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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Illinois Governor Appoints U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader To New Advisory Council

Michael Collins: Gaddafi Jihadist Rehab Program Spawns Rebel Military Leaders

FEC May Allow Foreign Born Muslim to Run for US President

Jordan tells Abbas to drop UN bid.

How Saif Gaddafi and Friends Fooled the Euro-Left The flashy frauds had a naive left believing a "progressive" Muslim world was coming. - by Richard Pollock

How to cure Islamophobia with Islamo-Fear

AFDI/SIOA 9/11 Freedom Rally: Stand Against Ground Zero Mosque and Durban III, Stand for America

It is right to ban the English Defence League's march

Sunni Muslims banned from holding own Eid prayers in Tehran

Nuns Riot in Amusement Park After Being Asked to Remove Headgear for Safety Reasons… Err, Scratch That – Muzzies Riot

The Pipes Dream, revisited

U.S. Expert Says Early Elections “Best Solution to Yemen Crisis”

European Muslim Brotherhood Hosts Brussels Meeting For New Converts

The Big Lie About Israel

“The Debt”: Fast-Paced & Thrilling, But It’s Fiction & Defames Mossad By Debbie Schlussel

Face of Defense: Chaplain Recalls 9/11’s Horror

Gadhafi Son Vows Fight Until Death

The Caliph and the New Clothes – An Eid Story

The Islamic Mentality

The Racist Exile of Jews from Arab Countries

The Telegraph on British role in fall of Tripoli

Sarkozy: Preemptive Military Strike Against Iran Still on Table

Switzerland: Anti-Kosovar ads ignite fiery debate

Antwerp: Halve the number of mosques

Netherlands: Multiculti-Dutch, yes, but not in my backyard

Grozny: "Zombified bandits" kill 9

‘Jihad Joe’ and the Radicalization of American Muslims - Jeff Emanuel

Muslims Killing Muslims (video)

Israel, Jordan Clash Over Site of Christ's Baptism By: H. Varulkar

Denmark-Based Salafi-Jihadi Cleric: Osama Bin Laden's Death Heralds 'Conquest and Destruction in the Lands of the Infidels'

Egyptian Sheikh Calls for Worldwide Sharia & Threatens Christian Extermination

Page 1 Islam: conflict without and within 13a.1 13a Islam: conflict without and within (with markers indicating the texts of the two slide shows) Ronald Wiltse May 2009 (Web cache)

You Can’t Spell “Chutzpah” Without “PA” (Palestinian Authority) By Barry Rubin

Syria: Is Iran Abandoning the Syrian Dictatorship's Ship? By Barry Rubin

Tommy Robinson Challenges David Cameron to a Live Debate

Video: Dr. Udo Ulfkotte on Islam in Europe

The Beep Does Another Hatchet Job on the EDL

Muslims lay out Their Demands for the NYPD! - Christopher Logan

Turbulent Tides- the Arab Spring and Italian Immigration

Gallup's U.S. Muslim Survey: No Great Boon to Islamists by David J. Rusin

Hariri Bombing Indictment Based on Flawed Premise - Gareth Porter

Saying Goodbye to Islam

Prophet Mohammed Was an Apostate of Islam

Re-scripting Islam Conference: Reporting Islam Pt. 3

The Ghosts of Martyrs Square An Eyewitness Account of Lebanon's Life Struggle by Michael Young

Iran’s Two-Front War - by Michael Ledeen

Surge in Global Migration Expands Scale of an Aid Group’s Influence

The Rise of Islamic No-Go Zones by Mark Tapson

The Truthophobes by Joseph Klein

Where Are Qaddafi and His Sons?

Germany: Israel’s Most Important EU Ally

Spencer: "Fear, Inc.": The business of saving jihad from "Islamophobia"

Michael Coren on Imam Rauf's claim that Sharia and U.S. Constitution are compatible: "That man's either incredibly stupid or incredibly dishonest" (video)

Malaysian Muslims are reminded of their Islamic duty to proselytize

Israel on alert for another major attack after 10-man cell crosses from Gaza into Sinai

Al-Qaeda bigwig and former Gitmo detainee tells Saudi prince to expel all non-Muslims from the kingdom

Chechnya: Misunderstanders of Islam murder seven in two bombings

Afghanistan: Karzai ordered leak of info that wrecked deal to release U.S. soldier captured by Taliban, angry at not being included in talks

Surprise! Gadhafi daughter "killed" in 1986 airstrike may be alive and well

Libya: Father slits throats of three daughters raped by Gadhafi's troops

Here is Aga Khan/Rick Perry Curriculum: Scrubbed from Web, Cache Scrubbed from Google Search

US White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to "Minimize References to Al Qaeda"

Abdul Hakiim converted to Islam, wore long robes, dreamed of paradise; He was arrested in July for trying to enter Britain with bomb-making guides and al-Qaida propaganda. "But his motivations remain a mystery"

Muslim Riot Breaks out at Playland Park Over Safety Rules, 15 Arrested

CAIR Watch: Profile

Wagdy Ghoneim Detained In Yemen

Intelligence versus evidence-gathering NYPD knows what’s proper and what’s not - Patrick Dunleavy

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

JIhadists in Gaza Get Anti-aircraft and anti-tank Rockets from New Al Qaeda Leadership in Libya

911 Whitewashing the War: "Never Forget" Morphs into "Forget it"

Gaddafi, Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Intrigue (video)

“Progressives” Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism

Video: Shopping With Radical Islam: In East London

Moscow: Mufti urges Muslims to actively integrate in Russian society

British Super-Heroes: Muslim Army of Peace vs. Freedom Assault Group


6th Islamic Cultures Festival, September 7 – 17, 2011

On Muslims who sell Israeli goods

‘Journalist and academic talking heads are subject to an inordinate fear of criticising Islam’

Syrian Television Airs Confessions of Two Terrorists

Rick Perry, 3rd Islamophile in Chief in a row?

Copenhagen: One killed in shooting near mosque

Press briefing on Libya by Oana Lungescu, the NATO Spokesperson and Colonel Roland Lavoie, Operation "Unified Protector" military spokesperson

Israel tastes 1948 borders

Logan’s Warning Reader Contacts Town Over Ramadan Noise!

Combined Forces Kill, Detain Multiple Insurgents

House bill to cut funds to pro-Palestine UN groups

Sweden: Language-learning bonus flops

Great Moments in Transliteration: the Case of “Qadhafi”

Gantz warns terrorists not to test strength of IDF

Pew Report: 1/3 of US Muslims Support Al Qaeda, Suicide Bombs; 25% Came to US Under Bush, Obama By Debbie Schlussel

"Underwear bomber says excessive force used"

Of Aga Khan, The Joker, the Penguin and All That

It's time for the European multiculturalism worm to turn

Iran to Send Warship and Submarine into Red Sea and Gulf of Eden

Israel Prepares To Defend Itself As Iran Reportedly Sends Its 15th Fleet To the Red Sea

Gaddafi's son 'ready to surrender'

Hmmm: Jihadis Release Audio of Allegedly Killed al Qaeda #2

Syrian dissident: Peace with Israel possible

Deja vu all over again: Pal Arab “minister” accuses Israel of harvesting ‘Palestinian’ organs

Alias Ahoy! Iran’s Shipping Shell Game in Hong Kong - by Claudia Rosett

Looking for ‘Islamophobia’ in All the Usual Places Meet the Left's "Shariah Defense Lobby." - by David Reaboi

Times Suddenly OK With Warring President: Is Obama Intervention in Syria Next?

University staff asked to inform on 'vulnerable' Muslim students

Video: What has Israel ever done for peace?

Islam Cannot Coexist With Freedom, Peace & Civilization by sheikyermami

Obama Administration's Pretend Counterterrorism Policy - Daniel Pipes

Three Times a Charm, but Eighteen is Ridiculous Criminal tendencies of some Muslim prison chaplains. Patrick Dunleavy

Libya: Liberation or Liability? Presidential Policy: Does It Make the Grade? - James Carafano, PhD

Palestinian TV Continues to Glorify Terrorist Dalal Mughrabi Who perpetrated the most lethal attack in Israel's history. - Itamar Marcus, Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Bosnia's 'Euro-Islam' on show during Ramadan

Stuck Between 2 Sides of Islam

There is a lot to learn from Islam Mohammad's bid to conserve its rich scientific heritage is visionary

Ron Paul: “I don’t see Islam as our enemy”

Anti-Islam Nut Sees an Enemy in Rick Perry

Islam cannot tolerate pluralism

Islam In Action Takes Initiative for Somalia

LETTER: Cal Thomas shows little understanding of Islam

Chancellor reaffirms ruling backing mosque's approval Maintains Islamic Center has religious land use right|head

Bishops’ Conference Wants to Strengthen Dialogue with Islam


Former Mitt Romney Staffer Revealed As Key Player Behind Nationwide Islamophobia Push

Two Clashing Scenarios for Afghanistan Following the U.S. and Coalition Withdrawal in 2014, and Beyond That to 2024

Wali Ur-Rehman Mehsud, Deputy Commander of the Pakistani Taliban, Threatens to 'Wreak Vengeance' Upon the U.S. and NATO - Especially France and Britain - with 'an Attack Greater than 9/11'

What the West doesn't understand about the "Arab Spring" surprise - Barry Rubin

From McCarthyism to the Patriot Act to Islamophobia By Dick and Sharon

Indonesia: Fatwa issued against movie that "pollutes the morality" of Muslims by promoting tolerance and dialogue

Pakistan: Islamic supremacist leader says root cause of country's ills is deviation from Islam

Ontario: Taxpayers give $150,000 to Muslim hate preachers

Liberating Libya for Jihadists by Bruce Thornton

‘I’ve Got…Islamophobia!’ Posted by P. David Hornik

GAFFNEY: Roll back the Muslim Brotherhood Americans can’t afford to simply watch Islamic law take hold

Iron Dome hits 85 percent of its targets

NATO's Ugly Face By Stephen Lendman

Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood Distributes One Million Dollars In Gaza

Assessing Qaddafi by Daniel Pipes

Monday, August 29, 2011


Caroline Glick, Luke Bencie, Gordon Chang

Aussie Greens Turn Purple As Pro-Israel Councillor Uses The N Word

Israel Makes Mahmoud Abu Samra A ‘Shaheed’

IIIT Awards $1 Million To Hartford Seminary

KAU professor Muhammad passes away

Former "Scholar in Residence" at Rifqa Bary's Noor Mosque in Ohio Calls to Kill Israeli Ambassador and Tourists in Egypt

Saddam's Regime Could Have Posed A Threat To The UK

Norway terror drill for identical scenario ended 25 minutes before Breivik started

Drive out the Christians" says Muslim Mayor of Tower Hamlets Top Advisor

President Saleh calls for electing new President for Yemen

Malmö: If you want to be a teacher, learn Arabic

Gaddafi Family Nanny Describes Physical Abuse At Son's Seaside Condo (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Obama's Pretend Counterterrorism Policy by Daniel Pipes

After the Storm: Let the Israelites Go? by Phyllis Chesler

What Middle East Pundits Get Wrong - Barry Rubin

Middle East Media Sampler – 8/29/11

Senior Official in Egyptian Islamic Jihad: If We Come to Power, We will Launch a Campaign of Islamic Conquests to Instate Shari'a Worldwide: 'The Christian is Free to Worship His God in His Church, but if the Christians Make Problems for the Muslims, I Will Exterminate Them'

Egyptian Cleric Dr. Sallah Sultan, Founder of the American Center for Islamic Research, Calls to Kill Israeli Ambassador and Tourists in Egypt

Reflecting Possible Change in Hamas Stance, Hamas Columnists Attack Assad: You Will Meet the Same Fate as the Toppled Tyrants

Libya Is the Obama Doctrine

Ground Zero Imam Rauf's Bold-Faced Lies to Advance the Sharia

Islam vs. liberty Remembering 9/11 | Is a rule-obsessed religion that denies original sin and the need for grace compatible with freedom? - Marvin Olasky

Positive fruits of Islam By Mark Paredes

Afzal Guru invited Tihar jail superintendent Manoj Dwivedi to convert to Islam

Book Signing with Author Habeeb Alli at Understanding Islam Academy

The Killing Of A Palestinian Child Called Islam

Abdelhakim Belhadj And Saif al-Islam Gaddhafi

Trying to manage post-Qadhafi Libya While He's Still Around - Barry Rubin

Larry Derfner Should be Debated, Not Fired By Barry Rubin

Center for American Progress defends Shariah, charges America with 'Islamophobia' - Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Post-Qaddafi Libya: The Triumph of the 'Bulgarian Nurses Affair' Cabal - Diana West

From Russia With Love: Are Egyptian Islamists worried about an Israeli oil conduit from Baku to the Red Sea? - Darlene Casella

Shariah Lobby's Play Action Fake - "Danger, Danger, Danger!" - Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret)

Post Qaddafi: Insurgency and Jihad versus Democracy - Dr. Walid Phares

Israel: Glenn Beck's Revealing Visit - Caroline Glick

The Truth about Libyan "Rebels" - Diana West

How Anti-Semitism Prevents Peace by David Patterson

Iran's Ahmadinejad: No place for Israel in region

The Salafi-Jihadi Challenge in Libya


Losing Malmo And Brussels, and Rome, and Amsterdam . . .

Islamist goes on trial in Germany over US airmen killings

Religious Muslims busy tearing down campaign posters in Denmark

Biggest Swiss party takes election aim at immigration, EU

Salafi Islamist Group Uses Koran To Justify Firing Rockets At Israeli Citizens…

Bloomberg’s Yellow Snow by sheikyermami

Muslims: The time is NOW -- this opportunity will not come for a thousand years

Rebels ransack the Historic Church of St. George in Tripoli


IRAQ IN CRISIS By Aymenn Jawad





Where Is Syria’s Asma al-Assad? - by Claudia Rosett

Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism by Daniel Greenfield

Gaddafi’s Weapons for Sale by Frank Crimi

Bringing Jihad TV to America by Matthew Vadum

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf: Greater integration between Islam and the West depends on incorporation of Sharia law into the legal systems of Europe and the U.S.

Pro-Al Qaeda brigades Control Qaddafi Tripoli Strongholds Seized by Rebels

Only in Israel

Philly Muslim Teen Plotted School Shooting: "shooting randomly at a huge crowd of kids."

Eurabia: Muslims March Against Jews in Berlin

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Has Homeland Security spending paid off since Sept. 11

What Muslims fail to understand - pt. 1

Protesting Saudi Theocracy, The Femen Way

The Problem in the Middle East Made Simple

Hamas Continues to Target Activities of Gaza Based NGOs

7 Injured In South Tel Aviv Terror Attack, Perp Nabbed

US consul general in Jerusalem: ‘Vote for Palestine and face our "punitive measures"

Copenhagen: Religiously motivated vandalism of election posters

UK: BBC posts pork recipe for Eid el-Fitr

Even Hezbollah is accused of being Zionist

Israel and Bulgaria to sign military cooperation agreement

Blair’s Sister-in-Law Incites Muslims to ‘Liberate’ Jerusalem

EDL Tower Hamlets Vs Notting Hill Carnival

More on Libyan Tripoli cmdr. Belhadj

Osama's little friends

Proposed roadmap for ending the Palestinian/Israeli conflict

The people behind the Toronto prayer protest

Rebels Consolidate Control over Tripoli as Qaddafi’s Mass Killings Discovered

Yemeni Jews stranded in Cairo could be sent back

Sharia law... bit... by bit... by bit...

Non-Muslims in the Arab Spring and Religious Rights

Ellicott City MD Teen, Mohammed K. From Pakistan, Arrested by FBI in Jihad Jane Internet Plot Linked to Samir Khan.

Pamela Geller Ready to Start Holy War Over Mistranslated Bumper Sticker

Afghan Warlord Allah Dad: "Some Men Enjoy Playing with Dogs, Some with Women; I Enjoy Playing with Boys"...

Flanders: Muslim broadcaster to start September 18th

Self-Hating Jew Alert: Why Isn’t AIPAC Concerned Of Obama’s Outreach To Islamic Radicals Who Took Control Over Libya And Now Syria?

Libyan Islamist Rebels Refuse to Deport Lockerbie Bomber…

Ground Zero imam gives Scotland his recipe for successful multiculturalism

Why did Texas school district remove Rick Perry’s Islamic curriculum?

Obama the terrorist killer (continued)

In Egypt, the Lure of Leaving

Europe's forgotten 'religion'

Al-Rahman's Death Major Blow to Al Qaeda

Center for Islam-Christianity Dialogue Opens in Philippines

Defending faith

Ron Paul Says U.S. Intervention Motivated 9/11 Attacks

'Covering Islam in the Bible Belt:' Journalists unite for understanding By Nick Meyer

Politician sorry for Islam-violence letter

JI condemns Farooq Abdullah's anti-Islam remarks

Sad history of slave trade can help mankind learn common humanity – UN official

Jews Say Yes - Sultan Knish

New report maps the roots of Islamophobia A new report traces the flow -- and funding -- of anti-Muslim ideas By Justin Elliott

Wolf: DOJ Needs to Release Terror Finance Information

Afghan Editor Condemns the Custom of Dancing Boys, Says: '[Boys] of Ages 15 to 20 are Normally Dressed in Women's Clothes, Dancing All the Night, Then Abused by Several Men'

People in Homs Respond to President Al-Assad's Televised Speech by Hurling Shoes at TV Screen

Iranian Foreign Minister: Iran ‘Discreetly’ Sent Humanitarian Aid To Libyan Rebels

The "Ground Zero" Mosque Will Never be Built--For Totally Non-Political Reasons By Barry Rubin

Horror in Tripoli

State Department Protects Privacy of Imam on CIA Kill List (Imam to 911 Jihadis, Times Square Bomber, Fort Hood Jihad, Christmas Balls Bomber)

Perry Mafia Punked, "Beclowned" Indeed

If the Arab Spring Turns Ugly By VALI NASR

Iran's Thug-in-Chief: no room for Israel when Palestinian state is established; Iranian foreign minister threatens "crushed bones for the Zionist regime"

Al-Qaeda's new second banana reported killed in missile strike

Libya: Senior rebel allied with National Transitional Council once spent time with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan

Pakistan chides Afghanistan over cross-border Taliban raid... organized by Pakistani Taliban

Saturday, August 27, 2011

islamophobia: This is a must read!

The constitutions of Islamic countries: a critical analysis


The Perry/Aga Khan curriculum: Ace folds, presents as the curriculum material that isn't the curriculum at all

Malaysian state government rolls out 'faith-rescue unit' to keep Muslims from going 'astray'

Arab League recognises Libyan NTC

Middle East Christians must be courageous, open, says Franciscan custos

Libya: the manufacture of consent

Islamophobia Network’s Robert Spencer: CAP Report Is Part Of ‘Islamic Supremacist Propaganda Machine’ By Faiz Shakir

N.Y. developer insists "Ground Zero Mosque" will stay

CONFIRMED: Libya War is CIA Op 30 Years in the Making - Tony Cartalucci

Palestinian statehood by Stephen Lendman

Syria: Turkey v. Iran Will US stand up for freedom? - Amir Taheri

Islam in the new Egypt By Dr H.A. Hellyer

What Is Happiness in Islam?

Identifying US Islamophobia Makers

Radical Islam presents a physical threat-- and a spiritual one, Denison insists

Anti-Islam preacher plans NYC rally ahead of 9/11 Read more:

Anti-Islam preacher plans NYC rally ahead of 9/11

Ghadamis - Muammar al-Gaddafi and Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi may have escaped into Algeria

What's Next For Libya?

Rick Perry Must Distance Himself from Grover Norquist!

A lessom from Egypt for American politics - Barry Rubin

Pakistan: 14-year-old girl kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam

Nigeria: Boko Haram claims responsibility for UN bombing

Algeria: Suicide bomb kills 18 at military academy

Father Schall on the Fragility of Islam - by David P. Goldman

Protesters hope to end terrorist label for Iranian group

Middle Eastern Upheavals Enter Round Two by Daniel Pipes

Fear Inc. Fears Truth

Debunking Alana Goodman's Debunked Commentary

Libya's Christians: Will They Ever See Freedom? (video)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Inside the Islamophobia Network

Honduras recognizes Palestine as independent state

I'm interviewed on Middle East issues - Barry Rubin

U.S. Envoy Tells Saeb Erekat We Will Stop Aid to Palestinians if UN Bid Proceeds

The Islamic Supremacist Propaganda Machine Cranks Out Another “Islamophobia” Report by Robert Spencer

How Should We Treat the Muslims in Our Midst?

'Not a grain of Palestinian sand should be conceded' He means the Fakestinians - not 'palestinians"

Egypt Has a New Fan...Hezbollah's Madman Nasrallah

Bitter Fruits Of Arab Spring: Egyptians Involved in Israel Attack

C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight

The Islamo-Bolivarian Threat by Belén Fernández . Should the US be worried about the close relationship between Iran and Venezuela?

Exacerbating the ‘Perception Problem’: Center for American Progress Chronicles the American Right’s Decade of Baseless Aggression Against Islam

Norway: Christian convert attacked in asylum center

UK: Subway Ramadan advertisement

In Brief: More Somalis fleeing to Yemen

5 Teens Arrested After Shot Fired Outside Mosque

I have arrived: Arabist makes Wikileaks

CAIR Objects to 9-11 Worksheets in High School

Far Worse Than Qaddafi: Libya’s New Tripoli Gov. is Al-Qaeda By Debbie Schlussel

Interviewing Mark Steyn About His New Book “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon”

Iran Says Lefty Filmmaker Michael Moore Plans To “Show His Objection” To U.S. Policies By Visiting The Country…

Karzai, Allen Condemn Attacks in Afghanistan

Bin laden documents detail terror threat

The Salafi-Jihadi Challenge in Libya Part II: The Role of the LIFG and Its Former Commander 'Abd Al-Hakim Belhadj By: M. Khayat

Libya’s Lesson to Syria - Stay the Course

How Rick Perry Helped To Fight Gaza Flotillas

Tiny Israel is the ultimate rape victim

What A Surprise: “Former” Salvadorian Communists Recognize Palestine

Palestinian Human Rights Group Says Israelis Using ‘New Methods of Torture’

Islamic Absolutism: the Islamists/'extremists' are right!

Netanyahu learns to crawl and a message to the Egyptian people

The Islamification Of France


“America Alone” – Muslim Population Growth (video)

Immigration soared by 20% last year – making a mockery of Government pledge to bring it DOWN

Ohio Catholic school cancels Muslim goodwill event due to anti-CAIR campaign

Theologico-Politico Tractatus, by Baruch Silverstein

Italy: Gaddafi used refugees as ‘human bombs’

Iran, Hamas, Palestinians & Al-Quds Day - It's a Hate-Fest!