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Saturday, January 31, 2015

01/31 Links: Confronting European Anti-Semitism; The Real threat to Jews lies in Middle East

Moroccan magazine dresses Hollande as Hitler, says Muslims in France are like 1930s Jews

Islamic State beheads 2nd Japanese hostage, Japan vows “we will never, never forgive them”

12 Facts: Europe’s Immigration Nations

New video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Aspects of the Indiscriminant Shelling of Civilians By ‘Ḥazm’ and Torture of the Prisoners They Have”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Messages From the Land of the Front Lines #1 – Wilāyat Nīnawā”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Storming the Barracks of the Peshmerga – Wilāyat Diyālā‎”

New video message from The Islamic State: “The Security Apparatus Arrest of An Agent of the Jordanian Intelligence – Wilāyat al-Khayr”

Treason? Watch the Damning CNN Interview Where Outgoing Secretary of Defense Hagel Bluntly Admits Obama Pressured him to Speed Up Release of GITMO Terrorists Back Into Middle East Battlefield

Islam’s Genocidal Holocaust of the Hindu in India: The Whitewashing of History Begins…

Islamic State (ISIS) allegedly has beheaded the second Japanese hostage – Kenji Goto

Taliban attack school; slaughter children, burn teacher alive

Suspected of being gay, group arrested in violation of Sharia law in Nigeria

Jewish deaths glorified at London School of Economics on Holocaust Memorial Day

Islam:life & death struggle with snake of Wahhabi Salafi in its midst

Frank Gaffney radio hour: Amb. Yoram Ettinger on Israel, U.S., Yemen, Turkey, Iran etc.

Muslims Massacre Forty Four Innocent Police Officers (CHRISTIAN MILITIAS WILL RESPOND!)

Egypt’s Al-Azhar Institute: The key to ending terror or the reason for it?

FRANCE: Marine Le Pen of Front National says, “We must restore our national borders or be infiltrated with a rising flood of Muslim terrorists (video)

Pakistan: Between Civility and Fanaticism


The Inconvenient Truth about Islam: Beheadings, Massacres & Jihad

DOJ Appointee Loretta Lynch is Key in Washington’s Phony War on Terror

The Threats of Growing Religious Extremism And Balochistan

Jihadi Muslims vandalized Saraswati idol and National Flag in Kharagpur in West Bengal.

Jihad, Najis, & Islamic Jew-Hatred, The 3 Pillars of Iran’s Hegemonic Aspirations: My 1/28 Appearance on The Iran Truth Panel

Red Teacher Smears UKIP? More Than One Lesson Here!

Taliban Capture Mind-Washed Guantanamo (Former) Taliban, Recruiting For “Islamic State”

Myanmar battle ‘armed smugglers’ who flood the country with Muslim ‘refugees’

Perspective: The Tragedy of Paris - Speaking the Truth Distinguishes the Right Way from Error | Osaama Saifi

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for “Long, Uncompromising Jihad” 2 Days after Meeting with Obama State Department

[Follower of false prophet claims that Jesus Christ was not crucified - allah replaced Him with a 'stunt double'] Auschwitz Memorial and Anti-Semitism

"It's a Zionist Plot" - Erdoğan claims Gülen movement cooperates with Mossad.

Nabi Saleh march highlights Palestinian children, including 14-year-old girl in Israeli custody for a month

Saudi Kremlinology: what does King Salman's reshuffle mean for the future?

Quick Guide to Islam Watchers

New statement from The Islamic State: “Series of Operations: We Swear To Take Revenge – Wilāyat Sīnā’ (Sinai)”

al-Malāḥim Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Shaykh Ibrāhīm bin Sulaymān al-Rubaysh: “And God Will Be Sufficient For You Against Them”

Obama's Taliban Tools and Treachery

Proof is in the footage: Iran's missiles destined for Eastern Seaboard?

The Spring’s Winter

New Iran Sanctions?

Why Netanyahu must address Congress: Obama has given in to 80% of Iran's demands


Saudi cleric confirms that violence works – as evidenced by the media changing their policies about insulting Islam following the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Friday, January 30, 2015


Defeating 'Ugly' ISIS With Shoes




Taliban claim insider attack at Kabul Airport that killed 3 US contractors

Al Qaeda sharia officials address Caucasus defectors in joint statement

Ireland: Muslim Shouting “Pro-Islamic Slogans” Stabs Man To Death In Belfast

- Egyptian TV Host Mohamed Al-Gheity: Tzipi Livni, the Whore of Israel, Had Sex with Arab Leaders (video)

Egyptian Urologist and Egyptologist Wassim Al-Sissy: America Is Putty in the Hands of the Jews (video)

- Former Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa: Jews Plant "Gharqad" Trees to Hide from Muslims on Judgment Day

Muslim Brotherhood: Prepare for Jihad

After meeting with the U.S. State Department, Muslim Brotherhood officials call for violent jihad in Egypt

FRANCE: Junior High School teacher in a mostly Muslim area says the majority of his Muslim students thought the murders of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were justified (video)

GERMAN students angry at being forced to attend march AGAINST anti-Islamization PEGIDA rallies

Yemeni terrorists’ interrogations ignite Republican ire

Jihadis should be given rehab instead of jail time, says EU anti-terror chief

Wake-up call from superstorm Juno - Frank Gaffney

Nigeria elections put Christians in danger of more Muslim attacks

Senate Democrats bow to Obama, withdraw support for new Iran sanctions

Pentagon Spokesman Aims to 'Put a Fork' in Report That Bergdahl Faces Charges

Pentagon: 'Eventually There's Going to Have to Be a Fight for Mosul'

AG Nominee Pledges to 'Bring Terrorists to Justice'

The Future Of Women's Rights In Saudi Arabia (video)

The al-Marri enigma Torturing the law leads to murky justice

Freedom, security — and the truth A few are breaking silence about the danger of radical Islam

Rand Paul’s foreign policy roils 2016 race; rivals attack as Obama light

Ash Carter tells senators he’s unlikely to keep Obama promise to close Gitmo

Exclusive: Secret tapes undermine Hillary Clinton on Libyan war

Islamic Terrorist Group Executes Woman Accused of Adultery in Syria

DOD 'Confident' It Can 'Mitigate Any Threat of Re-Engagement' by Gitmo 5

WH Splits Hairs: Taliban Tactics 'Are Akin to Terrorism'

Jihad Advances as Freedom Retreats by DEROY MURDOCK

What Bobby Jindal Gets about Islam — and Most People Still Don’t by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY

Saudi storms — new king faces a world of troubles by AMIR TAHERI

Hezbollah’s Stealth Invasion Of A Christian Heartland by DR. WALID PHARES

The Muslim’s Conundrum by EDWARD CLINE

Swapping Prisoners with Terrorists by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY

The racial politics of Tuareg nationalism

“Timbuktu”: A timely African film on Islam — and a spectacular breakthrough

ISIS Attacks Egypt, 27 Dead, Dozens Wounded

Shin Bet Sting Nabs Israeli Arabs Joining Al Qaeda, ISIS

Bibi, Iran’s Nukes, and Military Force in a Changed Middle East

Hamas ‘War Crimes Camp’ Graduates Trains 17,000 Teens for Terror

al-Fārūq Media presents a new video message from Anṣār al-Furqān: “Message From ‘Ashāq Mountain: Testimony for the Safavids”

al-Kinānah Foundation presents a new article from Ajnād Miṣr’s Dr. ‘Alī Sa’īd: “Why We Choose Action In Egypt?”

ISIS v. Saudi Arabia (what’s the difference?)

al-Hidāyyah Foundation presents a new video message from Jamā’at Anṣār al-Muslimīn Fi Bilād al-Sūdān: “God Is Our Master”

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “And They Will Surely Be Questioned On the Day of Resurrection About What They Used to Invent”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Killing An Apostate In the Place of the Allied Bombing in al-Shaddādī – Wilāyat al-Barakah”


Gun-toting Mohammedan attempts to commandeer Dutch TV station

Why Is Hamas Smiling?

Saudi King Hands Out Pink Slips and Bonuses

OH, NOW I GET IT…If Muslim terrorists only attack and terrorize people (and U.S. troops) in their own countries, the U.S. doesn’t consider them terrorists

The Imaginary Islamic Radical - Daniel Greenfield

Truck Bombing in Afghanistan's Capital, Kabul, Wounds 2

Netherlands: Muslim Gunman Storms TV Station, Threatens To Blow Up Multiple “Radioactive” Bombs

Shiite Lebanese Politician Ahmed Al-Asaad: Hizbullah Members Not Martyrs, Did Not Go to Quneitra for a Picnic (video)

IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami Threatens Retaliation against Israel, Says: Collapse of Israel More Important than Nuclear Issue (video)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Road to Mosul strewn with fear and suspicion

ISIL deadline passes with no word on fate of hostages

Terrorist released in deserter Bergdahl swap returns to jihad

Canada Backs Israel’s Battle Against Hezbollah Terror

IRIN’s Top Picks: Gates Foundation, Afghanistan and the Holocaust

What You Need to Know About Congress’ Debate on Iran Sanctions

The Backlash of the Paris Massacre

The Next War In The Middle East Has Begun And Israel Vows ‘To Act Powerfully On All Fronts’


In This Hopeful New Video, UNICEF and Electronic Artist RL Grime Tackle the Horrors of Child Marriage

Egyptian President Al-Sisi at Davos: Time Has Proven the Genius Nature of Sadat's Peace Initiative (video)

Calls to Kill President Al-Sisi and Egyptian Journalists on Muslim Brotherhood TV Channels (video)

Skateboarding Makes Afghan Girls Feel Free

Islamic State Defeat in Kobani Will Be Hard to Replicate by Jonathan Spyer

Israelis Forced to Travel Through Arab Village, Pelted by Rocks

Liberman Calls For 'Disproportionate' Response Against Hezbollah

Is Hezbollah Digging Tunnels to Israel? IDF Intends to Find Out

Islamic State commander confesses to receiving funding through U.S.

Former Marine on Chris Kyle, American Sniper, and Social Implications


Michelle Obama Causes Outrage in Saudi Arabia by Not Wearing Headscarf

German Football Player Converts to Islam

Pegida Loses Second Leader in a Week

Saudi TV BLURS Michelle Obama's FACE As Barack Meets King

On the Streets with Far-right Extremists Britain First | Channel 4 News

Michelle Obama Cocks a Snook at Outdated, Ante-Diluvian Saudi Customs

Newt for President! Newt Gingrich: We Are At War with Radical Islamism (video)

Mideast Despots among Recipients of U.S. Cultural Preservation Funds


Check out my new piece at the Washington Post’s ‘Monkey Cage': “The Islamic State’s Model”

The Muslim Invasion of America: Governor Bobby Jindal (Audio)

WHITE HOUSE SpokesIdiot says: “The Taliban is NOT a terrorist organization”

Michael Moore on the set of his new action film

Is Israel Guilty of War Crimes? by Denis MacEoin

Islamic State Forcing Sex Slaves To Convert To Islam And Worship “Allah”

IRGC-Affiliated News Agency: The Holocaust Lie Is Gradually Being Exposed; Those Who Claim It Happened Will Be Shamed

Hamas-Supporting MB Figures Meet With Congress, State Dept.

“Palestinians” Attack Gaza UN Compound

European Parliament Pres.: 'Shame' on Europe for Anti-Semitism

Women Joining ISIS 'Cheerleaders, Not Victims'

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Obama’s Saudi “Balance”

Jesse Ventura: Chris Kyle Is Not A Hero

Everything you thought you knew about religious Zionists is wrong

Obama in Saudi Arabia: Stability Is King

Go Back to Basics to Reform Homeland Security

Latest Benghazi documents may be a smoking gun, investigators claim

Why Stabilizing Libya is so Hard

ISIS Beheads Kurdish Fighter, Threatens To Behead Obama, Kurdistan President Barzani, Detonate Car Bombs In France, Belgium

Lebanese Celebrate IDF Deaths With Candy

Netanyahu Warns Iran Hoping For Terrorist Front in Golan Heights

IDF Names Soldiers Killed in Hezbollah Attack

Muqata Blog: Golan Heights Battle with Hezbollah (9:31pm)

Analysis: Islamic State sleeper cells a threat to Turkey

Islamic State assaults Iraqi border post near Jordan

Islamic State appoints leaders of 'Khorasan province,' issues veiled threat to Afghan Taliban

Islamic State is forced from Kobane

'Foreigners' among 7 jihadists killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

Video shows Hezbollah Brigades convoy transporting American M1 tank

Hezbollah kills two Israeli soldiers in anti-tank missile attack Read more:

Analysis: Former US Marine killed by Islamic State's Tripoli 'province'


EXCELLENT! Milan, Italy passes a new ‘anti-mosque’ law

Following Killing Of Hizbullah Operative Jihad Mughniyah, New Information Comes To Light Regarding Hizbullah, Iranian Activity In Syrian Golan On Israeli Border

Designated a terrorist organization by several Arab States and banned by Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is conspiring with the Obama Regime to oust Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

First Lady Draws Notice by Skipping Headscarf at Saudi Visit

Research on the Islamic State

How Boko Haram brought hunger to northern Cameroon


Jordan OKs prisoner swap with Islamic State: Convicted terrorist for air force pilot

The four Saudi princesses: Obama mum on plight of Muslim women


French President Tells Jews: ‘France is Your Homeland’

IDF Retaliates Against Syrian Military Targets, Sets Off Rocket Alarms on the Golan

Israeli Night Strike on Damascus is ‘Warning to Beirut’

2 IDF Soldiers Killed, 7 Wounded in Hezbollah Attack

Auschwitz 70th Anniversary: Survivors Warn of New Crimes

Actress Maureen Lipman May Leave Britain Over Attacks On Jews


The Clairvoyant: Boko Haram’s Media and The Islamic State Connection?

SLOVAKIA: Prime Minister says, “We will not tolerate mass Muslim immigration and building of mosques”

BREAKING! Jordan allegedly will release Muslim terrorist to the Islamic State (ISIS) in exchange for hostages

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Iran’s price for Obama’s coveted legacy The president threatens Israel to placate the mullahs

PAT CONDELL: Virulent anti-semitism in Europe is baaaaack… (video)

ISIS: Western Muslims Who Do Not Kill Christians Are Our Enemies, Warns West “You Have Seen Nothing Yet”

The Real Fight Against ISIS Begins in Saudi Arabia by Tarek Fatah

Saudi Arabia’s New King Helped Fund Radical Terrorist Groups Monarch tied to anti-Semitic Muslim clerics, funding of jihad

Chuck Hagel exposes rift between U.S. and Iraq

Benghazi branch of central bank seized by Islamic fighters; almost $100B inside


The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa - Author Interview (video)

The Terrorist Groups’ Interpretation Of The Koranic Verses Regarding Jihad

Investigators: Israel fired on Gaza civilians carrying white flags

Anti-Semitic Right-Wing Politician Now Greek PM's Key Ally

NY Times Lethal Anti-Israel Journalism Strikes Again

Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism - Fjordman

Video - Saudi Imam on Paris Attacks: This Is the Only Language Jewish and Christian Infidels Understand (and Muslims Discovered America)

Argentinian Jewish groups boycott Holocaust commemoration In protest move over mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, community members shun official event

Obama Lies About “Not Interfering In The Israeli Election” In Benjamin Netanayu Speech Issue.

Storm in a Teacup Row About Minister Stephen Williams Unnecessary

Bergdahl Reports Are Untrue, No Decision Made

Prince Charles Says Holocaust is Warning and Lesson for All Faiths (VIDEO)

Revamping the koran with messages of love: I will cast terror love into the hearts of those who disbelieve reject my false prophet. Therefore strike off shampoo their heads and strike off manicure every fingertip of them.

BBC Is Mad To Refuse Calling Terrorists the Paris Killers

Two Years in Jail for Comparing Muhammad to a Pig

Islamic State's 'province' claims responsibility for attack on hotel in Tripoli

Sharyl Attkisson to Testify on ‘Free Press Issues’ at Attorney General Nomination Hearing

Pakistan: Hundreds Of Muslims With Hurt Feelings Attack Christian School, Demand Its Closure

“This is my last message,” says Islamic State (ISIS) Japanese hostage Kenji Goto (video)

Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa’l-Jihād presents a new article from Shaykh Abū al-Mundhir al-Shinqīṭī: “Hush .. Oh Inflamers of the Fitnah”


Latest ISIS Beheading Video Warns Obama: “We Will Cut Off Your Head In The White House”

After a White House-ordered lengthy delay, ARMY finally will charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion, a decision that Obama is still trying to stonewall

LIBYA: Islamic terrorists kill at least 8 including 5 foreigners and take hostages at luxury hotel in Tripoli

European Socialists, Radical Muslims United by ‘Mutual Hatred for Judeo-Christian Culture’

State Dept. Won’t Say Eradicating Afghan Opium Production Was a U.S. Goal

Sen. Feinstein: 'I Think Our Many of These Countries Is Weak'

Miss USA ridiculed over answer to tough question

The Persians Are Coming!

Saudi Succession Hints at Shift in Foreign Role

Analysts on Iran: Time to Move Beyond Sanctions

New video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Battle To Liberate the 82 Battalion North of the City al-Shaykh Miskīn – Dar’ā”

al-Furqān Media presents a new audio message from the Islamic State’s Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al ‘Adnānī al-Shāmī: “Say, ‘Die In Your Rage'”

President Obama: Hands Off Israel’s Elections

From Tel-Aviv to Paris, Genocide Remains the Goal

To Joke or Not to Joke About Allah — on The Glazov Gang (video)

Iranian Terror and the Death of Alberto Nisman

Sisi Revisits ‘Egypt’s Identity Crisis’

Islamic State Makes New Demand on Japan

How Iran Is Encircling the Gulf and Israel

Philippines: Muslims kill 49 elite police in govt-approved Muslim no-go zone

New video message from The Islamic State: “Glad Tidings of the Mujāhidīn With the Decimation of the Tyrant of the Peninsula – Wilāyat al-Khayr”

WH Chief of Staff Accidentally Reveals Name of American ISIS Hostage

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey Muslims, stop telling us about the “minuscule amount” of Muslims who are extremists and terrorists

Israel Dismisses Intelligence Soldiers Who Refuse To Spy On Palestinians

Jewish Terrorists Storm Muslim Religious Sites Near Nablus

Dr. Phyllis Chesler and Dr. Richard Landes A Conversation about Anti-Semitism Sponsored by EMET (Endowment for Middle East Truth). (video)

NY Times Lethal Anti-Israel Journalism Strikes Again

GOV. BOBBY JINDAL doesn’t have a “Muslim problem,” the problem is the apologists for Islam in the leftist media in denial about the “Muslim problem”

Jeffrey Sterling, ex-CIA officer, convicted of leaking secrets to reporter

ANOTHER OBAMA “SUCCESS” – U.S. Embassy in Yemen shut down infinitely due to credible threats

Clash On Al-Jazeera TV About Charlie Hebdo, Freedom Of Speech In Europe-Egyptian Author: 'Jewish Holocaust An Indisputable And Irrefutable Fact' That 'Entire World Has Recognized-'Why Can't The Muslims? Why Does Islam Harbor Such Terrible Religious Hatred Towards The Jews?' Tunisian Scholar Cites French Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy, States: Germany, West 'Still Paying The Price For This Imaginary Holocaust'

Let Nuclear Sanctions on Iran Serve Their Final Purpose

IRANIAN News Site reports Iran may be planning a hit on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s two sons

From The MEMRI TV Archives: Would-Be Iraqi Suicide Bomber Tells Of Jordanian Hotels Terror Attack

TURKEY orders Facebook to block pages that insult the paedophile prophet

New video message from The Islamic State: “Joy of the Monotheists With the Mortality Of the Head Of the Apostates – Wilāyat Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn”

U.S. reiterates refusal to negotiate with Islamic State over hostages

John McCain: Iran ‘on the march’

John Kerry seeks Nigeria’s help battling Islamist terrorism, pushes for peaceful vote

France's ethnic apartheid: ‘Separate Islamic societies’ breed discontent, radicalism

IDF Soldiers Dragged to Missionary Revival in Jerusalem After Gaza War

Syriza Wins! Now What?

Looking Two Steps Ahead into Saudi Arabia’s Future

New video message from The Islamic State: “Bombing Of the Muslims in al-Mawṣil (Mosul) and Poisoning Dozens Of Them – Wilāyat Nīnawā”

Arab Media Reactions To Paris Terror Attacks – Part IV: Conspiracy Theories – The Paris Attacks Are The Work Of France, The French Right, The Jews, Israel

Official Anglican Bishop Says That Christians Must Be Ruled By Islamic Sharia Law

ISIS Captures Twenty Christian Men And A 14 Year Old Christian Girl, And Is Now Torturing Them, And It Is Now Said That They Will Most Likely Execute Them

The British Still Think There Is A “Moderate” And “Extremist” Islam

Liberal Atheist Comedian Gets Liberal Godless Politician To CONFESS He’s A LYING ‘PROPAGANDIST’ When It Comes To ISLAM

Courageous Prosecutor Found Shot Dead Hours Before He Would Present Evidence To Congress That His Government Conspired With IRAN To Coverup Terror Attack That Killed Dozens Of Jews

Mark Mansfield, childhood actor turned CIA spokesman, dies at 56

White House condemns Islamic State video of alleged murder

AQAP releases infographics detailing attacks

Jews, Outnumbered by Muslims, Suffer under Mob Rule

Jewish Leaders Call for Europe-wide Legislation Outlawing Antisemitism

Avigdor Lieberman Urges Supporters to Distribute Copies of Charlie Hebdo

Tit for tat: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin declines meeting with Obama

Profs on Paris Attacks: Je Suis NOT Charlie!

Revolution and Despair

Oopsie! Turns out that Eritrean immigrant in Germany, much promoted in English-speaking press as a possible "raaaaaacist" attack by Pegida, was murdered by... wait for it... here it comes... HIS ERITREAN ROOMMATE!

BREAKING: Erdogan has security forces arrest Turkish beauty queen, model for speaking out against his administration

King Abdullah buried in an unmarked grave

New statement from Ajnād Miṣr: “On the Occasion of the Revolution and Passing One Year Since the Declaration Of Formation With Building Several Operations Within the Campaign Retribution of Life”

Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic

Britain: Terrorism arrests linked to Syrian jihad up more than 600%

al-Malāḥim Media presents a new audio message from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Hārith bin Ghāzī al-Naẓārī [Muḥammad al-Mirshadī]: “Thoughts in Testimonial and Behavior #10: Those Who Have the Instinct or Ability To Know What’s Inside Others”

Ibn Taymīyyah Center for Media presents a new statement from Majlis Shūrā al-Mujāhidīn Fī Aknāf Bayt al-Maqdis: “Condolences and Congratulations On the Death of Shaykh Muḥammad al-Zahāwī”

The Turkish Conundrum



Assad Threatens to Fight America's Anti-ISIS Rebels

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jolie in Iraq, says more needed for Iraq and Syria refugees

German Government, Leftists And ISIS Try To Destroy PEGIDA, Now Tens Of Thousands Of Germans Are Rallying In The Streets Carrying Crosses Even Israeli Flags And Ready To Fight Islam

Libyan Jihad Group Ansar Al-Shari'a Announces Death Of Its Leader Muhammad Al-Zahawi

ISIS magazine ‘Dabiq’ justifies rape & enslavement of non-Muslim female POWs as following Islamic tradition. Download a copy by clicking below.

Eight Lessons From the Charlie Hebdo Attack

Four years on from Egypt’s uprising, are Copts better off?

This is why they hate us: The truth about the roots of Muslim extremism

U.S. readies Iraqi troops for summer showdown with Islamic State for Mosul

Using boycotts to delegitimize Israel Lies and deception undergird the BDS movement

Why Saudi King Abdullah mattered

Obama lives in ignorance of Islamic threat

Yemen’s Shiite rebels growing in power amid Obama uncertainty on Iran, experts fear

John Bolton on Yemen, Iran and Saudi king’s death: ‘This is an absolute disaster’

How social exclusion left Belgium ripe for extremism

Protests as Egypt marks anniversary of revolt against Mubarak

Middle Eastern Turmoil and the Scaremongering on Iran

This is what Egyptians think of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

Ex-BBG member: News outlets should never be compared to terrorists

Afghan Muslim Immigrant Rapes 13-Year-old English Girl: Claims He ‘..Thought it Was the Cultural Norm..’

NETHERLANDS: Muslim terrorist had plans to bomb Dutch police and Defense Department employees

Iran Vows To Attack Israel From The West Bank, Warns Of “Crushing Response” And “Destructive Thunderbolts”

Turkish Man Electrocutes His Muslim Wife for Giving Birth to a Baby Girl

Saudi Arabia unveils two badass anti-terrorism walls

13 Year Old Boy Attacked in Paris Suburb A 13 year old boy was maced by a gang in Paris. He was an easy target due to his kipa and tzitzit. What should the family do?

Obama’s Policies Bring the Golan to a Boil

Netanyahu ‘Will Go Anywhere Invited’ to Prevent Iran from Achieving Nuclear Weapons

Hezbollah Vows to Attack Israel ‘With Wisdom’

PAKISTAN Muslim leader threatens cartoons mocking paedophile prophet Mohammed could lead to WWIII

New video message from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Aspects of a Da’wah Forum In the Town of Turmānīn In Rural Western Aleppo”

New video message from The Islamic State: “Living In the Shade of the Caliphate – Wilāyat Ḥalab”