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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Social Media Jihad: Abu Qatada's letter to Ansar al Sharia Tunisia

Abu Qatada provides jihadists with ideological guidance from a Jordanian prison

Afghan, ISAF forces repel Haqqani Network assault on base

WATCH: Krauthammer: ‘Mainstream Media’ Won’t Be Interested in Benghazi ‘Cover-up of a Cover-up’

IW News Brief: NYPD Cop-Out, Brotherhood Probe, and More

Right of access for aid to Syria's innocent

BOYCOTT SHARIA-COMPLIANT SUBWAY SHOPS, now offering ‘halal-only’ meats in 200 of its UK stores

U.S. Diplomat Reluctant to Link U.S. Aid to Palestinian Prisoner Payments

Paul Weston (politician)

YOU HEARD IT AT BNI FIRST. And now there is national and international outrage over LibertyGB’s Paul Weston’s arrest in London for quoting Winston Churchill’s remarks about Islam

Tunisia's Parliament Protests Recognition of Israeli Passport

Islamic Jihad Predicts Hamas-Fatah Pact Will Fail

Carney Blamed Benghazi on Video hours before ‘Smoking Gun’ Email

ANOTHER Muslim display of Islamic terrorism hits China again!

DEMOCRAT Senator Patrick Leahy plans to block U.S. aid to Egypt over ‘human rights’ concerns for convicted Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

NIGERIA: More than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped, gang-raped, converted to Islam, then sold off for $12 a piece by Islamic militants of Boko Haram

UK: Mohammed Rehman Guilty Of Performing Sex Act In Public Swimming Pool Showers

Report: The Jewish Community in Yemen Is Dwindling due to Antisemitism (video)

Arab Writers Praise Israel's Technological Superiority, Morality And Democracy, Call To Learn From It And Mimic Its Success

Benghazi barracks hit by car bomb, killing 2, wounding 2

SWEDEN: Somali Muslim savage convicted of anally raping a woman to death wants to appeal his deportation

Fatwa Calls for ‘..Jihad of the Anus..’ (Video)

Sinai: Egyptian Maneuvering and Dicey US Choices

SUN News’ Michael Coren interviews Paul Weston of LibertyGB who was arrested in London for reciting a quote about Islam by Winston Churchill (video)

Al Jazeera sues Egypt over imprisoned journalists

Islamic garb dispute led to pregnant woman's death, according to suspect's statement (USA)

Abbas Pumps New Life Into Hamas

The English word All and its potential root in a Norse Version of "Allah"

Pakistani Muslim Beats and Tortures His Wife Then Chops Her Legs off With an Axe

Has Wealth Made Qatar Happy?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SYRIA: Al Qaeda-linked jihadists, funded and armed in part by Barack Hussein Obama, have been hanging their victims on crosses

Taliban claim they shot down US warplane in eastern Afghanistan

Scorpions drummer jailed for insulting Islam in Dubai airport

Camps for displaced grow in southern Syria

Bill Clinton Library Reveals SCANDAL Bigger than Monica Lewinsky

“MODERATE” (as Hillary Clinton called it) MALAYSIA’s Muslim Medical Association urges doctors to perform limb amputations as sharia punishments

UK: Muslim terrifies churchgoers, enters church and shouts: “This is rubbish, you should be preaching Allah, turn to Islam”

NBC’s David Gregory slams Tony Blair over Islamic terrorism: Didn’t you and Bush make it worse?

Saudi authorities plan to regulate local companies producing content for YouTube, to ensure respect for Islamic laws and customs

Pakistan: Islamic jihad terrorism forcing Christians, Sikhs and Hindus to flee country

Hamas to sue Washington Post for saying it would recognize Israel

Six “Palestinians” assault Israeli in Berlin

How to pro-actively support Paul Weston who was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill on Islam

Trip Organizer Says Palestinian Students Went to Auschwitz to Learn About ‘The Other’

So….when did British PM David Cameron convert to Islam?

Yemeni leader says al Qaida fighters there include Brazilians, Europeans

India: 12-Year-old Hindu Boy Abducted Then Chopped Into Pieces by Muslims

Oh, NOES! Security guard finds bacon at a Scotland mosque

How the U.S. Created the Afghan War — and Then Lost It

Al-Arabiya Director: As Long As Arab Countries Are Dominated By Military And Religious Establishments, They Will Not Achieve Genuine Democracy

Leading Saudi Daily 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat': Jeb Bush Can Return The U.S. To A More Realistic Course

Car Bomb Attack In Syrian City Leaves Large Number Of Casualties

U.S. Calls Egypt’s Latest Mass Death Sentences “Unconscionable”

The Jews’ Contribution to the World — on The Glazov Gang (video)

John Kerry’s Blackmail, Incitement & Insults

The Palestinian ‘Unity’ Deal: The Charade Is Up!

The Peace Process Is the Process of Blaming Israel

In Malaysia, Susan Rice Meets With Leader of Islamist Party Promoting Stoning, Amputation

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bavarian Court Bans Muslim Student from Wearing Face Veil at College

Muslims in Israel Mock Holocaust Day, Mayor Steps In

‘Brave’ Terrorists Take-Out Four Children with Hand Grenades in Seminary Attack

Iran’s Army Supplied with New Missiles with 186 Mile Range

Egypt's Minya province flashpoint for Muslim-Christian violence

US, EU reset Egypt policies

Egypt’s presidential palace battleground for protests

Plans to diversify Mideast oil pipeline map

Abbas goes big with Hamas deal; the Temple Mount fault line

New York Times Says Abbas ‘Vilified’ for Challenging Number of Holocaust Victims

TED CRUZ (R-TX) calls for resignation of virulently anti-semitic Secretary of State John Kerry for his Hamas terrorist-like remarks against Israel

EGYPT: Muslim terrorist group threatens to attack PEPSI

SPAIN: Muslims outraged that their former era of domination is being written out of Cordoba history

STUPID! UK Policewoman urging Muslim women to stop their children from going to fight in Syria…

An ‘approved’ Muslim halal abattoir for Australian live exports to Gaza

Egypt sentences 683 to death in another mass trial

The shadowy flow of US weapons into Syria

Yemen begins southern offensive against AQAP

Running Away from Statehood, Again by Efraim Karsh

Everything you always wanted to know about ‘Noah’ from a Muslim woman with a bag over her head

As EU Reconsiders Russian LNG, Qatar Waits in Wings

UK: Sharia-Compliant Student Loans?

Bin Laden-Themed Bars Are Big in Brazil

Chesler's Facebook Chronicles April 28, 2014

Guess what else the EU’s open border policy is bringing in besides illegal African Muslim invaders?

Now On YouTube – Clips Of Five Years Of Lantos Commemoration Events On Antisemitism And Holocaust Denial In The Arab And Muslim World

Jeh Johnson: 'Syria Has Become a Matter of Homeland Security'

Source: U.S. Knew Weapons and Aid Were Going to Al Qaeda-Linked Militants in Libya

Imam to Obama: ‘End Oppression of Muslims’; Obama to Imam: ‘Pray for Me’

Bibi’s Use of Holocaust Memory: Not Just Wrong, An Obscenity

Raymond Ibrahim on CBN News: ‘Will Egypt’s el-Sisi Protect Christians?’

Dr. Mordechai Kedar on the “Good Koran” vs. the “Radical Koran” — on The Glazov Gang (vid

Hamas & the Palestinian Authority: Brothers to Spill Jewish Blood

UK: Liberty GB Candidate Arrested for Quoting Churchill on Islam (Interview) (video)

Israel Comes To A Standstill To Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day (VIDEO)

Syria's Unending Rebel Conflict: Wolves of the Valley (video)

Did the Killing of Abu Bassir Lead to the First Lattakia Offensive?

Ani Maamin (The Martyrs' Song) by Mordechai Shapiro (video)

Her Ugliness spits in Israel's face

Netanyahu Vows: No Second Holocaust

Saudi Woman Receives 150 Lashes and 8 Months in Jail for the Horrific Crime of…Driving a Car

Holocaust Denial on Egyptian TV: Zionism Played a Role in the Holocaust (video)

Following Mass Death Sentence For Over 500 MB Members, A Public Debate In Egypt: Is The Sentence Brutal Suppression Of The MB – Or A Lifesaver For It?

Was the Palestinian Reconciliation Deal a Mistake?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

In former Islamist stronghold, Algerian youth decry corruption

You Are No Longer Free to Search on Google (Update: Not Quite True)

Geert Wilders: How popular is the Dutch anti-immigration politician?

Actually, current UK immigration policy is “racist”

Islam Rap God - World's Greatest [Music Video]

Betrayal of Britain

UK: Islam Infiltrates Education Sector

Grades of Islam

Enduring Enmity: Iran, Israel, and Islamic Anti-Semitism by Andrew E. Harrod

The only thing that doesn’t change is Islam…

Islam at the centre of fresh UKIP row

Blair, Russia and Islam

Churchill's Islam Quote Is As Arresting As It Gets...

Reaffirmation Of Islamic Philanthropy: A Reflection

Brandeis University’s Disavowal of Ayan Hersi Ali’s Attacks on Islam

SO IT'S NOT ABOUT FAITH OR ISLAM! Hudud will seal Malay supremacy, keep non-Muslim DOWN

DM: Enemies Opposing Islamic Identity of Iran

Ignorance about Islam responsible for Boko Haram —Sheik Lemu

Obama praises Malaysia's brand of Islam

Helicopter crash kills 5 US-led troops in Afghanistan

US, UK-run secret jails found in Afghanistan

Is Islam the Truth? (Watch)

As Iraq violence grows, U.S. sends more intelligence officers

Experts Warn More European Muslim Youth Are Radicalizing

Who is Running the UK - London or Brussels?

Iraqi Christian Leader: “The church is facing a disaster, and if the situation continues along this course, our numbers in the coming 10 years will be not more than a few thousand.”

Muslim Mob Takes Christian Man, Hangs Him By His Feet And Severely Tortures Him

Head of Taliban's military commission resigns due to 'ill health'

“For a Muslim, life is worthless. Islam views [suicide operations] as the most lofty…”

The Shin Bet Unit at the Front Lines of Israel’s Cyber-War

UK: Winston Churchill Arrested

Malaysia: doctors who refuse to chop off hands and feet ‘disrespect Islam’

Ahmadi jailed for “posing as a Muslim” in Pakistan: “If I go back, I will be put in prison or murdered”

Major Islamic conference in Paris: “All the evil in the world originates from the Jews and the Zionist barbarism”

Thailand: Islamic jihadists bomb fishing competition, murdering 3 policemen

Malaysian Islamic leader: Equality, liberty and human rights created by atheists to destroy Islam

Iran Human Rights chief: West using human rights issue to attack Islamic Iran

Pakistan: Islamic jihadists murder four with bomb in residential area

Jihadists Blame Attack on Mini-Skirts

CHINA pays people up to $8,000 for information on their ‘bearded’ Muslim neighbors

Sharia Family Law and Women

5 Ways Iran’s Nuclear-Weapon Program Became Accepted Wisdom

The Palestinians and the Holocaust

Netanyahu Dismisses Abbas Shoah Comments, Cites Alliance With Hamas Which ‘Attempts to Create an Additional Holocaust’

Deadly MERS Virus Arrives in Egypt as Death Toll Rises in Saudi Arabia

British MP George Galloway: Gaza Is A Warsaw Ghetto (video)

French-Tunisian Imam Chalghoumi Organizes Interfaith Gathering at Drancy Holocaust Memorial (video)

Egyptian Journalist: Al-Sisi Has Jewish Origins, Grew Up Next to Abdel Nasser and Moshe Dayan (video)

Gilad Atzmon - The Biology Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (video)

Lloyds Drops Overdraft Fee On Islamic Accounts

Dutch Lap Up Wilders' Hardline Message

Was bringt uns der Islam?

Former Archbishop of Canterbury: We Are a Post-Christian Nation

Guide to School Islamisation, by 'Ringleader’ of Trojan Horse Plot

Egyptian journalist claims popular presidential frontrunner General Abdul el-Sisi’s mother was Jewish

Muslims seeking sharia state kill more than 2,596 Nigerians in three months

The Carter Cables

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jerusalem Court Orders Muslim Rock-Thrower to Pay $750,000 to Jewish Victim

Muslim Cleric Issues Wife–Rape Fatwa

687 People Murdered in Pakistan in 2013 for Following ‘Wrong’ Religion

Celebrities Who Converted To Islam

How Does Islam View Reason & Rationalism?

Vow of Freedom of Religion Goes Unkept in Egypt

Interfaith outreach in Syria: Islamic group seizes church, turns it into its headquarters

Jihad-plotting imam had “Encyclopedia of Jihad” that had instructions on bombing and hostage-taking

Iraq: Sunni jihadists murder 31 with bombs at Shi’ite rally

India: Jihad group targeted Bollywood stars for corrupting the youth

Chief “Palestinian” “peace” negotiator claims Hamas not a terrorist organization

Today's Egyptian antisemitism/blood libels

Carter Center accepts Mohammed as its prophet

British Leftist writer says surge of investigations into nefarious Muslim activities is “Islamophobic”

Residents at London’s Westbourne Gardens, ‘dumbfounded’ by brutal attack on Emiratis

Mounting uncertainty as Afghans head towards run off vote

Review board recommends indefinite detainee at Guantanamo be transferred

CZECH REPUBLIC: Police arrest Muslim for publishing a book that allegedly spreads racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and violence

Sharia Watch UK Launched in House of Lords

“EASY MEAT” UK Muslims targeting adolescent white girls for sexual grooming, rape, and prostitution

Generation Identitaire — Declaration of War (Video)

DISGRACEFUL! Paul Weston of Liberty GB arrested in the UK for quoting Winston Churchill about Islam

France: Racist Muslims Brutally Attacking French Citizens in Their Own Country (Video)

'Gays Are a Lost Cause' Says Moderate Muslim

Gay Muslim Student, Threatened by Family and Muslim Cleric, Flees India for Australia

Abdullah ibn Zubayr Battalions of Deir az-Zor Reject Fighting ISIS

Christopher Hitchens Explains Islam and Why It Is So Stupid (video)

The U.S. and the Gulf: A Failure to Communicate

UK: Muslim Mohammed Shahid Given Soft Suspended Sentence For Grooming Schoolgirl

UK: Another Muslim Grooming Gang Found Guilty

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ten ‘British’ Women – Including Two Teens – are Fighting Jihad in Syria (with Video)

Obama Gives ‘Unhelpful’ Abbas a Slap On the Wrist

Young Christian Man Murdered for Refusing to Convert to Islam

Muslims in Central African Republic Call for Partition from ‘Christian Militia’

My Sleep is My Break: Qatar Slammed Over Labor Rights Again

Beckel on Fox Says He’s Considered Converting to Islam for the 72 Virgins (with Video)

Russia’s Changing Islamic Insurgency

Time for Consequences

Muslim Brotherhood Member Rapes Boy for Supporting Anti-Brotherhood Revolution

UK: Police investigating anti-immigration flyers distributed in Brampton

Civilization and Islam — Venn diagram

Star of Ukip advert suspended for calling Miliband 'not British', attacking 'evil' Islam and saying Africans should 'kill themselves'... and he is from ZIMBABWE

Political Islam: Fourteen centuries of war and failure

Hamas-Fatah reconciliation an opportunity for Israel

Gaza quiet after Palestinian reconciliation deal

Hamas optimistic that Palestinian reconciliation will stand

Turkish father abducted in Syria while searching for son

Jabhat al-Nusra starts its own weapons factory

Egyptian women campaign for larger role in parliament

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood divided over reform faction

Erdogan surprises with condolence message to Armenians

Muslims And Homosexuals Want To Destroy Christian Civilization

Gasoline Prices: Iran’s Achilles’ Heel

CANADA’s Ezra Levant interviews Brooke Goldstein about terror-linked CAIR’s efforts to censor the film, ‘Honor Diaries’ (video)

99 Years of Islamic Genocide of Armenian Christians, Obama breaks promise to acknowledge Armenian genocide

Material Support to Terrorism: The Case of Libya

British MPs Condemn Alleged Islamist School Takeover Plot

The Khomeinist Dome: Iran’s larger nuclear strategy by DR. WALID PHARES

Sharia is being conducted by stealth

The Myth of the Moderate Muslim Majority

Powerless Britannia

The hide and the hubris of Iftikar Ahmed

Will the Ukraine Crisis Impact Russia’s Mideast Policy?

As war winds down, Afghan Taliban targets foreign civilian workers

Palestinians’ field trip to Auschwitz highlights divide over Holocaust

Hamas 'Policemen' Train to Attack IDF Positions

Why the Jerusalem passport case should be dismissed for lack of standing

Jewish Man From New Jersey Who Led Radical Islamist Website Voices Regret Ahead of Sentencing

Hamas Parliament Member Says Party Will Never Recognize Israel

Reconciliation and Peace: The Latest Hamas-Fatah Deal

Uzbek commands group within the Al Nusrah Front

Israel Is 'Destroying' Al-Aqsa Mosque for 'Alleged' Temple

SYRIA: Beheaded alive! (WARNING: Very graphic)

Pervert Doctor Suheil Ahmed Thrown Out Of Profession For Voyeurism

Abbas Demands Three-Month Building Freeze For Talks

Work accident - at sea!

04/24 Links Pt2: PA Incentives for murdering Jews; Germany funds the demonization of Israel

‘Beheadings-R-Us’ by Obama-backed jihadist groups in Syria (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Al-Qaeda's Embrace Of Encryption Technology - Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden

Jabhat Al-Nusra Releases Video Showing Its Takeover Of Strategic Syrian Military Post Near Golan Heights

UK: Taxi Driver Naeem Ashraf Charged With Sex Attack On Female Passenger

Blair Warns of 'Growing' Radical Islam Threat

Nick Clegg Backs Met’s Call for Muslims to Stop Sons Joining Syria Conflict

Up to 700 Britons Feared Fighting in Syria

Four Muslim Men Gang-Rape a 7-Year-old Christian Girl in Pakistan

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Deadly Virus Spreading Throughout Saudi Arabia

“Sharia Watch” Launching in London is Immediately Met With Death Threats From Muslims

Only 35% of Americans now think U.S. is winning War on Terror

Reza Aslan: Idea of resurrection “absolutely has no basis in 5,000 years of Jewish history, scripture or thought”

Abbas' Holocaust doubletalk

04/23 Links Pt2: Daily Kos is Spreading Hatred of Jews; Huge Sodastream giveaway on 'Ellen'

Is there a Syrian Track II?

Study reveals increasing hate speech in Turkish press

Fatah, Hamas battle for control of mosques

Hamas deal last straw for Congress on US aid to Palestinians

Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar: Crash Course World History #13 (video)

Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Islam, Dictators, and Christian Persecution

‘Easy Meat’: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs, Part II — on The Glazov Gang (video)

To Execute a Victim of Attempted Rape

Will Jews Invite the Fox Into the Hen House?

The Blair Doctrine - Daniel Greenfield

US drone attacks kill 55 suspected al-Qaida militants and civilians in Yemen

UK: Saudi rapist arrested as he was getting on a plane bound for Saudi Arabia

FRANCE: ‘There Is a Clash of Civilizations’

“Racial profiling” against illegal Somali Muslims in Kenya, which has a “dangerous policy of exclusion”

Gaza Terrorists Continue Firing Rockets into Southern Israel

Counter-Terrorism Police Carry Out Raids across London and South East

Nigerian who Raped Teen and Infected Her with HIV is Sentenced to Death by Stoning

Who is in More Trouble: Geert Wilders or The Netherlands? by Timon Dias

Palestinians to consider ‘all options’ as Israel ends talks

Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation: Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV Broadcasts IDF Soldier Slaughter – ‘Our Harvest is Your Heads’ (VIDEO)

Jewish Children Assaulted by Muslims on Temple Mount (VIDEO)

Why the Court should uphold Congress’s power in the Jerusalem Passport case

How we know Jerusalem passport issue is not about recognition

Turkish soldiers inside Syria abducted by Islamist rebels, news reports say

State Dept. begins releasing U.S. aid to Egypt

Ajnad Misr claims latest bombing in Cairo

Afghan policeman guns down 3 Americans at hospital in Kabul

Death of French hostage in Mali

Muslim Police Officer Murders Three Christian Americans In A Hospital

WATCH how Muslims Turn Demons As Jewish children visit the Temple Mount

Muslims Attack Christian Pastor, And Fill His Whole Body With Bullets

Muslims Kill Christians, Christians Respond With These Words: “Our Blood Will Speak about Christ”

Possible Deal With Iran On Arak: What Does It Mean?

National Intel Misled Congress About Brotherhood Contacts

‘Get Out of Here!’: Arab Mob Shoves, Spits and Throws Objects at Jews Visiting Jerusalem’s Sacred Temple Mount

Israel’s former ‘peace’ partner: “We swear that we will turn the Gaza Strip into a graveyard for your soldiers, and we will turn Tel Aviv into a ball of fire”

100,000 Facebook "Likes" for the Middle East Forum

Rough guide to Islamic rules of war

Can Islamic law be an answer for humanitarians?

Jihadi jurisprudence? Militant interpretations of Islamic rules of war

Islamic law and the rules of war

Feds Spending $1.1M to Boost Community Outreach in Afghanistan, Though Sports, Meals, Entertainment

U.S. Doesn't Object, So Iran Gets a Seat on U.N. Women's Rights Body

Palestinian Unity Deal Triggers Concern About U.S. Taxpayers Funding Hamas

Daily 2 Cents: Black Magic 'Invades' Saudi Arabia -- Woman Claims She's Virgin Mary's Cousin -- Navy’s New Railgun...Wow!

Iran External Debt Tops 6.6 $Billion

It's good to be anti-Islam - Pat Condell (video)

JERUSALEM: Muslim savages terrorize and threaten Jewish children visiting the Temple Mount

Saudi Woman Columnist: Arab Culture Has Doubly Devalued Human Life

UK: Un-Deportable And Un-named Somalian Refugee Jailed For Flouting Terrorism Order

Attorney General: Rise of Fundamentalism Is 'Damaging' Christianity

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Christopher Hitchens on Islam in Britain (video)

Islamic Extremists in Nigeria Slaughter 200 Christians

Netanyahu on Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation: ‘Whoever Chooses Hamas Does Not Want Peace’

Palestinians Demand the Execution of Pollard In Response to Kerry

Iran’s love of cars survives devastating sanctions

Turkey university cancels panel on gays 'immoral' by Hezbollah

Erdogan Attacks 'Parallel State's Blackmail Tapes'

Has Germany Gone Nuts?

Cork, Ireland Muslim community seeks replacement imam