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Monday, January 31, 2011

Winners and Losers From a Pharaoh's Fall by Patrick J. Buchanan

The Egyptian Masses Won't Play Ally to Israel by Gideon Levy

DSP among six killed in Peshawar bombings

Nigerian Police Avert Attempted Church Bombing in Bauchi

Egypt: Oh, Those hated Americans; Those Hated Israelis! By Barry Rubin

‘Something big’ transferred to Gaza Strip

Tony Blair: on how to manage democracy in Egypt

Frank Gaffney on Fox talking about Egypt and Muslim Brotherhood (video)

While all eyes are on Egypt, Hamas fires rockets into Israel

Andrew Bostom on Egypt this morning US talk radio

Islamophobe Who Wanted to Blow up Dearborn Mosque Says He’s a Muslim Convert, Served Time in Jail for Threatening to Kill Bush… by SHEIKYERMAMI

Window on Eurasia: Egyptian Unrest Likely to Affect Moscow’s Position in North Caucasus, Markedonov Says Paul Goble

Google News: Mubarak's deputy linked to secret CIA program

File this Under WE ARE TOO DAMN GOOD- US Intervenes on behalf of AL Jazeera

Where are Egypt's women? Right here. By Suzanne Merkelson

Egypt oil threat may be overblown

Clinton’s 21st Century Statecraft a Success! AFL-CIO Applauds New Egyptian Unions

Basque Country: New Islamic Council

Spain: Algerians smuggle kids for better social care

Italy: Police arrest 3 Moroccans on suspicion of providing terror training material

What Canadians Are Saying About The Turmoil In Egypt

People power builds momentum in Egypt (video)

Army's crucial role in events in Egypt (video)


Egypt, Democracy and Islam by Richard Auxier, Researcher/Editorial Assistant, Pew Research Center


Denmark: Jihad plotters planned to cut throats of reporters at paper that published Muhammad cartoons

Michael Oren takes a backhanded swipe at J Street

Germany: Nefertiti Stays by SHEIKYERMAMI

"Israel shocked at Obama's 'betrayal' of Mubarak"

Decrepit conditions in the Islamic North Africa ~ mean some Algerian parents would rather put children on boat to Europe

Clueless in Washington

US envoy in Cairo for talks State department spokesman says ex-ambassador to Egypt is in capital to reinforce US message to Mubarak's government.


Italian Foreign Minister Warns of Radical Islam in Egypt

Jordan protests pressure king, but respect for monarchy remains By Joel Greenberg

Trust the Egyptian people - Jordan Sekulow

Trend: Burn a Koran, Get Arrested by David J. Rusin

Bolton Says Obama ‘Basically Doesn’t Care About’ Foreign Policy, Compares Him to Dukakis

Hillary Clinton Urges Change That Responds to ‘Legitimate Grievances’ of Egyptian People - Susan Jones

Egyptian opposition figure criticizes Obama response: 'Let go of a dictator' By Bridget Johnson

Egypt’s Troubles Are Our Troubles, Too By Rich Galen

Islamists establish a bridgehead in Parliament, get Commons pass: MP and peer resign


Cost-benefit analysis of Turkey's foreign policy

Recep Tayyip Erdog(an’s Lurch towards Islam: An Electioneering Tactic or His True Face Revealed?

Turkish hackers attack server of Armenian hosting provider - Smart Systems

Soros and Brzezinski Prepare to Hijack Egypt Revolution with Puppet, Mohamed ElBaradei - Alex Jones (video)

Clinton: US Won’t Support Mubarak’s Ouster US Eyes 'Managed Change' in Egypt by Jason Ditz

Walid Shoebat’s Response to Egyptian Crisis

Egypt Unrest Affects Relationship With U.S., Global Economy Protesters Call for U.S. Support; Analysts Fear Effect on Oil Markets BY DAVID KERLEY AND CAIT TAYLOR

Statement by Lars Hedegaard on his Acquittal

Obama Admin Finally Calls for ‘Transition’ by Matthew Avitabile

Working group on Egypt calls for suspension of US aid

UK: Five charged for inciting anti-gay hatred outside mosque

Report: Stuxnet could cause Iranian 'Chernobyl' By Joshua Keating

'The Muslim Brotherhood is Much Stronger Than Mohamed ElBaradei' Charles Johnson

Jordan: In Bed With Islamists by Mudar Zahran

Why Mubarak Will Go to Saudi Arabia BY MOSHE PHILLIPS

Egypt, the MB, HAMAS the Secret Police and Objective Reality


Shocker: Muslim Brotherhood "mutes its religious message" during protests

On Egypt, Etc.: Welcome to Muslim Democracy – Where is King Hussein (& the Shah) When You Need Him? By Debbie Schlussel


Things in Egypt are souring fast

New Video from Hezbollah Supporter Blasts Saudi Arabia for Allegedly Supporting Israel Against Hezbollah; Calls Wahhabism "a Knife in Islam's Back"

Watching Egypt Burn: An Israeli Perspective What is happening now in Egypt has immediate and potentially disastrous consequences for the Jewish state. (Also read Roger L. Simon at the Tatler: "Cluless Israel wakes up on PR (sort of)") - by Benjamin Kerstein

Egypt: Jimmy Carter Singing Same Old 1979 Tune

America and the Middle East Food Riots By Steve McCann

Egypt: What’s happening, and where could it be headed?

Activists use Web in Egypt despite shutdown Find ways to update Twitter

Turkey cites prejudice in delay of bid to join EU Erdogan’s adviser sees rules ‘changing’

UFO seen at Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Jerusalem 28.01.2011 - video

TheDC interview: Michael Oren, Israel’s face in America By Jamie Weinstein

Fate of Coptic Christians in post-Mubarak Egypt worries some By John Rossomando

Egyptian Uprising: Mustafa Al-Naggar, Coordinator of ElBaradei's National Coalition for Change: "We Want One of Two Good Things: Freedom or Martyrdom... Let Them Kill the Egyptian People in Its Entirety" (video)

“Ripples of Hope” in Egypt by Joseph Palermo

The Uprising in Egypt: An Initial Assessment - Shmuel Even

Can It Happen In America? - J.D. Longstreet

Israel National Radio Interview Eve Harow interviews Artist Marc Rubin (audio)

Mancow To Huckabee: ‘What’s Happening In Egypt Could Happen In America’ by Colby Hall

Grand Jury Probing Muslim Student Union Speech Disruptions at UCI

US calls for release of Al Jazeera reporters in Egypt

U.S. Should Stand With the Egyptian People

EGYPT: A Complete Guide To The 2011 Revolution

Bookends of Egyptian history By Jonathan Capehart

The congressional probe of Islamofascism: watered down? (Say it's not so, Pete) By Wes Vernon

U.S. Policy Toward Algeria as a Case Study for the Egypt Crisis By Barry Rubin

On Egypt Obama might be wrong but his critics are worse - Barry Rubin

Egypt's Revolt: The Economic Dimension By Barry Rubin

Two Iranian Dissidents Disagree On Egypt By Barry Rubin

U.S. Policy in the Middle East: Moderates Cry; Radicals Laugh By Barry Rubin

What Do the Egyptian Crowds Want? Caliphate Dreams and Strict Sharia - Andrew G. Bostom

Three More Sobering Observations About Egypt’s Elites and Masses - Andrew G. Bostom

The Muslim Brotherhood is the Enemy - Frank Gaffney

Dram Queen Anderson Cooper makes Egyptians look rebellious and just happens to run into AlBaradei on the Street

UK: Grooming of girls fuelled by unhappy arranged cousin marriages claims Muslim peer

Is Obama following the Carter strategy of fomenting unrest, then sitting by as America's enemies take over?

Seattle: Muslim sentenced in racial attack on white teen

Spencer: The Middle East's Intifada

Why they hate Mubarak: "He is supporting Israel. Israel is our enemy...If people are free in Egypt...they gonna destroy Israel"

Embarrassed by his statements, Ground Zero Mosque organizers distance themselves from their new imam

New estimates put Pakistan's nuclear arsenal at more than 100

Leaked cables: Police brutality a ‘daily occurrence’ in Egyptian prisons

Shame on Chris Matthews: Smearing the Egyptian Revolution

Huckabee: Egypt protests "threaten the world" Speaking in Israel, the likely White House candidate throws cold water on Egypt's pro-democracy movement BY JUSTIN ELLIOTT

Whose side is Obama on anyway? BY JOEL BEININ AND MITCHELL ZIMMERMAN

Cancer, Carter and Obama by Michael Ledeen

Egypt: Please, Not ElBaradei by Claudia Rosett

The New American Fans of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt - by Ron Radosh

A Perspective of the Violence in Egypt; What History Tells Us

Where Is The Honor? Gadi Adelman

The Breaking of the Magic Spell: Where Imitation Moves Toward Healthy Identification As Democratization Nancy Kobrin, PhD, Joan Lachkar, PhD

When Good Muslims Go Bad Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret)

Egypt's New Government Announced On State TV

Clinton Ambassador Meeting: Unprecedented Mass Meeting Of Top Envoys

Republicans Keeping Politics Out Of Egypt Debate, Divided On Posture - Sam Stein



MIDEAST CRISIS: WSJ Confirms El-Baradei Has Muslim Brotherhood Backing

BREAKING NEWS: Mohamed El-Baradei Joins Protestors In Tahir Square

Iran tells Egypt to listen to the people’s voice

As The Dominoes Flow Toward Israel by WILLIAM A. COOK

Senior Shia Cleric: Revolutionary progresses owed to Imam Khomein (R.A)

What’s behind the Egypt riots?: Democracy or Islam?

Prisoners escape Egypt prisons - video

Emerging minarets in the valley of los angeles Continue reading on Emerging minarets in the valley of los angeles - David Scott

Specter of Islam Spreads

Anti-Islam Web Site Calls for Shooting at Egyptian Protesters

Boy vs. Girl: “Pure” Islam or Purely Sanctimonious?

Al-Azhar sheikh says protesting forbidden in Islam

Islam Rising by Rich Swier

"Mega Protest" Planned in Egypt

Don't Fear Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Huckkabee: Jews should be able to live 'anywhere in Israel'

Events In Egypt - Economic Consequences In Region And World

Chaos at Cairo airport as foreigners flee Egypt

Beck: Tunisian Revolution Could Be The "Archduke Ferdinand Moment" He's Been Warning About

Aid to Egypt scrutinized

Revolution in Egypt - cartoon

Dumb Luck: Ryan Singel explains how Russians avoided being killed by a suicide bomber:

Egypt: Public Service Announcement for U.S. Citizens

The Mideast Burns by Eric Margolis

You Can’t Spell Mubarak Without Barack (or Bush, or Clinton, or Bush…) by Eli Cryderman

Egypt by Charles H. Featherstone

Deporting Muslims? No Problem! by SHEIKYERMAMI

Fed Keeps Pedal to the Metal As Egypt Unrest Weighs on Markets BY JON D. MARKMAN

Obama Erases Christianity from the American Founding - Ben Johnson

What's role of Islam in Egypt's future?

The Role of Islam on the Arab Street by Nima Khorrami Assl

A Greener Spirit: From Medina to DC, Islam Goes Green by Austin Billings

Saudi propagandist explains why Saudi Arabia is spared

Lars Hedigaard aquitted on ‘hate speech’ charges

Constitutional council turns down Nazarbayev’s referendum, but he can still have the last word

ElBaradei: stooge of Iran?

Egypt: Christians fear Muslim Brotherhood takeover, Coptic Pope forbids Christians to participate in demonstrations

EU warns Egypt against 'extremism' [i.e. Islamism]

Jordan's powerful Muslim opposition warns that Arabs will topple US-allied Mideast leaders

MIDEAST CRISIS: Rachid Ghannouchi Says His Views Similar To Turkish Prime Minister

Egypt: Member of "Army of Islam," escaped from prison, says his armed resistance against Israel will continue

Obama Loses the Middle East - By Sultan Knish

Facebook pages tell Egyptians to insist on Mubarak's resignation

Jordan: In Bed With Islamists

Why I side with the Freedom movement in Egypt

Revolutionary Change in Egypt: Internal or Made in USA? - by Stephen Lendman

Egypt: A Tale of Two Revolutions

Million-Person March Planned as Elbaradei made Opposition Leader - Juan Cole

The Tunisian Disorder: Causes and Consequences by Guy Millière

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hamas Is the Muslim Brotherhood By Andrew C. McCarthy

As Egypt Erupts, Al Jazeera Offers Its News for Free to Other Networks

Moscow airport bombing: why a terrorist mastermind is sending chills down spines When a man wearing a black baseball cap blew himself and 35 others up at Russia's busiest airport last Monday ordinary Russians were sure it was the work of Islamist terrorists.

Muslim cleric rules in favor of bringing down Egyptian government

Syria Strongman: Time for 'Reform'

Egypt: An Autocracy Endorsed By The United States

Arab People: From Powerless To Proud

Tunisians wary as Islamists emerge from hiding Islamists, long oppressed under the former regime, had little to do with the uprising, but they could benefit from a transition to democracy. The thought unsettles some in this largely secular country.,0,5487896.story

Don't equate terrorism and Islam, say Kashmiri students Read more: Don't equate terrorism and Islam, say Kashmiri students

Oman uncovers 'UAE spy network' Oman says it has uncovered a UAE spy network in the Gulf Arab state that targeted its government and military.

Dutch end Iran ties over hanging

Egypt: Peaceful Muslim Protesters-"Israel is our Enemy"-"We Gotta Go Free & Destroy Israel"


Cairo is back as an Arab capital

Gaza shuts border with Egypt as unrest spirals (AFP)

Islam Propaganda on CNN: the Muslim Brotherhood is “a Myth” by SHEIKYERMAMI

Video: CNN Anchor Heaps Praise on the Muslim Brotherhood…

Women Under Sharia Law, Part 1: Two Pakistani Women Blamed For Blasphemy and Beaten BY PAUL COOPER

Lleida City Council will not provide land to build a mosque

Flash: Egyptian "Moderate Democratic" Leader Negotiating Coalition Government With Islamists By Barry Rubin

Recognition of Palestine spills over to the EU

Muslim Brotherhood throws support behind ElBaradei

Five Things to Understand About the Egyptian Riots - Heather Hurlburt

Egypt’s Struggle against US Funded Repression

Le Pen: Islam not compatible with a secular society

Amsterdam: City becoming 'Whiter'

Brussels: Judge rules niqab fine illegal

The American Left’s Role in Leading Mid-East Regime Change What the U.S. State Dept, Unions and New Media Companies are doing to foment chaos

Podcast Preview: Elliott Abrams on Egypt and Democracy

Obama's Teleprompter correctly Interprets Hillary's Speech on Egypt - funny video

Breaking: ElBaradei declares new era for Egypt as Mubarak puts police back on streets

Jewish boy kidnapped in Yemen

Obama caught flat-footed on Egyptian uprising, claim critics

Waiting and Watching Egypt - Some historical background

U.S. role in Egypt crisis "shameful": Chavez

Moderate Muslim who beheaded his wife says he gave her "unconditional love"

Comment: Recent unrest in Arab world is not about us. How the Egyptian revolution debunks the Israel-is-the-cause-of-Mideast-instability myth. By HERB KEINON

Abbas: 'Al-Jazeera thought that they could finish us off''

Fighter jets swoop over Cairo protests in show of force

Cairo: Anger starting to focus on Israel, US

ElBaradei: What we have begun can't be reversed

The jihadis thrive on a lack of definition

Al Jazeera shows images of Mubarak being rushed to safety right after Sadat assassination in 1981.


MISSOURI: CAIR demands graffiti on mosque be declared a hate crime

In Pakistan, Thousands Rally Against Jailed American

Iran arrests 'hundreds' in suspected scam: reports

Why is America so afraid? BY PHILIP WEISS

This is what Egypt looks like right now Photos and videos from the ground on the 5th day of action in Cairo, Suez, Alexandria, and the rest of Egypt BY ADAM CLARK ESTES

Egypt's uprising and its implications for Palestine - Ali Abunimah

Egyptian View of Obama and U.S. Low As The Streets Fill by Michael Scherer

Whose side is Obama on anyway? The Egyptian people want an end to the whole autocratic and kleptocratic regime of Mubarak. And Obama? BY JOEL BEININ AND MITCHELL ZIMMERMAN

Obama Talks to Netanyahu about Egypt

Op-Ed: Pharaoh is Dead, Long Live Pharaoh! by Prof. Phyllis Chesler

ElBaradei to US: Take Egypt's Mubarak off life support Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei urged President Obama on Sunday not to be the 'last one' to withdraw support from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The Laws of Jihad: Oppose Tyrants. Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi Joins In Support for Anti-Regime Demonstrations in Arab Countries In response to the wave of mass anti-regime demonstrations currently taking place in several Arab countries, prominent Sunni cleric Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, joined in support for the protestors.

A Message to the Egyptian People - DR. ARASH IRANDOOST

Prominent Salafi-Jihadist Cleric on the Situation in Egypt: We are on the Verge of an Historic Stage in the History of the Islamic Nation; Toppling the Egyptian Regime – an Earthquake Similar to 9/11

Crisis in the Middle East – Part III: Syrian Facebook Pages Calling for Demonstrations on Saturday, February 5, 2011 By: Y. Yehoshua

It’s Not Twitter or Facebook, It’s the Power of the Network

Egypt: Three Possible Outcomes It might be the entire Western position in the Middle East that is swept away, and one dictatorship might be replaced by a worse one. I hope this analysis is wrong; I fear that it is accurate - by Barry Rubin

Remembering the Iran-Al-Qaeda Link The connection that Western intelligence agencies fear to make by N.M. Guariglia

WikiLeaks: Catty Embassy Gossip Directed at Azerbaijan’s First Lady A misogynistic attack on Mehriban Aliyeva, an accomplished, independent woman who serves as a stylish role model for young Muslim girls - by Norma Zager

Echoes of Egypt swirl around World Economic Forum

Arab nations evacuate their citizens from Egypt

U.S. to review aid to Egypt, White House says

Washington Post and Salon Put Christianity in the Silencing Crosshairs BY LISA RICHARDS

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on a Saudi Women's TV Show, Warns of a Possible Mideast Nuclear Arms Race (video)

The Fall of the Strongmen - Daniel Greenfield


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Backs ElBaradei Role

CA Man Arrested Outside Dearborn Mosque

(Graphic photo) Journalist Michael Mannheimer “The hidden reality: Global Persecution of Christians by Islam”

Al-Qaeda claims secret anti-Sunni agreement between U.S. and Iran

Hosni Mubarak All by Himself

Groton Guard detachment is heading to Egypt

Obama's "Shah Problem" President Obama is doing what Jimmy Carter did with Iran in 1978. Uh-oh. By Kai Bird

Looters in Egypt Identified as Police Officers: Rapid Developments

Egypt: revolution knows no frontiers Written by Alan Woods

Zayed-Spencer debate: did Muhammad teach warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers?

Iranian leaders hoping for Islamic republic in Egypt

ElBaradei: "If the regime does not step down, the people's Intifada will continue''

"Jihad Jane" to plead guilty to terror conspiracy to murder Motoonist Vilks

"We want freedom for the hijab, the niqab and the beard": Islamic supremacists demonstrate in Tunisia

Russian imam who converted suspected Moscow jihad bomber had explosives manual, yet was defended by head of Council of Muftis of Russia

Turkey: Islamic supremacists enraged over realistic TV portrayal of Suleiman the Magnificent

Yemen: Al-Qaeda commander declares jihad against Shi'ites

MIDEAST CRISIS: Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Warns US That Allied Regimes Will Be Toppled

MIDEAST CRISIS: Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Says Islamist Rule In Egypt No Threat To West

MIDEAST CRISIS: Qaradawi Says Shooting Demonstrators Is Forbidden

MIDEAST CRISIS: CAIR Calls For Governments To “Reflect The Will Of The People”

Red Alert: Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt police to return to streets on Monday-sources

Arabs, Oh Arabs, Revolt Against America's Tyrants by MOHAMED KHODR

Middle East Intifadas by STEPHEN LENDMAN



The Socialist Roots Of The Egyptian Protests - Brooks Bayne

Thank the NYtimes for the spread of Jihadis

AP Interview: Ghanouchi says 'I'm no Khomeini'

A Sunni Domino? Ctd - Patrick Appel

Mosque leaders want a full-time Islamic school in Winston-Salem

Egypt and Islam: democracy or dictatorship?

Israel + Egypt (+ the US too) coordinating Sinai moves

New York Dem introduces bill to allow Islamic sharia financing

Hizb ut-Tahrir wants to get hold of nuclear weapons to threaten others in the name of Islam by SHEIKYERMAMI

“Lord Ahmed” defends Muslim Pedophiles, blames local girls for rape by SHEIKYERMAM

“Democracy?” Under Sharia? But of course…! by SHEIKYERMAMI

Egypt: Caliphate Dreams and Strict Sharia by SHEIKYERMAMI

Saleh confirms Yemen's solidarity with Egypt

The "infectious Arab momentum"

The Downfall of Mubarak of Egypt By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Thousands Welcome Tunisian Islamist Leader on Return From Exile

STRATFOR: No copts, but plenty of leading imams at demo’s in Egypt

Clinton Calls for Elections

Copenhagen: Thrown off plane for reading about Islam

Map: It Ain't Easy Keeping Track Of All Those Arab States!

Charlotte, North Carolina Hezbollah Financier Has Prison Sentence Reduced By Federal Judge

The Hezbollah Coup In Lebanon

A coup in Yemen could give al Qaeda a stronghold, experts say

Israel Supporters Denied Entrance to Anti-Zionist Event at Rutgers BY AARON MARCUS

El-Baradei has a long history with the Muslim Brotherhood by SHEIKYERMAMI

Hamas gunmen from Gaza battle Egyptian forces in Sinai

MIDEAST CRISIS: Al Jazeera Closing Egypt Bureau; Network Known To Be Under The Influence Of the Global Muslim Brotherhood

Former Ground Zero Mosque imam says he'd be open to a new site -- but is he calling the shots?

Wave of corruption protests hit India

Exodus in Egypt: US Suggests Fleeing As Soon as Possible

Fire at Southampton halal food shop treated as arson

USA-Political Correctness puts Women at Risk- The Leftist Judges in our Sharia Lenient Court System

Pope: May God make hearts and minds converge for concrete peace in the Holy Land

Egypt and Iran: Will We Again Fuel the Fires of Revolution? If Obama emulates the horrendous decisions Jimmy Carter made during the Iranian revolution, radical Islam will spread through the region like a forest fire by Abraham H. Miller

Tunisia: The End of a 23-Year Regime By Hammouda Salhi

Inside Egypt's Army

The Birth of Hizballahstan by Jonathan Spyer

I Bet You Were Waiting for This: Whose Fault Is the Egyptian Revolt? By Barry Rubin

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Islam: A lifestyle choice

Rejecting the Myth of Sanctioned Child Marriage in Islam - David Liepert

Shockingly, Tunisian Women Aren’t Thrilled With the Return of Exiled Islamist Leader…

Tunis shopkeepers turn against protesters

Suleiman: Egypt’s strongman who kept Islamists in check

Rachid Ghannouchi Set To Return To Tunisia

Red Chinese Protecting Hosni Mubarak, See Mubarak As A Comrade

Just in case you thought Al Jazeera had any credibility...

The Middle East: where ridiculous is mainstream and nonsense kills - Barry Rubin

Zewail’s 4 point Plan for Egypt

Tribes Threaten to Attack Suez Canal if Mubarak Does Not Step Down by Matthew Avitabile


Movie ‘When We Leave’ tackles shameful “honor” violence (video)

The United States, Egypt and the fight for socialist revolution

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Organizes More Anti-Government Protests

Saudi Investigation Says Muslim Brotherhood Funding Efforts To Spread Its Influence In Islamic Democracies

Militias Being Formed Across Egypt by Matthew Avitabile o

Will the Real Islam Please Stand Up? - Kevin Roberts

Israel Fears Unrest in Egypt Could Jeopardize Peace Treaty

ARAB WORLD: How Tunisia's revolution transforms politics of Egypt and region

Reading the News from Egypt by Christopher Preble

Making Sense Of U.S. Foreign Aid To Egypt And Elsewhere - Brian Wingfield