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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Trump Says Saudi Arabia Will Increase Oil Production

Model Marisa Papen’s nude pose over Jerusalem’s sacred Western Wall sparks outrage from its rabbi

Islamophobia – The Fear of being Murdered for offending a Muslim

Trump tightens the screws on Iran’s oil Is the U.S. aiming for regime collapse?

VIDEO: Former Jordanian MP Laith Shubeilat Criticizes King Abdullah over "Deal of the Century": The Country Is Being Sold Out, We Cannot Remain Silent

PA TV encourages death for “Palestine,” commemorates arch-terrorist Abu Jihad

"Allah is your God" - Prince William's Car Stoned by Palestinian Muslims During his Visit to Ramallah

VIDEO: Shiite Iraqi Cleric Yassin Al-Musawi Slams Saud Clan: That "Innocent Lamb of a Country" Sends Us Suicide Bombers on a Daily Basis, Stands alongside Israel

Friday, June 29, 2018

Tony Blair called an „idiot” for warnings against anti-migrant „populism” by Christine Douglass-Williams

Bosnia: Recently repaired Orthodox church set on fire

A Morality Tale: The Death of Razan Al-Najar by Hugh Fitzgerald

Democratic Socialist who upset NY Rep. Joe Crowley falsely claimed Israel committed „massacre” in Gaza by Robert Spencer

GQ wishes Jimmy Carter would run for high office in 2018

UK: Muslima attacks her pregnant neighbor, blames Ramadan fasting

Robert Spencer video: Why isn’t Obama charged with treason for his Iran dealings?

After banning Jewish flags last year, Chicago Dyke March displays „Palestinian” flags

Video: 200 Muslim migrants screaming „Allahu akbar” attempt to storm Croatian border

Australia: Muslim migrant nursing student accused of swearing loyalty to the Islamic State

Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed claims that brutal Muslim ruler represented „the idea of pluralist society in Europe”

Eastern Europe’s Populists Don’t Care About Italy

Vandals’ Smash 70 Bus Stops in Swedish City in a Single Night

Why Are Elected Politicians Legitimizing Terrorist Front Group? by Steven Emerson

Another European Country Bans The Burqa and Niqab by Steve Amundson

In Surprising Turn, US Sends "Farewell Message" To Proxies In Syria's South

Jordan 'unable' to host new wave of refugees from southern Syria

'VICTORY FOR EVERYONE' “It’s not Israel’s goal to have the Palestinians suffer; it’s Israel’s goal to try to morph Palestinian society from being based on hating their Jewish neighbors."

DECISION BRIEF: Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New statement from Anṣār al-Sharī’ah in the Arabian Peninsula: “About the Ill-Treatment of Our Prisoners in the Prisons of the Ḥūthīs”ṣar-al-shariah-in-the-arabian-peninsula-about-the-ill-treatment-of-our-prisoners-in-the-prisons-of-the-ḥuthis/

New statement from Ḥurās al-Dīn: “About the Events in Dar’ā”

New release from Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al-Maqdisī: “Tawḥīd Has Its Statements In The Turkish Presidential Elections”

New news reports from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn: “April/May 2018”

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Scheduled U.S. Conference Under the Name of Islamic Scholars”

Another Tunisian With IS That Was In Germany With Chemical Experience

ICE Targets Female Genital Mutilation Through Operation Limelight USA

Islamic Terrorism in Europe – The Batman Syndrome by Steve Amundson

Yemeni Muslims on Hijrah to South Korea by Steve Amundson


Russian Amb. to Lebanon Zasypkin: The Iranian presence in Syria is legitimate as long as the war on terrorism there has not ended; U.S. and French presence in Syria is occupation; the U.S. is continuing to support the terrorists in Syria.

VIDEO: Head of Paris-Based Peace NGO: Hamas Is Bad, Serves as Iran's Hired Gun

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Syrian Establishment Daily: The Stage Of Direct Confrontation With The American Forces In Syria Has Begun

VIDEO: Iraqi Journalist Mahmoud Al-Hashemi: Hitler Slaughtered the Jews because They Were Using the Black Market against Him; Shakespeare Shone a Spotlight on the Cruel Jewish Mentality

VIDEO: Toulouse Imam Mohamed Tatai Recounts Antisemitic Hadith and Prophecies that Israel Will Soon Come to an End

Italian minister calls for migrant reception centres south of Libya

Thousands of Iranian Protestors Shout Down with Palestine

Nigeria: Muslims kill 86 Christians - Media ignores to avoid damaging Islam's image

Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban -- live updates

Islamization in the Schools

To Win This Battle Everyone Must Know Sharia by Steve Amundson

Watch: "Allah Akbar" Algerian Muslims celebrate as they invade Europe illegally by boat - all men, no women, no children

PM Trudeau says Canada should thank Muslim migrants who were kind enough to move to Canada

Watch: Pakistani refugee raped Norwegian girl "I have a right to rape women, women have no rights"

Islamic State’s Foreign Fighters Bring Terrorism Expertise Back to Europe -JNS

This Week in Egypt: Week 25-2018 (June 18-23)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Pakistan powerless to keep thousands of jihadis, rapists, and criminals off election ballots by Christine Douglass-Williams

Macron attacks Italy’s new anti-hijrah government, warns Euroscepticism is spreading “like leprosy” by Christine Douglass-Williams

Nigeria: Christian pastor donates money for completion of new mosque

Trump puts America first, distances US from jihad-supporting United Nations by Christine Douglass-Williams

Germany: Islamic center raises money for jihad terror group Hizballah

YouTube: Robert Spencer video “Is Islam A Religion of Peace?” “isn’t suitable for all advertisers”

Angela Crashes

VIDEO: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Warns of "War between the Cross and the Crescent" following Austria’s Plan to Deport Imams

The Folly of Multiculturalism by Raymond Ibrahim

New statement from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “The South Will Be Victorious: A Call To Action”

New video message from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “A Meeting With the Mujāhidīn of the Land of the Two Holy Places”

Sunday, June 24, 2018

NYC Car Jihadist Says Once Again The Goal of Islamists by Steve Amundson

California: $12M 60,000 sqft mega mosque coming to Irvine

Muslim Migrants Devise New Route to Europe Through Bosnia

Hamas targets Israeli civilians as it fires 45 rockets into Israel

New nashīd from al-Qā’idah in the Indian Subcontinent: “Come To The Frontier”

U.S. Catholic bishops to Americans: Drop dead

Turkish paper: Austria “acts against Muslims” due to “fear of Turks” dating from 1683 siege of Vienna

“They will only see Italy on a postcard”: Italy turns away another migrant ship

France: Leftists and Muslims enraged that plaque describes hero cop as “victim of Islamist terror”

Sweden: Fatal shootings surge in heavy Muslim Malmö, already set to beat 2017 figure

CJC Had a Great Public Outreach Today Reaching Hundreds of People by Steve Amundson

Friday, June 22, 2018

The End of the EU 'Open Door' Policy for Refugees

VIDEO: Ramallah Protests: PA Sanctions against Hamas-Ruled Gaza Are a Crime; PA and Abbas Responsible for the Slow Death of Gaza

VIDEO: Australian Cleric At Sydney Quds Day Event: We Support Iran, Hizbullah

Former Middle East envoy Dennis Ross writes that, if Trump's 'Deal of the Century' is reasonable, Arab leaders must help the Palestinians accept it by openly declaring their support for it.

Yao Jing: “In China Everyone is Free to Practice His Religion”

Muslim attacks French cops with knife as his phone plays Qur’an verses: „You’re all unbelievers, I’ll kill you” by Robert Spencer

Muslim attacks French cops with knife as his phone plays Qur’an verses: „You’re all unbelievers, I’ll kill you” by Robert Spencer

Ohio: Muslim gets 16 years for supporting the Islamic State

Alabama: Muslim gets 15 years for jihad plot to blow up police building

Colorado: Muslim „refugee,” former „human rights worker,” guilty of supporting jihad terror group by Robert Spencer

Muslim migrant confesses to murder of „Refugees Welcome” activist

New release from The Islamic State – Wilāyat Gharb Ifrīqīyyah’s Abū Yūsuf al-Barnawī: „Take Out the Tumor” by Aaron Y. Zelin

Robert Spencer video: Why de Blasio ended NYC’s Confidential Mosque Informant Program

CAIR Official Loses Interfaith Award Due to History of Hate

Fuqra Congressional Candidates: 1 Down, 1 Remains

A New Global Metric of Muslim Beliefs and Practices

Muslim Migrant Violence Comes to Maine

UK: Woman ‘ran after children with a knife shouting “I want to kill all you Jews”

Austrian police force women to uncover their faces as country’s ‘burka ban’ comes into force

The number of jihadist attacks in Europe more than DOUBLED last year, with the risk of more attacks still high, say Europol

Woman who knew about all-female ISIS terror cell's plot to launch London knife attack to be kicked out of UK

Councillor who said Isis does not exist is given antiterror role

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Far-left UK paper pulls op-ed blaming Israel for anti-Semitism

Campaign In West Bank Against Palestinian Authority's Sanctions On Gaza

In Advance Of Implementation Of The Historic Decree Permitting Women In The Kingdom To Drive, Female Saudi Columnist Writes: We Are Better Drivers Than The Men

Gazan family allegedly paid by Hamas to blame infant’s death on IDF tear gas

Trudeau’s Canada Poses GRAVE Islamic Threat To America, Despite Naysayers. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

VIDEO: Theodor Herzl Depicted as Satan in Egyptian Ramadan TV Show Featuring "People of Evil"

Bolton: Withdrawing From U.N. Human Rights Council Was ‘Decades in the Making’

ISIS Proving Elusive by Tunneling, Staying in Small Groups, Blending Into Towns

‘About 60 Organizations’ Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the SPLC Following $3M Nawaz Settlement

Cummings Foundation grants $100K to CAIR so it can sue American businesses to comply with sharia law

The Incomprehensible Argument

IPT Exclusive: PR Firm Tied to CAIR Linked to Sliming of Maajid Nawaz

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hungarian parliament adopts anti-migration law package

West Virginia Christian Dad Sues School Over Islamic Indoctrination of His Daughter by Steve Amundson

Judge Green-Lights Parent’s Lawsuit Against Public School Teaching “Islam is the True Faith by Steve Amundson

VIDEO: Head of "Radio Islam" in Sweden Ahmad Rami: Judaism Is Like a Mafia in the West; The Zionists Are Occupying Europe Politically, Control the World Media


Honor Killing and Islam A new book documents the spread of a vicious practice into the West. Ibn Warraq

WHO on Douma


Switzerland Welcomes Radicalization by Judith Bergman

Will The Presbyterian Church Condemn Islam, Mohammed and the Quran ? by Steve Amundson

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SPAIN: STUDENTS FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES TO MAKE WAY FOR MIGRANTS Citizens given 24 hours to leave “because (the migrants) come with many illnesses”

June 15, 1389: Islam Enters and Conquers Eastern Europe

Video: Robert Spencer on The Hagmann Report on jihad in history and the destruction of the West today

Soft Jihad in America

More Than 1,000 Europeans Murdered, Maimed in Attacks by Islamist Asylum Seekers Since 2014

Post-Ramadan Reflections on the Muslim World

Will Merkel Fall? If the CSU does not agree to any compromise on migration policy, Merkel’s government may fall apart.

Monday, June 18, 2018

California: Muslim Women (Legal Jihadists) to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Urth Caffe

Moderate Islam Falters in the Face of Silicon Valley Censorship SAM WESTROP National Review Online

SPLC apologizes, pays $3,375,000 to Maajid Nawaz for smearing him as “anti-Muslim extremist”

Lebanese columnist Khairallah Khairallah writes that Iran is using Hizbullah to support the Polisario and destabilize Morocco as part of its overall strategy in the region.

The Turkish Race

How Far Will Bavaria’s CSU Go to Fend Off Germany’s Far-Right?

Hossein Dalirian, Director Of Military Desk At IRGC-Affiliated News Agency Tasnim, Explains Iran's New Missile Strategy

US expected to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council: report

U.S. Announces Withdrawal From U.N.'s Human Rights Council over pro-Islamic bias

This week in Egypt: Week 24-2018 ( June 11-17)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Egypt Tries to ‘Reconcile’ Coptic Churches to Non-Existence by Raymond Ibrahim


New migrant surge hits Greece despite multi-billion-dollar Turkey-EU deal; Erdogan demands more by Christine Douglass-Williams

Italy’s new coalition plans to deport 500,000 migrants by Christine Douglass-Williams

UK Muslim community turned against victim of sexual abuse — “All people wanted me to do was be quiet” by Christine Douglass-Williams

UK: Muslim schoolteacher screams that he will “fight” and “die” for Islam, loses his job — but not for that by Christine Douglass-Williams

Islamicize Me Day 3: Wax On, Wax Off by David Wood (video)

Undercover video: Muslim efforts to spread Islam and bring Sharia to US by Robert Spencer

Austria: 9-year-old Muslim migrant boy threatens children with knife, says Allah commanded him to kill people

UCLA: “Palestinian” students rip down Armenian and Israeli flags at event on indigenous peoples

South Africa: Sunni Muslims who stabbed Shi’as and burned Shi’a mosque prayed first, then attacked

Indonesia: Muslim cleric orders multiple jihad massacres

Now Even Craigslist Is Censoring Foes of Jihad Terror

Ramadan Day 3 thought for the day from Robert Spencer’s The History of Jihad by Robert Spencer

Russia: Muslims with guns and petrol bombs storm church, murder two police officers and a churchgoer

The myth of “the deal of the century”

Friday, June 15, 2018

Reports: Hamas Preps 5,000 Terror Kites to Mark End of Ramadan

In Merkel migrant row, Germans back tough policies: poll




Muslim convicted in 2015 attack on AFDI free speech event in Garland, Texas seeks new trial

Jihadis Free to Roam the UK: Concerns Over Tracking Dangerous Extremists, As Only 40 Out of 400 British Fanatics Returning From Syria and Iraq Have Been Prosecuted

FGM in the US: Women and Girls in Eight Battleground States at Increased Risk For Female Genital Mutilation

Terror-Tied Hamas-CAIR Attacking School Board Member in Southern Illinois

Bipartisan Bill to Counter ‘Palestinian’ Textbooks That ‘Demonize Israel’ Introduced in Congress

Huge 3,000 capacity mega-mosque funded by Algeria and Kuwait to open in Toulouse, France

Former Jihadi Jason Walter Speaks

Muslim family claims Red Lobster employees discriminated against them over Ramadan requests

The Perfect Man Billboard by Steve Amundson

Interview: U.S. Embassy Move May Bring Regrets - Daniel Pipes


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

British police do not need evidence to put you in jail for Islamophobia hate speech on social media

Canadian Ex-Muslim woman calls to designate the Koran as "hate literature" under the law

The Middle East after ISIS: what is at stake?

VIDEO: Quds Day Rally in Times Square, New York: Speakers Compare Gaza to Warsaw Ghetto, Call for Intifada

Defaming Fred Fleitz: What’s in it for Andrew Kaczynski?

Watch As Chaos Erupts At Tommy Robinson Protest; Police Chased Down Street As 1000s Rage

‘Islam Means Submission. Will You Submit, Or Resist?’ – Batten, Waters, Kassam at #FreeTommy Rally

Muslim man recites Koran verses, them slaughters his 4-year-old daughter as “sacrificial offering” to Allah

VIDEO: Syrian Opposition Figure Osama Al-Mallouhi: Israel Wants Al-Assad; It's As If They Want Syrian Blood for Their Passover Matzos

Since Ramadan coincides with run-up to World Cup games, clerics and public in Egypt and Saudi Arabia discussed whether players should be exempt from fasting.

IDF to reduce supply of helium to Gaza Strip

Imam banned from Facebook for spreading peace

Italy threatens to drop France summit over migration criticism

Arab Coalition Attacks Yemeni City in Bid to Oust Rebels

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Al Quds Day: Top lawyer blocks pro-Hezbollah terror march in his wheelchair

Netanyahu Offers Aid to Iranians to Overcome Water Crisis

Geert Wilders: “Freedom is behind bars. Tommy is behind bars. And that is totally unacceptable”

Geert Wilders: “Freedom is behind bars. Tommy is behind bars. And that is totally unacceptable”

The Trump Administration Should Treat Islamists Like The Mafia

Tommy Robinson This guy should be knighted (Andrew Norfolk (Times) (video)

Paul Weston - Tommy Robinson & The Traitor Class (video)

Gaza preschoolers seen performing mock execution of Israeli soldier

REPORT: HEZBOLLAH IS HELPING HAMAS BUILD ROCKET FACTORIES, TRAINING CAMPS Israel requested that the UN intervene to stop cooperation between the two groups.

VIDEO: First Saudi Women Obtain Their Driver's License - Saudi Government Broadcast

UK authorities shocked as Thousands follow Dutch MP at "Free Tommy" rally

Glazov Gang: Tommy Robinson – “If They Murdered Me” by Jamie Glazov (video)

Italy’s President sabotages popular anti-Muslim migration, “Euroceptic” coalition by Christine Douglass-Williams

Gun-free UK: Drive-by shooters spray house with bullets at site of “several anti-terror raids” by Christine Douglass-Williams

Ramadan in Pakistan: Muslims murder prominent Sikh leader Charanjit Singh

France: Shopkeeper gets three months, $3450 fine for asking woman to remove Islamic head covering by Christine Douglass-Williams

Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslim gunman attack Catholic seminary, priest “badly wounded”

Islamicize Me Day 14: Allahu Armbar! by David Wood

Roseanne, Islamic anti-Semitism, and the West’s double standard by Mateen Elass

Hamas-linked CAIR applauds Roseanne cancellation, accuses her of “Islamophobia” by Robert Spencer

The Closing of the Cultural Mind? by Giulio Meotti

Tommy Robinson (Counter-Jihad Leaders Speak Out!)-LIVE Robert Spencer, David Wood, Whaddo You Meme?? (video)

Robert Spencer video: Why Hasn’t John Kerry Been Arrested? Leftist Privilege by Robert Spencer

Belgium: Muslim who murdered three had appeared in reports on “radicalism,” still allowed to take a leave from prison

Rutgers prof: Muslim rule in India characterized by “tremendous cross-cultural respect and not religious conflict”

Germany: Man stabs two people near Flensburg central station

Netherlands: Axe-waving Muslim migrant attacks police officers

TOTALITARIANISM ISN'T REFORMABLE The only viable policy on Iran is revolution, not reform. June 8, 2018 Michael Ledeen

Excellent report on #FreeTommyRobinson rally at The Iconoclast: 20 000 supporters of Tommy hit the streets…….





UK: Cab Driver Shipu Ahmed From Luton Guilty Of 2 Rapes

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Directives of the Leader for the Mujāhidīn During ‘Īd Days”

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Conquests and Achievements in Tala wa Barfak”

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Muslim mayor of London defends Muslims waving Hezbollah flags (terrorist organization) in London

This is Trump’s Opportunity to Uncover the Iran-North Korea Connection: James Robbins

Arab journalists discuss whether U.S.-North Korea rapprochement will serve as model for future U.S.-Iran relations, or for reconciliation in Middle East itself.


VIDEO: In Run-Up to International Qods Day, Gaza Militia Salutes Iran, Vows to Continue Jihad

Soon After Imran Awan’s Other Wife Called Police on Him, Gunmen Shot At Her

Muslim says "British public should celebrate Ramadan" so Muslims Won't feel isolated"

British teenager convicted of terror plot at museum as part of all-female cell

Asylum seeker suspect in German girl's murder arrested in Iraq

Marching for Terrorism in London? No Problem

Muhammad (bin Salman) Radio

Iran Admits To Facilitating 9/11 Terror Attacks

Brotherhood-Linked Congressman Running to be AG of Minnesota

Geller: Who Is Behind the Internet Thought Police?

Why are ‘Iftar dinners’ being promoted by schools, churches and official government offices?

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: May 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Argentinian Footballers Cancel Match with Israel, Infuriating Netanyahu

1 billion Muslims matter more than 17 million Jews Do the math and you will understand why the friendly game was cancelled.

PA official Al-Habbash says that the struggle in Jerusalem is between its rightful owners – the Muslims and Christians – and "Western imperialists" with no connection to it.

Belloubet: 450 détenus radicalisés sortiront de prison d'ici fin 2019

NYC’s Marxist Mayor Strikes Again: Targets Stuyvesant High, Bronx Science & Other Top-Tier! Deconstructing America, One “Diversity” Obsessed City....

VIDEO: Fatah Official Abbas Zaki: "Americans in Iraq should have both their legs broken"

Blind Hate Drives a Wedge Among "Islamophobia" Hunters

Michelle Malkin slams DC's 'twisted' immigration priorities (video)

Austria's right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 foreign-funded imams in crackdown against Islamist ideology

Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America?

Following HTS Decision To Grant Turkey A Military Presence In Idlib, Al-Qaeda Supporters Accuse It Of Abandoning Its Principles, Seeking To Ingratiate Itself With The Enemies Of Islam

What Social Studies Teachers Need To Know About Islam, Volume 1: Islamic History written by Muslims for Muslims NOW for Educators

Amazon Lets Muslim Workers Put Ramadan Before Prime Day

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Belgium: Muslim who murdered four told hostage he wouldn’t harm her since she was Muslim and observing Ramadan fast

Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslims murder man who made medal thanking Trump by Robert Spencer

France: Muslim seizes cathedral microphone during Pentecost Mass, screams “Allahu akbar,” bishop denies it happened by Robert Spencer

Germany: Corpus Christi procession canceled due to inability to provide safeguards against jihad attacks

Ramadan in Germany: Muslim migrant rapes teen girl so violently, she needs surgery by Robert Spencer

Islamic jurist: “Loathsomeness” of churches and synagogues “greater than that of cemeteries or dunghills”

“Islam Was a Yoke to My Heart”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, November 2017

Trump Hosts Muslim Envoys for ‘a Sacred Tradition of One of The World’s Great Religions’

MEF Launches The “Counter-Islamism Grid”

Iranian Regime Mouthpiece 'Kayhan': 'Pyongyang Knows That Destroying This [Nuclear] Weapon Equals Destroying North Korea'

U.S. Thwarted in Bid to Change U.N. Rights Council’s Approach to Israel. Some diplomats fear the United States might now exit the council.

Liege Stabbing by Aaron Y. Zelin

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “About the Route On the Ghazni-Paktika Highway”

Islamic State Attacks in Tunisia

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jammal Harraz charged with bomb threat over 'Arab Andy' YouTube prank video

‘Shameless’: Muslim Reform Advocate Criticizes CAIR’s Planned Iftar Protest Outside White House

Islamic Lawfare Does Not Stop Once The Perpetrator is Convicted

Khamenei orders uranium enrichment preparations as Iran nuclear deal frays

The spy who came in to be told #Trump

At the Washington Post, None Dare Call It a Conspiracy

Belgium Terror Attack Mirrors an All Too Familiar Pattern

Liege shooting: Two police officers and civilian dead in Belgium

Attacks On National Security Council’s Fred Fleitz Whitewash Islamists To Smear A Conservative

In Support of Fred Fleitz and the Real Target (Frank Gaffney)

Bill Warner PhD: Questions about Sharia for Candidates

New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Report About Weapons and Ammunition From the Enemy in Ahmadabad District in Paktia Province”

Eye On Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: June 5

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

At St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – Part II: Putin: 'Europe Depends On The U.S. In Terms Of Security – But There Is No Need To Worry, We Can Help With Security'; Macron: 'We Really Need To Build A Useful World Order'

Signal: Italy adrift — Libya’s lessons — reining in AI

U.S. Attacks Taliban’s Source of Funds in Afghanistan

The Forgotten War: The Ongoing Disaster in Yemen - The Soufan Center

Interview: Islamism's War on the West - Daniel Pipes

Witness Issues Complicate Sentencing on Benghazi Attack. Mastermind of Benghazi Attack Faces Slap on The Hand by Steve Amundson

Reiterating statements made by President Al-Sisi, senior Egyptian journalist 'Imad Al-Din Hussein says the Gaza escalation will not cause Egypt to take aggressive measures against Israel.

Series of DEMONSTRATIONS set to rock UK establishment!

The Coming Caliphate by Steve Amundson

Monday, June 4, 2018

Why the Qatar crisis will not end soon

VIDEO: Fatah Official Jibril Rajoub Calls to Burn Messi T-Shirts to Protest Argentinian-Israeli Soccer Match: It’s Like Europe in the 1930s

Des excuses officielles à Jayne Senior qui dénonça le silence et l’inaction de la police britannique face à l’abus sexuel de 1 400 jeunes filles aux mains d’hommes d’origine pakistanaise durant 15 ans

Qatar Won the Saudi Blockade A Saudi-led coalition wanted to permanently ostracize its rival. One year later, Qatar has more influence in the West than ever.

Arab writers say Hamas is serving Iran's interests instead of improving the Gazans' lives, sending children to their death while its leaders stay safe and comfortable.