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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Egypt’s Tahrir Square Set To Explode Over Protest Of Hated Leader Mursi

Cultural Engagement Key to Improving US-Iran Relations – Report

Shias: The Arab Spring's Latest Victims by Raymond Ibrahim

New statement from Mujāhidīn of Indonesia Timur: “Regarding The Martyrdom Operation On the Police Office in the City of Poso in Central Sulawesi”

Israeli to al-Jazeera host: “We were here when your forefathers were drinking wine, burying their daughters alive and worshipping idols”

Audio: The Blind Sheikh, Benghazi and the Case FOR Impeachment on today’s Ben Barrack show

Fursān al-Balāgh Media presents a new article from Abū Nusaybah al-Maqdisī: “Warding Off Suspicions About the Manhaj of Tawḥīd and Jihād: ‘Innocence of Jihādīs From the Manhaj of the Khārijīs”

Muslim Abduction of a Young Girl in India

Muslim Call to Prayer in Front of the Houses of Parliament

Newly-Appointed UN Counter-Terrorism Chief Believes "Hamas is Not a Terrorist Organization"

Released prisoner sets himself on fire because his free terrorist benefits were late

Muslim Brotherhood says HQ under attack as hundreds of thousands of Egyptians stream onto the streets

Of course: 'Palestinians' blame Israel for Kerry failure

Egypt: Millions protest Muslim Brotherhood government, demand Morsi's ouster

Muslim graves at a Newport cemetery have been desecrated with racist graffiti

A Bright American Jew Follows Islam’s (And The U.S. State Department’s) Big Lie – To His Death

Obama to Save Presidency by Bombing Iran? Round Two

ZOA Concerned by Jewish Groups’ Criticism of Opposition to Two-State Solution

Netanyahu: Peace Agreement With PA Would Need Approval of Israeli People

Rīyyāḥ Media Foundation presents a new statement from Ma’sadat al-Mujāhidīn: “Denying Responsibility for the Threatening Statement of Muḥammad ‘Assāf”

Ḥunafā’ presents a new video message from the The Caucasus Emirate’s Dokku Umarov: “Appeal To The Relatives Of The Mujāhidīn”

New series of tweets from Abū Sa’d al ‘Āmilī: “In Support of Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn”

‘Ā’ishah Media Center presents a new statement from Minbar Ahl al-Sunnah wa-l-Jamā’ah in Lebanon: “Statement #1″

ew statement from the Jihādī Current in al-Sharqīyyah: “Warning to the Thugs, Wildings, and Criminals [Who Plan] To Attack Any Muslims in Egypt”

Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “The Express Mail of the Turkistān Mujāhidīn #3″

al-Andalus Media presents a new article from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghrib’s Shaykh Aḥmad Abū ‘Abd al-Ilah al-Jījilī: “Obama: The Victim And The Executioner”

Jordanian MP Who Burned Israeli Flag While In Jordanian Parliament Whines About US Military Base Being In Jordan

Shias: The Arab Spring's Latest Victims

A Kingdom Divided: Sunni-Shiite War Spills Over Onto The Streets Of Australia, ‘It’s Very Frightening, What Is Happening’

What the U.S. Does Not Want to Know About Abbas

The Beginning and End of American Exceptionalism: A Theo-Political Analysis

Banker supports taxes for jihad

Can Indians, Muslims forget Gujarat riots, get over the 2002 communal carnage?

As Slander and Hatred Mount: Where is the Rallying for Israel

Syrian Priest Francois Murad Beheaded by Muslims

A Young Jewish Man’s Lethal Arab Spring Delusion

This is Evil islam. What about it Do You Not Understand?

Real-life ‘Homeland’: American Taliban hostage suspected to been brainwashed

Bloodshed in Arab world means reduced threats to Israel, as least for now

Bulgaria: Additional Evidence Connects Hezbollah to Burgas Bombing

The World from Here: Kurds, Jews and a new Mideast

Is Netanyahu planning a unilateral move?

MK: Want Peace? Ignore Abbas’ Demands

Sinai Continues to Simmer, Threatens to Boil Over on June 30

Hamas Military Wing Boasts About Israeli Kidnapped Soldiers

Danny Danon: ‘Many Arrests’ in Bethlehem Counter-Terror

New al Qaeda video features magazine editor, discussion of Arab Spring

Hackers' Jihad Attacks from Mauritania

al-Andalus Media presents a new article from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghrib’s The Muslim Africa Blog’s Abū al-Ashbāl Sa’īd Ibn Manṣūr al-Maghribī (Sa’īd al-Muhājir): “Words for Muslim Women”

Egypt Braces For Mass Protests

French Butcher Terrorized, Driven Out by Muslims Because he Sold Pork

Violence Continues in Muslim Enclave in China

Femen Activists Bare Breasts Inside of Swedish Mosque

Three German Aid Workers Kidnapped in Syra

California School Defends Right to have Robert Spencer as Conference Speaker

Pakistani Christian Girl Falsely Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan, Now in Canada

Boston Bomber Indicted, Holder has Final Say on Execution

When I posted this video on June 26th, I was unaware that the three people savagely beheaded by Obama-backed Syrian jihadists were all Christians

TENNESSEE: Memphis imam says, “Christians and Jews are a filthy, impure, and dirty substance”

UK Bans Thought Criminals For Criticizing Extremist Islam

A new face of British Islam is rising. It needs your help

US Muslim Youth Tackle Identity Challenges

Nigerian troops committing atrocities in fight against Islamic uprising - report

Phuket Opinion: Promoting Islam for Phuket youths, tourists

American student from Maryland stabbed to death by Muslims during Egyptian protest

Fools Rush In Where Statesmen Fear to Tread By Barry Rubin

The 'Sex Jihad' by Raymond Ibrahim

UNESCO's bigotry against Jews

‘Waist’ of money at Guantanamo Bay as detainees get prison’s ‘infidel’ gym replaced

Tennessee imams curse Christians and Jews (audio)

Tennessee imams curse Christians and Jews (audio)

Articles In Urdu Daily: 'Last Hiccups Of Secularism In Turkey'; 'The Onslaught Of Western Culture And Civilization … Has Changed The [Turkish] National Culture'

Egyptian Clerics Express Joy at Murder of Four Shiites in Egypt

Former Egyptian Soccer Star Ahmed Shobair Slams MB over Murder of Shiites

Egyptian Women Demonstrate against Morsi: Mubarak the Pilot Was Replaced by an Ass (video)

Egyptian TV Host Resigns on Air to Protest Government Censorship (video)

Ahead Of June 30 Protests, Egyptian Opposition And Media Attack U.S. Ambassador To Egypt, Accusing Her Of Taking Sides In Support Of Muslim Brotherhood And President Mursi

Sharia Contolled Zone Enforced Protected by British Police - Arrests British Citizens

Back to the Margins

Taking Outsize Role in Syria, Qatar Funnels Arms to Rebels

Christian Persecution In Cyprus

Full video: EDL's Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll assaulted, then arrested during charity walk in Woolwich

Glimpse of England's future: Pakistani Christian woman to be held two more years in prison before she can appeal "blasphemy" conviction

Pakistani girl jailed for blasphemy now in Canada


Iraq Christians Fear More Violence After Church Attacks, Killings

WESTMINSTER ABBEY: Let the head banging begin

TENNESSEE: Muslim man kills wife, flees back to Egypt with his two young daughters

Radical Islam grows in Zanzibar

Charlie Hebdo publishes second “Life of Muhammad” comic

Obama says embassy security a ‘priority’ in Egypt

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why Are Millions Of Egyptians Signing Petitions To Remove Morsi, While Obama Is Supporting Him?

The culture of Islam

Islam is incompatible with Christianity

Research reveals HALF of all Britain's mosques have been attacked since 9/11 as anti-Islam violence spreads

Six Taliban Suffer From Premature.....Detonation

Kurdish protester's killing fuels anti-government march in Istanbul

New statement from Shamūkh al-Islām Forum: “Important: About the Current Events in the Land of Somalia”

Just when you think Great Britain couldn’t sink any lower, somebody hands them a shovel

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Jihad-praising Imam Booted by Illinois State Police

Kerry pushing Israel, Palestinians to resume talks

Saeb Erekat confirms that he is still the top PA buffoon and that no one shines in the job more than he does

Arab Spring Prompts Arab-Israeli Christians to Reevaluate Israel

Al-Shabab fighters killed in factional feud

Melanie Phillips, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, The EDL, and The British Controversy

(Video) Beheading of Christian Clergyman Raises Further Questions about Arming the “Syrian Rebels”

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Jihad-praising Imam Booted by Illinois State Police

Tommy Robinson & Kevin Carroll of the EDL assaulted then arrested during...

Pakistan: Christian Woman On Death Row For ‘Blaspheming’ Mohammed Forced To Remain In Prison For At Least 2 More Years

Hindu Temple Desecrated by Muslims in Bangladesh

al-Andalus Media presents a new article from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghrib’s The Muslim Africa Blog’s Abū al-Ashbāl Sa’īd Ibn Manṣūr al-Maghribī (Sa’īd al-Muhājir): “Words for Muslim Women”

EDL’s Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll released on bail, after being arrested for walking in the street

TEXAS: Palestinian student coerces high school into allowing her to carry an Islamic flag at her graduation

Dhimmi Bloomberg bows down to the Islamofascists AGAIN!

The Egyptian People Proclaim Obama Supports Terrorism

I’d put this one on a NO-FLY list, too. Wouldn’t you?

TEXAS: Palestinian student coerces high school into allowing her to carry an Islamic flag at her graduation

Naghmeh Abedini: ‘God, Not Iran, Will Free Saeed’ #savesaeed

Again, Another Reason There Are 20 Million Illegal Aliens In The United States

The Effect of the Conflict on Syrian Banking and Economy

Alabama mosque facing opposition alma mater of 3 indicted terrorists incl FBI’s Most Wanted

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Battle of the Liberation of the al-Khazān and al-Banāyyāt Checkpoints in Dar’ā”

"The Innocence of Islamic Jihad"

Understanding Calls To A Caliphate – OpEd

Iran Says All Nations Must Be Provided With Safe Nuclear Technology

Iran Viewpoint: Interactive Moderation Discourse In Iran’s Foreign Policy – OpEd

The Case For Taliban Talks – Analysis

US Should Warn Egyptian President Morsi Against Crackdown – Analysis

Rethinking US Counter-Terrorism Policy – Analysis

C.I.A. Report Finds Concerns With Ties to New York Police

Young American Jew Killed During Protests in Egypt

Eight Soldiers Killed by Muslim IED in Thailand

Anti-Semitic U.N Honors Saudi Prince for Work on ‘Palestinian’ Projects

U.S. Military Steps up Africa Focus

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Syria – Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front Beheads Christian Priest and Man

Suicide bomber kills 4 in Christian neighborhood in Damascus

“Support of gunmen by the west is helping extremists in killing Syrians”

The mood in Cairo

Will June 30 be midnight for Morsi's Cinderella story?

U.S. prison warden: Muslim prayers led to Muslim gangs

Sharia Rules (no longer great) Britain - David Wood (video)

Notorious Skaf gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi set for jail release

al-Fārūq Foundation for Media Production presents a new article from Abū al-Ṭayyīb Ibrāhīm: “The Pearl of Tawḥīd ‘Lā Ilah Ilā Allah’ #4: Meeting of Education and Teaching”

Friday, June 28, 2013

OFF WITH HER HEAD! She used the “F” word 12 times to a Muslim cab driver

Huma Abedin teams up with sister Heba in ‘Women for Weiner’ Fundraiser

Should Congress Declare War on Egypt?

Jews from Muslim Lands: The Forgotten Refugees of 1948

Anti-Islamist Activist Hirsi Ali: Arab Leaders Believe ‘Reaching a Two-State Solution is to Betray God’

Blogger Spearheads Petition Urging Human Rights Groups to Condemn Anti-Semitic TV Show

Jimmy Carter claims Christianity treats women as badly as Islam does

You Decide: Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster

EGYPT: Deadly violence breaks out after Morsi’s nearly 3-hour speech does nothing to appease the opposition

al-Katāi’b Media presents twenty-nine new reports from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn

CONGRATULATIONS CANADA on your victory for free speech

Did the UK Metropolitan police ban the EDL walk for charity to Woolwich tomorrow because they’re afraid Muslims will behead Tommy Robinson?

al-Andalus Media presents a new article from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghrib’s Shaykh Abū ‘Abd al-Ilah Aḥmad al-Jījilī: “Ceuta and Melilla: Tribunals of the Inquisition Again Have Been Erected Against Muslims”

The answer is 99.9% likely to be a resounding YES!

Fatah: Pakistan ranks as ground zero for terrorism

Islamists, anti-Morsi protesters end week on alarming note

Frequent border closures add to Gaza gas woes

Syrian rebels capture major checkpoint in south

As-Saḥāb Media presents a new article from al-Qā’idah’s Ustāẓ Aḥmad Fārūq: “The Maytrs of Shergarh Are Also Our Martyrs”

Islamists the Biggest Terror Threat to U.S.: Poll by Daniel Pipes

Iran, Russia and China Actively Conspire To Support Syria

Both Israeli chief rabbis cancel on the Archbishop of Canterbury

Russian Lawmakers Work on Proposal to End Violence Against Christians in Syria

Norwegian family speaks out on living with multiculture: "Robbed again!"

Beyond the Religion-Secular divide in Occupy Gezi and a paper on Turkish University Students

Melanie Phillips sends the enemies of the United Kingdom the message that they have it on the run

Frank Gaffney radio show: Congressman Jeff Duncan, Bill Gertz, John Bolton, Diana West on immigration, Edward Snowden, Samantha Power, the Muslim Brotherhood et al.

This Is Why Women Should Never Get In A Taxi They Haven’t Pre Booked. Taxi RapeJihad

Why Israel should annex Area C

Ongoing Litigation Exposes CAIR’s Massive Web of Fraud and Deceit

Report: Israeli, Palestinian Authority Officials Hold Secret Talks Over Pre-Oslo Convicts

UK Magazine: Forget About ‘Islamophobia’ Let’s Tackle Islamism, ‘It Is Time To Unfold The Lie’

New book recounts living faith of Palestinian Christians

Egypt's clerics warn of 'civil war,' as one killed, 70 injured in Alexandria clashes

Dozens of Azeri Activists Arrested in Iran

Obama Administration To Spend $771 Million On Planes Afghans Can’t Use

Syria update: Two more Christians murdered but U.S. support of "rebels" continues

Hindu Women Abused by Muslim Police in West Bengal

Let Geller in! The British government's decision to ban the activist is a win for Islamophobia and a loss for free speech By Alex Seitz-Wald

And you thought it was only the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood who were buying influence in Western institutions of (leftist) higher learning

As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah’s Shaykh Ḥussām ‘Abd al-Ra’ūf: “Message to the Ummah”

The Making Of A Foreign Jihadi Convert Fighting in Syria

Not only are the people of DuPage, IL County being forced to allow an Islamic Indoctrination Center which will negatively affect their property values…

Is Israel Ready to Attack Iran?

Islam, Rape and Theology

THEY ADMIT IT: Islam is not merely an idea

Dr. Matusitz Humiliates Islamic Intimidation Group CAIR

Boston Imam Shared Ties with Senior Al-Qaeda Operative

Egyptians Strive to End Morsi Era: Muslim Brotherhood Frantic to Save the Caliph

It’s Time to Tell the Truth About the “Peace Process” "He who tells the truth is driven from nine villages."-- Turkish proverb By Barry Rubin

Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “The Express Mail of the Turkistān Mujāhidīn #2”

Sharia org of North America, ISNA, holding conference in Tampa on June 29th

Theodore Shoebat’s Theory On Heresy

Another White House Play Date with Muslim Jihad

U.S. Afghan Envoy Expects Taliban to Continue Attacks Alongside Talks

IDF and Palestinian Medics Team Up

Does Islam Mandate Warfare Against Non-Muslims?

CAIR Launches Campaign Against Florida Professor

Swedish Court Hands Out Light Sentence to Muslim Teen Rapists Statistics show that due to immigration, a Swedish woman now has a one in four chance of being raped in her lifetime.

NY Times 'Model Muslim' Endorses Sharia for America

FBI's Most-Wanted Ads Blocked by Muslim Brotherhood Group

CIA moving arms to Jordan for Syria’s militants, report says

Security Council extends UN force in Golan Heights, calling for greater support

Morsi's year

This Ramadan, your generous donation can help a Muslim convert in prison learn how to become a full-fledged jihadi by the time he is released

Gee, I wonder why JP Morgan Chase has been closing Arab and Muslim bank accounts in Michigan?

I Miss Saddam

Iran: Syrian crisis prelude to coming of Mahdi

Hope and Change with Rouhani?

Lebanese Canadian bank to pay U.S. $102M in Hezbollah money laundering scheme

US troops being deployed to Egypt “not armed with military operations gear”

Louisiana: Muslim caught at airport with loaded gun in backpack

Bahrain lashes out at US after torture investigation request

Polygamists hope Supreme Court rulings will pave way to decriminalization

Israel becomes world’s 6th largest arms exporter: Report

Ex-terrorist: Al-Nusra leader in Syria is a CIA operative

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awww…Missouri Muslim refused service at Credit Union because she wouldn’t remove her headbag

Egyptians brace for weekend of protests

Obama to Save Presidency by Bombing Iran? Round Two by Daniel Pipes

Pakistan: Death Threat to LEAD’s Director, Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill

U.S. disrupts al-Qaeda’s online magazine

Mossad Abducts a Palestinian in Egypt

Education in Afghanistan – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Q&A: How One Woman Demands Answers and an End to FGM

From Salafism to jihadism

Do Muslims Worship Their Moon God in Ramadan?

Syndrome of Iranians’ Submission to Islam

Mypeace organisation launches TV commercial to improve image of Islam in Australia

Suspect in Boston Marathon bombing indicted

IAF hits Gaza targets in response to rocket fire

Muhajireen Army uses BMP to launch suicide assault on Aleppo airport

Muhajireen Army fires on Syrian helicopter with surface-to-air missile

Online jihadists discuss fate of al Qaeda operative held by Saudi Arabia Read more:

26% Of Obama Voters See Tea Party As Biggest Terror Threat

Netanyahu Ready to Give Up 90% of Judea and Samaria

Netanyahu: Peace Agreement Won’t Eliminate ‘Wild Defamation of Jewish State’

Ha’aretz Columnist: ‘Benjamin Netanyahu Was Right’ on Iran

Frank Gaffney radio hour: Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin, Christian Whiton, Mark Schneider, Fred Fleitz on Edward Snowden, Obama, Christians in the military et al.

Suicide Bombing near the Maryamiyya Cathedral-- Patriarch John X is Safe

French Equate Suicide Bombers to French Resistance

Myanmar Bans TIME Magazine Issue

Abu Dhabi builds its own "Dome of the Rock"

The Economist on Arabic Dialects -

Osama Abdullah Debated Sam Shamoun on Prophet Muhammad (p)

How Hezbollah Funds Terror: Illicit Drugs and Money Laundering

The “Two State” Solution: Peering Through The BINOCULARS of A Palestinian Intelligence Officer – Embedded Pictorials

Mothers, Brainwashed Wives and Tomboys: Muslim Women in Armed Conflict

Feds disclose plot against stock exchange

The Speech That Got Robert Spencer Banned From The UK

Oxford Muslim Grooming Gang – Dogar Brothers Get Life Sentences

Sunni Muslims Are Literally Allowed To Pray On The Asses Of Other Men

Deprivation, despair at a migrant dead-end in Yemen

Ethiopia: Muslim Officials Charge Evangelist With ‘Terrorism And Treason’ For Discussing Islam From A Christian Perspecive

OKLAHOMA: You finally passed the ‘anti-sharia’ bill but CAIR is still indoctrinating future jihadists of America right under your nose

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party asks Dutch government to stand for freedom of speech, protest UK ban of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

War of Psalm 83: The Big Controversy

The US Congress is funding a hate mechanism called the Palestinian Authority

Another pro-jihad free speech assault, another petition

British pol Tony Lloyd libels Spencer and Geller, incites hatred and violence

Syrian Cleric: Christians Now Obligated To Pay Jizya Tax

“Arab Spring” Detrimental To Christians

More Than One Million Christians Have Left Iraq Since 2003

“After he refused to renounce his faith … They slit his throat with sharp objects”

Christians Persecuted In Iraqi Despite New Constitution

Syrian Christians Take Up Arms And Fight Back

Christians Will Be Massacred If Assad Goes

North American Infidel (NAI) Victory over Islamic Jew Haters!

Turkey Investigates Social Media Postings That Allegedly Insult Officials

Here’s One Place McDonald’s Won’t Open a Restaurant

Six new statements from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah

Ahead Of June 30 Protests, Egyptian Opposition And Media Attack U.S. Ambassador To Egypt, Accusing Her Of Taking Sides In Support Of Muslim Brotherhood And President Mursi

Putin Succeeds in Getting Kyrgyzstan to Close a Key U.S. Airbase

Pentagon submits to Islam, forces Air Force to remove video that might offend Muslims

Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller BANNED from Entering Britain

New Hamas Video Takes Pride in the Kidnapping of Israeli Soldiers (with video)

Defense Attorneys Seek New Trial for Money-Laundering Imam

Topless Protesters – Femen – Released from Tunisian Prison

Shh! White House Hosts Israel-Hating ‘Radical’ Muslim

Saudi ‘Religious Police’ – Hilarity from the Land of Mohammad – 5 Articles

Musings of an Iraqi Brasenostril on Jihad: Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham: Deir ez-Zor and the wider east of Syria

Obama say’s he won’t force mosques to hold gay weddings….

Hassan Rouhani: Moderate Monster — on The Glazov Gang

Islamophilia Unmasked

Why Bahrain’s Al-Khalifa Family Is Losing the Right to Rule

UNRWA Welcomes Singer, Mohammad Assaf

The Murder Of Father Franҫois Mourad

British Ban now International Incident

Obama Questioned over Decision to Arm Syrian ‘Rebels’

General Dempsey Recommends that the U.S Bolsters Lebanon, Iraq Forces

General Dempsey Recommends that the U.S Bolsters Lebanon, Iraq Forces

Jordan's King Abdullah Warns of Syrian War Expanding Into a Regional War

See, this is why the people of England need their own 2nd Amendment

Where is Nanny Bloomberg when you need him?

On Iran, Ross Still Knows Best

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Muḥammad Suhayl Shāhīn: “Our Stance Concerning the Flag and Name Remains Unchanged”

Eyes on Iran: President-elect Hasan Rouhani touts direct nuclear talks with U.S.

Kissinger says US media lying about Syria

U.S. State Department Debunks Iranian Latin American Terrorism Links

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tariq Ramadan more honest about Benghazi than Obama administration?

Video: Anwar Al Awlaki explains how Muslims see their Prophecies coming to pass

Well, well, looks like Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi WAS directly involved with the attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans

Azerbaijan Stirred, Not Shaken By Turkey’s Protests

12 killed as Pakistani Taliban target antiterrorism judge in Karachi

‘Umar Studio presents a new video message from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Orakzai #3″

Once again, terror-linked CAIR shows its true colors – standing up for the so-called ‘rights’ of Islamic terrorists

Mother, two daughters honor murdered over video of them enjoying the rain

Taliban’s Divided Tactics Raise Doubts Over Talks

Judge Ends Imam's Lawsuit Triggered by IPT Report

Did NSA leaks help al Qaeda?

Muslims plan to hijack this coming 4th of July in Florida, too!

al-Katāi’b Media presents a new video message from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn: “Series: Punish Them Severely to Disperse Those Who Are Behind Them, Part 3”

UK: Swastikas and ‘EDL’ graffiti on Redditch mosque called ‘racist’ attack

Wael Ghonim asks Morsi to step down

Muslim Jailed for 30 Years for Attack on Couple and Brutal Rape of Woman in Tel Aviv