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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Western Supported Lynching of Black Africans in Libya…‏

Egypt's Brotherhood welcomes idea of US contacts

Sweet: Obama losing the Arab vote too

“Srebrenica was an Inside Job” by sheikyermami

British Branch of the ‘Anti-Jihad’ Movement in Full Meltdown

Why Is The Sacramento Bee Carrying CAIR Press Releases?

Muslim Congressman Keith - cherry pick what parts of the Pledge of Allegiance they Say...

Yemen to deport detained NZ journalist Glen Johnson, a freelance journalist who was arrested in southern Yemen a week ago, was reporting on human trafficking.

What Al Qaeda Really Wants – An Islamic Caliphate in Seven Easy Steps

International Weightlifting Federation Submits to Islamic Supremacism

More on the Dutch ban on ritual slaughter.

Recent Criticism Of The English Defence League Is Unwarranted and Unacceptable

An Open Letter to Pamela Geller - by the EDL

Lebanon: I Was Wrong! Hizballah (Plus Syria and Iran) Is Even More in Control By Barry Rubin

All Muscle, No Backbone

Ivory Coast: Muslims crucify Christian brothers

International Islamic Charity Organization Launches New Website

Mark Regev On The "Human Rights Activists" Who Support Hamas (video)

Obama's Relentless Assault on Israel

The flotilla and the Third Intifada - Melanie Phillips

Raed Salah and Gaddafi

DISGUSTING: Obama Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood – Parent of Al-Qaeda, HAMAS By Debbie Schlussel

A welcome surprise at the Jerusalem Post

Frontpage Muslim-bashing Authority Can’t Do a Two Second Google Search

State Dept Official: Hezbollah Activity in Venezuela Limited to Fundraising

Hariri assassination: arrest warrants for four members of Hizbollah

America bows before Muslim Brotherhood's rising power

Norway: First Muslim-Christian gay marriage

Netherlands: PVV proposes to count 3rd generation immigrants as immigrants

Prague: Central European Muslim leaders lament restrictive legislation, media bias

U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

Obama on Libya: “I Don’t Even Have to Get to the Constitutional Question”

U.S. Monthly Combat Deaths in Iraq at 3-Year High

Video: Demonstration to be held in Plymouth: 9th July

Islamic school vision for Teesside

Video: More on ‘Asian’ men targeting English white children for rape

A burka conflicts with good manners, like public nudity, says minister

Longest held Western hostages in Afghanistan

Germany extends anti-terror laws, ending long debate

Social media day: Did Twitter and Facebook really build a global revolution? Social media day: From Iran to Tunisia and Egypt and beyond, Twitter and Facebook are the power tools of civic upheaval – but social media is only one factor in the spread of democratic revolution.

In Videos Posted On YouTube, Seattle Terror Suspect Abu Khader Al-Latif Praises Anwar Al-Awlaki, Osama bin Laden, and Jihad

Egyptian Screenwriter Wahid Hamed Attacks the Muslim Brotherhood and Says: Both a Military Regime and a Religious Regime Will Lead to Dictatorship

Turkish Columnist Bekdil Compares Turkish, Israeli 'Conquests,' Asks: 'Why Is Jerusalem Palestinian, If Was [First] Conquered From Its Ancient Possessors?'

Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar Stresses that Hamas Is Not Following in the Footsteps of Fatah: We Do Not Recognize Israel and Do Not Give Up the Rest of Palestine

Perry Takes on Holder and the Gaza Flotilla - by Roger L Simon

Hamas on Campus? A Jewish organization is winning college converts to the Palestinian cause. - by Jerry Gordon

Libya: Paris Arming Rebels for Assault on Tripoli French authorities defying arms embargo in hope of breaking “military stalemate.” - by John Rosenthal

U.S. slaps Syria, Iran for killing protesters Sanctions target security forces

New counterterror strategy reset on ‘adherents’

Britain won’t help arm Libya rebels France confirms unilateral airdrops of food, medicine and weaponry

Yemeni air force kills 4 in bus by mistake Other fighting with militants leaves 23 dead

‘Ground Zero Imam’: My Regrets Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind the “Ground Zero Mosque” talks to Lloyd Grove about what he would have done differently, Fox News’ malicious intent, Donald Trump, and 9/11.

Huma Abedin taking time off from Weiner, job By JENNIFER GOULD KEIL

A flotilla of fiends -- and useful idiots - Benny Avni

Closing our eyes to Iran

Jihad slavery in Sudan (video)

DECEPTION (Islam & Muhammad- Part 26) (video)

Muslim Brotherhood Shadow Candidate Surges in Egypt by Ryan Mauro

Flotilla II: The Merchant Ships of Hamas Propaganda by Joseph Klein

How Billionaire George Gund III Funds Jew-Hate by David Swindle

Don’t Worry, Be Muslim by Daniel Greenfield

Forbidden Territories by Jamie Glazov

How Islamic Absurdities Prove Islamic Violence by Raymond Ibrahim

Saudi Women Risk All for Small Rights by Lisa Richards

American Revolutionary War Museum to Honor Al-Jazeera - Cliff Kincaid

VIDEO: Glenn Beck: Do We Have a Plan? Is U.S. prepared for crisis in Middle East? (video)

On Nukes, America 'Leads' and the World Laughs - Peter Brookes

France supplying weapons to Libyan rebels

Planned Military Recruiting Center Attack: 40th Terror Plot Against the United States Foiled

Adm. McRaven: Obama administration has no plan for captured terrorists

Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns Prospect of a nuclear conflict in the Middle East is raised by senior diplomat and member of the Saudi ruling family

Hack Attack Reportedly Downs Al Qaeda Network

Libya mission becomes a burden for Obama

At end, bin Laden wasn't running al Qaida, officials say

U.S. fares poorly in first modern polling of Egyptian views

Egypt rejection of U.S. aid a sign of future rifts?

Sanusi’s Islamic banking as Political Islam

Back to the Future: The Many Faces of Salafi Islam

Noted speakers set for Israel/Islam conference

Pakistan, Islam face danger from Islamists

Republican US candidates views of Islam stir controversy

Radical Islam Passing through Greece - Ioannis Michaletos

Is secularism a greater threat to Christianity than Islam? At last night’s Spectator debate the panellists were hard to spot behind the straw men By Madeleine Teahan

Seattle Plot: Jihadists Shifting From Civilian Targets? - Scott Stewart

Islam is the one true religion

"An end to colonialism" Spiritual leader Rael names Nation of Islam Minister Farrakhan ‘Honorary Guide of Humanity'

Saudi Arabian woman challenges male guardianship laws By Dave Lee

Israel is tearing apart the Jewish people Israel has never had a government that so blatantly violates the core values of liberal democracy, which dismisses identities of 85% of the world's Jewry. By Carlo Strenger

Terror threat -- U.S. churches in danger

U.S Ignores Hillary Clinton’s Powerful Aide Huma Abedin at Its Own Risk

Afghanistan: Deal With the Taliban The Basis for U.S. Withdrawal? By Barry Rubin

A Major U.S. Policy Shift Toward the Muslim Brotherhood Disguised By Barry Rubin

American Indian "Jimbo" Simmons Gaza Flotilla Interview

Arthur Billy: Requiem for the Dead of Gaza

Britain accused of collaborating with Israel over Salah arrest Arab Israelis and Palestinians say arrest of Sheikh Raed Salah in London is 'strange' and 'illegitimate', and call for his release

Tower Hamlets Demo: SWP/UAF ‘Lies For Justice’

Images/Photos of Moderate Muslims

Shocker: Saudi charity in Pakistan accused of funding al-Qaeda

Failed jihadists in 2009 plot against synagogues, military planes get 25 years in jail

U.K. alleges Iran is "testing missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload"

Iran plans new test for "space program" (wink-wink), this time with monkeys

Change for the worse at the EDL

Malaysia (again) throws its support behind Orwellian-named 'Freedom Flotilla II' to Hamastan

Message to Muslims

Saudi Religious Police Detained 5 Women for Driving, Group Reports

Britain: Iran testing missiles with nuclear capability

Ann Barnard is looking for good links or citations on any topic relating to Islamic Sexuality

Reuters: Obama to Establish Formal Contacts with Muslim Brotherhood

EDITORIAL: Taliban talks bombing Administration negotiates with Afghan enemy despite brutal attack

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition to open resource center

Iraq and the Misnamed 'Arab Spring' by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

NYT’s Tom Friedman: It’s “Pure Crap” When American Jews Criticize Obama For Being Anti-Israel

Obama Administration Puts Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism, Removes North Korea

U.S. Senate passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to Palestinians

How the Mullahs’ Terrorism Works by Frank Crimi

SF MUNI Endorses Osama Bin Ladin

UK: Mixed Messages on Radical Islam

Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan: Any Muslim Who Refuses to Pray Is an Infidel, and Must Be Killed (video)

Islam Does Not Belong in Europe

Australian Defence League Demonstration in Sydney On 30 July 2011

Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich on the flotilla

Ferzli: Alliance with Miqati Strategic Mistake - Hussein Assi

Nonie Darwish & Carl Boyd - Sharia for Dummies (video)

Taj Hargey – Publicity Hound and Murtad

RECOMMENDED READING: “Who Is Behind the Second Gaza Flotilla?”

Fierce battles with Al Qaeda fighters in south Yemen

Report: Turkey Considering Deep Offensive into Western Syria by Ryan Mauro

Gene Simmons Breaks Down in Emotional Return to Israel

UK: Woman For Sharia Calling For Islamic Law Throughout The World (video)

Massive Riots in Egypt: Honeymoon Over, Divorce Begins? By Barry Rubin

Arab Spring Gusher‎ / The Arab apartheid system is exposing itself

Sinking the Flotillas with the Weight of the Law How a brilliant legal strategy might prevent the Free Gaza Movement’s next propaganda strike against Israel. - by David Swindle

Armageddon, Farrakhan, and Philadelphia's Islamic Festival by David J. Rusin

Italy: Moroccan murders wife in apparent 'honor murder'

France: Bank to offer Sharia-compatible accounts

Netherlands: Parliament bans ritual slaughter

Al-Qaeda's Efforts to Lift the Mujahideen's Spirits By: D. Hazan & R. Green

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mu'alem Rejects Military Intervention in Syria, Criticizing French "Colonialism"

- Russian Envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin Expresses Concern that NATO Aerial Attacks on Libya Might Lead to Ground Campaign

- Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Nafisi: Eritrea Leases Red Sea Islands to Israel for Pasture and to Iran for Training Camps

The "Non-Existent” Islamization of America By Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Iran denounces upcoming BBC2 documentary on Muhammad as attempt to "ruin Muslims' sanctity"

U.K.: "Banned" jihadist hate preacher arrives at Heathrow, goes ahead with speaking engagements as criminals dodge deportation on "human rights" grounds

Egyptian court dismisses Muslim lawsuit alleging Copts abducted priest's wife whom they claimed converted to Islam

Pakistan, facing accusations from Afghanistan as well as the U.S., calls for the "blame game" to stop

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf: "If Christians were to regard Muslims as Unitarians with an Arabic liturgy," many of America's problems with Muslim world would be solved

U.S. Ambassador to Qatar: "Centrality of the Palestinian-Israeli issue" to Mideast a "myth," wants to see "Islamic renaissance"

Israeli Defense Force: Flotilla groups "serve as a cover for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood"

Sharia in Indonesia: "Obedient Wives Club" pretext for legalizing polygamy

Saudi Columnist Denies Holocaust and Facts to Students

Brotherhood Assurances Not Backed by Track Record

Revised FBI Guidelines Will Aid Terrorism Fight

Tunisia: Bruce Maddy-Weitzman's Analysis By Barry Rubin

General: Obama Afghan withdrawal plan not among options presented by Petraeus

Gilad Atzmon: And What About Jewish Anti Gentile Studies?

Billionaire Naguib Sawiris' Mickey tweet 'mocks Islam'

European Jewish Groups Vow To Fight Dutch Ritual Slaughter Ban

Bahrain king orders 'fact-finding' committee King says independent committee of international human rights activists will probe protests that began in February.

Does Islam Stand against Science?

Another shift in the military balance of the Middle East

Cartoon in Qatari Newspaper: Mubarak, Ben Ali, Qadhafi, Assad, and Abdallah Saleh

Netherlands: "One dog less" -- Young Muslims jeer and mock at Christian funerals, pound hearse with their fists (video)

DOJ Sued for Documents Detailing Decision Not to Prosecute Islamic Extremist CAIR Founder

Son defends 'Australian' charged as Hamas spy

Bibi starts Arabic-subtitled YouTube channel to answer questions

Home Grown Jihadists – Terror Camps In USA, Right Underneath Our Noses (video)

A Kuwaiti who will never be interviewed by Reuters

Pakistan does not know where Mullah Omar is

Israeli Anti-Freedom Flotilla II Propaganda by Stephen Lendman

Glenn Beck’s Strong Support of Israel


“Australia is a S#*t Country” by sheikyermami

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested In London

Saudi women driving movement

Italy: Moroccan murders wife in apparent 'honor murder'

All Over, Over All? Fatah's Accord with Hamas


Turmoil in Syria may spill out into war for Israel

New UK Bid to Tackle Muslim Sexual Grooming: Why It’s Doomed to Fail

Bracing for Arab revenge after Israel's 1967 victory

Khadija's Thighs

Kabul Siege Signals Time To Get Out by Robert Spencer

Senate Committee Backs Obama on Libya as Rebels capture major Arms Depot

Tim Pawlenty's Middle East Speech

Rudd names special envoy to Islam grouping

Islam - A Spirit of Antichrist

HEC publishes book on ‘Labour Management Relations in Islam’

ICC wants Rape added to Gaddafi's warrant

Peter Bergen: After Bin Laden

Islam-Quran Challenge (video)

Islam equals hypocrisy par excellence

Questions Asked about the Muslim Brotherhood in North America June 29, 2011 Questions Asked about the Muslim Brotherhood in North America

The Story of the Liberty Gene - Amil Imani

Imam Rauf Still Dreaming About Ground Zero Victory Mosque by sheikyermami

Muhammad’s Breast-feeding Hadith (rida’ al-kabir) by sheikyermami

Jacob Zuma: UN Resolution never stated the Assassination of Gaddafi

U.S. America is ``biggest terrorist state of the world``

Mad Media and Jewish Dogs - Sultan Knish

On nukes, O 'leads' & the world laughs - Peter Brookes

Mullah missile madness Iranian regime gets cockier - Amir Taheri

Kabul Siege Signals Time To Get Out by Robert Spencer

The Flotilla Jihadists’ Artsy Propagandist and Her Billionaire Husband by David Swindle

Why Obama’s Proposal Is a Suicide Note for Israel by David Meir-Levi

A World of Frustration by Alan W. Dowd

History’s View of Robert Gates by Alan M. Dershowitz

Iran: World Victim of Terrorism by Joseph Klein

NYPD Deploys Counterterror Personnel After Afghan Hotel Bomb Attack

Palin, the Flotilla, and the L.A. Times Khalidi/Obama Tape - by Roger L Simon

Robert Spencer: Afghanistan: Mission Unaccomplished

Islamic Attack, Suicide Bombers Storm Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul

"After you Brother!" Qadaffi stays and Obama leaves?

Alice Walker: Why I'm sailing to Gaza

The truth behind another Israeli expulsion trick

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

U.S. Congressman Asks IRS To Investigate CAIR

Imam Looks For Common Ground Between Islam And West

Suicide bombing is a detriment to the image of Islam - Maulvi Adam

Muslim Rep. Ellison draws anti-Muslim Tea Party challenger - Justin Elliott

Western-Islamic Rapprochement by Michael S. Rozeff

The Propaganda of CAIR Exposed by Walid Shoebat (video)

The Immigration Policy of Absurdistan: Legal is Illegal; Illegal is Legal The ACLU and Obama are doing the jobs that Americans won't do - Daniel Horowitz

Belgium: Former politician blackmailed by Moroccan woman

Tunisia's Morning After Middle Eastern Upheavals by Bruce Maddy-Weitzman

Swedish Meetballs: Swedish Gaza flotilla ship sabotaged

Libyan rebels find major munitions dump Seizing arms cache belonging to Gaddafi forces seen as boost for fighters, whose road to Tripoli remains tough, however.

With Career in Toilet, Homeland Security Approached Hezbollah Skank as “Bridge” To Middle East By Debbie Schlussel

Fake pressure on terrorist inmates

Arab researcher: "Israel trumps the Arab world"

Sabeel Hanif and Amar Mahmood jailed for total of seven years

Geert Wilders: Free at Last? Guest Commentary by Edward Cline

‘MK’ Glenn Beck to Address Knesset

Saudi to pull some military units out of Bahrain

Fjordman: The Flaws of Edward Said’s Orientalism

Judge Rules Hamas-linked CAIR Can Sue “Muslim Mafia” Ex-Intern

Democracy collapses in Europe: EU cancels SIOA/SIOE free speech rally Freedom from jihad flotilla to launch on 9/11

Is Jordan Palestine? (videos)

Khaled Abu Toameh: The Implications of Raised Expectations in Palestine

Hate Preacher and Banned Terror Supporter Salah allowed Entry to UK!!


Kazakhstan/OIC: Ihsanoglu calls on the international community to recognize the state of Palestine at the United Nations Historic change to the OIC name and logo Nazarbayev calls at Astana CFM for increasing the representation of the OIC in the G-20

Shaykh Muhammad Hassan: Islam Prefers a Strong, Immoral Warrior (video)


The words ‘no mosque here’ are racist

It is High Time for Israel to Get Serious about Treason

Canadian Mosque Associated With U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader Has Financial Trouble

The lessons of the Farhud for the Middle East today

Netherlands ‘Declining in Importance’ Because of Geert Wilders- UN Rep

The Invisible Palestinians - Caroline Glick

FBI Entraps Two More Muslims - by Stephen Lendman

Islamists attack Tunisia cinema over secular film

In Saudi Arabia, Renewed Discussion On Fatwa Permitting The Killing Of Coworkers Who Do Not Pray

The ‘Right of Return’ Is No Bargaining Chip by Charles Bybelezer

EGYPT: Taming the slum menace in Cairo

US gets ready to turn Syria into another Middle Eastern vassal

Thoughts and Facts on the Gaza Flotilla II By Barry Rubin

In the wake of Obama's pullout in Afghanistan can we expxect more of this Terrorism?

Kiryat Arba chief rabbi arrested following his support of book which justifies killing of non-Jews

Obama adviser makes case to Senate panel for involvement in Libya

Column in Saudi Daily Denies Holocaust, Criticizes Mandatory Holocaust Studies for Arab-Israeli Pupils

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 'If the Black Boxes of the Holocaust and of 9/11 Are Opened, Much Evidence Will Come to Light'

'From Osama's Soldiers to Obama': Jihadi Song of Praise for Bin Laden Threatens President Obama

John Kampfner: Finally, the age of Western intervention is over In case anyone has forgotten, on the eve of the Arab Spring uprisings, Cameron was busily trying to flog British arms to Middle Eastern potentates

Keith Ellison calls Lynne Torgerson’s campaign one of ‘hate, division, and fear’

City workshops to unveil the real Islam

US Muslim Sues Fashion Mogul over Hijab

Umar Akbar Ahmed: Islam and Human Rights: The Case of Journalist Rachid Nini

Legalising racism? By Fatima Kanji

Islam's Understanding Of Hell - Faheem Younus

The Kinetic Effects of Prayer in Islam

Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Islam

Hunt for the 'Burka Bandit': Man armed with knife and umbrella dressed as Muslim woman to rob travel agents

Ex-boxer elected new head of Austria's Muslims Turkish-born ex-boxing champion announces modern plans for Islamic community in Austria.

Geert Wilders, a Voltaire for our times?

Antwerp: Sharia police patrols against gays, girls in short skirts

Turkish gay Pride marchers demand more rights

Clashes between Turks and Kurds

The Authentic Palestine Freedom Flotilla - Ruth King

Say no to Shari’a Law in Australia! Join the protest, 3rd of July 2011

Iran Threatens Turkey, Reveals Missile Silos Soon those silos will contain nuclear-tipped missiles. by 'Reza Kahlili'

St Nicholas Church Rally at Ground Zero Rebuild the 95-Year-Old Church, Stop the Ground Zero Mosquestrosity

Depraved Hypocrisy of International Law: Arrest Warrant for Gaddafi but not Ahmadinejad

Losing the Plot in Libya and Afghanistan Presidential Policy: Does It Make the Grade? - James Carafano, PhD

Dearborn: Police Bar Christian Group from Public Street Near Mosque

Washington DC: Imam Musa "American Muslims Treated The Same As Jews In Nazi Germany"

Egypt: Miltary Conducts Virginity Tests On Women

UK: Child Killer Saves His Skin by Turning to Islam by sheikyermami

Never Consider a Muslim Putz for President by sheikyermami

Understanding the Jihad Against Israel and America by sheikyermami

Glenn Beck vs the Muslim Brotherhood: ” “Democracy Is a Bad, Backwards, and Retarded Idea” by sheikyermami

Turkey’s ‘Reform Islam’ will be just like the original Islam by sheikyermami

Behind ‘Righteous Indignation’

The Brutal Mind of Al-Qaeda’s New Boss by Jamie Glazov

Obama’s Libya Venture and Double Standards by Bruce Thornton

Treating Israelis Like Rational People, Not Pawns by Seth Mandel

Islamist Lawfare on Steroids by David Meir-Levi

Why Israel Needs to Get Serious about Treason by Steven Plaut

New York Times' ridiculous lie: "Immigrant crime not visible in statistics"

Syrian uprising "has been overwhelmed by a carefully programmed Islamist upsurge that is led by the Muslim Brotherhood"

"Let’s thank those who dragged Geert Wilders into court"

Tunisia: Islamic supremacists shouting "Allahu akbar" smash windows of cinema, attack filmgoers over secular film

EDITORIAL: The floating Gaza Strip show Phony humanitarians seek to instigate violence with Israel

Monday, June 27, 2011

Egypt tycoon accused of 'Mickey Mouse' insult to Islam

IDF: Some flotilla activists may plan to kill soldiers

IOF re-arrest a freed Hamas captive who already served 25 years

Videos: Gaza deprivation and PalArab celebration

Vice-President of Muslim Association in Austria Says Sport is Dangerous for Women

US funding of Arab dictatorships

Pro-Palestinian flotilla activists armed with poison chemicals for Israeli troops

Sudan's al-Bashir in China for talks President arrives in Beijing after a delay attributed to a change in flight plan.

A Briefing on the European Counterjihad

The Social Networking Revolution Meets Islamists with No Sense of Humor By Barry Rubin

video-How Muslims BUILT EUROPE.and the whole world to hear them tell it.... (video)

IDF in Arabic Video: This is a Flotilla of Hate

Democracy Compatible With Islam: Qaradawi


The Free Market Jihad ~ American Muslim Consumer Conference 2011

Quote of the Day: Spencer and Geller blame Muslims for forcing a 95-year-old, wheelchair-bound leukemia patient to remove adult diaper for search

London bank launches key Shariah fund

She’s BAAACK: Bush ICE Princess Cashes In on Ignoring Illegal Alien Probs; Chipotle Raises Prices to Pay Her By Debbie Schlussel

Jeddah police arrest five over container theft

Annual cost of air conditioning for US wars greater than NASA budget

MIDDLE EAST: Humanitarian aid best practice guidelines now in Arabic

Senior Pakistani Journalist Khaled Ahmed Reviews Book Revealing Al-Qaeda's Penetration of Pakistani Military

What's Really Going On at the Israeli Institute for Biological Research? Exposing Israel's Most Dangerous Secret By SALEH EL-NAAMI

Patrick Cockburn: Don't believe everything you see and read about Gaddafi