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Friday, May 31, 2013

Frank Gaffney radio hour: Joe Rosenthal on the Jihadist Plot

Florida School Tells Students That Terrorists Suffer from Low Self-Esteem

Mental illness of Muslim terrorists could soon be ‘cured’ by science, neurologist claims

Memoir challenges stereotypes of Arab women

‘Turkish Summer’? Fiercest Anti-Government Protests In Years Erupt In Istanbul, Scores Wounded After Police Attempt To Disperse Demonstrators

Clothing Store Owner Ordered To Remove T-shirt With Slogan "Obey Our Laws,Respect Our Beliefs Or Get Out Of Our Country" From His Shop Window Or Be Arrested(UK)

al-Murābiṭīn Foundation for Media Production presents a new statement from Jamā’at at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād Fī Gharb Ifrīqīyyā: “The Outcome of the Recent Military Operations”

New statement from Anṣār al-Islām: “Message to the Leaders of Jihād in Syria”

Hizbollah a threat to Lebanon's Syria 'disassociation' policy, says Mikati

Colon cancer: “A catastrophe for families” in Egypt

Who knew? There’s an Arabic version of comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’ (video)

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don’t want the government spying on you (and they include ‘pork’, ‘cloud’ and ‘Mexico’)

British Soldier Lee Rigby’s Muslim jihadist killer seen spewing hatred in a 2010 English Defence League video

Netanyahu Warns Putin: Israel Would Destroy S-300 Missiles – Report

SEC Decision Sets Creative Precedent to Block BDS Motions – Legal Analysts

So, whatever happened to “Allah will provide?”

Funny interview by Western woman with Arabs (video)

Labayk Media Foundation presents a new article from Shaykh Abū Salmān al-Ṣūmālī: “Say Right in the Story of Ḥāṭib”

American Carol: funny terrorist attack (video)

IW News Brief: Fort Hood Fiasco, UK Jihad Denial, and More

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād presents a new Fatwā from Shaykh Abū al-Mundhir al-Shinqīṭī: “Is It Permissible To Me To Enforce Martyrdom Operations Upon the Communities of Ḥizb Allah al-Rāfiḍī?”

al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s al-Malāḥim Media releases Inspire Magazine Issue #11

Foreign Aid Is Afghanistan’s Resource Curse – OpEd

Ralph Nader: Kerry Should Get Israeli Peace Leaders Before Congress – OpEd

Iranian-American Sentenced In Plot To Kill Saudi Arabian Ambassador In US

UK: Police handcuff and arrest 85-year-old woman for offending Muslims

Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on arming the Syrian jihadists and more (video)

Israel ranks 19th in competitiveness

Hamas Official: 'Islamization' A Western Media Smear

Israel: Hundreds of Soldiers Arrest Top Arab Troublemakers

Bashar al-Assad: Next Time, We'll Bomb Israel

We cannot have a terrorist state on our doorstep'

'Palestinian' refugees from Syria burn Hezbullah aid

New article Ḥāmid Bin ‘Abdullah al ‘Alī: “Refutation of Those Describing the Jihād of the Ummah in al-Shām As Fitnah”

Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī’s [Turkistan Islamic Party] Abū Muḥammad al-Turkī: “Khuṭbah ‘Īd al ‘Aḍḥā”

New release “Biography of the Martyred Figures in East Africa #9: ‘Uqbah al-Sūdānī”

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād presents a new release from Abū Muḥammad al-Maqdisī: “Answer of the Question in the Questions of the Calamity”

Meet the 70-Year-Old Israeli Woman who Stands Up to Muslim Thugs

Obama Moves From the “Five Pillars” to the “Sword and the Shield”

Cultural suicide by Europe and the Democrats Have the leaders of the Democratic Party joined the 'Suicide of the West'?

One Country, Two Religions And Three Very Telling Pictures: The Empty Pews At Churches Just Yards From An Overcrowded Mosque

‘Umar Studio presents a new issue of the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān’s magazine: “Iḥīyyā’ al-Khilāfah #6″

al-Katāi’b Media presents thirteen new reports from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn

Boston Bombing Suspects Shown In Gym Video, Working Out 3 Days Before Attack

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY: Site of a Muslim/Leftist meltdown over Geert Wilder’s documentary “Obsession”

Wilders in Australia and the "Islamic Problem" - Part II

Inspire Magazine excerpts LWJ on AQAP links to al Qaeda 'core'

Justice Department to hold event on how "federal civil rights laws can actually be violated by those who post inflammatory documents aimed at Muslims on social media"

Hizbullah and Rational Choice

Shariah Banks Thrive in Previously Secular Turkey

Lebanese parliament 'extends' for itself ... People rejoice with tomatoes!

British Soldier Hacked To Death By Jihadists Had To Be Identified By His Dental Records…


Koranimals strike terror in the hearts of Greeks….

PKK fighters in warning to Turkish government

BBC Interviewee Arrested on Terror Charges After Appearing on the BBC Newsnight

A German Guru and his Solar Park for the Brahma Kumari Community in Rajasthan

Mahdi Al-Senussi dies in Benghaz

FBI Is Now The Muslim Police

Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports

DoJ places a chill on criticism of Islam Rick Moran

Bomber Command Memorial clean up could cost £10,000 after vile 'Islam' graffiti attack

My journey into Islam — I

Extremism has no virtue or place in Islam

Two women in Egypt convert _ one to Islam, one to Christianity _ but fallout starkly different

Michigan car worker's daughter who was converted to Islam by her Arab husband is shot dead while fighting for Syrian rebels

Meet the Islamists Who’ve Infiltrated the Media

I Will Not Submit by Joe Dan Gorman (video)

State Dept.: Al-Qaeda Headed for ‘Defeat’, But Arab Turmoil Helping Other Terrorists

Texas: Hezbollah member known as “god of death”, posed as Special Forces at Fort Sam

Coptic Pope: Two to Three Years Until the Situation Settle in Egypt

"I am the Infidel (that your Imam warned about)" (funny video)

A Decapitation on the Streets of London: Why Governments and We Shouldn’t Lose our Heads

Wilders in Australia and the "Islamic Problem" - Part II

Obama’s Defense Policy Speech Was Untrue, Incoherent, Foolish, and Dangerous

Iran Reports Saudi King’s Death: A Green Light for War?

Mainstreaming Hamas

Syria Needs U.S. Diplomacy, Not Weapons

Intelligence Agencies Struggle With How To Monitor Individual Terrorist Threats In Light Of Boston, London, Paris Attacks

Extremist Muslim Moderates and Moderate Muslim Extremists - Daniel Greenfield

Benghazi Terrorists: ‘Dr. Morsi Sent Us’

Obama’s Iraq Surrender

Arab Spring Has “Legal” Persecution

Paging George Clooney… Brother of President you love is in bed with the Sudanese Government you hate

Mystery Babylon is Mecca, NOT Vatican

Could Lois (“I take the 5th”) Lerner of the IRS scandal also be an accessory to terror funding?

Persecution Is “Spreading, Intensifying,” In Egypt

Turkey, Israel, and Syria: Why Things are Going Wrong By Barry Rubin

Hmmm…Is Britain reconsidering its ban on the “M” word?

The plot to fund Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

Army sets up response team in East Africa months after Benghazi attack

Feds say Iran’s support for terrorism growing

Marines stand back as Afghans take lead

Mass Anarchy About To Takeover Syria

Assad: Arab world ready to join fight against Israel

Outstanding! Two women, one American and one British fighting alongside al-Qaeda jihadists in Syria have allegedly been killed by Assad forces

Burka ‘morality’ police at Mall in Canada harassed an infidel woman for wearing a skirt

Robert Spencer eviscerates the liars, the stealth jihadists and their useless idiots

Italy: Muslim Attacks Sex Shop Amid Shouts of the Glory of Islam

Imam Arrested for Damaging Property of Archbishop

Imam Arrested for Damaging Property of Archbishop

Obama's DOJ Sharia Offensive: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights

Muslim who tried to blow up Wrigleyville Gets 23 Years

Why Did the FBI Execute My Boy?' Father of Boston Bomber's Friend Displays Gruesome Photos of His Son's Corpse Showing Unarmed Man Was Shot SEVEN Times During Questioning – Including Once in the Back of the Head

Netanyahu to spend another $350 million so every Israeli has gas mask

Religious tolerance in UAE hailed by US

Syrian National Coalition says no peace talks until Hizbollah and Iran withdraw

Thursday, May 30, 2013

BREAKING: Syria Fires On Turkey And Turkey Fires Back!

Former Counterterrorism Head: FBI Never Called Ft. Hood 'Workplace Violence'

Muslim Gang Hack Two Men in Machete Attack Horror at Barber Shop

Billion Dollar Babies and American Jihad (funny video). "It's not Islamophobia, it's Beheadophobia."

Muslims Combating Anti-Semitism

Al-Qaeda In the Arabic Peninsula (AQAP) Releases 11th Issue Of Inspire Magazine: Praises And Takes Credit For Motivating Boston Bombing And Other Recent Attacks, While Promising More; In A First, Is Released Via Twitter Rather Than Jihadi Forum

PROPHECY ALERT: Comet ISON “May Bring Iran To Israel”

US should replace drone strikes in Pakistan with outreach to tribal areas

Assad ups use of chemical weapons in Syria – with impunity

Kenya attacks raise worries Somalia's Al Shabab are reorganizing

Palestinians from East Jerusalem seek safety in Israeli citizenship

"I could just feel that he was being driven crazy by the unfairness that happened to us": AP publishes weepy story portraying the Tsarnaev jihad mass murderers as victims

Assad agrees to peace talks 'in principle'

“We had planned for as many as 1,000 martyrs,”

Names and Addresses of EDL Members and Supporters (Donors) [EDL Invited to Islam]

Ethiopian/Somali immigrants involved in driver’s license scam; two fatal accidents resulted

(Video) Myanmar Buddhist Monk: Saudi Arabia is responsible for Muslim jihad against Rakhine Buddhists

Fundraiser in NYC for ‘Palestinian House of Friendship’ to support creative approaches to non-violent resistance

Saudi Interior Ministry Issues Order To Confiscate All Vendetta Masks

Netanyahu Hails Israel Security Agency’s Ability to Adapt to ‘Changing Threats’ Facing Israel

It's Not Only Islam that Threatens Our Freedoms

Revealed: How the EDL plan to get around the Help for Heroes ban

Andy Coulson, David Cameron and Immigration Frankenstein Monster

UK: Very little link between migration levels and attitudes to immigration

UK cops swoop in on taxpayer-funded home of vile Muslim hate preacher, Anjem Choudary, not to arrest him… TO PROTECT HIM!

REELTalk: GOP & Jihad with C. Edmund Wright & Bare Naked Islam

Tommy Robinson interviewed by a cute leftist woman in Luton (video)

Argentine prosecutor accuses Iran of establishing terror network in Latin America

Three alleged Hezbollah members arrested in Nigeria

'Arab, Pakistani, Chechen, and Uzbek fighters' spotted in Logar

The Calm Before the Jihadi Storm by Raymond Ibrahim

Exposed: Sheikhs in Australian Book Store Encourages Young Muslims to Fight in Syria

John McCain Meets with Syrian Rebels, Poses with Islamist Kidnappers

All False Religions Are Dangerous

Another scandalous session of the UNHRC

Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done?

‘This Isn’t Jerusalem, it’s Palestine’

Arab Steals Car at Knifepoint and Attacks Officer

International Red Cross does not prohibit use of its money for terror glorification

Israel is no apartheid state, insists Muslim author

92nd St. Y to Embrace Another Israel Hater: Alice Walker

U.S.: We Support Israel’s Ability to Defend Itself

Did the Arabs Ask Obama to Target Pro-Israeli 501(c)(3)s?

Danny Danon: Samaria Could Take in Masses of Tel Aviv Refugees

Israel to Build in Jerusalem and the U.S. is Angry

The Price of Justice for a Raped Pakistani Girl by Phyllis Chesler

Officials: FBI Agent knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when he murdered him

Afghanistan: Is It Really The End Game? – OpEd

Russia And The Boston Bombings: The Mystery Deepens – Analysis

Iranian Minister Warns Against Foreign Journalists

Russian Missiles To Syria Endanger US Foreign Policy Goals – Analysis

Turkey’s Future In Europe – Analysis

Moroccan Salafist Slams Tunisia’s Ennahda

No More Tunnels Please: Gaza Held Hostage To Egypt’s Turmoil – OpEd

Israel: Muslim MK calls for law outlawing Muhammad cartoons

In Translation: Sinai has been kidnapped

MORE Proof of Islamization and Terrorist Training Camps in America

Leading Saudi Daily Al-Arabiya.Net Shows MEMRI TV Archival Clip Of Hassan Nasrallah Laying Out Dream Of 'Greater Islamic Republic' Governed By Iran – Says 'Old Video Comes Back To Haunt' Him

Rescuing “Misfit” Vegetables – and Other Ways to Fight Food Waste

BBC: Tommy Robinson ‘unfair’ to Muslims

Pakistan Complains About U.S. Drone Strike That Killed Terrorist It Had Targeted in 2009

Islam and Sharia law on paper-thin ice

Krauthammer: Obama Was Crafting 'Cover Story' Before Benghazi Victims Were Dead

UK: Anger at plan for anti-Islam mosque demo

Political Islam's Fight for Control and Failed U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Uighur group faults China on Islam practice

Attacking Sydney's 'enclaves of Islam'

WATCH: Vile vandal who daubed Islam on Bomber Command war memorial caught on film

Man accused of killing UK soldier appears in court

UK divided: Islam used as scapegoat in extremist attacks?

Robert Bales, Army Staff Sergeant Charged With Afghanistan Massacre, To Plead Guilty

Amina Tyler Trial: Tunisians Protest Outside Of FEMEN Activist Court Case

Muslim groups want FBI out of anti-jihad role, hard-line orthodox imams in

Bashar Assad: First Shipment Of Air Defense Missiles Have Arrived From Russia - Al-Manar TV

Egypt and Iran: Persecuting Bahai and Christian Coptic Women - James Rhodes

U.S. Gov't: Radical Muslims Approved, Moderates Shunned. Counterterrorism trainers are told that U.S. Brotherhood groups' are not tied to terrorism. Yet the federal gov't has proved they are.

20 Muslims get a slap on the wrist for for their part in a deadly attack on the US embassy in Tunisia last year

Send Us Your Violent Bigots, Yearning to Butcher Our Children - Ann Coulter

All In The Islamist-CAIR Family

Showdown in Syria - P. David Hornik

From Russia With Love ~ My Burqa Bitch!

EXCUSE ME? Muslim ‘morality’ police chastise a Canadian woman for her ‘slutty’ attire

If the Muslim Brotherhood is Taking Over Tunisia What Hope is there for Anyone Else?

Yemeni Journalist: Upcoming Issue Of Inspire Magazine Deals With Boston Bombing

FBI leaking information to terror-linked CAIR?

How Obama, Hillary wrecked Libya

America’s Syria policy appears to have hit a dead end

More Than 500 Dead As Wave of Violence Hits Iraq

Al Qaeda remains a threat to U.S. via its franchises despite Obama’s boast

New Middle East ‘MERS’ virus threatens the world

UK: Muslim thugs start a fight at a peaceful English Defence League demonstration, then sucker punch a blonde woman in the face

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh, NOES! Obama Muslimah appointee blames ‘Islamophobes’ in the West for Muslim terrorism

Some 100,000 Christians killed per year over faith, Vatican says

The Obamas and Terror Orgies

Video: Malik Obama’s Boss expresses solidarity with Hamas, pledges to help take back Jerusalem

Netanyahu Tells Cabinet to Keep Quiet About Russian S-300 Delivery to Damascus

Norwegian Newspaper Dagbladet Sparks Outrage with ‘Blood Libel’ Cartoon

Syria says Assad will remain president until 2014

KUDOS Alabama, the state that just passed anti-sharia legislation, now defeats zoning request for expansion of an Islamic Center in Mobile

Syria's future tied to freedom for captured Christian leaders

Oh, Lookie! CAIR welcomes 37 law clerks and interns into its summer American ‘stealth jihadist’ program

Terror-linked CAIR demands independent investigation of FBI’s shooting of the other Chechen Muslim suspected of involvement in a triple murder with the Boston Marathon Muslim bombers

Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR cheering Rep. Michele Bachmann’s decision not to run for re-election

US launches first drone strike in Pakistan in 6 weeks

Taliban suicide assault team storms governor's compound in Panjshir

Chinooks in Chorah

Switzerland bans cleric for anti-Semitic rhetoric

I was a radical Islamist who hated all of you

The U.S. Helps Reconstruct the Ottoman Empire

Reflections on My Muslim Ex-Friends

Born into crisis: Unwanted pregnancies in Syria

Israeli minister: We have no more land to give

The Arabs demonstrate flimsy grasp of democracy

Official: Civil Administration 'Stealing' Jordan Valley Land for PA City

'Iran nuclear, Syria chemical, Hezbollah rockets: Axis has crossed all red lines'

‘IDF Does Not Deny Terror is On the Rise’

Pakistan formally designates its Infidel population as dhimmis

Immigration Tests Prospects for a Borderless Europe

Anti-West Hard-Liner Gains in Iranian Race

The Glazov Gang - Part 1 of 2/ Why Won't We Call Them Islamic Terrorists?

The Glazov Gang - Part 2 of 2/ Why Won't We Call Them Islamic Terrorists?

When Freedom’s Foes See a Wounded America — on The Finch Gang (video)

Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin vs. NYC

Teens Train With Weapons At Al-Qaeda Youth Camp In Syria

After beheading, Muslims stab prison guard, machete attack men in barbershop, deface war memorial, threaten to bomb airplane…

Wild Bill Speaks Truth To Islam (video)

Islam as seen by 2 prime ministers

How Islam Made the West Cool

Taliban: Pink balloons 'Western tools against Islam',7340,L-4385477,00.html

Islam's rule of numbers and the beheading in London

Krauthammer’s Potentially Damaging Theory: Benghazi’s ‘Biggest Scandal of All’ Has Yet to Be Uncovered — See What It Is

The Dangers of Chrislam

To the Rescue: Can Men Like Tommy Robinson (EDL) Save Britain?

Anonymous (UK) Totalitarians Get to Work on the EDL

The East London Mosque Poses As Moderate While Hosting Extremists

Could This Be Islam's Armageddon? Egyptian Sunni Jihadis Call For Sunni Attacks Across All Shia Countries

LTC Allen West: LTC Matthew Dooley Thrown Under the (Jihadi) Bus

The 'Muslims-Killed-by-the-West' Lie

Arcapita Seeks to Complete Shariah-Compliant Bankruptcy

Femen Activists Arrested Over Topless Protest In Tunisia

Saudi Islamist Calls For Sexually Molesting Women Who Enter The Work Force…

ICG: "The Palestinians may decide that their long-run well-being would be better served by instability..."

Vandals target Islamic mosque in Alpharetta

Mr Marlboro burned: Al-Qaeda fires terrorist Moktar Belmoktar by letter

Blast kills guard at Afghan Red Cross office

Islamist Preacher Fayhan al-Ghamdi Rapes, Kills Own 5 Yr Old Daughter, Gets .... Fined!?!?!

U.S. Muslim leaders call on FBI to reduce its counter-jihad activities even further


Muslim company bosses ordered to pay Christian worker £2,500 after email suggested he got a promotion because he was white

Ohio: Muslim doctor who drugged, killed pregnant woman accosted others

Indonesia: Hundreds accept Christ in night of revival despite great opposition

Kerry’s $4-Billion West Bank Plan Faces Hurdles, Skepticism

DHS Can’t Locate 266 Illegal Overstays that ‘Pose National Security’ Risks

Top Muslim Brotherhood Adviser Worked For Bill Clinton

Iran Calls On Shi'ites In Bahrain To Topple Their Country's Sunni Aal Khalifa Regime

New statement from the Military Council of Jabhat al-Nuṣrah in Wilāyat Dara’ā

Naming Our Nameless War

Liz Cheney and Sean Hannity: Is U.S. safe from new wave of Radical Extremism?

Why Liberals Love Islam by EDWARD CLINE

Woolwich: Like Blaming Hitler's Moustache for the Holocaust? - Russell Brand

Myanmar Mosque, Muslim Orphanage Burned After Alleged Immolation Of Buddhist Woman

Waliur Rehman Dead: Pakistan Taliban No. 2 Reportedly Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

al-Andalus Media presents a new martyrdom biography by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Malik bin Sīdī al-Shinqīṭī: “The Martyrdom of the Hero Abū Isḥāq Idrīs bin Muḥammad al-Amīn al-Shinqīṭī”

Video: Muslim terrorists blocking coming global Islamic caliphate

Oh, LA LA! French police arrest devout Muslim suspect in stabbing attack on French soldier in Paris

“London Justice” at a Georgia mosque

Texas Mega-Church Welcomes Islamists To ‘Global Faith Forum’

MINNESOTASTAN: Joggers attacked by Somali Muslim gang

Islamists Tell the Truth When They Think Western Eyes Aren’t Watching

WW3: Israel Threatens to Strike Russian Arms Shipments to Assad Regime

BOSTON BOMBER EXPOSES ISLAMIST SECRET by The Investigative Project radical islam Now he's in trouble.



The Iranian election and the Obama administration

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LEBANON: Hezbollah Mini Me?

IAF Chief: Hezbollah Using Populated Areas for Weapons Transfers to Avoid Israeli Interceptions

Video Surfaces of Palestinian Arabs Attacking IDF from Behind Journalists (VIDEO)

Filipino Muslim Rebels Take Tentative Steps Towards Governance

Multiculturalism Is Dead In Europe: MENA Oil And The (Hidden) Political Price Europe Pays For It – OpEd

Iran Viewpoint: Yukiya Amano’s New Report On Iran’s Nuclear Activities – Analysis

Abbas Falsely Claims that Palestinian Authority Doesn’t Incite Hatred Against Jews (VIDEO)

WHAT A BARGAIN! Italy gives North African Muslim refugees 500 Euros (US $642) to go to Germany

Emirati career women tell how they blazed the trail

Syrian National Coalition on brink of collapse

Saudi man investigated after Boston Marathon speaks out

MK Moshe Feiglin Netanyahu Takes Orders from Waqf

Queen Noor tweets article by Israeli on women, war

Israeli, Turkish manufacturers boost ties

Kurdish students in Iraq push for relations with Israel

The myth of the ‘Zionist Crusader’

Norway and other European obstacles to peace

Arab 'Invasion' of Binyamin Town Thwarted

Firefighters Under Arab Attack Forced to 'Run For Their Lives'

Hamas in Gaza Sending Out Tentacles to the West Bank by STEVE EMERSON

UK: Machete-wielding Muslim thugs leave two men with ‘serious injuries’ after attacking them in an Accrington barber’s shop

Masāma’ al-Khayr l-l-Inshād presents a new Nashīd from Abū ‘Umar al-Maghribī: “Sons of ‘Uqbah Pull Your Courage Swords Out”

Frank Gaffney radio hour: Barry Rubin, Clare Lopez, Andy McCarthy, Bruce Bechtol on Obama, Syria, London et al.

HUH?! Iranian Who Allegedly Poisoned Starbucks Juice Skates, Hires Lawyer to Threaten Schlussel into Silence

How the EDL has exploited a murder

The Functional Usage of Sectarian Imagery and Slogans: From the Iran-Iraq War to the Syrian Conflict

Saudi King Raises SANG to Cabinet Rank

Video: Malik Obama’s Boss expresses solidarity with Hamas, pledges to help take back Jerusalem

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Tells Knesset Why IDF Can't Protect Jews

Crazy!: Munich Government Puts "Anti-Islamophobe" Infoscreens in City Subway

Partying naked "Satanists" arrested in Saudi Arabia

'Kidnapping IDF soldiers at the heart of Palestinian culture'

Syria and the Middle East: our greatest miscalculation since the rise of fascism

Psy-Ops: "Obama Asks Pentagon for Syria No-Fly Zone Plan"

Tunisia: No jail for Islamic supremacists who mounted deadly attack on US Embassy