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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WARNING — GRAPHIC: ISIS Video Features French Fighter Demonstrating Stabbing Techniques On 'Agent Of The Crusader Coalition,' Provides Step-By-Step Instruction On Bomb Making Using Acetone Peroxide

Donald #Trump blasts OSU attacker, says Somali refugee shouldn't have been in the US


Returning Jihadis: A Generational Threat (video)

Here’s the TRUE Non-Politically Correct History of Islam’s Violence

Turkey Weighs Freedom for Child Rapists

Oh here we go again - White House warns Americans not to blame Islam for the Ohio State attack

Muslim jihadi strikes OSU - deception op begins

Where are we heading to? Who will stop Turkey for planned invasion of Muslims to Greece -Italy - EU?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ohio: Muslim “Refugee” Unleashes Car-And-Knife Rampage On University Campus

Germany’s ‘Mr. Flirt’ Teaches Refugees How to Pick Up Women


Three Quran Verses Every Woman Should Know (David Wood) (video)

One Year After Paris, What The West Still Needs To Learn About Islamic Terror

Former US President George W Bush And His Daughter Convert To Islam :)

Interview with Howard Bloom - Part I

What If Your Holiday Parade Was a Terror Target?

American Islamist Group Preps for Jihad Against #Trump

STOP IT! Stop listening to people who tell you Muslim terrorists aren’t real Muslims because “they hijacked the religion”

A Grand Strategy For Winning World War IV

UK: Two Systems of Justice

Friday, November 25, 2016

Town Renames 'Good Friday' for the sake of 'Cultural Sensitivity'

AL-Qaeda leader confirms what BNI readers already know: Islam will conquer the world by ‘Immigration Jihad’

GERMANY: Woolworth’s store cancels Christmas because it is offensive to their Muslim customers

WELCOME TO FRANCE: Muslims set fire to 26 cars in upscale neighborhood of Paris

EVEN FAR-LEFT FACT CHECKER ‘SNOPES’ won’t confirm the CAIR-inspired allegations that Muslim women are being threatened and harassed all over the country

Lawless: Obama trying to handcuff Trump on Middle East

Ohio: Muslim immigrant gets 20 years for plot to behead U.S. veteran

Designated terrorist group CAIR-NY chief litigation jihadist demands action against mostly fabricated anti-Muslim hate crimes

New Jersey: DOJ Sues Town for Rejecting Uncooperative Mosque in Residential Area

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Italy Report: ‘More Immigrants = More Crime’

VIDEO: Saudi Activists Defy Guardianship of Women in TV Debate: The State Still Considers Women to Be Inferior

The Man Who Could Have Stopped the Islamic State

Ellison's Extremism Wrong for the DNC

WACDI.NET, Islamic Fatwa-Driven Site, “Features” WND’s Interview With Adina Kutnicki. What Are They Up To?

Child Jihadist Calls on Malala to Renounce Western Education

Final Statement of Geert Wilders at his Trial

PAT CONDELL on the growing backlash against the Muslim invasion of Europe (video)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Fighting Jihadi Fire With Fire, Greek Style: Responding To The Invasion Of Mohammedans, Leftist Revolutionaries Alike.

Controversial Islamist Preacher Zakir Naik's NGO Banned For 5 Years

Contestant Wants to Wear Burkini in Miss Minnesota Swimsuit Competition

Why Some Islamist Leaders Are Secretly Happy with #Trump's Victory

US President-Elect Trump And The Global Effect

A Tiny Minority of a Million Muslims in America by Daniel Greenfield

Democrats Must Scrutinize Keith Ellison’s Anti-Semitic Past And Ties To Radical Islam

Trump's Anti-Muslim Agenda Caught on Camera: Muslim Registry, Political Tests, Presumed Guilt

Monday, November 21, 2016

GUEST POST: An Interview with Rachid Kassim, Jihadist Orchestrating Attacks in France

Homeland Security today admitted it lost 200,000 mistakenly issued Green Cards and that they are probably in TERRORISTS' Hands . . .

First City With Muslim Majority Starts To Implement Sharia Law - US Chronicle

Illinois: Muslim gets just 3 years jail, took teen siblings to join ISIS

Ottawa Muslim Outreach Includes Islamists Only

Merkel Says She Will Run as ‘Anti-Populist’, Pro-Establishment Candidate

The Spread of Islamophobia via the Christian Right

Israeli Druze Intellectual On Israeli 'Muezzin Bill': Mosque Loudspeakers Disturb The Arab And Muslim Public Too

Muslim Invasion: The Fuse Is Burning

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Council of Europe Recommends British Press NOT Report when Terrorists are Muslims

Turkey’s Parliament Set To Legalise Child Rape of ‘Married’ Victims

UK: Muslim gets just 1 year jail for raping, blackmailing teen schoolgirls

Islamic Terrorists not Poor and Illiterate, but Rich and Educated

Ex-General and Critic of Islam to Help Guide Trump in White House

Muslim crybaby gets blown off by New York City police officer

Links Between Muslim Groups in US (CAIR) and Muslim Brotherhood Well-Documented, Alive

The Cult of Islam: Mohammedans, A Danger To Western Civilization. (Past) Time To Tell The Truth.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Designated terrorist group CAIR demands immediate action over alleged ‘hijab attack’ in Minnesotastan

Trump policy adviser recommends national registry targeting Muslim immigrants

UK has its own Muslim ‘Clockboy’ incident, only over there we can call him ‘Bulletboy’

Jews get attacked 2.5X more than Muslims in America. Muslims get 25X more headlines.

‘Gender-Equal Snow Ploughing’ Plunges Stockholm into Chaos

Austria: 40 Per Cent of Islamic Radicals Recently Arrived as ‘Refugees’

Germany: What a Christian translator hears in asylum centers and mosques is frightening

Monday, November 14, 2016

Election of Donald #Trump as president is sending shockwaves through the multi-billon dollar refugee resettlement industry.

Following Death Of Algerian Intellectual Malek Chebel, MEMRI Reposts Report On His 27 Propositions For Reforming Islam

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME IN SWEDEN, TOO: Swedish chef is violently attacked by #Muslims because they think he looks like Donald #Trump

2015 FBI Stats Show Again, Hate Crimes Against Jews More Than Double That of Muslims

The #TRUMP-EFFECT is striking fear into the hearts of the ruling establishment in Europe, resulting in hysterical warnings from Austrian, Italian, French, and German politicians about “right-wing populists.”

Issue 3 Of Islamic State Magazine 'Rumiyah' Instructs Lone Wolves On Use Of Trucks To Target Outdoor Conventions, Markets, Parades, And Political Rallies


Muslim Rep. Ellison formally announces run for DNC chair

Yazidi Parents Who Survived Islamic State Name Newborn Baby ‘#Trump’

BROTHERHOOD’s DNC Boost: Rep. Ellison, A Brotherhood Supporter, Front-Runner As Chair! What’s Going On?

Islam was Banned from the USA in 1952 but You’re Not Supposed to Know It!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Erdoğan’s Education Reforms…Islamization of Turkey

ISIS Caught Taking Newborn Christian Babies And Giving Them To Islamist Families, Forcing Boys To Put Bombs In The Streets, Selling The Girls Into Sex Slavery, And Murdering Their Parents

Muslim Teen Violently Beats And Rapes Elderly Woman Walking Her Dog For Fun, Now She Is Dying From The Attack And He Is About To Get Out Of Prison

Muslim Crowds Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ And Declare To Italians- ‘Build Us Mosques Or We Will Take Over The Vatican!’

First The Muslims, Now The European Union Bureaucrats Are Crawling To And Groveling Before Trump That He Will Listen To Them Rather Than The UK

#Trump’s “zinger” replies to Saudi prince more proof “America made the right choice”

YES!!! The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, represented by CAIR, MSA, ISNA, ICNA, and other Muslim front groups in America declares the election of Donald Trump a “catastrophe for the Muslim world”

PAKISTANI MUSLIM man caught trespassing at Chicago water plant

Europe's Planned Migrant Revolution

New release of The Islamic State’s magazine: “Rome #3″

Trump adviser says next president will move to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

Trump’s Triumph & The Brotherhood Mafia’s “Reaction”: What’s The Upshot? Where Does Huma Abedin Factor In?

“Give give me the child until she is seven and we will have her for life”

‘Beyond Terror’ – Help Publish This Book No Publisher Will Touch

Friday, November 11, 2016

CAIR Leader: Overthrow the U.S. Government by Daniel Pipes

OMG! Muslim Democrat congressman from Minnesotastan, who was sworn in on a quran, is being considered for chairman of the Democrat National Committee

SUCH FUN! Compilation of designated terrorist group CAIR’s butt-hurt over election of Donald Trump

OH, NOES! Utah Muslims are shocked to find out that Mormons “don’t have their backs,” after all

Donald Trump's Muslim ban is back up on his website


What does Donald Trump’s victory mean for the world? #Islam

Could Trump's election cause a major shift in America's Middle East policy?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Racist’ Trump’s Victory a ‘Disaster’ for Muslim World

‘American Muslims Are Here to Stay,’ CAIR Tells Trump

Donald Trump statement on banning Muslims from US has disappeared from his website

Minnesota Elects Nation’s First Somali Muslim Lawmaker (Who Married Her Brother)

SAUDI BUTT-HURT imposed by a U.S. President they won’t be able to buy #Trump


Muslims Mourn Trump Win as Terror-tied CAIR Vows: We ‘Must Act’

Monday, November 7, 2016

CAIR Whips Pre-Election Hysteria and Fear Against FBI

Inside Germany's No-Go Zones: Part I - North Rhine-Westphalia

GERMAN INTERIOR MINISTER demands that Italy send all new illegal alien Muslim invaders back to Africa

GERMANY: “We are Somali Muslims, we don’t have to pay”

Like a good little sharia-compliant female, Prince Charles’ wife Camilla removes her shoes to enter a mosque in Abu Dhabi, but the Prince of Wales keeps his shoes on

AUSTRIA: Freedom Party leader calls Chancellor Angela Merkel the “most dangerous woman in Europe”

‘Absolute madness’: German town to separate refugees, residents with barrier taller than Berlin Wall

Beware Of The Lies You Are Told About Islam #1 (David Wood) (video)

SWEDEN: Filthy Muslim savage tries to cut ahead of a Swedish woman in line

UK: Muslim family who converted to Christianity forced to flee Manningham home as violence and threats by Muslims against them continue to escalate

FRENCH COLLEGE STUDENT came to America with her family nine years ago because Europe had become too dangerous to live in because of mass Muslim migration

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Governor to Obama: Maine will stop cooperating with federal refugee resettlement

WHAT HAPPENED? In 2014, Quebec tried to pass a Charter that would have banned all religious attire in public, specifically to prevent Muslim women from hiding their faces

GERMANY: Bigger than the Berlin Wall, the 12-foot-high ‘Munich Wall’ is being constructed to protect local residents from illegal alien Muslim invaders

Captagon – The Drug of Choice for Western-Backed Islamic Rebels


MINNESOTASTAN: Tagging the Muslim Student Association (MSA) sign with “ISIS” is NOT a hate crime but an accurate description of what the MSA stands for

ISIS Article Denounces U.S. Presidential Election, Says American Muslims Who Vote Are Apostates, And Calls For Killing Muslim, Christian, And Women Voters

Nigerian Soldiers Accused Of Raping Boko Haram Victims

Friday, November 4, 2016

Anonymous Release Bone-Chilling video of Huma Abedin every American Needs to See (video)

Secret Emails From Hillary Clinton Reveal: There Is A Very Powerful Circle Of People Ruling Over Hillary Who Hate Christians And Who Are Now Executing A Plan To Annihilate Christians And Advance Islam

Islamic State Leader Rallies Fighters in Rare Audio Recording

Clinton's top Aide Huma Abedin could be 'Saudi spy' or 'Terrorist agent' (video)

Two Presidents, One Fatal Historic Move

Erdogan Claims Germany a ‘Haven for Terrorists’

Ayatollah Of Aggravation: (The Humble Pat Condell) (video)

France closes 4 more mosques for promoting ‘radical ideology’

Sharia Courts Are Operating Everywhere in UK, in Small Shops, Hidden in Basements

Europe's New Blasphemy Courts


Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood

Documented: Obama's "Traditional Muslim Bias" against Christians

America's "Arab Spring"

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Gov’t Minister: Germany Should Not ‘Tolerate’ Young Men From ‘Completely Different Cultures’ Who Do Not Follow The Rules

Swiss Imam Arrested After Calling for Death of Moderate Muslims

Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost (To Islamic Insurgency)

BARBARIANS AT THE GATE: Muslims from Morocco keep breaking into Spain

JUST AS YOU EXPECTED: Southern Poverty Law Center’s $300 million war chest likely being funded by Muslim terrorist states

MUSLIMS THREATEN”: “If Donald Trump Will Be President, We Will Leave The US” (Video)

NY elementary school calls off mock election because students were chanting “#Trump” and “We don’t want Muslims here”

FLORIDA: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands ‘hate crime’ investigation of anti-Islam graffiti on mosque, blames #Trump

IN BRITAIN, Paki Muslim sex traffickers who rape and pimp out young white children go free but Christians who throw bacon at a mosque get thrown in jail

Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) agrees with Donald Trump about the need for extreme vetting of Muslim immigrants

WHITE FLIGHT? Or is it white fright? British multiculturalism has created segregation in towns where the white population is fleeing as the Muslim population is exploding

UK Institutions Have ‘De Facto Blasphemy Law’ Protecting Islam, Claims Secular Critic

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Islamic State-Linked Magazine Urges ‘Lone-Wolf’ Attacks in West to Avenge Mosul

Merkel Terror, Traitors in the Church and Jihad Without Islam & Muslims



German Streets Descend into Lawlessness

SWEDISH OUTRAGE as Muslim colonizers get preference for housing while native Swedes are out in the cold

UK citizens and war heroes get cheap pre-fab houses while Muslim colonizers get taxpayer-funded luxurious council homes

Syrian “Refugees” to US so Far in 2016 Up 675% from 2015; 99.1% are Muslims

US Muslim leader at Chicago conference: “Islam is here to dominate”

Gestapo Tactics Used To Strong-Arm Kiddies & Parents:NO Bowing Out Of Mosque School Trip-Or Else!Totalitarian Socialists & Islamists Merge Forces.

The All-Seeing Eye of the Historyscoper

The All-Seeing Eye of the Historyscoper
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Westerners have forgotten all about Islam

"Millions of modern people of the white civilization - that is, the civilization of Europe and America - have forgotten all about Islam. They have never come in contact with it. They take for granted that it is decaying, and that, anyway, it is just a foreign religion which will not concern them. It is, as a fact, the most formidable and persistent enemy which our civilization has had, and may at any moment become as large a menace in the future as it has been in the past." -Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953), "The Great Heresies", 1938


Islamophobia? A phobia is an irrational fear. With doomed desperate Islam, it's irrational not to fear it and keep vigilant, because Islam wants you to fear it so it can dominate the world. This recently coined newspeak word is a reverse psychology con by Muslim and pro-Muslim disinfo. artists to make you stick your head in the sand to aid their infiltration so they can turn the West into a living hell like the Middle East. It's not the West, but the Muslim World that must go, along with all its hate and fearmongering. Now they've declared a caliphate, which is gaining followers daily, and will eventually make it mandatory for all Muslims worldwide to go on jihad, making Muslims in the West into agents of a foreign power and enemy combatants in their midst. So yes, we should all fear Islam, but not fear to fight it, and hate and despise it too, openly and proudly. Islam is a huge mental straightjacket of lies and fraud and hate, threatening to send humanity back to the Dark Ages, and it must go, it really must go. Sorry, leftist PC useful idiots, Muslims aren't our friends. The Quran commands them to be enemies of all non-Muslims, and befriend them only under false pretenses for an ultimate victory. Allowing them to immigrate to the West without apostasizing first is wrong and sick. Yes, their big oil bucks allow them to pervert the media and govt., so listen to what they say but watch what they do, and work, watch, and wait for the joyous day of the Great Muslim Apostasy when hundreds of millions tweet that they're chucking Islam, Allah, Muhammad and his Great Jihad and dancing in the streets with Jews, asking for help in being absolved of their crimes and rejoining the human race in a new Middle East that's a credit to the world instead of an eyesore. The U.N. has made a big mistake in admitting Muslim nations, who know very well that criticism of Islam is the seed, and apostasy the fruit. Instead of going with their program of criminalizing criticism of Islam, the U.N. should expel any member nation that continues to criminalize criticism of Islam or apostasy. The future must belong to those who apostasize from Islam. If the worse comes and Europe goes, America will never fall, and will be victorious in the end.

Visit the Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog 2 for coverage of ongoing Muslim infiltration of America

The Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog International. Set up from May 11-30, 2014 when Google decided to take this blog down then flopped and put it back online. Who's going to write the final story on this sad chapter of censorship from the corporation that was supposedly devoted to fighting it?

RU a Lookieloo, an ostrich, or an eagle fighter?

The Really Cool Current With It Frank Gaffney Radio Show, featuring experts on Islam, jihad, terrorism, etc. New 1-hour audiocast every weekday: Secure Freedom Radio

Support MEMRI and its great work in translating Muslim agitprop


Want to look up some history quick by date? There's no better place than the Historyscoper's Great Track of Time


“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.” - Winston Churchill

Who are you going to arrest next, assholes?

Answer: EVERYBODY :) How will you find the room to imprison half of your population on your overcrowded island, sicko leftist overlords? Proposed British laws criminalizing all free speech except when Muslims are involved.

Candidate Paul Weston Arrested by UK Police for Quoting Churchill

Paul Weston is a great hero in Britain, and by all rights should be their prime minister for about 20 years so that he can close the gates to mass Muslim immigration and help lead the non-Muslim world to preach the Great Muslim Apostasy that will dissolve the horrible violent backward Muslim World and bring peace via my Winslow Plan.

The British Government Stinks!

The British Government Stinks!

Don't Let That Racist Thang Throw You

From the start, Churchill was a Naziphobe, and despite all the flak he took he turned out to be right. Despite both terms sucking eggplant, I'm proud to be called an Islamophobe, but the real Islamophobes are the leftist PC Islam appeasers, because it takes real fear to pretend that a religion whose believers slaughter each other daily is bringing the world peace. Islam the religion isn't intellectually respectable. Political Islam should be a world crime, including Sharia and even the shouting of Allah Akbar. The Muslim World is in its last days, and knows it, but won't go quietly. This is the place to keep up on its day-by-day dying shenanigans.

If I hear that term Islamophobia again I'll puke. It's a pure con game playing off the current leftist fashion of scaring white people by calling them racist. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and assumed it would rule the world, so they didn't even think of it. Instead, they knew that Western civilization had left the Muslim World in the rearview mirror and were intent on playing wolf in sheep's clothing in the hopes that they'd forget the 1000+ year Great Jihad and leave them alone until they got well. Well, we did, only to see them show signs of reviving the jihad the moment they got any military power. Why? Islam means nothing if it doesn't mean global domination, and the rest is intellectual sheep dip.

Sorry, Islam isn't a race, so the word Islamophobia is an intellectual non-starter. A race is something that's fixed at birth. Islam is an ideology you learn after birth. True, like a race once you become a Muslim you can't quit or they will kill you, but if criticising Islam is "wrong", so must be rejecting conversion, so obviously those pushing the term Islamophobia are wolves in sheep's clothing. If Islam is a race, the other kind, then I hope us infidels win it not the Muslims :) They're playing on our tolerance, when they are totally intolerant when they get the upper hand, what a recipe for horror if we don't wake up and keep pushing our Western superiority on the Muslim World to make it disintegrate forever.

What's really insulting to my intelligence is how they use Islamophobia to mean irrational hatred of Muslims a la racism, when the word only means fear of Islam, the religion which commands our deaths. What a giveaway of their true intentions, n'est ce pas? :) Of course Islam holds out its hand and promises that if you convert you will be spared, so there will be no more reason to fear it. :) But yes, I hate Islam and always will, and am proud of it, how about you? Why don't I just submit and quit sticking my neck out for the Muslim executioners, if they can get me? Because I know from my great knowledge and wisdom that we Islam haters are on the winner's team, and that Islam will pass and be left in the dustbin of history one day, let's hope soon.

Back to the white race. A hundred years ago white people were proud of their race and agreed that it should dominate the world. Two world wars later, they got so guilt-tripped that to call them a racist puts a brain freeze on them, permitting the rest of the world to invade and take over without a fight. Surely there must be some happy medium. White people aren't required to hate themselves. The Muslim takeover doomsday scenario can be prevented by a grassroots movement to force the politicians to stop and reverse Muslim immigration.

Speaking of dying shenanigans, it's time for Israel to end the #1 threat to its existence by NUKING IRAN, at least the nuclear facilities in the mountain recesses, and tell the rest of the world to leave it alone or else. What are Iran's weak sick wannabe friends including Pres. Obama going to do? They're into dooming themselves to repeat history like with Neville Chamberlain and the Nazis, with Israel as the new Poland, and have thus made themselves irrelevant. They have no right to gamble with Israeli blood. Is there something about Never Again they don't understand? Or Death to Israel? Each centrifuge in Iran is the potential killer of a thousand Jews. There must be a policy of Zero Tolerance for Centrifuges. Allah could never make a single nuke for all his faithful in a thousand years, so why surrender so helplessly? Whirring centrifuges in Iran are a declaration of war. They're negotiating and making promises? Ever hear of Taqiyya? It's past time for diplomacy, and screw the world, it's not their existence at stake. Iran is SICK. Until it gives up its Islamic Republic it should be treated as a disease. Death to the Islamic Republic of Iran. So what if Iran has suicide fighters ready to nuke Israel and a mighty army way bigger just waiting to pave a road through Iraq and Syria. Did they ever hear of David and Goliath? David won not Goliath. Poor outnumbered surrounded Israel has long had nukes, and was a model of patience, and I know it once promised it wouldn't be the first to use them in the Middle East, but if they use them now, they can limit the damage to govt. installations, whereas if Iran gets nukes, civilian pops. will be open targets. Israel has a right to defend its existence, and I back its right to do what's necessary, even if the U.S. and U.N. don't like it. I'm sorry I'm not the president and have so little powah, but I do have great knowledge and wisdom, and hereby give Israel my blessing. GO ISRAEL!

As to the Muslim World, we only need to defeat the hardcore Muslims militarily. The rest can and will be defeated by doing what we do best, showing how our modern civilization makes Muhammad, Allah, and the Quran irrelevant. It takes but a single special moment to break the spell, and the weapons will fall out of their hands as they dance in joy. I just got back from the future, and have good news. There will be a Great Muslim Apostasy in our lifetime, and the Muslim World will disintegrate, drop Muhammad's jihad and Sharia forever, and ask Israel's help in rejoining the human race with a clean record, party hearty ex-Muslim dudes. Even so, to make sure it doesn't happen again, it should be made a world crime to give a Quran to a minor. It's worse than child porno, and should only be read by the mature and educated, who alone can ward off its sick evil voodoo awesome blossom of endless lies before laughing it into the trash can.

The Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam - read and share it.

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Islam declared war on us, face it or lose

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The OIC calls for all states to abolish their constitutions and make the Quran their constitution, including the U.S. It should be expelled from the U.N. once and for all.

The Palestinian People Don't Exist

The Illegal Palestine U.N. Push

Muslims and Mormons Grew Fastest in the U.S. in 2000-2010

Sunni Muslims Committed 70% of 2011 Terrorist Murders

Why You Are Not an Islamophobe If You Hate Islam

Why Islamophobia is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Welcome to My World, by TLW. Why you shouldn't ostrich about Islam's threat. Why the U.S. is making a horrible mistake to be open to mass Muslim immigration.

Is it getting a little hot where you live? Yes, it is a global conspiracy. Can you pass a basic test on the key orgs. and leaders of the modern Muslim World, including those in the U.S.? Study TLW's new Modern Muslimscope and pass the advanced test too.