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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frank Gaffney radio hour: Erick Stakelbeck, Christian Whiton, Diana West on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, Huma Abedin et al.

Guide to Islamic Invasion of America by 2020

'Israeli Arabs' back out of Fox store in Ramallah

Canadian Gov’t Investigates ISNA-Canada for Possible Terror Funding

European governments speak as enemies of Israel

CAIR-Chicago hosts iftar dinner in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike

Understanding Homosexuality, bestiality, incest, rape, necrophilia and polygamy.

"The Theme This Year Will Be The Liberation Of Palestine"

A mosque burns down in Hannover

Obama using the UN to bully Israel

Egypt protests continue despite state warning

PA minister urges Palestinians to revolt against Hamas

Syria: Aleppo rebel sharia committee issues fatwa against eating ‘colonial’ croissants

The Muslims Are Restless

Fatah Dismisses Hamas Papers as Fabrications

Guinea: At Least 95 Dead After Angry Muslim Mobs Torch Churches, Christians Homes, Businesses …

Senior IDF Officers Warn of Threats from Syria, say IDF is Prepared

If You Live In Britain Make Sure To Never Ever Get A Tattoo That Might Be Offensive To Muslims

The Truth About Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (Video)

Chinese Cult Kills Christians

No-Go Marseille

President Abbas Running Smear Campaign Against Hamas In Egypt

SHOCKING! Uber-leftist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules against sanctions on the FBI demanded by Muslim groups

Sceptics abound on nine-month Mideast peace deadline

Leaders fear Iraq returning to days of sectarian strife (Video)

ISRAEL: How Muslims celebrate Ramadan on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

American girl from Oklahoma converts to “Is-lamb”

Even so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim countries eventually become radically fundamentalist if not stopped by the people

What role for US in new Israel-Palestinian peace talks? (+video)

No, seriously, guys: Egypt's Jon Stewart probes love-hate relationship with US

Reza Aslan: “Anybody who watches Fox knows there is an inherent anti-Muslim bias”

Fareed Zakaria Doesn’t Hold Palestinian Journalist Accountable

Landmark Class Action Suit Filed in Australia Against Sydney BDS Advocating Prof

Jewish Human Rights Group Knocks ‘Irony’ of Abbas’s Jew-Free Palestinian State

Report: Hamas Soldiers ‘Ready to Revolt’ After Wages Go Unpaid; Qatar Pulls ‘Millions’ in Monthly Gaza Financial Support at Request of Egypt

GOOD! Florida’s law enforcement commissioner refuses to investigate fatal shooting of Boston Marathon Bombers-linked Chechen Muslim man in Orlando by a Boston FBI agent, days after the top prosecutor in Massachusetts also declined to look into the case.

OREGON: Muslim cab driver throws a lesbian couple out of his cab right on the I-84 Freeway

‘The Israeli Government Has Surrendered the Temple Mount’

Will Turkey's Military Emulate Egypt's? by Daniel Pipes

Analysis: Egypt’s way out

“I’m going to burn down your ‘white’ house, kill your wife and kids, and break every bone in your ‘white’ body” shouted UK Muslim soccer player to referee

Social Media Jihad: More mourning for AQAP's deputy

Al Nusrah Front launches joint assaults with numerous Syrian rebel groups

The destruction of Homs

Weiner Wedge: Clintons and Huma at odds?

Blind Sheikh and EXHIBIT Z of our Benghazi Report

Saudi Arabia: 600 Lashes for Editor

Turkey - the Deep State

A Moral Compass for the Ages

When I Ran Out of Birth Control in Iran

Morsi Constitution Modification will Sabotage Pro-Democracy Efforts by ASHRAF RAMELAH

AIM Announces Formation of Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi by ROGER ARONOFF

Napolitano's Failing Homeland Report Card by LT. COLONEL JAMES G. ZUMWALT, USMC (RET)

Closing Gitmo Is Still a Terrible Idea by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY

Why Won't the Media Cover Huma Abedin's Ties to Global Jihad Movement? by DIANA WEST

The West is a career: Linking Rouhani’s election to US sanctions

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Rejoinder About the Recent Report of the UNAMA Regarding the Civilian Casualties”

Sharia kiosk: 'Moderate' Tunisia's Islamic law enforcers

So Long, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Huma Abedin to take break from job with Hillary Clinton

France is Losing Hearts and Minds of Native-Born Muslims

Bill Warner: Jihadists Bombing the Buddhists

PA minister: New peace talks will help us conquer Israel later

As Kerry Launches Peace Effort, Where’s the Goodwill Gesture from the Palestinians?

Malaysia's Deputy PM: "Muslims do not insult the religion of non-Muslims such as Christianity and Hinduism. But non-Muslims are insulting our religion."

Palestinian leader on first official visit to Cairo since Morsi ouster

As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah’s Dr. Ayman al-Ẓawāhirī: “Forty-Six Years Since the Year of al-Naksah”

Leading Sunni Scholar Al-Qaradhawi Urges Egyptians To Defy Al-Sisi, Says Christians Participated In The Killing Of Muslims

Fundraising Campaigns For Syrian Rebels Intensify During Ramadan

Iran bids for key position on U.N. disarmament committee

Israeli Intelligence Assets Aid African Dictators

Antisemitic tweets target Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy

Police hunt for three men over 'brutal' rape of 12-year-old girl in London

Colorado: ‘Islamist Jihadist’ Threatens To Murder Christians In The Next Two Weeks, They Will Be ‘Destroyed’

Ceuta: Muslim Preacher Threatens Police Who Arrested Jihadists Planning to Go and Fight in Syria

Syrian Fighters Tell North Caucasus Muslims 'Wage Jihad at Home!'

Raymond Ibrahim on Egypt and what the Western media isn’t reporting on the Obama admin. (video)

UN details rise in Afghan civilian casualties

Surrealist France Disoriented: From Al Durah to the Jeu de Paume

Group of Israeli settlers attack Palestinian workers

Why It May Be Easy for Huma Abedin to Stand by Her Man

Shame: 'Palestinian' flag on display at Knesset

Israel's Borders By Alan Caruba

Tom Jones to play Israel | Culture | Jewish Journal

Frank Wolf: Benghazi Question #9

The Iranian Infiltration of Latin America, Part 2

Afghan savages contributing to the extinction of some bird populations


Christian Tragedy in the Muslim World

Somali government to Holland and Sweden: don’t send those troublemakers back here

Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Exclusive Interview with Pastor John Hagee

Europe: Muslims In Multiple Countries Call For Violent Uprising Against The Netherlands After Arrest Of Muslim Woman

al-Zawahri vows al-Qaeda to free Guantanamo inmates

Playing for Islam Against Ourselves - Daniel Greenfield

New interview from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “With the Head of the ‘Educational Commission’ Moulvi Mohammad Iqbal”

Petition to White House demands Muslim Brotherhood be declared terrorists

al-Rāyyah Foundation for Media presents a new statement from Jaysh al-Ummah: “Congratulations to the Mūwaḥidīn On the Promise of the Mujāhidīn”

A Short-Sighted US Strategy In Egypt

Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas vows not one Israeli ‘on our lands’

Report: Afghan security force ineffective, expensive for U.S. projects

Report: U.S. extends olive branch to Taliban, releases 5 Gitmo detainees

McClatchy asks whether U.S. spied on its reporter and his sources in Afghanistan

Polio Virus and the Contamination of Israel's Aquifers

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Say goodbye to the future Muslim Brotherhood terrorist breeders of Egypt

Al-Qaeda Backers Found With U.S. Contracts in Afghanistan

Assyrian Village in Syria Attacked By Muslims

Mideast mediator Indyk: 'Another in a long line of pro-Israeli American Jews'

Fixing Egypt's Economy: No More Military Macaroni by Daniel Pipes

Hizballah Cavalcade: The Lion of Damascus, and Afghans, and Africans! Oh My!: Fighters From Exotic Locales In Syria’s Shia Militias

New article from Abū Sa’d al ‘Āmilī: “On the Recent Events in Egypt”

Saudi Preacher And Police Officer Booted Off Flight After Kicking Off When Hostess Calls A Passenger Darling

Two new statements from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah

In Effort to Embarrass Abbas as Peace Talks Begin, Fatah’s Military Wing Touts Weapons Capabilities Online

How Liberal Jewish Groups Harm America and Israel

Rolling Stone’s Glamor Shot of a Jihadist — on The Glazov Gang

Brotherhood Torture Chambers (Finally) Exposed

BANGLADESH: Muslim ethnic cleansing of Hindus the media mostly ignore

Muslim Brotherhood demands that brother Obama and NATO invade Egypt and destroy Egyptian Army

New statement from Abū Sa’d al ‘Āmilī: “In Eulogy for the Commander Shaykh Sa’īd al-Shihrī”

Article In 'Al-Akhbar': Hizbullah Rejected European Suggestion To End Mughniyah Affair By Attacking Minor Israeli Target

Among Syria’s children, anger, lost hope and sometimes newfound happiness

Are American weapons being used by jihadists in the Sinai?

Taliban release video honoring 'Ghazi' who attacked ISAF soldiers, escaped custody

Al Qaeda affiliate kidnaps priest in Syria: report

US drones strike again in Yemen, kill 3 AQAP operatives

The EU And The Palestinians: Anticipating The Third Intifada – Analysis

The Morning After Blacklisting Hezbollah: Is The EU Experiencing ‘Buyer’s Remorse’? – OpEd

Iran Viewpoint: Iran’s Relations With Saudi Arabia During Rouhani’s Tenure – Analysis

60 Terrorist Plots Since 9/11: Continued Lessons In Domestic Counterterrorism

Now We Know The Truth: What's Behind U.S. "Peace Process" Policy By Barry Rubin

Ex-Envoy’s Account Clarifies Iran’s 2003 Nuclear Decision

Cali: Saudi princess out on bail doesn’t show for arraignment in slavery case

al-Furqān Media presents a new audio message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām’s Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al ‘Adnānī al-Shāmī: “They Will Not Harm You Except For [Some] Annoyance”

Poll: Egyptians Opposed to Muslim Brotherhood Protests

Soldierless Jihad How the Withdrawal Undermines the Taliban's Case for War

New statement from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “On the Battle of the ‘Ten Days’ in Response to the Displacement of Ahl al-Sunnah”

Islamic radicals test ground in calm Ukraine

Turkey Eases up On Egypt Coup Condemnation

Iran MP Calls Karroubi, Mousavi ‘Enemies of Democracy’

Has Turkey Made U-Turn On Syria’s Kurds?

Hamas Goes on Offensive Against Egyptian Media

The Coming Rapprochement Between Iran and the Brotherhood

Jordan Brotherhood Leader Says Morsi Ousted for Opposing Israel

Al-Qaeda's Syrian Recruits: The Case of 'Abu Majed'

New Dumb Theory: Huma Stays With Anthony Weiner Because Islam

Does This HS History Textbook Have a Pro-Islam Bias?

Anti-Islam Activists Are Freaking Out About Crayons Now

U.S. Academic Barred From Indian University at Police Request

France struggles to separate Islam and the state

Islamic Feminist Cancels Lectures, Returns to U.S after Threats of Violence in India

Muslim Refugee Assessed as ‘Committed Terrorist’ wins Right of have British Citizenship Re-Examined

Afghan Mosque Preacher Orders a 22-Year-Old Girl to be Stoned to Death

School Teacher in Abu Dhabi gets Death Penalty for Raping 7-year-old Student

Muslim ‘Moral Guide’ Kills Wife, Two Little Girls to Marry another Woman

Over a Thousand Members of Islamist Group Hizb ut-Tahrir Show Strength in Ukraine

In Tunisia And Morocco, Campaigns For Freedom From Religion During The Month Of Ramadan

Liwa al-Islam Deploys Advanced Surface-To-Air Missiles Systems

E.U Leaders Decline to Comment on Islamic Veil Ban Issue

E.U Leaders Decline to Comment on Islamic Veil Ban Issue

Ramadan observance in Nigeria: Muslims murder 28 with bombs targeting bars in a Christian neighborhood

Zionism as a civilization

Placating Palestinians is formula for more bloodshed

Mellila: Muslim invaders threaten to set boat on fire and throw children overboard if Spanish Coast Guard tries to turn them back

Barrack Show and the Real Huma Scandal

Slew of Muslim Brotherhood Documents loose in Benghazi

Gohmert raises Blind Sheikh angle in Benghazi attack

Confirmed! It was a Muslim on Muslim murder in El Cajon, not white guys, or military: Justin Raimondo, left-libertarians hardest hit

UK: 3 Muslim savages get light sentences for dousing a mother of twins with acid and laughing about it

Broadcast giant dropping Limbaugh, Hannity

VIDEO: Egyptian Devout Muslim Justifies His Assassination of Secularist Intellectual

Saudi Muslima honor murdered "commits suicide"

Reza Aslan is Academia's Anwar Awlaki

Another American Muslim Reported Killed Fighting for Al-Qaida in Syria

The Female Palestinian Terrorist is "Master of the World"

The Female Palestinian Terrorist is "Master of the World"

U.S. Balancing Act With Egypt Grows Trickier

Mother Jones wants to know why Muslims love gay porn so much

The Global Islamic Media Front presents a new video Nashīd from Abū Talḥah al-’Almānī (Deso Dogg): “Paradise, Paradise”

New statement from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “Condolences on the Death of the Mujāhid Shaykh Abū Sufyān Sa’īd al-Shihrī”

Pakistani Taliban Springs Hundreds of Prisoners, Kills Shi’ite Inmates

Amid Mideast revolt, a chance for Israeli-Palestinian peace Kerry taps Indyk as envoy to Israeli-Palestinian talks

The Revolving Doors of Islamic Prisons

New statement from al-Hijratayn Foundation: “The Official Body for Publishing Data from ‘Du’āt al-Sharī’ah’”

Positive Signals Between Iran and U.S. Intensifying

Monday, July 29, 2013

Did Huma Abedin admit to Crime in Letter to Grassley?

Help us Rescue Shagufta and Shafaqat in Pakistan!

Not everyone delighted by Britain's royal baby

Only in Israel: Women (rights) gone wild

Reports: Israel attacked another weapons convoy headed for Hezbullah

Europeans looking dumber by the minute

EGYPT: Feel good video of the day

A Rallying Cry from Christians United for Israel

Syrian Opposition Lobbies UN For Support

Muslim Brotherhood Kills Its Own

“They are going to kill you first”

Looks like the Egyptians don’t trust the Palestinians any more than the Israelis do, but we don’t hear any leftists whining about “Egyptian apartheid”

'My brother was not an Islamist,' says brother of Dubai resident shot dead in Egypt

Islamists urge a million to march in Egypt

YO, CANADA! Anti-Israel hate group at York University has student club status revoked

India: Muslim mob kills two Hindus, injures many more for playing music in Hindu temple during Ramadan

This Heroine Wears a Burqa to Fight Evil

The Rise And Fall Of “Turkish Model” – OpEd

Can Tunisian Government Survive Assassination Of Mohamed Brahmi? – OpEd

Under Sequester, U.S. Giving Islamists $500 Million

"Spencer’s comprehensive understanding of his Christian faith and Islam along with lucidly insightful writing give lie to his international notoriety as a bigoted 'Islamophobe'"

Muslim Brotherhood top dog blames bloodshed on "haters of Islam"

Islam Is the Jewish Question of the 21st Century

Talking With Dr. Oz About Israel, Islam and Lust

Nigeria: Nobody Forced Me Into Islam, Charity Uzoechina Insists

Sisters in Islam face probe over Malaysian beauty pageant fatwa

Sisters in Islam face probe over Malaysian beauty pageant fatwa

Islam in Chinatown

UK: Campaign against illegal immigrants strains coalition

Erdogan’s Sinking International Prestige

Is the Middle East Rejecting Radicalism?

Muslim World Must Declare Zero Tolerance for Militant Jihadists

Israel freezes co-operation with EU in Palestinian territories

Dowd takes shot at Huma Abedin’s Saudi upbringing

France is Losing Hearts and Minds of Native-Born Muslims

BANG! BANG! Toronto Police shoot dead a Muslim man who refused to drop knife he was brandishing on bus

Gay AND Jewish, Glenn Greenwald, speaks at virulently homophobic, Judeophobic, terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR’s awards dinner

Facebook page of Palestinian ‘negotiator’ in Washington DC today for ‘peace talks’ openly advocates for the “total elimination of the Jewish State”

On Foreign Aid | Duncan: “Stop Giving Money to Countries that Hate Us, They Can Hate Us for Free”

Camoron’s top Mohammedan “epitome of respectability” fails to meet conservative values…..

Why are 104 Palestinian Terrorists Being Released? No Good Reason By Barry Rubin

WOO HOO! Egypt’s General Sisi has become a rock star!

Is one of the Burgas terror suspects actively using Facebook?

US drones kill Taliban, 'Arab' fighters in strike in North Waziristan

Ice cream with al Qaeda

Takfiri tug of war

Human Rights Watch Protects the Arab Tyrants

GERMANY: “Mass immigration is now considered genocide” by Germans

Egyptian Army's Pervasive Role In National Economy

EGYPT: Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood are killing their own to frame the Egyptian Army

What to Want in Egypt by Daniel Pipes

Rochdale Grooming Gang Member Shipped Out To Afghan Prison

Making Excuses for Jihadis

Is America Ready for Jihad?

The 5 Most Awkward Moments During Journalist’s Contentious Interview With Muslim Author Behind Jesus Book

Bangladeshi Cleric: Women Should Never Leave The Home Or Have More Than A 4th-5th Grade Education; 'If You See A Woman... You Get Bad Thoughts [Lust] In Your Heart'; 'Why Do You Want Birth Control?'

uwaiti Columnist: Saudi Women's Rights Activists Wajeha Al-Huweidar And Her Comrades Deserve Nobel Prize

California: Muslim ordered to trial after killing wife & faking hate crime

Pair of boozed up Mexicans beaten severely by pissed off (possibly) Muslim cab driver in NYC

The new Muslim innovation on the American lap dance (video)

A Familiar Role for Muslim Brotherhood: Opposition

al-Murābiṭīn Foundation for Media Production presents a new statement from Jamā’at at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād Fī Gharb Ifrīqīyyā’s Abū al-Walīd Ṣaḥrāwī: “Message and Advice to the Muslims of Mali”

Warshah Ḥafīdāt al-Ṣafīyyah presents a new issue of the magazine: “The Female Prisoners #2″

New statement from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “On the Battle of Revenge in Response to the Executions of the Sunnī Detainees in the Prison”

Muslims Loot Italian Church, Defecate on Altar...

Muslim Girls not allowed to participate in Miss Malaysia World Beauty Pageant

Baghdad Bombings: Wave Of Attacks Kill Dozens During Rush Hour

Middle East Peace Talks To Resume Amid Deep Skepticism

Catherine Ashton, EU Official, Urges Egypt To End Standoff With Muslim Brotherhood

War Crimes Trial for ‘Imams of America’ President Proceeds in Bangladesh

Both Sides in Deadly Egypt Standoff Harden Positions, Ignore US Appeals

Pamela Geller, WND Column: Investigation into Police intimidation in Canada

25 People Killed in Latest Clashes with Boko Haram

Britain’s Fraud Office to Probe Dealings Between Barclays, Qatar Holding

Fort Collins Police Issue Warnings to Religious Organizations After Threats Made by Muslim

Misinformation: Muslim to Create Islamic Version of Wikipedia

Al Jazeera Reporters Ejected from Pro-Israel Convention in D.C

Authorities Worry as More Muslims Leave West to Fight in Syria

Revealed: Lockerbie Bomber Release Linked to Arms Deal

Texas: Somali who admired bin Laden and supported killing non-Muslims gets 8 years

Sunday, July 28, 2013

'Ansarul Muhajideen' claims double suicide attack in Kurram

Analysis: Al Qaeda's Iraqi, Syrian affiliates jointly battle Kurds

US launches 1st drone strike in Yemen in 7 weeks

al-Imārah Studio presents a new video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Shorab Operation”

New statement from Jabhat al-Nuṣrah: “Taking Control of the Electricity Company Building in the Jūbar Neighborhood in Rural Damascus”

DENMARK: Copenhagen Hospital to force feed barbarically slaughtered, Islamically-blessed meat to ALL patients now

Violent Clashes In Egypt Following Calls To 'Lay Seige' To The US Embassy

Canadian Muslim Terrorist: allah will send natural disasters to "punish" nations that "spread secularism"

58 National Security and Public Policy Leaders Sign Letter Urging Senators to Reject Nomination of Samantha Power

US and EU: Bad Cop, Worse Cop

Egyptian Army Launches Operation ‘Desert Storm’

Rabbi: Why Hunt Down German Nazis, but Release Muslim Nazis?

REPORT: Injured Benghazi Hero with shredded leg waited 20 hours for help

CAIR calls on Obama to condemn attacks against Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Hijacking of the 9/11 Museum: Iconic U.S. flag-raising photo too “rah rah American”

Annoyingly shrill, stunningly ignorant Egyptian-American college student thinks Morsi & Muslim Brotherhood represent ‘freedom and democracy’

Is the United States at War with Islam?


Breaking bread and Islam myths Joining Muslims as they end their Ramadan fast is a way to fight back

72-Year-Old Married Muslim ‘Lord’ – Close Adviser to David Cameron – Has a 27-Year-Old ‘Lover’

Saudi Police Hunt for Indonesian Witch

Revealed: Hezbollah Paid $100K for Bulgaria Attack that Killed 5 Israeli Tourists

Bizarre Islamic Laws on Sex Put Foreigners at Risk

Jesus Christ Reveals Himself to Syrian Muslims

Najla Said: “My Arab-American story is not typical in any way”

Sexy spring: How group sex will liberate Iran, China

Masāma’ al-Khayr l-l-Inshād presents a new Nashīd from Abū Yūsuf al-Waqārī: “Wounds of the Muslim Women”

Sunni Islamists Hate Too Many People for their Own Good By Barry Rubin

North African Media Predicts Decline Of Political Islam

Tunisian MP Rabiaa Najlaoui: Islam Preceded Islamists And Will Continue To Exist When They Are Gone

Video: What Islam is doing in the real world

Nigeria: Pastor’s Daughter Kidnapped by Muslim Leader, Forced to Convert to Islam

Muslim Persecution of Christians: April, 2013

Syria Fairy Tales

Waiting for Captain America

FLORIDA: Pakistani Muslim man arrested for keeping his pregnant wife and young son captive for 3 years

Muslim Brotherhood proxy, CAIR, demands that Barack Hussein Obama condemn the “massacre of pro-Democracy protesters in Egypt”

Since when did the expectation of tolerating the intolerant become the new definition of tolerance?

Continued violence despite Army efforts to restore security in Egypt

More than 1,000 inmates escape Libyan prison near Benghazi

It Appears That Eight SEALS Thought To Be Blown Up over Afghanistan fought on the ground until they were killed by the Taliban

Morsi to shop for nuclear-capable missiles in Beijing en route for Tehran.

6 dead in Jihad attack on Turkish embassy in Somalia

Egypt Warns: Sinai Terrorists Planning Friday Attacks

Islamists fall from grace: Will Tunisia’s Ennahda follow the Brotherhood

Turkey’s Erdogan slams EU for stance on Egypt bloodshed

Canadian Muslim Terrorist: allah will send natural disasters to ‘punish’ nations that ‘spread secularism"