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Saturday, December 30, 2017

NEW STATE ANTI-SHARIA BILLS proliferate as “Donald Trump strikes a ‘hostile tone’ toward Muslims in America”

My reply:

These U.S. anti-Sharia laws are a good start, but the West is far from turning the threat of Islam around 180 degrees and working to end it forever. Only my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever is based on the truth and shows the way. Google it and read it now and spread it for the safety of your grandchildren.

Iran votes overwhelmingly to declare Jerusalem the capital of “Palestine”

CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper: “Islamophobia” worse under #Trump than after# 9/11

‘Reagan was smarter than you, and he lost!’: Iran’s Supreme Leader slams #Trump, praises Black Lives Matter

Illinois: Muslim truck driver made “no attempt to stop,” crashed into seven vehicles, killing four people

VIDEO: Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: Qassem Soleimani Contacted Us, Pledged To Place IRGC Capabilities At Our Disposal

MEMRI Senior Fellow Tufail Ahmad: India's Vote At The UN Shows That There Is No Such Thing As The Modi Doctrine

Hugh Fitzgerald: Garry Wills, Qur’anic Scholar

Pigman vs SuperJihad in The Infidel #3, On Sale Now

Afghanistan: Sunnis murder 41 people in jihad suicide bombing on “apostate” Shia mosque

Houston Imam “apologizes” for call to “fight Jews in Palestine,” Jewish leaders skeptical

Islamic State threatens Egyptian Christians with “a river of blood”

Malaysia: Imam says girls should marry before 15, otherwise their value drops

Report: 200 Middle East Nationals with ‘Mental Health’ Issues to Arrive in U.S. as Refugees Next Year

Women in Iran Rising Up Against Draconian Dress Codes – No More Hijabs !

Friday, December 29, 2017

Kuwaiti writer calls on peace with Israel and Jews

ISIS Video Features ‘American’ Jihadi Who Urges Muslim ‘Brothers’ To Kill Americans

Clouding the Cause of Islamic Terrorism

Why Dutch Jews are up in arms over the handling of a kosher restaurant attack

Europe’s Tolerance for Terrorists Posted by Daniel Greenfield

ATLANTA MAYOR REJECTS ‘Alt-Left’ demand that police training with Israel be stopped

Muslims Can Distort, Distract, and Deceive to Advance a World Caliphate!

The End of British Christianity?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

RUSSIA confirms that yesterday’s explosion in a St. Petersburg supermarket was, in fact, terrorism (Islamic terrorism)

Glazov Gang: Racist Muslims’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania (video)

UK: London’s Muslim mayor repeats call to cancel Trump’s visit, says London is ‘beacon of tolerance’

Russia: Homemade bomb packed with metal shards explodes at supermarket, injuring ten


Two Faces Of Egypt's Al-Azhar: Promoting Goodwill, Tolerance Towards Christians In Informational Holiday Campaign – But Refusing To Do The Same In Its School Curricula

Media deems #Trump the Grinch who stole Christmas in Bethlehem

Queen’s Christmas message includes horrors of jihad terror attacks in London and Manchester

Islamic Supremacist Influence Behind the Firing of Christine Douglass-Williams From Federal Race Relations Agency?

UK: No-go zone Bradford headed for “disaster,” non-Muslims “scared”

France allows Muslim street prayers but bans Christmas movie as “too Christian”

ISIS vows New Year’s Eve attacks, says “We’re going to fight until we rule the whole world by the Sharia”

Orlando gay club jihad murderer’s wife says killer “liked homosexuals because they were sympathetic to Muslims”

Al-Aqsa Mosque rally: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” vow to kill #Trump, “cut off tongues that support peace”

Islamic Oppression of Women – A Hot Western Industry

Social Islamism In Egypt

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Obama Is Sweating After Congress Launches Major Investigation #Iran

Turkey and Syria engage in a war of words as Erdogan and Assad call each other “terrorists”

VIDEO: Saudi Writers: Why Should Saudi Arabia Pay the Price for the Mistakes of the Palestinians?

Watch: Denmark cuts all its aid to the Palestinian Muslims - Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland to follow

Senior Jordanian Columnists Warn Against Cancelling Peace Treaty With Israel

Nasrallah's call for Muslims to take to social media to express their rejection of Trump's Jerusalem decision evokes scornful reactions in Lebanon and online

Palestinians cut all diplomatic ties with the US but still take $400M US Taxpayers' money - Trump must suspend the aid

ISIS 22 hours ago ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory -- mostly since Trump took office, officials say

Lorde Under Fire for Canceling Israel Concert: ‘Boycott This Bigot’

It’s ‘checkmate’ for Israelis barred from international chess tournament in Saudi Arabia

Islamic Doctrine Fuels Jihad: Muslims By Birth & Converts, One & The Same – Facebook In The Fray! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

#Trump Scraps Cherished “#Israel Grievance” Myth

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Fatah and Abbas honor and praise released terrorist Rafat Al-Jawabra, responsible for shooting and suicide attacks during second intifada

Hungarian Christmas Message: ‘We’ll Protect Christian Culture, Not Retreat Behind Concrete Blocks and Watch Our Women Harassed on New Year’s’

Sermon At Islamic Centre Of SW Ontario, Canada On Jerusalem: Egyptian Pres. Nasser Said Whatever Is Taken From You By Force Will Be Restored By Force; We Run To 'The Black House' Seeking Dignity, But Dignity Won't Come From Negotiation

VIDEO: Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We Will Not Relinquish A Single Bullet To The PA; When We Liberate Palestine, We Will Shut Down The U.S. Embassy

Down but not out: ISIL will regroup and rise again

Pope likens Muslim migrants “driven from their land” to Joseph and Mary

Muslima who laundered bitcoin for the Islamic State entered US via chain migration

Islamophobia breaks out all over: Armed guards posted at Christmas church services in majority Muslim countries

Jerusalem Jane’s Israeli Love Story

New York City jihad bomber is now recruiting for jihad in prison

Florida: Shaun King and Hamas-linked CAIR claim girl was attacked for being Muslim, but fight was really over a boy

#Turkey keeps releasing key #ISIS suspects from its prisons.

Egypt hands UK document proving Muslim Brotherhood involvement in London jihad terror attacks

Germany: Muslim students surround Jewish student, scream “Hitler was good! Because he killed the Jews”

Hizballah sleeper agent in NYC studied FBI and National Guard facilities, researched security at JFK airport

Egypt: Security forces arrest 14 Muslims and three Christians over jihad attack on church

Minneapolis ordinance would protect immigrant crime victims

Pulse Nightclub Shooter’s Wife ‘Apologized for Lying to FBI’

Texas: Convert to Islam died fighting for ISIS, court papers say

Toronto Star makes damaging false “correction” about Christine Douglass-Williams

Nigeria: Muslim gunman kills four, injures eight at Christmas caroling event

Orban: “Europe’s immune system is being deliberately weakened. They want us to stop being who we are.”

Robert Spencer Video: My Encounter with Fascists at Stanford University

Hugh Fitzgerald: If It’s Christmas, It Must Be Time For Jesus In the Qur’an

Pakistani academic: Islam and Christianity both preach peace and tolerance, minorities have equal rights in Pakistan

DHS calls Pennsylvania shooting of cop by Muslim a “terror attack”

Italy: Muslim migrant climbs Christmas tree to remove its cross

Monday, December 25, 2017

Klein: Six Anti-Israel Outrages Inside the U.N. Resolution Opposing Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition

Gaza Strip terror tunnel detecting barrier 90% completed — report

GERMANY: Too little too late…Angela Merkel, for the first time, meets with victims of last year’s Islamic terrorist attack on Berlin Christmas market, killing 12, injuring 70

Mideast needs two-state solution, Pope says in Christmas message

When a Member of the #UN Says #Trump Threatening to Cut Aid is Immoral, Haley Shuts Them Down Instantly

US secures $285M cut in UN budget

[OPINION] Erdoğan’s next and final act in Turkey

VIDEO: PLO Official Saleh Rafat to Arab Countries: Recall Arab Ambassadors from D.C., Stop Oil Exports to the U.S.

Miss Iraq fled to the US as a refugee - this proves how "peaceful and moderate" these people are

Netanyahu: ‘Several Countries’ Considering Moving Embassies to #Jerusalem After #Trump Decision

VIDEO: Fmr. Egyptian Pharmacists Union Chief Ahmad Farouk: Boycott U.S. Medicine, Just Like North Korea

Why Saad Hariri Had That Strange Sojourn in Saudi Arabia

Are Christians Second Class Citizens In Nigeria?

Swedish Gang Rapes: Hundreds Protest After Third Attack In Weeks Leaves 17-Year-Old Hospitalized

Warning – Graphic: ISIS Supporters Step Up Threats Against West, Warnings Of Attacks Over Christmas, New Year

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Corruption: Mideast's Political Gangrene

The West's Steadfast Misunderstanding of Turkey and Islam

UNLIKE OUR EU ALLIES AND BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, U.S. officials no longer hesitate to call a Muslim terrorist a “Muslim terrorist”

Guatemala to move embassy to #Jerusalem, backing #Trump

Europe: The Islamization of Christmas "An unbearable, involuntary submission to Islam"

Israel to Submit Official Letter of Withdrawal From UNESCO by Year-End

Trump administration to snap ties with Palestinians, no peace plan, no more monetary aid

Pakistani Religious, Political Leaders React To President Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem As Capital Of Israel


Pennsylvania DA says motive of Muslim who shot cop is under investigation, warns against “speculation”

India: Muslim cleric says celebrating New Year and cutting cake is “not legitimate in Islam”

UK: Muslim columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown says Christmas is “Islamophobic”

Germany: Anti-Semitism soars with Muslim migration, USA Today blames “right-wing nationalist movements”

Egypt: Hundreds of Muslims storm church, destroy its contents, assault Christians inside it

“Moderate” Malaysia: Mufti asks, Why pray for a non-Muslim to reach heaven?

Denmark: Muslim migrant charged with plotting jihad mass murder attack in Copenhagen

Pennsylvania: Family of Muslim who shot at cops “shocked,” worried they’ll be harassed by non-Muslims

UK church removes pews so that it can host Muslim events

Brigitte Gabriel debating an Imam about the NYC attack (video)

Erdogan's Nuclear Ambitions* Sol W. Sanders

Reality Check: Erdogan is No Longer a US Ally By Rachel Ehrenfeld @ American Thinker

Muslim immigration means more Islamic terrorism (video)

A Rebuke Of Abbas’ Message to Christians

Saturday, December 23, 2017

VIDEO: Tehran Friday Sermon by Ahmad Khatami: Attack the Occupying Criminal Regime; Turn the Zionist Regime's Day into a Black Night

Two Quebec Muslim women accuse Premier Kathleen Wynne of ‘Burka Betrayal’

Disabled Gaza man did not die from IDF fire IDF official says disabled Gazan Ibrahim Abu Toriya did not die from IDF fire, demands Red Cross investigate incident.

Review: "Unveiling Jerusalem" Beautifully Showcases Archaeology to Rebut Historical Revisionism

Designated terrorist group CAIR leader who advocates the overthrow of the US government spews lie after lie about Islam in America

Middle East Studies Association Panel Reserves Outrage Only for Israel

‘THE THREE STOOGES’ warn female Muslim Youtubers that wearing crop tops or jeans with their hijabs causes Muslim men to masturbate

Who is Ahmed El-Mofty? 'He was really under the radar' before Harrisburg shooting spree

Muslim who targeted Penn. cops in multi-location shooting spree shot dead; had ties to Middle East

A deafening media silence on the Obama-Hezbollah scandal

‘No Doubt’ Harrisburg Gunman Was Targeting Police Officers

VIDEO: Saudi Cleric Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan: It Is Forbidden to Congratulate Christians on Christmas or Send Them Gifts

Australia: Police to investigate 300 after Afghan refugee rams crowd injuring 19

Vice President Pence: “President Trump has put Pakistan on notice”

Indonesia: Muslims threaten to hunt down other Muslims for wearing Santa hats

SF jihad mass murder plotter: “You’ve allowed Trump to give away Al Quds [Jerusalem] to the Jews”

German school postpones traditional Christmas celebration after complaint by Muslim student


When and Why the West Began to ‘Demonize’ Muhammad

Friday, December 22, 2017

Afghan Refugee Attributed Melbourne Terror Attack to ‘Perceived Mistreatment of Muslims’

FBI Arrests California Man for Plotting Christmas Jihad Attack with Truck, Guns, and Bombs

Anti-Islamic State Envoy: #Trump Policies Led to Major Jihadi Defeats in 2017

The U.S. and the U.N. 128 Lumps of Coal. #Trump and Haley are set to play Grinch to the UN’s collection of Islamic supremacists, kleptocrats and Eurotrash following the #Jerusalem embassy vote.

The Worst of Islam Apologists (video)

Young Muslim Girl Shuts Down Muslim Apologists In British Town Hall Event Following Manchester Bombing (video)

VIDEO: British Islamists against "Hijabi YouTubers": The Sins of All Women Who Follow You Will Be on Your Neck; Infidels Engage in Pig-Like Behavior Because They Eat Pork

Acid Attack ‘No Go Zones’ in London, Admits Labour MP

Nikki Haley Threatens to Yank Funding from U.N. over Jerusalem Resolution: ‘This Vote Will Be Remembered’

Trump Gave Mike Pence 5 Words To Tell The Troops In Afghanistan – Boy Did He Tell ‘Em

Massachusetts: Democratic congressional candidate is member of terror linked Muslim groups by creeping

Cologne to Try ‘Respect’ Bracelets to Stave Off Muslim Sex Attacks on NYE “Thank god! We will be saved by a wristband.”

In Article Published By Mainstream Indian Media House NEWS18, Indian Muslim Journalist Suhail Anjum Sees The Phenomenon Of 'Love Jihad' As Islam's Victory

"Court Jihad": How the French Justice System Assists Islamists


EU begins „nuclear option“ proceedings against Poland for resisting the hijrah, sanctions could follow

UK: Islamic radio station tells listeners to ignore advice of non-Muslim doctors

Finland: Muslim migrant rapes his girlfriend and then burns her alive

Raymond Ibrahim: Will the Return of „Jihad“ to Intelligence #Trump Decades of Indoctrination?

Minneapolis: Muslim migrant stabs woman 14 times, local media ignores incident

Virginia: Muslim gets 20 years for trying to fund the Islamic State, wanted to commit jihad massacre of cops

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal says imam’s call to buy from Muslims only is not discriminatory

Robert Spencer Video: The Islamophobia Fantasy vs. Reality

Father of woman killed by Minneapolis Muslim cop: „investigation was not done properly“

Canada: Hamas-linked Muslim group crows, government mum on firing of Christine Douglass-Williams from race board

Thursday, December 21, 2017

US Looks to France For Support Against Iran; Tehran Calls For ‘Respect’

German Gov’t ‘Anti-Extremism’ Initiative Funds a Pro-Iranian Regime Group

Christine Douglas Williams Fired For Truth Telling

UN launches app to “empower” migrants, encourage them to “migrate safely”

Abbas: “There are no borders to Israel, and international law is against any recognition of it”

Germany: Muslim migrant drowns while trying to kill his girlfriend

VIDEO: Birmingham-Based Islamic "Exorcist" Abu Ibraheem Husnayn: We Must Hate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, and Hannukah

Czech Prez: Europe “jeopardised by a culture of hatred that is incompatible with ours,” “Israel a model for us”

New York Times reveals NYC subway bomber’s “mysterious act of mercy”: he gave out medicine to Muslims in Bangladesh

UK: Muslims threaten to kill Muslim boxer for putting up a Christmas tree by Robert Spencer

UK: Muslim shares details of Prince George’s primary school, encourages other Muslims to murder him

UK: Muslim does reconnaissance at Downing Street, plots jihad murder of Theresa May

UK: Four Muslims arrested for Christmas jihad mass murder plot

Trump threatens to cut aid to U.N. members over Jerusalem vote

Justin Trudeau: Returning Islamic State Jihadists Can Be ‘Extraordinarily Powerful Voice’ in Canada

Europe, end the double standards! It's not Islamophobia, it's the truth. Stop the double standards for Muslim crime before it takes over your lives. By Phyllis Chesler

Ahead of UN Vote on #Trump’s #Jerusalem Move, Haley Warns Countries: ‘The US Will be Taking Names’

Saudis Intercept Another Ballistic Missile From Yemen, Days After US Accused Iran of Supplying Them

Australia: Melbourne attack driver had mental health issues but no terror connection

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Glazov Gang: Killing Europe (video)

Sweden to raise retirement age to pay for Muslim migration

French firefighters ambushed and pelted with stones after fake emergency call

France: Mayors of seven major cities say they’re “backed up against a wall” by unending Muslim migrant influx

Germany: Muslim women cause “havoc” at swimming pool, threaten employees

Islam has special privileges in the UK: Muslims have been bullying Britain and the leftists are their helpers

Audio: Robert Spencer on the Peter Boyles Show on why #Trump’s #Jerusalem move was right

UK: Muslim “refugee” pocketed $52,000 in benefits after secretly returning to Somalia because he “missed the sunshine”

Muslim convicted of plotting to behead Pamela Geller over Muhammad cartoons gets 28 years prison

Rampant Pedophilia in Pakistani Madrassas

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Truth and Reality in the Middle East

Houston, Texas Imam Denies Jewish Connection To Palestine, References Hadith About Killing Jews: On Judgment Day 'The Muslims Will Kill The Jews... The Stones And The Trees Will Say: Oh Muslim, There Is A Jew Hiding Behind Me, Come And Kill Him...'

Following #Trump's #Jerusalem announcement, Fatah's Facebook, Twitter accounts post graphics, videos inciting violence against him

Malmö Police Backtrack After Warning Girls Not to Go out at Night Alone After Brutal Rape

Islamic Movement’s Influence Operation at the FBI/NYPD Began Years Ago

Obama gave free pass to Hizballah’s drug ops in US, killed investigations to ensure Iran nuke deal stayed on track

60 Minutes claims 74% of “extremist-related killings” in US in last 10 years by “right-wing extremists,” not jihadis

Man drove through hail of bullets into US airbase following major security breach

UK: Lockdown and guards open fire as man rams car into gates at air force base in Mildenhall used by US

Winning: Trump national security strategy restores reference to ‘jihadist’ terror threat

US vetoes UN resolution that would have required Trump to rescind recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens to Wipe out Jews

Check out my new ‘Policy Watch’ for the Washington Institute: “Revisiting the Islamic State’s 2011-2014 Reemergence: Lessons for the Future”

Linda Sarsour – The Hypocrites Hypocrite: A “Good Muslim” Can’t Commit Sexual Assault

DC Metro police officer found guilty of attempting to provide material support to Islamic State

Man pleads guilty to Islamic Center vandalism, sentenced to treatment

Suspect arrested, accused of throwing Bible into Colorado mosque

The US Embassy Move to Jerusalem vs. The "Peace Process"

Qatar Charities Support of Extreme Islamist Ideology

Reactions To Putin's Troop Withdrawal Order From Syria

Linda Sarsour Accused Of Enabling Sexual Assault Against Woman Who Worked For Her

Monday, December 18, 2017

Syrian opposition website claims Syrian regime has secret stores of chemical weapons

Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’

Dhimmis - No More Christians' Trauma in the Middle East by Daniel Pipes

Putin Thanks Trump For Helping Avert ISIS Bombing at Russian Cathedral

Gabon: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs two Danish journalists

UK: Muslim taxi driver with “extremely modest” income found with huge weapons cache and $2,000,000 worth of drugs

The Watchtower on Jihad: An Interview with Robert Spencer

New Jersey imam who called for the killing of Jews to undergo “retraining”

Iraqi Christian leader presents UK Prime Minister Theresa May with Bible burned by the Islamic State

NYPD: Fighting Terrorism on Three Sides by Patrick Dunleavy

UK government refuses to say whether proclaiming divinity of Christ is a hate crime

Christians ‘Slaughtered Like Chicken’: Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2017

Designated terrorist group CAIR and their useful idiots in media are outraged because Donald #Trump allegedly compared Lottery/Diversity Visa holders (and the never-ending chain migration that follows them) to “trash”

US soldier ambushed in Niger wasn't captured

Seven years after Arab Spring revolt, Tunisia's future remains uncertain

VIDEO: Fatah Official Abbas Zaki: #Trump Is a Lunatic; Boycott U.S. Administration, No Contact with "Head of Serpent"

How do you say “Kill the Jews” in Swedish? Jews in Sweden are frightened and Jewish parents are afraid to leave their children at Jewish kindergartens.

Iraq hangs 38 ISIS, Al Qaeda militants in mass execution

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

What Is Really to Blame for Palestinian Violence?

Islam vs. Non-Muslims: Doctrinal Sources by Raymond Ibrahim

This Week in Egypt: Week 51-2017 (Dec 11-17)

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Suicide bomber kills nine attending services at Pakistan church

Mike Pence meets 12-year-old Iraqi Christian boy whose house was burned down by the Islamic State by Christine Douglass-Williams

Riots in Gaza, Hamas fires rockets into Israel over Trump’s Jerusalem decision

New York City: Muslim protester screams genocidal anti-Semitic jihad battle cry in Times Square

Gaza video: Elementary school student calls for liberation of Jerusalem from “the plundering Jews”

Germany: “Palestinian” protesters disrupt Christmas market with loud Arabic music

UK: Muslims punch gay men, tell them “you are not welcome” in heavily Muslim East London

Former chief of UK Border Force says Britain admitted “child migrants” who “had a beard and were balding”

In Editorial, London-Based Urdu Daily Criticizes #Trump's Decision On #Jerusalem, Urges Boycott Of American Goods, Says: 'It Is Stated In The Koran In Clear Terms: O Believers! Do Not Have Friendship With Jews And Christians'

Malaysia: Muslims stall reform of child marriage laws

Enraged at Trump, Nazareth’s Muslim mayor bans traditional Christmas celebrations

Pakistan: Muslims forcing Sikhs to convert to Islam

Organization of Islamic Cooperation says Europe needs mass Muslim migration to pay its pensions

Canada: Muslim students spread virulent Jew-hatred at McMaster University

Boeing and AirBus execs to head to Islamic Republic of Iran to nail down multi-billion dollar plane deals

Canada: Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside bank

UK: Ten more Muslims on trial for operating “cynical and predatory” child sex ring with girls between 13 and 15

GEORGE GARBOW - The Loony Left and Islam

At least 11 Afghan Police Killed In Taliban Attack

A Word To The Criminal Migrant by Pat Condell (video)

Washington’s Financial Support Of The LAF DIRECTLY Aids Iran: Hizballah, Iran’s Proxy, Controls Lebanon’s Army! What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Austrian Populists Enter Government For First Time Since 2005, Taking Several Key Ministries

Ankara blasts new Austrian coalition government’s Turkey program

Austria: New Government to Resist "Islamization"


Israel’s first Arab Rhodes scholar loves her country and is trying to change it

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Muslims Fight Australia For Separate Country (video)

Reactions In Iran To Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel's Capital: Incitement To Violence, Calls To Revive Intifada And Destroy Israel

Hungarians overwhelmingly reject ‘Soros Plan’ for mass migration in National Consultation

Hamas spokesman calls Trump “racist” and “hateful,” calls for “blessed intifada”

Chain migration imported 120,000 foreign nationals from terrorist-funding countries since 2005

Muslim who attacked Amsterdam kosher restaurant fought with jihad groups in Syria, came to Netherlands as “refugee”

Robert Spencer video: Is opposition to Muslims-only Maryland housing development just “Islamophobia”?

New York City subway jihad bomber attended jihad terror-linked mosque in Brooklyn

Germany: Two Muslims arrested, raids in Berlin over Islamic State jihad mass murder threats

“We swear to break your necks”: Islamic State depicts #Trump and Netanyahu kneeling before jihadi executioner

“I want to support the khalifa with my blood”: Houston Muslim teen planned jihad massacre in US by Robert Spencer

Texas: Jailed jihadi, just freed, discussed bomb-making procedures while in prison, charged with aiding ISIS

“We believed our cleric”: Kids contract polio after Muslim clerics say vaccination is un-Islamic

Ex-Muslim Says: Ban the Niqab

Ex-Muslim Says: Ban the Niqab

New York City subway jihad bomber is follower of Bangladeshi Muslim cleric linked to murders of atheists

Russia arrests three Muslims plotting jihad massacre targeting the holiday season

Al-Shabaab kept women as sex slaves, subjected them to gang rapes and forced abortions

Robert Spencer Video: Why Has ISIS Threatened to Behead “the Pope of Islam”?

UK: Muslim dentistry student had bomb-making material and video on tactics for stabbing and beheading

Germany: Muslim migrant who raped and murdered EU official’s daughter is 33, not a teenager as he claims

Robert Spencer in FrontPage: ISIS: The Caliphate Dream Is Over

Douglas Murray explains Swedish migration disaster (video)

New issue of The Islamic State’s newsletter: “al-Nabā’ #110”

New statement from Sarayyah Shaykh ‘Umar Ḥadīd – Bayt al-Maqdis: “Our Jihād Continues .. And the Spring Hill Is Like Jerusalem”

Articles of the Week – 12/9-12/15

Palestinian with suicide bomb belt stabs border guard during protest, is shot #Israel

VIDEO: Iraqi Shiite Leader Muqtada Al-Sadr on President Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration: Israel Had Better Beware, We Can Get to It through Syria

India:Cabinet nod for Bill making instant triple talaq a crime

Exodus: Jews Flee Paris Suburbs over Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism


Hundreds of Isis widows trapped in Syria as caliphate falls

JUSTICE SERVED: Oklahoma convert to Islam convicted of beheading a co-worker at food processing plant has been sentenced to death


Friday, December 15, 2017

U.S. Displays Evidence Iran Violated U.N. Ban on Weapons Proliferation

Germany Is Preparing to Send Refugees Back to Syria

TRIAL BEGINS IN CASE OF NAZI-JIHADIST D.C. METRO COP Charged with ISIS support, obstruction of justice

#Trump's #Jerusalem decision: More than praiseworthy Embassy move will help 'end the reign of Islamist terror' By Alan Keyes

Australia: Muslim Woman Totally Flips Out, Verbally Attacks Man For Shirt He’s Wearing (video)

New release from Anas Khaṭāb: “Innocence of the Mujāhidīn of the Charge of Diluting the Unicity of God and the Religion”

New video nashīd album from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula: “Ambassadors of Glory – ‘Snarl Up Oh Gun’ and ‘Shine, Oh My Memories'”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Jihādī Process in Badakhshan Province”

Woman Beheaded in the Street in the Middle of the Day [EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO]

The pundits were wrong about Assad and the Islamic State. As usual, they're not willing to admit it

The U.S. bought weapons for Syrian rebels — and some wound up in the hands of ISIS terrorists

Thursday, December 14, 2017