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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No Aid for Syrian Refugee Survivors of Rape

Education as the Key to Turkey's Prosperity

Video: Rep. Trey Gowdy talks Benghazi, threats to Whistleblowers

Canadians United Against Terror

Video - Hezbollah is helping Assad fight Syria uprising, says Hassan Nasrallah.

New Research Sheds Light on Nazi Influence in Arab World

BBC Falsely Claims Attacks on Israelis in Judea & Samaria are “Rare”

al-Rāyyah Foundation for Media presents a new statement from Jaysh al-Ummah: “Wedding of the Martyr Haythim al-Misḥāl”

Obama’s Red Line In Syria Turns Pink

Obama moving toward sending lethal arms to Syrian rebels, officials say

IW News Brief: Boston and the Aftermath of Terror

#Dewsbury plot to blow up #EDL – something don’t smell right #falseflag

War-Weary Syrians to Unite In Prayer; Ask Christians Worldwide to Join Them

Israel Palestine and Arabs / Last Minute Arrangements

Guantánamo Prisoner's Memoirs Offer Rare First-Person Account of Torture

Albanian Islamists join al-Qaeda-linked Syrian insurgents

Boston Mosque Justified Wife-Beating & Hitting Kids, Imam Said to Pick Up Weapons

Israeli Jets reportedly enter Syrian airspace, bomb a chemical weapons compound near Damascus

Obama: Gitmo A ‘No Man’s Land,’ Situation Is ‘Going To Get Worse’

Austria to Host Secret Negotiations Between Palestinians and Israelis?

Fatah: Murderer Of Father Of Five Is "The Hero, The Released Prisoner"

Did former leader in Geert Wilders’ Party succumb to Philippe Petain syndrome?

Jewish Jihadist shows his colors

Combined Force Arrests Taliban Facilitator in Logar Province

Replacement Theology: Belgium Erasing Christianity for Islam

Texas Faith: Have Muslims effectively confronted terrorism within their own community?

Claude Raines, Reigns

Rep Issa Throws Down Bull Sh*t Card On Obama's Lack Of Knowledge About Benghazi Whistle Blower Threats

Italian police arrest four suspected Islamist Terrorist plotting against Israel

Israel Issues Special Easter Travel Permits for Gaza’s Christians

Bin Laden's Death is a Dangerous Anniversa

Palestinian Terrorist Murders Father of Five Children

UK: Six Muslim terrorists face prison after deadly bomb plot again

New statement from Ibn Taymīyyah Center for Media’s Field Monitoring Committee: “Internal Security Arrested Mujāhidīn of Nāṣir Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Brigades in An Apartment in Khān Yūnis”

New article from Shaykh Ḥussayn bin Maḥmūd: “The Fitnah Episode”

Weekly co-host of Al Sharpton Show: don’t put Muslims in front of terrorism…

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: A Memoir by Seyed Hossein Mousavian

MSC in Jerusalem member targeted by Israeli Air Force

The Exploitation Of Children In The Jihad In Syria

The Islamic World Issues Study Center presents a new Fatwā from Shaykh Mukhtār Rowbow (Abū Manṣūr), Shaykh Ḥasan Tāhir Aways, Shaykh Abū Bakr al-Zayla’ī, Shaykh Zubayr al-Muhājir, and Shaykh Ḥāshī: “About the Attempted Assassination of Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī and His Companions Khaṭāb al-Maṣrī and Usāmah al-Brīṭānī”

The Islamic World Issues Study Center presents a new Fatwā from Shaykh Mukhtār Rowbow (Abū Manṣūr), Shaykh Ḥasan Tāhir Aways, Shaykh Abū Bakr al-Zayla’ī, Shaykh Zubayr al-Muhājir, and Shaykh Ḥāshī: “About the Attempted Assassination of Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī and His Companions Khaṭāb al-Maṣrī and Usāmah al-Brīṭānī” by Aaron Y. Zelin


U.S. supermodel Kendra Spears to become a princess as she announces engagement to eldest son of the Aga Khan

Video: What Went Wrong With Bernard Lewis?

FLORIDA: Muslims and their dhimmi Muslim sympathizers say, “Being anti-Sharia is being anti-America”

Muslim-in-Chief has a hissy fit

al-Fajr Media presents Issue #8 of Ḥiṭīn Magazine

In Egypt, Tension Between Mursi Regime And Military, And Calls To Restore Armed Forces To Power

America's Addiction: Waging War on Humanity by Stephen Lendman

Massacre in Nigeria Spurs Outcry Over Military Tactics

The Fat Big Red Line - Daniel Greenfield

Why the "Arab Peace Initiative" is Both a Good Thing and a Scam By Barry Rubin

GUEST POST: “Salafi-Jihadists and non-jihadist Salafists in Egypt – A case study about politics and methodology (manhaj)”

AFDI Calls for Closure of Mosques That Breed Jihad Terror

Boston terror suspects uncle was married to CIA officer's daughter and even shared a home with the agent

Mysterious "Misha" claims he didn't influence Boston jihad bomber

When will the discourse of the ‘two state solution’ finally change?

Peres Invites Pope Francis to Israel Following Meeting at the Vatican

Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi

Female Recruitment Still Far Short of Goal for Afghan National Security Forces

Rep. Speier: U.S. Should 'Create Refugee Status for Any Afghan Woman Who Wants to Leave the Country'

National Security at Risk with Left at Helm

The Words Banned By Obama – on The Glazov Gang (video)

So Long, Queen Beatrix

Escalation: Iranian Drones Over Israel

Grim Alternatives in Syria

Former Israeli Prime Minister booed in NYC for advocating Israel commit national suicide by giving up MORE land to its enemies for nothing in return

Rhode Island: Muslim hate group CAIR cries wolf over backpack with punk band’s name on it

Israel Airstrike In Gaza Kills 1 Palestinian

Libya’s Grand Mufti condemns French embassy bombing – Islam forbids killing of ambassadors

Cleaning Islam of its Murderers

Is Islam Violent? What the Numbers Show

The death of churches in the Islam world

Tokyo governor 'sorry' over Islam gaffe

NYC: Muslim gets just 5 years for plotting to blow up synagogues

Female converts to Islam facing growing scrutiny

Should hospitalized female Saudi be tested as a source of DNA found on one of bombs?

Iran moves American Christian into solitary confinement over prayer protest

Boston neuroscientists beg to study Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s brain in an effort to find a “biological basis” for carrying out Boston Marathon bombings

UK: Light jail terms for Gang of 11 Muslim terrorists who planned a wave of suicide bombings aimed at transforming London into a ‘little war zone’

Somalia Militants Kill Christian Widow leaving 5 Children Orphaned

New statement from Majlis Shūrā al-Mujāhidīn Fī Aknāf Bayt al-Maqdis: “Counted Before God the Brave Commander Haythim al-Mishāl”

Egypt: Too Big, Too Late to Save?

Obama’s National Security Fraud by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY


7,518 Illegal Immigrants from Terror States Caught Crossing Southern US Border in 2011

Tsarnaev family received $100G in benefits

Masāma’ al-Khayr l-l-Inshād presents a new video Nashīd from Khawlān: “Give Me My Weapons”

George W. Bush Suggests Boston Bombings Were a Conspiracy

Video: Boston Crisis Actor Caught Red Handed

Boston bombings show a changing face of U.S. terrorism

Hagel: Assessing Syrian Chemical Weapons Use

Ron Paul: Police manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect scarier than attack

Unabomber lawyer to defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on taxpayers’ dime

Monday, April 29, 2013

British royals pull out all stops for Sheikh Khalifa's visit

Florida: Muslim letter to editor says anti-Sharia law is needed

Female DNA Found on Bomb in Boston

Have you heard about all the other Islamic Terrorism going on in America now? Didn’t think so.

AUSTRALIA: Muslim baghead breaks the rules, then sues for discrimination

Nonviolent Protester of Drone Wars Sentenced to Federal Prison

Home Validated Independent News Op-Ed Cartoons and Radio Press Release Project Censored International Project Censored Chapters Ethics Alerts Nina Rosenwald, “Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate”

Frank Gaffney radio show: Clare Lopez, Roger Noriega, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Gordon Chang on Syria, North Korea, Mexico

We kill, drone and bomb Muslims and we wonder why some hate us?

Gay Guest On Egyptian Television Prompts Outrage -

Jerusalem bishop says no to Cremisan wall, calling it a threat to peace,-calling-it-a-threat-to-peace-27788.html

Syria is a "NO Win" for the US: A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Egypt: ” Muslim Brotherhood Seeking Revenge on the Judges” – Moussa

West's ground-to-air missiles target Russian civilian plane over Syria

Haqqani Network's Taj Mir Jawad subgroup targeted in raid

The Death of Egypt's Jewish Leader

Ex-girlfriend of Boston Bomber: “He became extremely religious," tried to force her to convert, "made her wear an Islamic hijab and pray to Allah and slapped her when she wore Western clothes"

Prince Al-Walid purchases t-shirts to wear under his clothes in the winter.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: The terrorists next door?

Prospects of Stability and Progress in Afghanistan - In the light of latest disclosures

"Lofting"....Just How the Israeli Air Force Took Out the Syrian Weapons Convoy In January Without Entering Syrian Airspace

The WEA Cover-up for Wycliffe/SIL is Complete-Report Mirrors Current Translation Policy


UN Demands Access For UN Chemical Weapons Experts

Time to end despair at Gitmo

Hafiz Shahier Rahman Wins Award

CIA: Corrupt Intelligence Agency

On Fitnah

"If we don't go to war on Syria, we'll have to on Iran"

Catholic priest calls on Catholics to kill Evangelicals -- no, wait...

Fox News Seizes On Boston Bombing To Suggest Obama Is A Secret Muslim

The Dutch Media's Antisemitism

Did Tamerlan Tsarnaev Murder Jews on 10th Anniversary of 9/11?

Books on Islam in China

17 Illinois senators and representatives commend CAIR-Chicago!

Details of Jihad Mommy Zubeidat Tsarnaeva’s $1,600 “Shoplifting” (2nd Incident!); Muslim Merch Theft Often Finances Jihad

Wounded Syrian Taken For Treatment In Israel

Gingrich: ‘Terrible, Terrible Mistake’ to Read Bombing Suspect Miranda Rights

Syria seeks to join Shanghai Group and BRICS

Look who’s coming to Oz!

Saudi Journalist Calls Hizballah a "Tool of the Mullahs"

Kerry meets Arab ministers on peace process

GOP Congressman Calls for Action Against Islam!

RUSI Briefing Paper Suggests UK May Return to "East of Suez"

Syrian Rebels Kill Six Hezbollah Fighters In Homs…

Special Operator ‘Fearful Of Reprisal’ Speaks Out Anyway: Forces Were Available To Assist Americans Under Attack In Benghazi

The world is starting to recognize that the problem isn’t ‘radical’ Islam. The problem is Islam!

Obama voices Syria chemical weapons concern to Putin

After Boston Marathon Explosions and Manhunt, Reflecting on ‘Shelter in Place’

What is the Motivation Behind Erdogan Visiting Gaza and Snubbing Kerry?

Jews Welcomed Back to Oldest Synagogue in Tunisia for First Time Since “Arab Spring”

Syrian Missiles Hit Jordan: No Casualties

Boko Haram threat chokes trade with Cameroon

New video message from al-Fidā’ Forum: “Series of Excerpts of Advice from the Amīr Dr. Ayman al-Ẓawāhirī #3”

BNI finds even MORE Illinois representatives and senators (traitors) who sing the praises of terrorism-financing co-conspirators from CAIR

Mosques Are the Battleground of the War between Islam and the West

9/11 Families Upset About Photographer Profitting Off Ground Zero

READER SUBMITTED: Film "16 Acres" Chronicles Efforts To Redevelop The Ground Zero Site,0,7623910.story

Ron Paul casts lot with extremists, conspiracy theorists

‘Missiles fired at’ Russian plane with 159 passengers onboard flying over Syria

Arab cities aim to build resilience to natural disasters

Fatah leader: "Jews do not follow any moral standard of conduct" Classic antisemitism from our moderate Fatah friends

The Maturation of Indo-Israeli Ties Israel in the World

al-Ma’sadat Media Foundation presents a new article from Abū Sa’d al ‘Āmilī: “The Consequences of the Revolutions in Order to Reap the Fruits”

WOO HOO! GOP Congressman (from Caliphornia) with big cajones says, “Islam is a threat to the United States”

Iranian Official: The Jews Use Sorcery Against Iran

Doomsday Defense against all Christians – This is a must-read for ALL followers of Jesus Christ

Michael Scheuer: The Idea That They're Attacking Us Because Of Our Culture And Freedom Is Insane

Netanyahu Orders Israeli Ministers To ‘Remain Silent’ On Syria

Turkmenistan’s President Wins $11 Million In Horse Race

Boston Area Chechens Being Investigated By FBI About Marathon Bombing Suspects

COMING SOON TO CHICAGO: Islamic Female Genital Mutilation

The Canadian boxer who could have convinced Boston bomber to wage violent jihad against the United States

Former Fox News pundit: ‘Fox waging a campaign’ to link ‘radical’ and ‘Isl

Michael Gerson: Resist urge to equate war on terrorism with dangerous war on Islam

The Tsarnaevs tell us little about radical Islam

The Snake in the Bloody Garden - Daniel Greenfield

“Traumatised, Racist Australian” Shrouds

CAIR demands ‘hate crime’ investigation for suspicious backpack

NY Times: 'If we'd let Tamerlan become a citizen despite being an Islamist and beating his girlfriend, he wouldn't have blown up the Marathon'

Why Eric Holder Shut The Mouth of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – on The Glazov Gang (video)

New York Times Whitewashes Islamist Zaytuna College

The Premature Mirandizing of a Terrorist - Daniel Greenfiel

West Virginia: American Library Association peddling Islam (video)

Syria is Fighting Islamic Jihadists: Chechen Islamists, NATO Turkey and Gulf Money

Leftists Defend Radical Islam — Conservatives Befriend Secular Muslims

Al-Ghriba pilgrimage passes off without a hitch

US False Flag Pretext for War on Syria by Stephen Lendman

Tourism and Terrorism

Drone Strikes are the Face of America to Yemenis: al-Muslimi

Pope Francis Washes a Muslim’s Feet

NT Wright on Miroslav Volf on Forgivenesss

5 car bombs kill 26 in Shiite areas across Iraq

New Associate Fellows Appointed

Yemen: Quitting Qat

“Fake” Photos on Facebook & in Blogs/Websites

Video: The Tsarnaev Truther / free jahar movement

Syrian PM Survives Assasination Attempt, Bodyguard Killed - Photos and Video

Former London Mayor Blames America For Boston Terror Attack…

Civilian Cargo Plane Crashes At Bagram Airfield In Afghanistan

Holder warns against Boston bombing backlash



Obama Toes the Red Line in Syria

Terror budgets illustrated

It is Unknown how many Illegals Remain in the Netherlands

The Truths About Terrorism Whose Names They Dare Not Speak By Barry Rubin

UK: Muslim political candidate rejects non-Muslims to join

A History of the Search for Justice in the Middle East

Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, get it and read it!

Netanyahu the ‘Churchill of Our Times’ for Iranian Threat, Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Says

Chechnya: Headscarves, Not Babushkas

Osama's Dead, Jihadis Thrive by PETER BROOKES

How Pothead Terrorists Almost Outsmarted the Police by CLIFF KINCAID

What the Boston Bomber(s) Tell US about Radicalization

Boston Bomber Judge’s Middle Eastern Connections

AP Omits ‘Muslim’ from Obama WH Correspondents Dinner Joke

Boston jihadis' mother told Tamerlan Tsarnaev to go to "Palestine"

UK: Islamic jihadis recruiting in Welsh schools

FBI reportedly identifies "Misha," who supposedly "radicalized" Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Boston jihadi's family was on welfare while he went to Russia in 2012 -- who paid for his trip?

The New York Times Wages Jihad on the Truth: Boston Bomber went jihad because the Golden Gloves changed their rules

With Bags of Cash, C.I.A. Seeks Influence in Afghanistan

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) argues that counter-terrorism surveillance of Muslims is just like WWII interment camps for the Japanese

Dzhokhar Tsameav: How can any lawyer defend this “Terrorist?”

Rep. Michael McCaul: Boston bombing suspects had help

For Boko Haram, U.S. tries to handle with care; Nigerian Islamists tied to al Qaeda

Lawmakers urge Obama to get tough on Syria

Is The USA Moving To Accommodate Iran?

Arab Detainee Escapes, Unnoticed By Border Guard Officers

Sporadic rocket fire from Gaza shows IDF’s deterrence eroding

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 28th, 2013

Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so High?

Re: Islam, Paradoxes, Dialectical Tensions and Squaring Circles

Jeremy R. Hammond: The demonization of Richard Falk by Zionists continues


No New Churches Needed in Sudan

Fr Younes Younes on the Bishops' Kidnapping

Egypt judiciary crisis: Morsi hints at compromise

The suicidal American stupidity

Taliban Continue To Sabotage Pakistani Elections...9 People Killed In Two Bomb Blasts Outside Campaign Offices

Netanyahu orders Feiglin off Temple Mount after Waqf threat

More Arabs move to Jewish neighborhoods than vice versa in Jerusalem

Ireland: Muslim leader says Boston jihad bombings gave Americans "a taste of their own medicine"

Police confirm landing gear found at 'Ground Zero Mosque' site from 911 plane Boeing 767 - GZM Grifter desecrates remains, calls it a "hoax"

“Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”

The Shia street waiting: Syrian rebels' attacks on Shiites drag Lebanon into conflict

Video: CNN’s Candy Crowley apologizes for speaking the truth

FOX really doesn’t get it about Inspire and the bombs made by the jihadis.

Hamid Karzai Gets Bags Full Of U.S. Taxpayer $$, Tens Of Millions Worth, Courtesy Of The CIA

Cyberjihad in Spain

Debunking the Palestinians as “Native Americans” Myth

HEY, TEXANS! Tell your Senators to support ‘American Laws for American Courts’ (aka NO SHARIA!)

Guest blogger: Towards A Secular Islamic State

SHADINESS RED ALERT: Holder Goes Out Of His Way To Say Judge, Not Him, Made The Call To End Boston Jihadi Interrogation – But Praises Decision

Syria is Not Rwanda

Military action over Syria's suspected use of chemical weapons could backfire

Muslim preacher charged with conspiring to set up a jihad terror training camp in Oregon

Russians now alarmed by Boston bombing

U.S. delivers strong warning to Israel

Senior Israeli Official: Obama Understands that Mahmoud Abbas Won’t Allow Peace Deal

Report: Israeli Aircraft Spotted Over Assad’s Palace

al-Bayyān Media Foundation presents a new article from Anṣār al-Sharī’ah in Egypt’s Ḥāzim al-Maṣrī: “Series: Scandals of Egypt’s Secularists, Third Part”

Paul Marshall: Silenced - How Apostasy & Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom (video)

Clergy Were Reportedly Banned From the Deadly Boston Bombing Scene — Here Are the Details

Death to Churches Under Islam A Study of the Coptic Church by Raymond Ibrahim

Mass murder vs. terrorism

King and Ellison spar over surveilling Muslims

Conflict within Syria

IDF: No more white phosphorus

Legislator in Tehran warns that American intervention would result in blowback against Jewish state

Muslim hate group sues Michigan Department of Corrections for not being sharia-compliant enough

Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center returns to Facebook

IDF: Israeli Air Strike Hits Gaza Militant Base After Rocket Fired

Sweden brings in “gender-neutral changing rooms” + more Islamisation

Half of Germans See Islam as a Threat

Libya terrorized by more than 200 thousand invader mercenaries working for NATO and U.S. colonialist

Syria: NYT Starts Telling The Truth About Syria

Saudi Women and Inheritance Seminar

Egypt Independent shuttered

Fanatical fools trying to blow us all up? They’re the least of our problems

"Completely Disgusting & Disrespectful Of The Murdered": Leftist Reverse Racism Down Under

Dr. Ashraf Al-Bayoumi: On Syria Crisis and Nato Propaganda

Egypt court rejects Mubarak parole request

Iraq suspends Al Jazeera, other networks for ‘promoting violence’

Just How Close Is Al Qaeda To Getting Chemical Weapons In Syria?

Syrian Army Ordered Use of Chemical Weapons: Defected General

Sounding the Sharia in Sweden

It is unfortunate but true that at every event of mass carnage and slaughter throughout the world, Muslims are involved…

Did Jews rule Jerusalem in 614 CE?

'Disturbing' from Washington: 'Bashar Assad could still rule Syria for another decade!'

"Palestinians" throw firebombs at Israeli soldiers in Judea and Samaria

#Truthers Of #BostonBomber #FreeJahar: See How Nice Jahar Was To His Niece In This Video

“Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of”

Terrorists In Israeli Jails Utilize “Starvation” Diets To Procure Their Freedom…A Western Sickness

Wiesenthal Center Blasts anti-Semitic Cartoon in Dutch Daily

Kickbacks for Tsarnaev on luxury car repairs?

Minneapolis: Intimidation and harassment charged in DFL caucus meeting

How Hezbollah Trained an Operative to Spy on Israeli Tourists

Judge Jeanine Pirro on the Boston bombers: “We showered them with food, money, housing – and look how they repaid us”

Video - Former Jordanian PM Abdelraouf Al-Rawabdeh Explains Arab Politicians' Doubletalk regarding the U.S.

Can the West Live with Islam - Debate - Tim Winter Cambridge Uni vs Nigel Biggar (video)

Multiculturalism and the Decline of American Values

Our deadly democracy: 225,000 killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan

Malaysian DPM: Patriotism needed against threats to the economy, Islam

Wanted: An American Islam

Syria: New Air, Missile Strikes Kill Civilians

Calls For Cameron To Press UAE Rulers On Torture

‘Euro Turks’ And A Bitter Court Case – OpEd

Iraq’s Surge In Executions Of Al-Qaeda Condemned By NGO – OpEd

Following Boston Bombings Rise In Islamophobia

Is Pakistan Being Pushed Into Anarchy? – OpEd

Let's call Islam Islam

Fleeing Pakistan Violence, Hazaras Brave Uncertain Journey

Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy

‘The Real Housewives of the Middle East’ – Bravo TV’s new reality show

7 Things Every Moderate Muslim Should Believe

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal: The Arab Spring Is 'Arab Destruction,' No Regime Is Immune to It; MB Smell Spreads in Saudi Arabia; Iran Cannot Be Trusted

Ground Zero Mosqueteer Desecrates Remains Found at triumphal mosque site: Calls New Discovery "A Hoax"

Judgment Not Included

FBI searches landfill near UMass Dartmouth in Boston bombing probe

New statement from Ibn Taymīyyah Center for Media’s Field Monitoring Committee: “Officers from Egyptian Intelligence are Investigating with the Salafī Prisoners in HAMAS’ Prisons”

The Fire Burns - Daniel Greenfield

Confused Jesuit: “There is no contradiction between jihad and democracy”

Egypt and Persecution of Christians: USA, Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Sharia Law