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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brussels/Turkey: Minister goes ballistic against far-right MEP in caricature row

Al-Jazeera: Muslims of France

Lucerne: Foreigners denied right to vote

Greece: Anti-Immigrant Barrier to be Put Up Along Evros Borders

Oslo: Very Little to Debate at ‘Human Rights in Islam’ Discussion

Tunisian constitution to condemn Zionism


Media Psychology 101 – Framing Israel: Is Fair Coverage Possible?

TURKEY: The new Constitution drafting process and freedom of religion or belief

Lynch & Cook: US Policy on Egypt Needs a Big Shift

Reuters still downplaying IAEA report on Iran's nuclear weapons program

Pakistan Needs A Long-Term Break From The US

After the embassy incursion: Germany must not block financial sanctions against Iran tomorrow

Gaza Food Heritage

UK Victory for Democracy – Blackpool Supervisors Refuse Illegal Mosque Plan

Yemeni Nobel peace prize winner is not Mother Teresa, but political Islamist

Taliban ambush from tree line, US Marines counter attack and lay down heavy suppressive fire (Sangin,Afghanistan)

Lieberman's mouth is ahead of his sense

Amina Sharif Teaches UIC Students Lessons in Public Relations

Toulouse: School tagged with anti-Arab graffiti

Home / Middle-East / OIC to Syria: Stop excessive use of force to avert UN intervention OIC to Syria: Stop excessive use of force to avert UN intervention

Arabs never intended an independent "Palestinian" state

Flash: What, Me Pessimistic? Egyptian Election Outcome is Worse Than I Expected

Senator Harry Reid introduces our FGM bill to the Senate bill S 1919 to strengthen our HR 2221 girls protection act of 2011, after a great call from his DC office I am happy that good men exist and are ready to fight for women's right.

Israel-dividing the church or defining it?

BNP leader applauds rejection of Blackpool mosque planning application, boasts that he advised mosque opponents on their campaign

Asharq Al-Awsat talks to Mahmoud al-Zahar

Troops Capture Haqqani Network Leader

bama Orders Government to Clean Up Terror Training

There’s a reason more women are in hell!

Palestinians Try to Resurrect a U.N. Resolution They Rejected

Iran Facebook: Hey, You Know Those UK Protesters We Don't Support? Here are some pics of them, aren't they like totally awesome!

US Politician Calls for All Muslims to be Discharged From Military!

Iran Clerics: West Fears Our Brand of Islam

Atheist kids better at sports: study (Muslim girls the worst)

Egypt: Thousands of Muslims Attack Christians, 2 Killed, Homes And Stores Torched…

Jeffrey Goldberg Goes Post-al on Halal

RECOMMENDED READING: “Whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood, Nobel Peace Prize for a ‘Muslim Sister’”

Jordan’s King plays host to Israel’s President..the new Egypt?

AQIM Official: The Past Year's Achievements Herald Islam's Victory Over the World and the Establishment of the Islamic Caliphate

Senior Lebanese Jihadi Calls on Syrian Rebels to Wage Jihad against Assad's Regime, Urges Mujahideen to Kill and Replace Him

Fatwa Permits Mujahideen to Kidnap, Imprison, and Have Sexual Intercourse with Infidel Women

Lebanese Shi'ite Cleric Sheik Hassan Ghandour: Singing Is Prohibited in Islam

Egyptian Cleric Hazem Shuman Gives a Survey of the Numbers Killed in Wars throughout History: Just Think How Merciful Islam Is

Iranian Cleric: U.S., Europe Will Become Islamist in Another Few Decades; Most American Women Would Rather Have a Dog and a Toyota than a Husband

Who Killed The Next One Hundred People Like Rafiq Tagi? You Did

The Search for Better Nuclear Deterrence - Peter Huessy

Video: Islam's Secret Santa

Muslim Sisterhood Sets Manhattan Example

Israel's take on Arab Spring may undo peace with Egypt Why learn the new names among our rivals when it's more convenient, easier and mainly more threatening to talk about 'Islam.'

What Do the Salafists Want? On Egypt, Sharia and Israel

Obama Administration Bans Knowledge of Islam by Raymond Ibrahim

Islamist Occupation of the Occupy Wall Street Movement - Steve Emerson

‘We have lost respect’ – former US Senator

Take Iran seriously. Charles Adler (video)

Will Israel Win the Energy Prize in the Levant Basin?

Ohio: City council mulls pay raise, promotion for Muslim who chooses mosque over work

Confused In Cairo: An Egyptian Expat Goes Home to Vote

5 Countries With the Highest Military Expenditure

Manal Omar - Yemeni Youth Central to Success

Turkey: Sanctions Slapped On Syria

Israel: Palestinians' Money To Be Released

Britain Closes Embassy, Evacuates Diplomats After Tehran Attack

Turkey: Topkapi Palace Shooting Wounds 2

Somalia: Al Shabab Aid Ban Will Bring Disaster, Groups Warn

Egypt Election Results: Partial Results Show Muslim Brotherhood In The Lead

Judge refuses to evict deadbeat Ground Zero mosque developer

Who Said Those Embassy-Storming Thugs in Tehran Were ‘Students’?

The Christians of Egypt, Part II - Michael J. Totten

Screening for Terrorists vs. Screening for Cancer

Boston Univ Installs Foot Baths for Muslims (video)

The Political Persecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Muslim Anti-Semitism and the Arab Spring

Voices of Palestine: Abdallah Jarbu

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Kill the Jews” Election Platform

Pakistan to Blame for NATO Airstrike

Iran Behind Katyushas in Galilee?

The Dangers of Democracy

The Islamic Republic’s Warning to the West

The Arab Awakening and Israel

In Protest Over NATO Strike, Pakistan Will Skip Afghan Conference

Lieberman To Google: Ban Terrorist Content

Senate Approves Requiring Military Custody in Terror Cases

More Muslims arrested in massive Medicare fraud schemes

Muslim Sheikh Prays for Evil (video)

NUCLEAR WAR-FEAR 'Iran prepping al-Qaida for large-scale attacks' Warning raises concern nuclear device could pass to terrorists targeting U.S.

Hamas-linked CAIR again wars on free speech, tries to get anti-jihad website shut down

The History of Broken Promises & Imposed Solutions On Palestinians

Islamic Groups Jockey for Credit: Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for Israel rocket attack

Will World War III Be Between The U.S. And China?

Rothschild Preparing Missile Launches To Start WW 3

World War 3 Is About To Begin: Dr. Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones

Israel, Iran, Armageddon And The Coming War Of Gog And Magog

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Agreement Falls Though On Serbian Islamic Community Feud

If it’s alright with the Guardian, we won’t welcome Islamism

National Security Expert McCarthy: Politics Dictate Obama's Muted Response to Iran

Tehran's embassies: Targets of popular rage since 1829

Sydney BDS Fanatics Caterwaul Their Hate In "Freedom Carols For Palestine" (videos)


Pakistan Observer Endorsing The Muslim Brotherhood Opposition In Syria

Pat Condell's latest video- The Gathering Storm He is speaking DIRECTLY to EUROPISTAN and as most see this, it is too late for Europe.

Mixing in Mosques: An Influence of Neighborhood Norms

Music is Haram

At Least 45 Christians Murdered to the Cries of Allahu Akbar in Nigeria

Former Mossad Head Yatom: Israel Can’t Afford Not to Strike Iran

Former UNIFIL official refers to Israeli communities targeted by Lebanese rockets as "settlements"

Palestinian Unity: A Threat, Says Israel - by Stephen Lendman

Libya Redux: France and al-Qaeda Assist Free Syria Army in Turkey

Ghent: Man swears at tram operator for being White, non-Muslim woman

London: Schools to tackle genital mutilation

Amsterdam: Sexual health course for clergymen

Germany: 'The Government Must Make It Easier to Work in Germany'

Belgium: Truck company set up mini-mosque for customers

Antwerp: Dutch-Moroccan supermarket chain comes to Belgium

Radical Anti-Muslim Site FrontPageMag’s Hate Affair

Illinois State Government’s Muslim Brotherhood Love Affair

Obama ‘Deeply Disturbed’ By Attack On British Embassy in Tehran

MEMRI E-Series: In Wake of Arab Spring, Deadlock in Peace Process, Jordan Thaws Relations with Hamas

The New Nazi Germany aka Turkey! (video)

Azerbaijan: Killing of Writer Stirs Debate about Islam, Civil Rights and Iran

Egypt's Christians try to stem Islamists in vote

Seif now just a 'helpless criminal', says Libya official

America's Strategic Error ?

The UNSC welcomes Yemen agreement to end crisis and urges parties to implement it on time

Democratic Developments in the Arab Upheavals - Juan Cole

Israel Moves to Stabilise Egypt Treaty

Jerry Golden: Rescuing Jews from Europistan

Islamic Banking is the Need of the Hour: Experts

Syrian forces killed, tortured 256 children

British press discovers that there were Jews in Iraq

Atheist Saeed Khalid must not be deported to Pakistan

Where is the righteous West?

Pakistani Hindus flee to India, in the face of jihad

Deadly Blaze Throws Spotlight on Saudi Girls Schools

Libya leaders acknowledge abuse of prisoners

Egyptian shaykh says it is forbidden for women to participate in the Olympics

The Ever Expanding Price for Afghanistan Operations

OIC/Europe: a delegation from European parliament visits OIC

"Some Would Argue That They're Remarkably Peaceful ...": Terry Waite Propagandises For Palestine (video)

Richard Peppiatt exposes Daily Star's anti-Muslim agenda at Leveson Inquiry

Jezebel Perspective of Muslim Women -Today in bad humor…

MPAC Will Host Rachid Ghannouchi At Special Dinner

France: Muslims sites proportionally desecrated more

Two more data points for the clueless Karl Vicks of the world

Annals of Israeli Blacks Ops: Lebanon, Iran Continued

Nigeria: At least 45 Christians reported killed in recent weeks by Muslim herdsmen and soldiers

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb reportedly planning wave of kidnapping of Westerners in North Africa

Indonesia: Hundreds of "hardline Muslims" gather to denounce "arrogance" of church for continuing to exist

No one wants to talk about "Arab Spring" antisemitism

.K.: 3500 girls in London at risk for female genital mutilation each year

After Pakistan Closes U.S. Supply Routes to Afghanistan, Russia Warns About the Northern Route, Too

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Tawfiq Okasha: Jews Run U.S. Economic Policy, To Subordinate It To Global Freemasonry; They 'Created the Various Christian Denominations'; Only 60% of Jews Are Evil

'Zionism Researcher' Tamer Mustafa: Holocaust Is 'Lies'; The 'Spirit of Racism' Has 'Spread Like a Germ in the Mind of Every Jew' Since Their Exile To Babylon

Columnist in Jordanian Daily: Jews and Peace Are Incompatible; 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' Is 'Proof That They [Work] To Prevent Peace'

Are You Smarter than a Radical Islamist?

Barry Rubin ReThinking the situation in Egypt (video)

When Romanticism Trumps Reason You Get Radical Chic Catastrophes

Muslims bomb Philippines hotel packed with wedding guests killing 3, injuring 27

Philippines: Jihad against budget hotels

Iran: Celebratory pat on the rear between soccer players results in long suspensions and $30,000 fines for "immoral" act

Libya: 250 Muslim leaders meet to demand Sharia

U.K.: Foreign secretary warns of jihadists without borders in Africa

Time to limit Muslim immigration

Ban sharia law

Video: Spencer, McCarthy, Fawstin at Restoration Weekend 2011: What about moderate Muslims?

Apology for Massacre Sparks Debate in Turkey

Deadly ‘Diversity’

British Freedom Group Set up in Cheshire!

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Victory of the Islamist Justice and Development Party in Morocco

A 20-Year Plan To Overthrow The U.S. Government

Moroccan Crime in the Netherlands & the Myths of Multiculturalism

Israel: Lion or Lamb?

The UN’s International Day of Solidarity Against the Jews

‘Homeland’ Beats ‘All-American Muslim’

Egypt’s Defining Period Begins

What Do We Do about Pakistan’s Nukes?

Who’s Blowing Up Iran?

In Bleak Cairo, a Call for Optimism

Militants Turn to Death Squads in Afghanistan

Avoiding the Islamist Stigma by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

O sends the wrong signal on Egypt

Eco-Wudhu and Islam’s Bright Relationship to Water

Guess Who Sponsors Islam?

Israel's Worsening Security Dilemma

Not an Islamist wave Reading the Arab elections

The diplomacy of displayed weakness

How Will Facebook and Twitter Impact Islam?

Moroccan wolf in sheep’s clothing

Libyan religious leaders back disarming ex-rebels, support Islamic Shariah

‘Down With America’: Pakistanis Protest Outside U.S. Consulate After Deadly NATO Attack

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Once Again Refers To “Turkish Model”

Hamas Leader Says Group to Focus On “Popular Resistance”

Turkey as Confused as We Are by Syria by Eric Margolis

China supports Pakistan in row over Nato border attack China says it is 'deeply shocked' by Pakistani soldiers' deaths, as Afghan and Nato officials again say they came under fire first

What East Timor 20 years ago tells us about Libya today

US carrier strike force enters Syrian waters. Russian carrier en route

America: the new evil empire?

Eyewitnesses claim ‘unusual’ movement of Israeli missiles

Israel returns Iran/Hezb'Allah's Rocket Fire from Lebanon

Associated Press (AP) Goes on Anti-Jewish Offensive

Another One Bites the Dust: Kuwait PM, Government Resign

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Michigan Bus Agency After Vicious Anti-Jewish Ad Refused

Red Scribblings: Political Islam and ‘Jewish identity politics’ – a comparison

Laura Stuart: Can the Solidarity Movement Contain Apologists ?

Halal Creeps in USA

U.S.-Pakistan Shipwreck: China Profits, Again - Barry Lando

5 Things Afghan History Can Teach Us

Israel: Rockets From Lebanon Hit North Of Country

NATO Airstrike In Pakistan: U.S. Suspects Forces Were Lured Into Deadly Raid

Egypt Elections: Day One's Peaceful Proceedings A Pleasant Surprise

Anders Behring Breivik, Norway Killer, Was Insane During July Attacks

Bahrain Today: No Fantasy Island - Darlene Casella

The Evolution of Moroccan Democracy - Herbert London

The Isolationist Delusion - Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

Iran: U.K. Embassy Stormed

Morocco’s Elections: Quiet, If Not Indifferent

Muslim academics among 12 arrested in Trinidad and Tobago PM assassination plot

Bordering on defeat Pakistan plays both sides in the Afghanistan War

On pins and needles and missiles in Tehran: Blast signals approaching nuclear danger

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stockholm: Immigrant women put Tensta Christmas market on the map

Madrid: Saudi-Spanish Collaboration Seeks to boost Islamic finance values in Europe

Rotterdam: Turks line up to sign up for military service

Pakistan, the Eurozone and Presidential Travel Jake Tapper asks WH press secretary about Obama's visits to battleground states (video)

Cairo Rally At Al-Azhar Mosque Features Calls To Kill All Jews

Yemeni opposition leader asked to form national unity gov't

JihadWatch Comes To Town.

Pakistan says ISAF attack in Mohmand may have been 'deliberate'

Is the World Offering Up Israel To Islam On a Platter?

The "Freedom & Justice" Party unmasked

Jordan/Islam: Scholars call for Muslim unity at Hijra anniversary ceremony

Stars Under The Southern Cross: Australians United For Israel

Former UN Rapporteur: The Old National Identity of France or the West is Collapsing

Worship: Part 2: Time to end gender segregation in mosques

Muslim Brotherhood Conducting Illegal Campaigning in Egypt

South Sudan Arms Trafficking

Police host Liverpool 'walk of faith' to church, mosque, synagogue - and tea


Israel: Profile of a Rogue State - by Stephen Lendman

In a nutshell: Why eastern Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria are Jewish

Sweden: 'Swedish society forces 'immigrants' to emigrate'

Awash in rumors of war

Delhi Declaration urges PFI to build the Nation on justice

Saudis beef up their army

Hamas-Linked CAIR's War on Freedom of Speech, Demands FBI Target Anti-Jihad Blogs and Commenters - Wordpress Caves, Suspends BNI

Moving towards a military coup in Syria?

Iran moves to expel British ambassador; legislators chant "Death to England"

Egypt’s post-Mubarak poll peaceful, high turnout

Second conviction in Fogel murder case

Use of the term "Radical Nazism" leads to a search for "Moderate Nazis"

Senior Al-Qaeda Operative: The World Is on Brink of Anarchy; The Mujahideen Have a Chance to Fill the Vacuum and Establish the Caliphate

‘Explosion rocks Iranian city of Isfahan’

The Truth about American-Pakistani Relations

Is Egypt on the Brink of Democracy?

Egyptians want military rule ended by Stephen Lendman

Canadians should be more critical of militant Islamists

Too much sensitivity doomed the Shafia girls

The International Union of Muslim Scholars Wishes You a Happy "Save al-Aqsa Friday" (while Pushing for War with Israel)

Muslim Brotherhood Under Attack by Anonymous Activists

The United Nations: The Devil's Jury

A hundred headscarves in Dutch glossy

Support for Establishing Islamic Schools in Europe

Changing Britain From the Ground Up

Surviving Islamism ... And Right/Left Politics: Churchill's Principle - Part II: Right v. Left

The Brown Legacy of Socialism

50.000 x EuropeNews & ”No Tolerance for Intolerance”

This Week in History: The original disengagement plan

Egyptian Military Officer: I Am Joining Tahrir Sqaure Rebels; Egyptian Army Uniform Defiled by Tantawi and the Military Council (video)

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Sheik Hazem Abu Ismail: Field Marshal Tantawi and Chief-of-Staff Sami Anan Should Get on an Airplane and Leave Immediately (video)

Abu Basir Al-Tartusi Calls on Egyptian Citizens to Support Salafi Presidential Candidate Hazem Abu Isma'il

Egyptian Cleric Mahmoud Amer: A Muslim Is Not Allowed to Vote for a Non-Muslim

Hamas Front Group CAIR Bullies into Shutting Down “Bare Naked Islam”

How to Pray Fives Times a Day With a Busy Work Schedule

Bahraini bank buying “Shariah-compliant” real estate…in the U.S.

When a jihadist’s parents aren’t Muslim

Letter from New York: No outsourcing for Libyan justice By Talal Al-Haj

Robert Small’s /Holland Taylor’s Islam: The “Antics of Dilettantism and Played-Out Impressionism”, Redux. Andrew Bostom

Does America have a ‘Muslim problem’?

Nigeria: Al-Habibiyyah Frees Inmates to Mark Islamic New Year

Somali militants ban 16 aid groups and UN agencies in south Somalia ‘after year-long review’

Why Islam failed economically

Feds vs. the NYPD How sniping hurts terror fight By AITAN GOELMAN

Sahar Aziz - Rule Of Law, Not Rule By Law for Egypt

Arab League: Syria Sanctions Approved

Saudi judge rules 47-year old’s marriage to 8-year-old girl legal

Letter to Senator Mark Kirk | Support of Amendment Blocking Central Banking of Iran

Hezbollah Boasts: "We've beaten the CIA and Mossad" - Jim Kouri, CPP

Calling Things by Their Proper Names - Caroline Glick

Intelligence Experts: Terror Group's Penetration of CIA is "Catastrophic" - W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

Iranian Nukes: A Weak and Predictable Response - Dr. Avigdor Haselkorn

WMD Find in Libya Justifies Removal of Qaddafi Secret mustard gas shells discovered - Ryan Mauro

An Ever Darkening World - Victor Sharpe

Israel’s Peculiar Position

Egyptians Go to the Polls

Chaos in Pakistan

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood "sure of election victory," showing its true colors

Senior official: NATO air attack on Pakistani troops was in self-defense

Libya's new regime offers weapons, possibly fighters to Syrian rebels

'Moderate' Malaysia allows women to preach Islam: Is this the moderate Islam we've been waiting for?

'Moderate, modern' Malaysia update: Hindu temple assaulted, destroyed by sledgehammer-wielding police

Pakistani Hindu: "Sexual assault, forced conversion, abduction and humiliation is all this country has given us"

U.S. State Dept. on jailed Afghan rape victim: "We expect Afghan prosecutors to properly apply the law while also upholding Gulnaz's rights"

Nigeria: Four dead, eight churches burned in latest round of attacks in northeast

Afghan officials: "Forces were retaliating for gunfire from two Pakistani army bases"

NATO "braces for reprisals" from Pakistani-backed jihadists in retaliation for airstrike

The Myth of the Arab Spring Underdog

Islamic Times are a-Changin' (funny video)

Islamic History: Australian MPs Call for Recognition of Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides

VIDEO: Blogging as Activism: Geller, Loesch, Hoft at BlogCon

Burkaball Butterball: "Bacterial" Kosher vs Holy Halal

Sunday Interview with Pamela Geller

Iran says 150,000 missiles pointed at Israel

The Story Of Palestine, Video

Terror-linked CAIR attacks Muslims Trying to Educate Minn. Police Depts (video)

Croatia, the next Greece Offer of EU membership is a Faustian bargain

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Iran Navy acquires new submarines amidst nuclear tension

Power Ceded, Yet President of Yemen Declares Amnesty

Palantir, the War on Terror's Secret Weapon A Silicon Valley startup that collates threats has quietly become indispensable to the U.S. intelligence community

Iran: Islamic system’s perseverance inspires nations: Leader

Clinton, Panetta Monitor Reports of Pakistan Border Incident

European Muslim Brotherhood Hosts European Officials

Knesset to disscuss MDA commitment to cease operations in Judea & Samaria

Islam Islam Islam Islam Islam Islam....

The Totalitarian EU Tightens Its Grip

Morocco's Arab Spring election won by Islamists

Egypt pipeline bombed again. Why aren't Arabs concerned about Jordan?

Pic of the Day: Pakistanis Burn Effigy of Obama…

More from "The Religion of Peace" - 4 Dead in Attack on Nigerian City