Asks Bachmann If She Would Have Wanted ‘Hundreds of Thousands of People Dead’ in Libya

Rogues gallery of terror-tied CAIR leaders

Immigrant faiths, U.S. change each other - Feisal Abdul Rauf

US embassy attack in Bosnia underscores radical Islamist threat in the Balkans

Critical Split: Sharia breeds anger in Germany (video)

Editors agree Press Union of Islamic World should have International Flavour

Good Muslim, American Muslim

Group hopes open house counters prejudices

Christians under threat as radical Islam spreads in 'New Middle East'

Islam In The Libyan Revolution – OpEd

Cartoons in Pakistani Dailies Look at U.S.-Pakistan Confrontation after U.S. Accusation of ISI-Haqqani Network Collaboration

Pakistani Columnist Marvi Sirmed Challenges Pro-Taliban Narrative in Pakistani Society

Sudan: For over 50 years blacks have been victims of brutal, racist Arab Muslim regimes

Abu Daoud, now on Scribd

Is it terrorism or mental illness?

Gilad Shalit - Who's Blurring the Lines?

Could We See World War Three in Our Lifetimes? By Adam Yoshida

Counter-Terrorism Agent Arrests Orange County Islamic Imam

The West is hijacking Arab revolutions to the benefit of Islamists

Libya: War Without End - by Stephen Lendman

Friends of Raed Salah: Is the Guardian a Newspaper?

Jewish pig farmer will put Tunisia to the test

IMU claims Panjshir attack carried out "in cooperation" with the Taliban

Ahmadinejad turns out a moderate

Israeli airstrike kills 1 in Gaza Strip

Gothenburg: Court bans niqab-wearing women

In Kabul, a bowling center offers respite from war

Cash for Crash - a New Form of Jizya

U.S. drones kill six in Pakistan

Israeli ex-soldier faces prison over leaks Anat Kamm sentenced to more than four years in jail for leaking documents linked to the killing of Palestinian fighters.

Assad warns against Western intervention in Syria

Gaddafi faked his death for an honorable reason,..Theory

Latest Israeli Academic Atrocities

Peres: Gaza Missiles on Israel a ‘Declaration of War’

Somalia: Jihadists post tape of American citizen jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber urging jihad attacks in U.S.

The Role of Qatari Troops in the so-called Libyan Revolution

U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq

How Ready Are We for Bioterrorism?

UK: “Jewish Homo Pig” MP has to run and hide from moderate mosqueteers

Shocking video of Egyptian armored-vehicle "mowing down" Christian civilians

Libyan demonstrators: "The Koran is the basis, and our constitution must be based on sharia"

Afghan Army trainee opens fire on his Australian trainers, murdering three

Islamophobic admission from Malaysian-Chinese political party: 'Hudud turns back the clock'

Contrary to interviewer's claims, Gilad Shalit was not examined by Red Cross doctors before interview on Egyptian TV

Muslim Group in Switzerland Protests Contrived "Islamophobia" by Insulting the Memory of Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

Iran officials pressure pastor, sentenced to die, to convert to Islam

War with Iran? A Warning to Patriots and Globalists

Saturday, October 29, 2011

U.S. lets $4 billion flow to Middle East, no questions asked

Video: Islamextremism in Flanders

Video: Pwnage olympics event 2 (Musical) - The Quran "Challange"

Iranian Assassination Plot Exposes Policy Flaws

Israelis hunger for media-written history We were told a new public discourse had been born, then the revolution was over then the next event arrived, and now we are awaiting the next excitement. By Yitzhak Laor

Learning about Islam in the Maldives

Must Kyrgyzstan Choose Between Islam and Stability?

Is Atheism the Solution to Religious Persecution in Egypt?

Academy told it can't promote Islam

Modernising Islam - William Gourlay

Audio: David Swanson on Radio Islam

Following the Shalit Deal - Hamas-Affiliated Columnists: There Will Be More Abductions; Fatah-Affiliated Website: Shalit a Monster Who Carried On the Legacy of His Ancestors, the Apes and Pigs; Al-Ahram: No to Further Abductions

Pakistani Daily: Afghan and Pakistani Taliban Recovering in Pakistan's Kharotabad Town

Reza Kahlili's "A Time to Betray" An exclusive interview and review Ruth King

Israel Insults Egypt After The Release of Shalit

Nigerian IIIT Officer Urges Freedom For Religious-Based Constitutions

Serbian Religious Dispute Settled Under Turkish Auspices

U.K.: "Two 18-year-old men from Cardiff" detained by Kenyan police while attempting to join Somali jihad

Sick: Egyptian TV interviewer asks Shalit in presence of armed Hamas men if he'll work for release of more Palestinian prisoners

Alongside Anti-Semitism, ‘Occupy Judaism’

Stuxnet Clone Found Possibly Preparing Power Plant Attacks

Better Than Them - Sultan Knish

Assessing Bahrain by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Obama's Violent Wars Against Third-World Secularism

Hijabi almost strangled to death after headscarf caught in dough mixer

Palestinian Arab Hatred and Jewish Israeli Insanity (video)

Jihadi Counter-Espionage Group Exposes 'Traitor' Who Allegedly Delivered Abu Al-Walid Al-Maqdisi to Hamas Authorities

Prominent Writer on Jihadi Forum Calls to Drag U.S. Ambassador to Yemen through Streets of San'a

In New Video, Abu Yahya Al-Libi Urges Algerians To Join The Mujahideen In Fighting France's Helpers In Algeria And To Expel Their Corrupt Regime

Suspected Texas Terror Plot a ‘Prank’?

Is U.S. Set to Invade Pakistan?

Peace in Our Time with Iran by Kenneth R. Timmerman

US Ambassador Says She Won’t Yet Meet With Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Syrian Official Says Hamas Funding Anti-Assad Groups In Europe

Is O getting tough enough on Iran? - Benny Avni

Trying to reason with Iran: Bam’s memo to the mullahs

Is Dr Shakir Going Over The Head of NATO?

IDF plans for Schalit rescue mission and celebs pay price for his release

Why a No-Fly Zone won’t Work in Syria

A Point in Time The Search for Redemption in this Life and the Next by David Horowitz

PIGMAN: Taking The War Into His Own Hands

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Speaks At OSCE Conference In Vienna On 28 October 2011

Revolutionary Guards’ New Slogan: Take Jerusalem Through Iraq

Israeli Journos Warn About Netanyahoo Lunacy Towards Iran

Say NO! to the Islamic Infiltration of Greek America

Common Logical Fallacies Made By Muslims

NYC’s Occupy Wall St: The Sharia Police, the Imam’s IslamoCON, and the Prayer…

Ahlam and Nezar, A Palestinian Couple Released in The Prisoner Exchange

AQAP claims media emir is alive

No exit date for Kenyan mission in Somalia Army says it has no withdrawal date for Somalia operations, as African Union base in Mogadishu comes under attack.

Ashdod Building Set On Fire By Fifth Jihad Islami Missile From Gaza After Chief Slain

Dr Samaya Farooq on BBC 4: Muslim Women's Basketball and Globalisation

Cops Raid Bosnian Muslim Village Linked to Gunman Mevlid Jasarevic Who Fired on U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo, 17 Muslims Arrested in Sandzak Serbia Linked to Plot.


The Silencers: In The DOJ & The Globalist Institutions Of Unaccountability

Guess Who Agrees With Judge Napolitano On The Iranian Plot To Kill The Saudi Ambassador….

Some basic facts on Hamas and missile launches into Israel


Harakat al-Shabab says Somali-American Killed in Brazen Assault on AMISOM Base in Mogadishu Today

Muslim Show of Force in Front of Swiss Parliament

The Obama Administration Discovers that the Palestinian Authority is Destroying the Peace Process By Barry Rubin

IDF Provokes New Wave of Violence in Gaza to Coincide With National Social Justice Protest

BREAKING: Attack In Kabul Story Has CHANGED - Now 5 ISAF Troops Are Now Reported Killed, NOT 13 American Troops

The End of Freedom of Expression in Europe

Ashkelon father killed in rocket barrage; PIJ video of new multiple launcher

Foreign Intervention: Debating the Taboo of the Syrian Opposition

16 Coalition Personnel Killed in Afghanistan Attacks

France: Muslims stone Catholic festival-goers

Lies Told About Israel Are Beyond Belief

The Shalit rescue mission and Aviv Zefet pays the price for Gilad

Islamic Grievance Theater in Berne, Switzerland

Female suicide bomber strikes in vicinity of ruling AK Party in Turkey

Soros helping Islam ‘look less radical’

Luxembourg boosts role as Europe's Islamic finance centre

Fears Sydney Muslim leader killed supporting rebel uprising in Libya

Malaysian Police Gives 'Defend Islam' Rally Green Light

Conversions to Islam threaten Pakistan’s “Macedonian” tribe

Documentary depicting true face of Islam released

Why Islam can let a church die

Is the Tea Party opposed to Islam?

New fatwa outlines Islam and American values

CAIR's Odd Stand on Iranian Assassination Plot - Steve Emerson

Ronald Reagan on the Global Jihad: "Worldwide Muslim Fundamentalist Revolution"

EXCLUSIVE: US OIC Special Envoy Joins U.S. Muslim Brotherhood At U.K. House Of Lords Event

Multiple honor killings in Canada: "God's curse on them for generations. May the devil ... (expletive) on their graves ... They betrayed Islam."

U.S. expects more plots from Iran's Quds Force

Pakistan: Tiny community of pre-Islamic religion faces threat of conversion through coercion, treachery

Yemen’s Nobel Laureate Faces Questions about Muslim Brotherhood What does Tawakkol Karman’s membership in Islah say about her commitment to freedom?

Islamic Speech Police Lobby Eric Holder’s DOJ

Muslim bullies shroud the true face of 9/11

Germany hopes for new era of peace, democracy in Libya

Noorzai brothers acquire millions for Taliban

First halal mozzarella presented in Campania 'Step forward for integration,' says Naples imam

Brierfield men charged with child sex offences

Review: The Closing of the Muslim Mind How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis by Robert R. Reilly

Paul R. Pillar's Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy: Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform - Alyssa A. Lappen

Why Democracy Is Dangerous for the 'Arab Spring' - Frank Salvato

The Sharia-Math of Public Beheading - Hasan Mahmud

Is Human Violence Really on the Wane? Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

Iran's War to Win - Caroline Glick

Islam: A complete religion By Mohammed Aqil

US Muslim Student Denied Parade over Hijab

Haj, ‘Islam Politiek’ and national awakening

Canada: Father accused in multiple honor killings says "Were they to come to life, I would do it again"

Michael Coren on Pam Geller's cancelled Hyatt Place Houston event (video)

Egypt’s Mythical ‘Foreign Hands’ Anything negative, like the recent slaughter of Christians, is blamed by the government on "foreign powers."

Opinion: Does the West hate Islam? By Idris Tawfiq - The Egyptian Gazette

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Islam and Islamists

SCOOP: Obama Administration Does it Again!: Empowers Largely Islamist Leadership for Syrian Revolution By Barry Rubin

Quebec Muslima Charged with trying to export assault rifle parts to Lebanon

Largest fraud in history of Iran, 341 Shiite scholars accused, Ahmadinejad threatens suicide…

Black Magic Widespread In Islam

Ingrid Mattson: A Case Study in Stealth Jihad - Bruce Bawer

Growing Cases of Forced Child Marriages in Pakistani Society

Many Schools Don't Teach About 9/11

Unfreezing Arab history

Will Nouri al-Maliki Survive His Second Term In Office? by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Is the Obama Administration Betraying the Syrian Democratic Revolution? By Barry Rubin

Judge in Fort Hood case says jihad attack “had no noticeable impact (on me)”

UK: Child abuse claims at madrassas 'tip of iceberg'

Sweden: Imam's on-air death threat 'not hate speech'

Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S.: Karzai

US teen charged in ‘Jihad Jane’ terror plot