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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Islam Uber Alles? - Does Islam and Shariah Have More In Common With Nazi

Spencer at Copts rally at UN against Muslim persecution

Lemons to Lemon-aid. British Hoteliers manage to survive the Islamic complaint

WikiLeaks: Ahmadinejad Is Hitler

David Yerushalmi: Fighting Sharia through law


EU Calls on U.S. to Remove MEK/PMOI From Terror List by Ryan Mauro

Wikileaks: Assange hiding in London mosque

Wikileaks: "Relations with Islam" top priority for Sarkozy

Denmark: Non-Western immigrants live longer than Danes

Switzerland: Foreigners alarmed by expulsion vote

Germany: New Protestant leader says European Islam needed for dialogue

Britain = Islamic Occupied Government? (video)

Sacramento: Sikh Cabbie Severely Beaten Screamed “I am not Muslim”

Video: “Islam Is A Virus More Deadly Than Swine Flu!” Frank Gaffney (Crusade Much?)

Ukranian Government Honors Ukraine Muslim Brotherhood

HILARIOUS: Jew-Hater Helen Thomas (tHAMAS) Leads Diversity Workshop By Debbie Schlussel

Egyptian Berbers Defend Themselves against Accusations of Being Jew-Lovers: We Can Smell if a Tourist Is Jewish

YEMEN: Risk of sectarian warfare grows

Islamist conference promotes a chilling message by Roberto Santiago

Afghan president Hamid Karzai pardoned cops dealing heroin, cable reveals

Chanukah menorah upsets Palestinian Arabs


Oklahoma Judge: Sharia Law is not Actually a set of Laws

The Battle for Iraq A briefing by Amatzia Baram

WikiLeaks: Armenia sent Iran arms used to kill U.S. troops

‘Islamophobia’ and Taxpayer Funding of the Ground Zero Mosque By Gina Miller

Poll: National Approval Rating For Ground Zero Mosque Loving NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg a Microscopic 19%…

Ground Zero Mosque Initiator Presents Imaginary Islam

Male Reproductive Problems May Add to Falling Fertility Rates

Amnesty doesn't think the intifada ever happened

The Winds of War Peter Probst

Merry Christmas - BOOM!! The Christmas Tree Bomber Nancy Kobrin, PhD, Joan Lachkar, PhD

The Need to Take a Stand Against Iran, North Korea Peter Huessy

Portland Terror Suspect Recruited by Unidentified Operative; Says He Wasn’t the Only One

American Muslim Author: Please, Profile Me to Stop The Terrorists!…

Civil legal cases involving sharia law, in at least 11 U.S. states

Burqa Approved for Swimming in Western Australia

LITTLE LIES: Part I and II: Inequalities in Arab-Israeli Education:: The Palestine Dispossession Myth

Revolution Muslim’s Lawful Sharia Movement

Denmark: Broadcaster refuses to broadcast satire on Muslim terrorists

UK Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging: Taliban Spiritual Leader to Address House of Lords…

Stopping the spread of sharia is central to opposing radicalisation

The West is changing its attitude to terrorists in the Caucasus?

CAIR: What Now, Congress?

My Art Project: Mohammed in Maggots - Megan Fox

4 Rebuttals to Critics of Oklahoma’s Anti-Sharia Law - David Yerushalmi

Glenn Greenwald: The FBI Created A Terrorist That the US Deserves

Muslim Orphans Caught Between Sharia, U.S. Law

No More Appeasement of Radical Islam - George Weigel

Swiss People's Party launches anti-Islam manifesto

Islam needs to emerge from its’ self-imposed “dark ages” and join the world community.

Zakaria Botros on Islam’s Apostasy by Roberto Santiago

Learn About Islam Firsthand from a Muslim American Convert

Islamic Society in Carroll County condemns attempted terrorist attack in Portland President of society calls on Muslims to 'stand up and be vigilant'

WikiLeaks Shows a Brazil Where Muslim Terrorism Is Fought Very Discreetly

Attorney general says FBI acted properly; fire examined at Islamic center

Christian convicted of blaspheming Islam may have chance at appeal

A Ratings System Just For Islam

Hamas Prime Minister Says “We Are A Nation Of Jihad”

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Wins No Seats In Parliamentary Elections

Islamists Know a Western Civilization Secret: ‘Progress’ Makes Religion Decline The motive to reform Islam from within is weaker than the motive of those like Martin Luther, as Islamists can point to the decline of Christian belief and assume the same would happen to Islam - by Barry Rubin

Egyptian security uses live ammo on unarmed Christian protesters, killing four

British Airways worker offered himself as suicide bomber, advised jihadists of airlines' weaknesses

Now you can breathe easy, Infidels: Wheelchair-bound nun searched by TSA

AFDI/SIOA Invites Ground Zero Mosque Leaders to CPAC Panel on Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

Misunderstanders of Islam rampaging in Kyrgyzstan

Criticism of Oklahoma's Sharia ban has been ill-considered

UK govt warns that British citizens in Muslim countries could be targeted in "backlash" attacks over "anti-Islamic" views in leaked documents

Backlash questions

Spencer: Even in Oregon

Islamist Turkey vs. Secular Iran? by Daniel Pipes


WikiLeaks Reveals an Isolated Iran by Ryan Mauro

Showdown With Evil by Richard Perle

Won't You Please Hug a Terrorist? - Daniel Greenfield

Monday, November 29, 2010

Suspected Muslim rebels kill driver of UN World Food Program

Sweden to send Kurdish Lesbian Couple back to Iraq to Face Certain Death Melanie Nathan

ITF: Kafiraphobia!

STRATFOR: Analizes Wikileak data concerning Iran, Israel and a potential strike

Federal Judge Bars Oklahoma Ballot Initiative on Sharia Law Ballot Proposal Would Have Stopped State Judges From Considering Islamic Law

Radical Muslims given Channel 4 slot A radical Muslim who led the banned group al-Muhajiroun is to be handed his own programme on Channel 4 amid claims that Islamists have been allowed to monopolise the broadcaster's coverage.

British Airways worker offered himself as suicide bomber, advised jihadists of airlines' weaknesses

US: Turkish AKP wants to spread Islam in Europe

Obama’s Muslim Refugee Army Set to Invade America... Or Is It?,1129-dzubow.shtm

Egyptian Chief Mufti Issues Fatwa against Terror Operations In Muslim Lands

Egypt Intensifies Hostility towards U.S.

"The Truth Of The Matter" - Gadi Adelman

Why humanity is tired of Muhammad

Two New Ex-Muslim Blogs

Britain Fears ‘Backlash’, BLiar Afraid to Say ‘Islam’, Calls it ‘Religion’ Instead…. by SHEIKYERMAMI

Comeuppance: Revolutionary Guards chief slapped Ahmadinejad across the face


Federal Judge Says Prosecutors Established Prima Facie Case On CAIR

Islamist conference promotes a chilling message by Roberto Santiago

Video: Survivor Of Sharia, Wafa Sultan Now Fights Against It

Sitcom cancelled in order not to offend advertisers and increase terror threat

Germany: Exploding Anti-Semitism

LAX staff get special Muslim sensitivity training.

Wikileaks: Saudi King Urged Gitmo Chip Implants to Track Them 'Like Horses, Falcons' Britain's Prince Andrew 'Verged on the Rude,' Asserted Superiority Over U.S.

Europe’s Future Lies, Ominously, with Spain The European Union is facing an existential crisis, and all eyes are now on Spain to see what happens next. - by Soeren Kern


Pakistani Court Rules PM Can Not Pardon Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Insulting Islam…

Latest Wikileaks NOT NEWS, Confirms What We Knew Re Muslim Nations By Debbie Schlussel

In Imam Rauf’s America, There Would Be No Juries for Civil or Criminal Trials

Three days after a Muslim tries to kill thousands of Infidels in Oregon, OIC chief says West is spreading "Islamophobia"

Nuclear scientist killed in bomb blast in Tehran

Greenwald: FBI Thwarts its Own Terrorist Plot

Russia: Islamist rebels mull new "state" language

Video: ADL – Australian Defence League

Cool Winds of Jihad Video Rediscovered! by SHEIKYERMAMI

Switzerland: World Champions in Anti-Dhimmitude by SHEIKYERMAMI

Peace-partner Mahmud Abbas Praises Hitler Friend & Genocidal Jew-Killer Haj-Amin al Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem by SHEIKYERMAMI

Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout Middle East by SHEIKYERMAMI


CAIR: What Now, Congress?

Ali Allawi, "Iraq Got the Worst of All Worlds"

Pakistan mother denied presidential pardon for 'insulting Islam' Asia Bibi, a Christian, has been sentenced to death after falling foul of the country's blasphemy law

Local Islamic Center Denounces Terror Plot Spokesman: Islam Teaches Peace, Not Hatred

The Islamic Revolution has been a model of freedom

Wikileaks: Ankara Has Achieved Little of ‘Practical and Final’ Value, Says US Ambassador

Milton’s First Parish plans program on Islam

Seattle Muslims react to security concerns

Do you believe that one day Islam will rule the world?

Islam-A Religion of Peace

Adamo: The Alinsky Sharia Connection By Christopher G. Adamo

Oregon Muslim leaders fear retribution after plot By Jonathan Cooper and Nigel Duara X



Mohamed Osman Mohamud: Terrorist or Victim?

Hot Post:Children Under Sharia Law, Part 7: British Muslim Kids Being Taught How To Cut Off Hands in School - Paul Cooper

Focusing on 9/11 Conspiracies Keeps our Eyes off the Dangerous Threat—Islam - Lisa Richards

Even in Oregon - Robert Spencer

Tel Aviv: Now City by Sol Stern

When attacking Israel, skip this antisemitic diatribe: "Y'all is Khazars!" by Mike Renzulli

Kevin McCullough - Terror Strike Eight on Obama's Watch

Carol Platt Liebau - Treating Terrorists Like Americans – and Americans Like Terrorists

Islamic supremacist Reza Aslan can't stop thinking about Jihad Watch

Imam of mosque that failed Oregon jihadist attended: "there wasn't anything that would prompt me to think he would plan this. It's completely, clearly, textually denounced in the Islamic religion"

RECOMMENDED READING: “Egyptian Islamists Dodge Campaign Crackdown”


It Just Isn't Christmas without a Muslim Bombing - Daniel Greenfield

The "Settlements" Obsession by Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shifting the focus: arson attack against Oregon jihadist's mosque

Belgium: Home-jacking murders carried out by Africans

Germany: Doctor disciplined for anti-Muslim sign

Graz, Austria: Yodeler fined for disturbing prayer service

France/Netherlands: Teachers fired for wearing headscarves

WikiLeaks confirms our analysis of U.S. policy and Middle East politics - Barry Rubin

Canadian Intel Report Warns of Extremist “Parallel Society"

Leaked Cables Show U.S. Diplomats View Turkish PM Erdogan’s Government as Permeated by Islamists, Looking to “Avenge Defeat at the Siege of Vienna in 1683″…

UK Journalist Issues Apology To Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Activist

UK Journalist Issues Apology To Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Activist

Green Bay gets mosque, Somali student population quadruples

Wikileaks and the Arab public sphere By Marc Lynch

Surrendered Nation By Pamela Geller

Muslim orphans caught between Islamic, Western law By RACHEL ZOLL

Athens mosque plan faces new hurdles Far-right groups threaten to stop construction of mosque, while Zaha Hadid denies she offered to design it

Wikileaks: Iran and Syria lied to IAEA about nuke plants

Another Refutation Of The "Orientalist" Disputations Of Edward Said

Swiss voters approve harsher deportation plan,,6275314,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

Obama Administration Weighs Indefinite Detention By Dina Temple-Raston

Fire set at mosque where terror suspect worshipped

IRAQ: No country for women

Muslim Brotherhood protests alleged fraud in Egypt vote

Postmortem: Egypt's parliamentary election by Max Strasser

Video: Turks, After Reading TSA Manual, Destroy Potential Bomb Full of Cats

Wikileaks: Iran used Red Crescent to send agents and weapons to Hezbollah

Gaddafi's 'cultural' tours to Libya for Italian models revealed in diary Young Italian women were paid €3,000 to go on tours of Libya

‘WikiLeaks shows U.S. dismissed Israel’s warnings about Iran bomb’

Imam of mosque that failed Oregon jihadist attended: "there were wasn't anything that would prompt me to think he would plan this. It's completely, clearly, textually denounced in the Islamic religion"

The Jihadis’ Path to Self-Destruction - Thomas Hegghammer

Shia’s get $7M mosque in New Jersey

Oregon jihadist in failed bomb attempt made "Osama-style" pre-attack video, railed against parents who "held me back from Jihad in the cause of Allah"

Belgium: Home-jacking murders carried out by Africans

BBC censorship of inconvenient truths about Palestinian rejection of peace reaches farcical proportions

Pakistan: Blasphemous distortion of Islamic law Blasphemous distortion of Islamic law

US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomacy crisis. At the start of a series of daily extracts from the US embassy cables - many of which are designated "secret" – the Guardian can disclose that Arab leaders are privately urging an air strike on Iran and that US officials have been instructed to spy on the UN's leadership.

Arab states scorn 'evil' Iran US embassy cables reveal Tehran's reputation as a meddling, lying troublemaker intent on building nuclear weapons

Grant funds alter issue of mosque

Whoopi amends with O’Reilly after View walk-off over Muslims

The "Ground Zero Mosque"

Muslim inbreeding: impacts


Portland terror plot foiled by good police work, raises immigration questions - Bruce Maiman


A parable on muslim immigration.

CNN Vatican Reporter: Islam is “Driving the Train” of Vatican Interfaith Relations - Lisa Graas

Failure to Communicate By NEIL MacFARQUHAR

Muslim businessman in Texas sells $36 million worth of mislabeled and potentially dangerous food to U.S. military

Islam -- an Imperialist Political Ideology

Why do liberals love Islam?

Nov. 28: More letters on Islam and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Arrest of former OSU student stuns friends

Austin Hill - Federally Funded Islam?

Imam who lives in rural Pennsylvania arouses praise, concerns By Andrew Conte

Muslims tell West: 'respect Islam' - Megan Detrie

Christian youth forced to convert to Islam to marry Muslim girl in Pakistan

To invite or not: Turkey’s dilemma with controversial figures

Saudi women sue male guardians who stop marriage

Nigeria: Islam, not against family planning - Cleric

Why Would a Woman Convert to Islam? A high-profile conversion begs the question: what are these women seeking that they could not find under liberty? by Herbert London

Tomorrows News Today: Arkansaw Muslims Fear ‘Backlash’ Over Arrest of Muslim Who Carried Explosives by SHEIKYERMAMI

Islam should not be used as a political pawn - J D Lovrenciear

Mark Steyn - Politically Correct Groping (video)

Iraqi jihadists threaten Christians: "Leave Iraq immediately or you will be killed by us"

EDL targets school where pupil burnt Qur'an


Moderate Muslim Watch: How the Term "Islamophobia" Got Shoved Down Your Throat Claire Berlinski

Saturday, November 27, 2010

UK: 'Asian' gangs grooming school girls as sex slaves

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on the Death of Free Speech in EUrabia by SHEIKYERMAMI

Israeli-Palestinian "peace process": Hamas calls for terrorism in Judea and Samaria; Fatah declares refusal to recognize Israel as Jewish state


J Street Condemns PA Official’s Denial of Jewish Connection to Western Wall

European Muslim Research Centre study highlights anti-Muslim hate crimes

The EDL: Opposing Sharia in Preston

"This entrapment is obviously racial profiling taken to its ultimate and odious extreme." Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested at 5:40 p.m. Friday just after he dialed a cell phone that he thought would set off the blast but instead brought federal agents and police swooping down on him. Yelling "Allahu Akbar!" -- Arabic for "God is great!" -- Mohamud tried to kick agents and police after he was taken into custody, according to prosecutors.

Heartache: Indian President Kisses Arab Ass On Trip To Syria

Foiled Oregon jihadist: "I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave either dead or injured"

NJ: Muslim Center of Middlesex County~ We Have Created an Islamic Society

The Qur'an addresses men and women in the same manner - Harun Yahya

President Obama Blames The Internet For Why People Think He Is Muslim by Frances Martel

Mosque Protest to be held at Civic Park, King St., Newcastle

IRAQ: Kurdish government promises more action on honour killings

PAPER CHASE: V.S. Naipaul says he'll stop after one more book By: Kenton Smith

Primary school in Toulouse defends secularism by dismissing Muslim teacher who wore headscarf

All Out War on Free Speech by sheikyermami

What Sarah Palin and the Moslem Religion Have in Common,201034315.aspx

From 'Islam is the solution' to 'reform and change' By Jamal Elshayyal

Islam and the West Not So Different - Nicholas Cox

Imam Khamenei: Eid al-Ghadir Belongs to all Muslims

Islam: The “Religion” of Death

Turkey, the European Union, and Creeping Islam Posted by Ned May

Open Borders Are More of an ISLAM Problem than a Mexican One Posted by Eric Estevez

Islam's Billy Graham takes on Al Qaeda

Ground Zero mosque: Time to draw a line in the sand

So-called Ground Zero mosque back in the public eye, and not in a good way, with request for funds

Ground Zero mosque developers request for 9/11 funding, causing outrage

Mohamad Diab, Mohamad Mehajer & NAB staffer Mohamad Sowaid cheat and defraud NAB of $3.9 million using fake financial details by sheikyermami

Father Zakaria Botros Claims Christ as Lord by Roberto Santiago

Sultan Knish: “We weren’t attacked by boxcutters in 9/11. We were attacked by Muslims who were acting in the name of Islam” by sheikyermami

UK: Man fined $300 for offensive comments about Allah that no one but police heard

Pakistan: Shi'ite militias helping jihadists evade drone attacks and cross safely into Afghanistan

Italy expels Moroccan Misunderstander of Islam who planned jihad attacks on Milan subway and cathedral

Obama's IRS SS Denies Z Street Tax-Exempt Status Because of Israel Support But Hamas Terror Group CAIR Gets IRS Tax-Exempt Status

Islamic Supremacism in Christian Schools

Muslim Art: Glorifying Genocide and Jihad

The facts expose Israeli lies - Stephen Lendman

Cut Ties To Terror

Friday, November 26, 2010

Netherlands: Dutch 'too pessimistic' about integration

Germany: Minister slams 'macho' Muslim culture

UK: Muslims face greater threat in suburbs

Facebook, Twitter and the Search for Peace in the Middle East - Arianna Huffington

Lars Vilks: Sweden is Too Cold for Jihad

Planners recommend building mosque

Franklin Islamic group to distribute food to families in New Brunswick, Plainfield

Charles Haynes: Sharia scares threatening your religion

Islam... A Tolerant Religion of Peace? by:Les Carpenter

Islam is The Solution by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Islam is an Evil Religion - Limericks for Momo By A. L. Harb

Lebanese Armenians riot in Beirut over Erdogan visit

Swiss to vote on deporting criminal foreigners

Australian Protectionist Party lifts the veil on Burqa debate.

Islamist Tactics By Anonymous Four Stages of Islamic Treachery: Islamist Tactics Towards Non-Islamic Societies Based On The Evidence Of 1400 Years Of Islamic History

The History Channel Rewrites Middle East History Ted Belman

Germany: Politician urges Muslims to 'keep an eye out for possible fanatics'

Islam and the West: Reaching Intercultural Understanding - Madeleine Albright

Turkey of the Week: Whoopi Thinks Muslims more Persecuted than Jews and the Japanese Didn’t Attack Pearl Harbor - David Forsmark

Jihad Watch banned from Veterans Administration computers for thoughtcrime

Canadian Muslim runs over family - gets 5 years - part of family not run over support his actions - Video

Right-wing evangelical Christians campaign against halal meat

Discussing the Phenomenon of 'Hindu Terrorism' in India By: Tufail Ahmad

Haji Mohammad Mohaqqiq, Leader of Hizb Wahdat-e-Islami, Says Afghan President Hamid Karzai has Turned into a ‘Soft Kind of Dictator’

Earth's Largest Lakes Warming, Climate Scientists Find

Prince Turki bin `Abdul-`Aziz

UK: Muslim artist gets $5,500 for picture glorifying 7/7 jihad attacks

Faisal Shehzad, the Time Square Bomb Plotter and His False Oath for US Citizenship - Mohammad A. Khan

Muslims in Christian Schools: Religious Friction 101 by David J. Rusin

Popularity of Hamas, Iran Falling in Gaza Strip by Ryan Mauro

Indonesia: Funding pulled for traditional pre-Islamic performances. Turkey: V.S. Naipaul withdraws from event after Muslims enraged over his saying they don't value pre-Islamic culture.

Great Britain: Islamists establish a bridgehead in Parliament

Erdogan Threatens to Attack Israel by sheikyermami

Suburban Chicago Muslim Center Denied Permit

Indonesia: Funding pulled for traditional pre-Islamic performances. Turkey: V.S. Naipaul withdraws from event after Muslims enraged over his saying they don't value pre-Islamic culture.



Israel: "High percentage" of women murdered by husbands are Muslims, police do little

Chicago: Muslim gets two years in prison for bomb threat to Jewish school

Reza Aslan: Ahmadinejad is doing "the right thing" for Iran

British Muslims Spend Months Fighting Against NATO Forces in Afghanistan, Live Most of the Year in London: "it's my duty to come to fight the jihad with them."

Obama's Grandma Praying for "Barack to Convert to Islam"

UK: Girl, 15, arrested over 'Facebook Koran burning video'

Muslim Woman Demands Roller-skating rink Submit to Sharia Despite Endangering the Safety of Everyone Else

Europe, Immigration, and Merkel’s Christian Values by John Couretas

Thursday, November 25, 2010

CAIR: Muslim Group Updates Travel Advisory for Holiday Weekend

Women of Saudi Arabia Emerge on the Bosporus By SUSANNE FOWLER

Muslim-Majority Nations Plan Stock Index to Spur Trade: Islamic Finance By Haris Anwar

Islam Needs Both Its Martin Luther And Its Martin Luther King By Richard Klagsbrun

Stupid white American woman convert to Islam bashes the ‘misunderstanders’ of Islam

Islam: The Religion of Cunninlingus and Vagina Worship

Turin: Official appeals to school board to ban burqa-wearing mothers

Sweden: Pro-Israel blogger attacked for being a Jew

Netherlands: Local Labour leader quits after anti-immigrant slur

Bahrain: Jewish Woman Appointed to Parliament

'Jews now a minority between the River and the Sea' By GIL SHEFLER

Israeli officials: Abbas making excuses not to negotiate By HERB KEINON

Ground Zero Mosque Propaganda War: Vee Vill Bild Eet and You Vill Like Eet!

Ground Zero Mega Mosque Imam Rauf: TIME "Supremacist Man of the Year?

One Day, Israel Will Have to Say ‘No’ to America - Prof. Ya’akov Peretz Golbert

Feelings Hurt: Complaint lodged over burqa mural by sheikyermami

EMRC's 'Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate Crime' report published tomorrow

Yemen: Sunni Muslims Export 17 Shiite ‘Rafidite Dogs’ to the Virgins…. by sheikyermami

Delegitimizing the Jews by sheikyermami

Jihad vs Appeasement by sheikyermami

Hijab Jihad, Grievance Jihad, Litigation Jihad by sheikyermami

Entitlement Jihad; Compo for Gitmo Terrorists by sheikyermami

How the "Sons of Iraq" Stabilized Iraq by Mark Wilbanks and Efraim Karsh

Ground Zero mosque debate comes to Queens BY TIMOTHY N. LYMAN

No Taxes For The Ground Zero Mosque