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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prosecutor seeks drone images from deadly Turkish raid

Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “Reasons for Victory”

U.S. imposes sanctions on banks dealing with Iran

Bribery Scandal Almost Nabbed Newt

"All-American Muslim": A Little Taqiyya on the Prairie

Forget tactics; the “clash of civilizations” is spiritual, not intellectual

The People of Shambala - victims of Muslim persecution (video)

USA/Islam: Muslims skip NYC mayor’s event to protest spying

Conflict between evil & good people

Netherlands: 117 attacks on mosques in 6 years

Haredi use of Holocaust symbols denounced,7340,L-4169332,00.html

Unknown terror group claims responsibility for murder of scientist in Tel Aviv

Befogging the Enemy: U.S. Officials as Human Pretzels by David J. Rusin

Mail and Torygraph defend sacked workers

Canadian TV Host Doesn't Think Israel Deserves to Exist

Innospec Agent Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Bribing Iraqi Officials and Paying Kickbacks Under the U.N. Oil for Food Program

WordPress Stifles Discussion of Bare Naked Islam

Free Muslims to Lead Delegation of Israeli Jews to Gaza

Shabaab leader recounts al Qaeda's role in Somalia in the 1990s

2011: End of US Hyperpower & its War with Islamdom

Libya – Abdejalil Mustapha accused the demonstrators in Benghazi they are loyal to Gaddafi

Maldives/Islam: Maldives kicks off Islamic conference to minimize religious conflicts

Stop ignoring the facts about Cast Lead

Somalia faces further regional meddling in 2012

Anya Cordell:Muslims and Lowes Are Both Integral To Our Society

Reuters latest propaganda mantra


The Narrative of Perpetual Palestinian Victimhood

A difficult road ahead for Yemen's political transition

AUDIO: ‘A Perspective on Activism of Muslims’

Qatar Times: "Majority of Syrian support Assad!"

How Disgusting: Wails For Jailed “Moderate” Fatah Leader

Hizballah laundered drug money in U.S. banks

‘Israeli arrested on suspicion of starting Chile fire’

Indonesia: Muslims Warned Not to Celebrate New Year's Lavishly, But to Stay Home and Read Koran

Pakistani Taliban Declare School Girls Playing Sports Un-Islamic, Commence Bombing Campaign…

Nigeria declares state of emergency President Goodluck Jonathan vows to "crush the terrorists" in response to deadly attacks by radical sect Boko Haram.

Color Video of Cairo and Alexandria in the 1960s

Khalil Ibrahim of JEM Killed By Khartoum While Trying To Leave Darfur for South Sudan

al-Fajr Media presents a new biography of Abū Dujānah al-Khurāsānī by Abū al-Ḥasān al-Wā’ilī: “The Full Story of the Khost Operation”

Ron Paul and Israel

US Drones Used in Turkey Airstrikes; 5 Killed in Other Iraq Violence

Ron Paul on Iranian TV, 2009 Defends Hamas and Suicide Bombing, Bashes Israel

Leader of Darfur Genocide Now Head of Arab League Human Rights Observers in Syria

Shocker: San Fran-area Muslim Community Association's "authentic" books on Islam preach brutality, intolerance, and jihad warfare

Egypt's military on alert for New Year's attack on Christians

Egypt: Coptic bishop warns of more church bombing threats; New Year's festivities canceled, kidnappings on the rise

Hizballah honcho Nasrallah reportedly worth $250 million

Malaysia: Christian leader may be charged with sedition for criticizing supremacist article in constitution

Egypt's Obstructionist Generals

Paul Assails Rivals’ Criticism of His Policy on Iran

The Trade in Homosexual Sex Slaves from Africa to the Middle East

Diversity Means Replacing Everything… With Islam

Primary Punishment - Sultan Knish

Criticism of Hague “sharia police” grows

Maldives: Tourism businesses alarmed as Islamic groups see a brothel behind every blade of grass

Bare Naked Islam is Back ...For Now

Saudi Arabia/Philippines-Islam: 20,000 copies of Filipino version of Qur’an to be published in Saudi Arabia

Unindicted terror 'co-conspirator' gets blog closed down Islam advocates call critic 'anti-Muslim hate site' Read more: Unindicted terror 'co-conspirator' gets blog closed down

Comment: Maldives: ‘Political Islam’ here to stay?

Crackpot Anti-Islam Activists, “Serial Fabricators” and the Tale of Iran and 9/11 By Gareth Porter

Egypt's Winds of Change Give Way to Dark Clouds

Muslims Push for Sharia Law in Lakemba, Australia (video)

Muslims burn homes, Egypt arrests Christian over Muhammad posting on Facebook

Silly Obama Rabbit, Tricks Are for Islamists By Barry Rubin

2011: The Islamic Supremacists Advance

Iraq surge’s advocates fear gains will be lost Fragile democracy at risk, they warn

The mutating al Qaeda threat Terrorists are adapting and expanding

Friday, December 30, 2011

Muslims explain why they must wear beards (video)

Islamic scholar casts a skeptical eye on the emerging Egypt,0,6815850.story

Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

What scientists really think of the Quran: William Hay - This is the Truth UNCUT (video)

The Israeli military prepares for a new type of war

Yet More Nigerians Are Being Hoodwinked By Gordon Duff And His Anti-American Lies On The Boko Haram

Algeria: The “dur” who came in from the cold

Is Another Holocaust Coming? The Signs Are There If Jews Only Open Their Eyes By Bill Narvey

Is the U.S. Resigned to Cleaning up Mess Israel Makes by Attacking Iran?

A New Year’s Resolution For Homeland Security & Janet Napolitano By Debbie Schlussel

(graphic video) Muslims behead Thai-Buddhist children for politics

The Museum of Palestinian Propaganda

Aisha Gaddafi Demands Investigation Into Her Father's Death

All-American Muslim Dawah Show to Highlight How 9/11 Hurt Muslims

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Seeks to Interfere in the Internal Politics of Western Nations

The Egyptian Chronicles’ women of the year 2011 : Ladies who made their own chronicles

Dutch mosques defaced 117 times

Forbes: Obama Administration Jihad – Backdoor Attack On Free Speech

UK war on free speech..Press TV banned

Qaddafi Was Worth More Than $200 Billion By Far The Richest Person In The World Business

"Neither the Arab League nor Western governments care about the Syrian people…"

Iran’s defense doctrine: threat for threat

Supporters of Israel Far Outnumber PLO Supporters outside the Royal Albert Hall London

Arab League presence gives cover to Syrian protesters

Operation Cast Lead and a 2012 Deja Vu

Sweden: Agency slams immigrant language class failings

Russia: 110 year old makes pilgrimage to the Hajj

Citizenship, Islam and America

Today’s Letters: Is Islam for or against tolerance?

Maldives shuts down spa resorts over 'anti-Islamic' activities

The real questions for Egypt - John L. Esposito

Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!! I'll tell you How! This Video that Must Be SHARED!

US Civilians Are Now Helping Decide Who To Kill With Military Drones

Krauthammer: Iran blocking Strait of Hormuz would ‘start a war’

The U.S. Govts Willful Ignorance (on Islam) Is Costing Soldiers’ Lives

Israeli state terror to continue by Stephen Lendman

Despotism in Saudi Arabia by Stephen Lendman

Syria forces fire 'nail bombs' as masses protest

Senior Jihadi Cleric Sanctions Bombings in Syria, Calls on Syrians to Take Up Arms against Regime

Jordanian Salafi Cleric Sheik Yassin Al-'Ajlouni: The Caliphate Will Be Reestablished in 2024 by the Son of Jordanian King Abdullah

Saudi Arabia: Land of Mecca - Darlene Casella

Syria's Arab League Charade - Amir Taheri

Political Correctness: Our Titanic - Leslie Sacks

Should We Support Stability or Revolution? Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

Iraq U.S. Troop Withdrawal: Celebrations As American Forces Leave

The Arab Spring and Its Impact on Israel - Barry Rubin

Imam behind 'Ground Zero Mosque' calls for peaceful pilgrimage to Israel

Burning Issues: Islamism, Intolerance, Iconoclasm Part One (of Two) - Adrian Morgan

Five Easy Steps to End ‘Islamophobia’

Guest Columnist: A few words on the prophet motive

Wham! Bam! Drawing on Islam

Islam and the concept of ‘Ibaadah’ (worship or adoration)

Gaddafi's captured son has part of finger and thumb amputated in prison cell as he awaits trial in Libya over war crimes and corruption

Pakistani TV Channel Airs Revolutionary Song with Anti-U.S. Imagery Against 'Infidels'

Kashmir's Top Clergyman Launches Islamist Website against Apostasy and Conversion of Muslims to Christianity, Promotes Antisemitism and Urges Boycott of New Year Celebrations

Headway in U.S.-Taliban Peace Talks on Afghanistan – Reports from Afghan Media

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab World and Islamic Communities in Western Europe

9/11 America Missed Opportunity to Transform World for Better

Israeli spy chief downplays Iranian nuke threat

Israel Stands Up to Gender Extremists

Voices of Palestine: Abbas Zaki

Women’s Rights and Double Standards

Islam’s War on Christmas

New York Times Ridicules Gingrich on Sharia

Mohamed Bouazizi: The Spark that Ignited the Arab Spring

War Games, An Energy Crisis, and the Iranian Threat

The Center for American Progress’ Jihad Against the Free World - Daniel Greenfield

"I have spent 35 years in an evil cult and it is so difficult to get over it or put it behind me"

Bosnia's Muslims urged not to celebrate New Year's, lest they "violate Allah's boundaries, and do something their master hates and despises"

Gaza premier Haniyeh visits Sudanese president Bashir, wanted for genocide

Report: Al-Qaeda's former second banana sends veteran jihadists to establish presence in Libya

Are Crackpot Liars Being Used to Tie Iran to 9/11?

Stealth Jihad From Our Own Administration (video)

“If you kill in this country under the banner of jihad, we’re told it isn’t terrorism”

Analysis: Libya’s long road to disarmament

Indian Media Reports Qaradawi Key Mediator In Secret U.S.-Taliban Talks

Hamas Leader Expresses Support For Syrian President

Obama ordered Congress to work on transfer of Taliban leader from Gitmo to Afghanistan

Al-Jazeera Cartoon: 2011, the Year in Review

Syria: Opposition Urges Resignation Of Arab League’s Monitoring Mission Head

Iran To Test Long-Range Missiles In Weekend Drill

ISAF Commander Condemns Roadside Bomb Attack

Is This How WW3 Will Start?

Ron Paul: Iran Would be Justified in Closing Strategic Waterway in Response to Sanctions

Dan Froomkin - How Many U.S. Soldiers Were Wounded in Iraq? Guess Again

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iran war very dangerous scenario’

The OIC’s xenophobic publicists in the United States

The World Council of Churches’ Anti-Israel Policies

AFMI Holds First Muslim Convention At Ranchi


Afghan girl locked in toilet for 5 months: officials

Syria may be convulsing but foreign intervention must be avoided

Bunglawussi Howling: Geller and Spencer invent an ‘Islamic honor killing’

Final Comment of the Day on the NGO Raids: SCAF to Arrest Itself Soon?

"Israel has nothing to fear from Islamists !"

DEA Investigation Targets Money Laundering Operations in Panama and Colombia Ground Zero For Hezbollah Used Car Scam That Links to Tampa FL, "Cars Are The Cash"

BNI Shut Down Again, Hamas-Tied CAIR Does Victory Dance

Max Blumenthal is not a journalist by any definition

Muslim comics and documentary pushing Muslim Brotherhood-invented concept of "Islamophobia"

Taliban jihadi in Afghan army murders two French soldiers

Disaster: Israeli pencils make it to market in Saudi Arabia!

Raymond Ibrahim: New York Times Minimizes Anti-Christian Aspect of Nigeria's Christmas Day Jihad

"Islamophobia" filmmaker refuses to answer questions

2011 in Quotes: Islamophobia

Antwerp: Police detain Islamists over harassment

Netherlands: Somalis fight for residency rights takes down Bare Naked Islam – again

SB1070 for Muslims (NSEERS) Lands DREAM Act Youth Behind Bars, Deportation Looming

Finland: Swimming pool purchases curtains for immigrant swimmers

Escalating Anti-Iranian Tensions - by Stephen Lendman

Hamas Tweets For Jihad and Martyrdom, For Expelling and Killing Jews, and For Conquering Jerusalem – Another U.S.-Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Served By Using Twitter

The Catholic Church and Islam & Muslims

Amy Goodman interviews Egyptian blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, who was recently released from jail, on Democracy Now! (video)

PA Terrorists Launch Failed Rocket Attack on Southern Israel - Israel threatens another Gaza invasion

Preparing to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons: "No Option can be taken off the Table."

Girls in Kajiado stands against FGM, They decided to fight!

Growing Numbers Denounce Islam

Fatah Source Claims Meshal Ordered End to Terror Attacks Against Israel

If You Care for the Palestinians, Boycott the Palestinian Authority

Israel's raid on Osirak: the truth

Did the "Godfather" of Pakistan's Nuclear-Weapons Program Aid India's, Too?

Obama's Drone Strikes Set An Example

Will rising tensions with Tehran lead to war?

TTP (English Statement): An Amazing Operation to Destroy the Vehicle of the Special Security Paramilitary Forces in Karachi

Police Burka Stop Leads to Riot in Brussels

Egypt Raids 17 Human Rights NGOs: Did They Just Shoot Santa Claus?

Obama’s Iran Promises: Security or Votes?

Richard Silverstein gets fooled, takes pride in getting fooled

Ron Banerjee: Understanding Islamic violence and how to defend our freedoms

Frank Gaffney podcast: Roger Noriega, Avi Jorisch, Patrick Poole on Venezuela, China, Iran, the Obama admin. etc.

France/Belgium: Veil arrests

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein PWND!

Sweden: Somalis 'shut out' of health system


If Obama Were Raised In Kenya, Would He Have Been Taken As A Sex Slave For a Wealthy Qatari Muslim?

Somaliland deports Ethiopian refugees including children

New US Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern Visits Armenian American Wellness Center

Croats hold Catholic Mass for their WWII Nazi leader

Afghan-led Force Captures Taliban Leader

The Violence of ‘Peaceful Islam’ Drove 90,000 People From Their Homes in Nigeria This Week

More Saber Rattling in War of Words With Iran

Deployed Sailor Leads Team in Afghanistan

Explosives Dismantled in Homs, Weapons Seized

(video) Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Imam Yusuf Al-Qaradawi justifies the Holocaust

The War Criminal Who Wants to Ethnically Cleanse Jerusalem

NYPD Study: Jews Are Often Terror Targets

Syria: Assad's brother 'missing',7340,L-4168804,00.html

Obama administration secretly preparing options for aiding the Syrian opposition

Nigeria's Christmas Present: Blown Up Christians by Raymond Ibrahim

Europe's Inexorable March Towards Islam by Soeren Kern

Egypt’s Islamic Research Center wants Christian TV off air

Nigerian churches call Christmas bombings 'declaration of war'

Iranians Seem Ignorant of US Military Power

Obama to sell $30B worth of F-15s to Saudi Arabia

A Year After Corruption Ignited the Arab Spring, Do Citizens Have a Greater Voice?

Think Again: As We Leave Iraq, Remember How We Got In

If Iran Moves, the USA Has No Plan for an Oil Interruption

Iran: U.S. Aircraft Carrier Filmed Near Iranian Navy Drill

Turkey Kurdish Rebels Airstrike: Officials Claim Many Killed Mistaken For Guerillas

Rif'at Al-Said, Leader of Egyptian Al-Tagammu' Party: The Christians in Egypt are Right to Be Scared; Some Are Packing Up and Leaving; The History of Egypt Includes Religious Riots and Oppression, and Subsequent Christian Emigration

In the Post-Mubarak Era, Egyptian Salafi-Jihadis Renew Their Da'wa

Iran: How to Subvert the Censors

Newt Gingrich: Historians Are Going To Be ‘Amazed At The Naivete And Lack Of Knowledge Of The Obama Administration’


Inept U.S. Congress frees $40 million for ‘Palestinians’

“Islam is Islam and that’s it…”

“Saudis will continue to follow the moderate Salafi ideology”, says Saudi princeling…

The Dry Arab Spring and the Lost Left - Sultan Knish

Seasonal Holidays: U.S. vs. U.K. - Daniel Hannan

The Nauseating Moral Cowardice of the Liberal-Left Trenderati - James Delingpole

8,000 US troops remain in Iraq

The Bombing of Damascus: Terror, Lies, Human Rights and Mass Media "Conspiracy Theories"

Articles by Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman

14 Muslim Leaders Plan Boycott of Breakfast With Mayor

Saudi Arabia: A Step for Women

Child Slavery on the Arabian Peninsula - Stephen Brown

Unfit to Print

Ron Paul’s War on Israel by Ryan Mauro

Weapons Sales to Iraq Move Ahead Despite U.S. Worries

Turkish imam says Santa Claus "dishonest" for going down chimneys: "If he was an honest person he would come through the door as we do"

Muslim comics and documentary pushing Muslim Brotherhood-invented concept of "Islamophobia"

YEMEN: Yemen malnutrition data should "shock"

Analysis: Worrying signs for Iraq's stability as USA pulls out

SYRIA: Violence, sectarianism stalk Homs

PAKISTAN: Low awareness of hidden FGM/C practices

Obama's Christmas Proclamation Breaks With Tradition, Doesn't Acknowledge Christian Belief

Obama Administration Nixes Ticker-Tape Parade for Iraq War Troops

Nigerian Muslims Murder Three-Year-Old Girl and Her Parents As They Sleep

The Iraq War is not really over Veterans need our care and help to reintegrate By Christopher Flynn

Tehran’s moment of truth The mullahs are playing with fire in Strait of Hormuz

The Surviving Ron Paul Report

Relief Around the Corner: Reflections From Circling the Kaaba

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Help me make a Middle East reading list

Greek and Armenian Priests at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem Prepare for Eastern Christmas their Traditional Way: the Broom Brawl

#Mubaraktrial :Beware the wrath of 2012 if Mubarak is not back in power !!

Brief History Of Lebanon (video)

Ukranian Muslim Brotherhood Holds 10th Annual Conference

Muslim Brotherhood: Compulsory Zakat to Have Major Role in Egypt

Iran: liberal democracy “shaken” by Islam, as Egypt employs sharia

What Is The Exact Date Of Prophet Muhammad's Birth?

Al Shabaab Money Laundering Results in the Closing of Hawala in the US

Merry Christmas: "The Swine are the infidels of the communion of Jesus, the Christians!"

What Is The Crescent Directive?

In Libya, UN calls for greater role of civil society in political transition

Syria – The Syrian commandos protect Syria against the traitors and mercenaries

Hate Blogger Robert Spencer Attacks Interfaith Leaders, Imam Mohamed Magid and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Report: Radical Sheikh a Key Mediator in U.S.-Taliban Talks

MK Danon Proposes Outlawing Sex Between ‘Arabs,’ Young Jewish Girls

UK Bishops Come Out Clearly Against Israel

Culturally Enriched Domestic Violence in Oslo

Swedish Court Releases Three Muslims Accused of Plotting to Kill Motoon Artist Lars Vilks

IDF: Next Gaza Incursion will be Different IDF website says enhanced weapons systems will make Israeli forces entering Gaza more "flexible and lethal."

Berlin: Syrian opposition activist attacked in his home

Gaza war: One of history's great crimes by Stephen Lendman

US Navy Says Any Disruption To Straits Of Hormuz "Will Not Be Tolerated"

Troubled Ethiopia-Somalia history haunts Horn of Africa,0,464537.story

Article On Iranian Website: This Is How We'll Close Strait of Hormuz

The Story Behind Osama Bin Laden Assassination and the Pakistan Double Game (video)

'Abdallah 'Azzam Brigades Deny Involvement in Damascus Bombings

Return of the Death of Arabic, Part 97 (B)(VII)

US Prepared For Military Option Against Iran

France Urges Iran To Respect Hormuz Shipping Rights


Alexander Baron: Gilad Atzmon wipes Israel off the map

Syrian Oppositionist Mamoun Al-Homsi: If the Alawites Do Not Renounce Bashar Al-Assad, We Will Turn Syria into Their Graveyard

Iranian navy "can readily block" Strait of Hormuz

Somalia: taking back schools from Islamic militants

Court upholds the corporate right to plunder Palestine

Lazy Muslim Praying on Street of NYC ~ Video

'Jews want to go back to Libya' - Jewish leader in Israel

Professor Ze'ev Maoz joins Call to Shut Down the Politics Department at Ben Gurion University

Are Egyptians Using Democracy to Vote Against Democracy?

JDL and far-right parties find common ground

OIC/Women: Women’s rights stressed at the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission

Nothing wrong with war! Why it is good for us

Iraq: Nouri Al Maliki Accrues Power

Egypt Revolution: With Mubarak Gone And Elections Underway, Protesters Face Bloody Crossroads

Rebuilding America's Stock of Power - Steve Clemmons

Yemen Government Workers Rally Against Corruption

Tommy says police treating attack as racially motivated!

The liberals' conservative - Pamela Geller

Missouri Reservists head to Afghanistan

Syrians disappointed by Arab League observers who find the situation in Homs reassuring

This Is The Right Moment for Churches To Pay Attention to Israel’s Occupation

Our “Moderate” Muslim Neighbors: Jihadist Outs US Muslim Terrorists, NY Daily News Redacts Names By Debbie Schlussel

US scaling back expectations on Pakistan

For Saudis Born Out of Wedlock, A Life Alone

'Turkey will move to undermine France’s position in Syria & Lebanon'

Porky kicking the Ugly Butt of Fucking Retarded Muslims,Lol..... The muzzies Getting their ASS handed to them by a PIG. That is just Awesome on so many Levels.

Israeli navy attacks international observers, injures Palestinian, on monitoring boat in Gaza waters

Azerbaijan: The Government Campaign Against Dissent – Analysis

Lessons on the Long Road to Hijab

John Gaffney podcast: Russia and China's future in the Middle East

Anti-Muslim Bloggers Invent Another ‘Honor Killing’